Ch 14: TGCIR

Li Weilan noticed something strange.

The person who had helped him didn’t seem to be with him 24 hours a day.

After disappearing without a word once before, Li Weilan wasn’t as worried this time. Perhaps that person had her own things to do, and what he needed to do was help tend the crops and maintain the base while she was away.

Given her style of constantly adding things to his space, Li Weilan felt a strong urge to continue evolving his own spatial ability. Only by further evolving could he always meet her demands.

Otherwise, if she found that his space couldn’t hold any more or that he couldn’t grow the things she wanted, would she go find someone else to help?

Li Weilan was afraid of the crisis of being abandoned, but he didn’t dare to tell her about it. They were not equals; he was always the one being helped. Asking her not to abandon him would only make him clingy and unpleasant.

He couldn’t bring himself to say it.

He just stared at the mountains of supplies he had scanned from Walmart in his space, shocked to find dozens of boxes of condoms that wouldn’t even be used up before their expiration date.

Why did that person scan so many condoms?

He felt a bit embarrassed.

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Since knowing that the person was a woman, Li Weilan’s original model of her collapsed in his mind.

Now, looking at all these condoms, the mysterious, powerful, and cold image he had of her seems to have disappeared.

In this world, condoms are indeed a necessity for many people. After all, if you get pregnant after having sex, not only is your safety at risk, but you may not even be able to provide for your child’s basic needs. Watching your child starve to death in front of you is the most painful thing in this world. But what’s the use of this thing for him? Even for the Noah Base, it is completely useless!

It goes without saying that Xi Nan and Xi Bei are siblings. In addition, the 20 women who were rescued are disgusted and afraid of men, and it doesn’t look like they want to find a partner. Currently, the base has no plans to expand significantly, so these dozens of boxes of condoms are useless except for taking up space or blowing them up like balloons.

Since she wants them, just let her keep them.

Maybe she’ll need them herself someday?

As Li Weilan thought this, his eyes finally showed a slight ripple, but soon calmed down.

He entered the base’s gate and saw two female ability users guarding the first level dozing off. But as soon as they heard the sound of the door opening, they immediately woke up and stood up when they saw him, saluting him: “Brother Li.”

Li Weilan nodded and scanned the area. He had been gone for about a day and the base was already bustling with people.

In his previous base, there were few women and men had a higher status than women. In addition, only those with abilities had a certain status, making the entire base lack vitality.

But Noah Base was different.

Even if there were only twenty women other than Xi Bei, these women all knew that Li Weilan was not the kind of leader who treated them as expendable resources. He always respected them and had no malicious thoughts towards them. In this situation, although Noah Base was only in its infancy, the women had already started to fully use their aesthetic abilities, choosing their favorite rooms and decorating the hall with enthusiasm.

In this extremely scarce beauty of the apocalypse, even a small pot of flowers or a paper butterfly made with care can convey a comforting and warm atmosphere.

As Li Weilan stopped in front of the paper flowers they had made, the female guards nervously called out “Brother Li”, not knowing if he would criticize them for making the base too feminine.

They saw the tall and cold man suddenly turn around and, very rarely, show them a smile: “Very good.”

Girls all like flowers, perhaps he should also plant some in his own space? It would also improve his mood when he saw them.

“???” What did we do?

The two women looked at each other, completely unaware of what they had done to be praised by Li Weilan.

Li Weilan did not explain, but simply said to them, “Notify Yan Hongyu and Xi Nan, we will have a meeting in two hours.”

“Brother Li, do you…,” one of the girls said softly, “just came back, do you want to rest for a while?”

“No need,” Li Weilan said bluntly, “two hours is enough.”

Noah Base had a lot of work to be done, and every minute and second was a race against time with the zombie tide. If he slept for one more minute, the future danger would approach one minute closer. This was not only an extremely precious gift, but also the fruit of his labor, which he valued greatly.

Two hours later, the first meeting of Noah Base’s ability users officially began.

The first sentence that Li Weilan said when he came back startled everyone present: “This base is not mine. You can call me Brother Li, but I have to make it clear to you all that the true owner of this base is not me.”

Yan Hongyu was the woman Li Weilan had saved in that small building.

When she heard this, her eyes narrowed, and Xi Nan, who was also hearing about this for the first time, exchanged a glance with her. They both paused, and Yan Hongyu spoke first: “Brother Li, are you saying that… you’re just a proxy?”

Li Weilan didn’t hesitate and nodded.

Although that person said that Noah Base was given to him, he would never take it as his own. At least he had to make it clear where this base came from.

All of this gratitude and admiration was unwarranted.

Even if that person might not care, he still had to make it clear to the others who the true hero behind all this was.

“But…” Yan Hongyu hesitated.

She really liked Noah and the atmosphere here, even though it was just a newly established base. But everything here gave her a beautiful vision.

But if Brother Li wasn’t the owner of this base, and the true owner appeared one day with demands of their own, what would they do?

After the apocalypse, people were simply divided into two types: ability users and ordinary people.

Yan Hongyu is an ability user herself, but she is not unaware of the kind of life ordinary women live in most bases.

Except for a small number of women who were already married and whose husbands had some ability, they were just tools for giving birth, mobile uteri, or even consumables.

Brother Li is not that kind of person. They all found that Li Weilan is more like an emotionless machine, indifferent to anyone.

But this distance and coldness brings a certain sense of security to women who have already experienced too much suffering.

They don’t want to rely on the strong, they just want to live well and maintain a certain dignity.

But what if the true owner who hasn’t shown up yet… what if they want something different from Brother Li?

Yan Hongyu was restless, not only for herself but also for the other women who escaped with her.

The light in her eyes was more like expectation. She hoped for Li Weilan’s ambition and desire.

However, Li Weilan said seriously and solemnly, “Don’t think too much, that person is a good person. Noah Base was built by her in the first place, she just entrusted me to manage it.”

“!!!” Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu were shocked.

Such a large and high-tech base, just given away like that?

They both lived in the base and had personally experienced how advanced its technology was. Even the ventilation and drainage systems were not post-apocalyptic wasteland technology.

Li Weilan wouldn’t lie, so the owner of this base must really be a wealthy and capable genius, right?

Anyway, even if Li Weilan was just making excuses, this was a time to just flatter him!

Thinking of his sister’s illness, Xi Nan immediately said, “Brother Li, no matter who built the base, I will be loyal to whoever you are loyal to. I’ll follow you!”

Li Weilan smiled rarely, “No, I believe she will appear in front of you one day. I look forward to that day.”

Xi Nan resisted the shock in his heart and glanced at Yan Hongyu. He also saw the unhidden surprise on her face.

An ability user who was considered to be strengthened mentally, but expressed this kind of trust without any reserve towards another person who had never appeared before, and they couldn’t even see a trace of ambition or desire for power. They really couldn’t understand.

They could only trust him and believe that the true owner of the Noah Base was really a person as strong and kind as he said.

Li Weilan finished the most important matter and finally turned the topic back to business, “There are several things that need to be done in the base recently. You have already assigned all the rooms in the base, which is good. Please report the number of vacant rooms that can be occupied. We need to establish a small base on the ground to facilitate the reception of people who want to enter the base. After completing the basic exploration on the ground, they will be eligible to enter the main base.”

After discussing the main issue, Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu both nodded seriously. In order to develop Noah Base, they naturally needed to recruit people. Many of the rooms in the base have specific requirements for abilities, and currently they are unable to meet them, resulting in doors that cannot be opened.

For example, the hydroponics room requires people with plant-based abilities to enter, while the water purification room requires people with water-based abilities. Currently, only Xi Nan can barely meet the base’s drinking water needs, but further demands cannot be met.

Currently, heating water and other tasks are completed through the use of fire-based abilities, and there is only Yan Hongyu with this ability in the base. Therefore, recruitment has already been put on the agenda.

However, Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu both know that many of the base’s black technology cannot be directly exposed to the public, so the choice in this matter is a relatively big issue.

The plan proposed by Li Weilan is indeed a temporarily safe solution.

When Shen Cheng came online, the system happened to pop up a new prompt: “Li Weilan is applying to you for independent recruitment permission. Agree or not: Y/N.”


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