Ch 13: TGCIR

After finishing the operation, Shen Cheng checked the time. It was past 12 o’clock, so she went offline and ready to go to bed.

Before closing the game, she looked at her cub with some gratitude, and silently made a wish in her heart: If this time, her plan against the landlord is really successful, she will not spend a dime of all the saved costs and recovered losses on herself but absolutely all will be spent on cub.

She was really poor before. If the landlord’s affairs are settled and the deposit can be recovered smoothly, she, who doesn’t wear makeup or have other needs, will use all the money left after eating and paying the rent to raise her cub ah. This chapter is translated on hololonovels. If you’re not reading this at the original website, some parts will be missing.

Li Weilan’s series of operations of bringing wolves into the room and deceiving and enticing really opened Shen Cheng’s horizons: if those two researchers knew that he was a space-type ability user, and that the weapon in his hand was also sealed with high-level thunder-type powers, will they still let the tree do it?

Or if Li Weilan didn’t pretend to be stunned for the second time, would he be able to kill them directly and win smoothly without going through a violent fight?

It was because he left a weak impression on the two researchers that they started to attack, and he only counterattacked.

And this kind of counterattack will not violate her moral bottom line as a player. Otherwise, if the two researchers knelt down in front of him and begged to say that this plant was their hope of survival, but Li Weilan would still destroy it with one blow, she was afraid that as a player, she would experience a moral struggle.

His connivance and disguise are the basis for their evil deeds, and at the same time, it is also the beginning of the final slap in the face.

Shen Cheng knew that she was not as powerful as cub, but when she thought about the landlord’s behavior, he was indeed just like the two researchers.

The first time, he asked for an increased in rent, he was pushy and ambiguous, thinking she was weak.

The second time, he peeped, although she didn’t catch him head on.

Shen Cheng guessed that the impression she left in the landlord’s heart must be a weak and gullible little girl, poor and has nowhere to go.

The time is getting closer and closer to the day when her lease expires. Since the landlord has even brazenly peeped, Shen Cheng believed that he will not stop there.

Learn from your own cub, be smarter!

Shen Cheng made a decision. In the dark night, her eyes flashed brightly: Thank you, Cub. I know what to do!

Early the next morning, Shen Cheng went out to buy a miniature camera, and by the way, placed an order on an online shop for a strong-click self-defense device. When she got home, she installed the camera right away.

The next day, the landlord called: “Xiao Shen, are you at home? I’ll bring someone over to see the apartment.”

“I’m sorry, landlord,” Shen Cheng said timidly and softly, “our company said that we would work overtime today, so I went out early in the morning. Is it OK to see the apartment at another time? I’m really sorry.”

Shen Cheng’s tone was soft, she hid in the company’s bathroom, the red dot flashed on the borrowed mobile phone, the record button was on, and she said this sentence without any change in her voice.

“But I told you to show the apartment yesterday!” The landlord immediately became unhappy, his tone turned vicious and annoyed.

Shen Cheng apologized politely: “I’m sorry, big brother, I really had something to do at the company this morning. If I didn’t come, I would be fired, and I won’t have the money to pay you next month’s rent. Our lease doesn’t expire until end of next month. I have to depend on the salary from the company to live.”

From her words, she fully highlighted her poverty, and let others even become more aware of her helplessness that she might not have the money to move out. The landlord’s tone changed slightly: “If you had been so polite, I would give you more grace. It’s not impossible to pay rent a little late…”

“Alas,” Shen Cheng sighed softly, “Tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning I will be at home waiting for you to bring someone to see the apartment.”

The landlord hesitated for a moment, then hung up after saying yes.

Shen Cheng smiled, transferred the recording from the borrowed mobile phone to her own mobile phone, deleted the original, and returned it to the colleague who lent it to her.

She sat back to her seat and opened the monitoring page on her phone while working.

Sure enough, the camera popped up a short time later, showing that there was “unusual movement” in her home.

Shen Cheng taunted the corners of his lips.

She checked the leasing contract before going to bed last night, and there was a premise that she dared to do this: the landlord didn’t want to sign the contract at the time, but Shen Cheng thought that she was a girl who was alone renting a place herself, and she had to have a contract no matter what to avoid any future disputes. So although the landlord was unwilling, she paid a real estate agent to be a witness, and gave a standard contract to the landlord to sign.

Because she unilaterally paid the agent’s witness fees, the agent naturally favored her more. There were a few optional clauses, and the agent gave the version that favored the tenant. For example, if the landlord brings people to see the house, it needs to be consented by both parties, and the tenant has the right to refuse, etc.

She was not at home, but the landlord entered her house privately. With this video, as long as she took it to the police, the landlord would have to peel off his skin.

To be honest, even at this moment, what Shen Cheng was thinking about was just to use the video to negotiate with the landlord normally, to terminate the contract early and get her rent and deposit back for this month, so she could use the money to find a new place.

But soon, the next action of the landlord on the camera made her furious: the landlord sneaked into her room, went to the balcony of her room at the first time, and touched the underwear she was hanging there. After a long time, he finally picked it up and smelled it, then put it in his pocket, and left happily!

Seeing this scene, Shen Cheng’s calm expression turned to anger almost instantly. She moved out of the dormitory after graduating from school, and the first one she rented was this house, but since she lived here, She would lose her underwears once every two months, and because the place where the underwear is hung is indeed windy, she thought it was possible that the wind would have blown the clothes away, so she didn’t think much about it. She didn’t know until she installed a camera today that her underwear…

Shen Cheng felt nausea rushing up in her stomach. Thinking about how many perverted things the landlord had done without her knowledge, she felt that the excuses she came up with for the missing underwears were all stupid.

As cub said, it is an irresponsible act to indulge bad people.

How to make the best use of this video, Shen Cheng thought about it in her heart: It is feasible to bring the video to the police, but since the landlord has not done any ‘real evil’ to her, even if the police is called, the maximum penalty is less than ten days of detention, or a fine of 200-500, which may not be a pain at all for a landlord who has more than a dozen houses collecting rent. The police usually choose to mediate first, which will only anger the landlord. After all, they are locals. If he has some connections, he may not even be sentenced to detention. At that time, he would just continue to find the next tenant for his dozen of houses.

Thinking about how her cub did, Shen Cheng had an idea in her heart.

When she got home, she called the landlord to apologize first: “Landlord, I’m sorry about what happened this morning…”

When she spoke, she had to suppress the anger in her heart, but the ignorant landlord was very happy to hear it.

After apologizing, Shen Cheng changed the conversation: “But the rent of 2,000 yuan is too much. I really can’t afford it. I thought about it carefully today. I’d better move.”

If only from the perspective of money, the rent she gave is naturally not high. But the landlord stole her underwear from time to time and even took pictures of her secretly. Shen Cheng guessed that these must be profitable.

Therefore, for the landlord, she is probably more meaningful than the two thousand yuan. Since the landlord does not want her to leave, after listening to her, he would natural change his tone.

The landlord really did, “Miss Shen, it’s not impossible to negotiate the rent. You are still so young, if you really want to make money, there is a way, it just depends on whether you want it or not.”

Shen Cheng’s heart sank.

Her voice trembled slightly: “What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t mean anything, that is, if you want to make more money, I will help you think about whether there is a way to make extra money. I am here for your own good…” The landlord chattered.

Shen Cheng’s stomach was full of acid reflux, if it wasn’t for guessing that he secretly took her photo but didn’t know which website he put it on, she needed solid evidence to sue him, Shen Cheng wouldn’t at all hang out with him here.

“I…” Shen Cheng deliberately hesitated.

The landlord stopped persuading and waited for her to speak with confidence.

He picked his teeth and thought contentedly: These young girls are very materialistic now, and she is so poor that she can’t even get an extra 200 yuan. For such a meager salary, the company wants her to work overtime, she works overtime. He has such a good way for her to make money, and she doesn’t even need to show her face or sell her body, how could she refuse!

If it wasn’t for her not having big breasts and just a small figure, he would have fucked her himself.

Sure enough, he heard the timid voice over the phone, that spoke hesitantly, “But I have a formal job after all… I don’t want to face…”

“You don’t need to show your face.” The landlord said with a smile.

“Hey, why are you still worrying about? In this world, people always laugh at the poor and never at prostitutes. Besides, I also showed them your photos, and they are quite satisfied.” Showed them her photos, hearing this sentence, even if she didn’t want to do it at first, she thought that her photos have already been flying all over the internet.

“But…” She seemed to hesitate.

“Then… Then tell me in detail.” The little girl over there hesitated, but she did have the reaction he expected.

A few hours later, police broke in and took the landlord away from the home.

They searched his computer and found a large number of hidden camera photos, as well as tangible evidence of extortion.

Shen Cheng successfully got back her rent and deposit.


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