Chapter 19: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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“Stay at home these days and don’t go out.”

Ji Cha woke up from a light sleep, and the sky outside the window was still dark. The prompt interface for text messages flashed on the phone screen, it was Liang Jincheng’s text message.

The sending time turned out to be 3:46 am in the morning. The text messages that was sent at this time must not be of an ordinary situation.

“What happened, senior?” Ji Cha replied immediately, and the person changed from lying down to sitting.

The time is now 5:10 am, and the other side did not reply until after 5:40. The pressure in Ji Cha’s heart suddenly increased, has the end of the world already begun?

He walked over from the bed and looked out. The morning light struggled to break through the horizon, and the dark blue sky slowly revealed light. However, there is no population around, revealing a sense of decay.

It may be too late to delay.

Ji Cha opened the WeChat interface and sent a message to the group of four in the dormitory, “Are you there?”

Internship in City A, where every inch of land is expensive, several people share a rented house in a remote suburb far away from the workplace. It takes two hours to get up early every day to catch the bus to work.

As soon as they saw Ji Cha’s message, several people replied to him condescendingly.

“Oh, so early today?”

“Having fun at home? You happy?”


Seeing that the three of them were there, Ji Cha directly dialed the video call, and they all picked up after a while.

“Why, it’s so early in the morning,” the three faces on the opposite side of the camera were hazy and sleepy.

Ji Cha’s throat was a little dry, but he had to say something. His dejected look made the three on the opposite side stunned, “What’s wrong, something happened at home?”

Wang Qinxue asked first.

The other two were busy washing their faces and brushing their teeth, and only asked vaguely, “Yeah, why are you calling so early in the morning.”

“Something happened here at home,” Ji Cha said following Wang Qinxue’s words, making it looked like that was the case, and said in a low mood, “Now I don’t know what to do, I…”

Wang Qinxue asked quickly, “What happened, your grandmother, or something else?”

“It’s very troublesome, I don’t know what to do by myself,” Ji Cha lowered his head, he really didn’t want to lie like this, but the time was urgent, not only Wang Qinxue, but maybe the other two roommates haven’t contracted the virus yet. ?

But obviously only Wang Qinxue really cares about Ji Cha’s words on the opposite side, “Then since you can’t handle it alone, I’ll ask for leave and come see you, ok?”

The other two who were brushing their teeth immediately revealed a look to Wang Qinxue undisguised: Are you mentally ill?

Ji Cha nodded vigorously, “Can you come back, tomorrow? I’ll go buy your ticket now.”

Wang Qinxue didn’t seem to be joking when he saw Ji Cha like this, he looked back at the other two roommates and said to Ji Cha, “I’ll come over this afternoon, I can just ask for a day off today, and I can rest on the weekends later, so I don’t need to ask for leave in a row. “

“Are you serious?” One of the roommates looked at Wang Qinxue in disbelief, “Ji Cha this idiot is different from us. He is someone who doesn’t want to be an intern. He has a family background, do you have one? Stupid. What could happen to him at home that can be solved by you going there?”

Ji Cha didn’t take this cynicism to heart, he asked through the video, “If you come here too, I’ll buy the air tickets for you too.”

“Whoever likes to go can go by themselves!” The other party hung up the call directly.

Suddenly, only Wang Qinxue and Ji Cha were online.

“Don’t take it to heart. They just got angry because the work has not been smooth in the past two days. The company doesn’t know why the partner suddenly can’t be contacted. Don’t buy me a plane ticket, I’ll buy it myself.”

“I’ve already bought it. The flight leaves at three o’clock in the afternoon and will arrive in three hours. I’ll contact you later.” Ji Cha said, “I’ll send you the flight information after I hang up.”

Although Wang Qinxue had various doubts in his heart, he did not object.

After hanging up the video call, Ji Cha breathed a long sigh of relief. Wang Qinxue is the only son in the family, and his hometown belongs to a small mountainous area in a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the S city. Although not impoverished, there is a considerable gap with the outside world.

As the only son in the family, he shoulders the heavy responsibility of supporting the family business, so he has been working very hard. Ji Cha doesn’t quite know what happened to Wang Qinxue’s parents whether before or after the end of the world. He only knows that when they tried to contact the mountain area there, they didn’t get any useful information, and the whereabouts of his parents went unknown.

If he is lucky this time, he might be able to rescue Wang Qinxue’s parents.

Ji Cha’s plan was to drive Wang Qinxue directly to his house first, and if it went well, he would take him directly to the factory, and explain in detail later.

Other than that, he couldn’t think of any other way for a while.

Ji Cha fell asleep leaning against the sofa by the window at some point. When he woke up, he found grandmother and Zhang Xing were talking downstairs.

“This chicken needs to be fed like this. You can’t spread it all over like this. Add some more food, right…”

Grandma has already tidy up neatly, she made the factory her home overnight. It is also natural to become familiar with the original resident Zhang Xing.

Ji Cha hadn’t had time to give grandma a tour, fearing that something might scare her, so he quickly ran downstairs, “Grandma!”

Grandma looked back at Ji Cha with a natural look on her face, “Why did you get up? I’ve finished eating the porridge, and I left a little for you. You can eat it yourself.”

Zhang Xing held a bucket of chicken feed in his hand, and he usually took it all away, like a primary school student, “So much, grandma, is it enough?”

The two of them were unexpectedly familiar with each other.

Ji Cha was reminded by his grandmother, so he quickly raised his phone to check the time, which showed 8:30 and a text message from Liang Jincheng.

The text message was concise, “Don’t go out, I’ll be right over.”

The time sent is after 6:00 in the morning.

Ji Cha wanted to ask him if something happened or if he knew something. Combined with Liang Jincheng’s post-apocalyptic identity in his previous life, it was hard for Ji Cha not to think more. He couldn’t hold back and dialed the phone, but the other side only prompted: The phone you dialed has been turned off.

What is the situation on Liang Jincheng’s side?

In fact, Liang Jincheng was more anxious than Ji Cha at the moment.

The situation in city A has grown from an outbreak of isolated cases at the beginning to a small area that is almost completely in disorder. Apart from the fact that the supervision of public opinion on the internet is still controlled, in fact, everyone in the upper circle has already begun to prepare to leave city A.

Liang Jincheng’s father is one of them.

The current situation was completely out of everyone’s expectations. Liang Jincheng didn’t have the heart to think about how Ji Cha knew about “the last days” and “zombies”. He only knew that his father and sister were being protected by others.

The only thing he is worried about now is Ji Cha’s safety.


Iron: the official zombie apocalypse counting down … arriving very very soon.


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