Ch 12: TGCIR

The young man’s voice trembled, but just as he was speaking, the progress bar for the “Explore Walmart” mission in front of Shen Cheng jumped to 10%. Suddenly, the older man next to him said, “Do you think he’ll spare you if you tell him everything? Don’t forget, you’re also involved!”

The young man’s voice trailed off. He swallowed nervously, looking at the sharp blade in front of him, and said softly, “I’m very scared. If you promise to spare my life, I’ll tell you everything. This plant is really powerful, it’s the fruit of our labor, we spent several years cultivating it in our laboratory… even if you destroy half of it, it might still survive if you take care of it. Please spare my life, and I’ll tell you everything.”

“???” Shen Cheng in front of the screen took a gulp of water. In the game, Li Weilan seemed to freeze too. The game stopped. A game option popped up on Shen Cheng’s screen:

“[Young researcher uses his life as a bargaining chip to exchange for clues about the ‘unknown plant’. Please choose:]

A. Promise him and spare his life.

B. Refuse and kill him.

C. Be ambiguous and decide after hearing him out.”

“???” Shen Cheng was in a dilemma. If she chose A and later found out about the evil deeds of these two, she, who wasn’t good at scheming against people, would probably feel heartbroken and uninstall the game.

Choose option B, it is obvious that this task cannot continue. Although exploring Walmart is a daily task, the cub has worked hard to push the task progress to this point. It is unfair to the cub just because of her moral principles that the task is ruined, isn’t it?

But option C is the most unclear and ambiguous among the options… How can it be ambiguous?

Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment, but finally followed her heart and chose option C.

When Li Weilan heard the young researcher say this, he actually felt amused in his heart.

He was originally planning to refuse outright when he heard it, but at this moment, a soft and gentle voice, but with an irresistible force, suddenly came into his ear: “Promise him.”

The speaker was a woman!

A woman?

It turned out to be a woman?

Moreover, judging from the soft tone of the voice, the speaker was a young, gentle, and pretty woman!

In this moment, all of Li Weilan’s previous guesses about the mysterious person collapsed.

All of his previous estimates became wrong in the face of this suddenly appearing voice.

Li Weilan’s eyes were turbulent, and he glanced at the two researchers in front of him, but saw that the young man under his knife was still waiting for his reply.

Li Weilan didn’t want to go against the will of the person who had saved him, so he agreed to the young researcher’s request with one breath: “Okay, I promise you, I will never personally harm your life.”

The young researcher breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the words. He was about to say something when the elderly person lying below suddenly spoke with a gloomy cold smile, “Wang Tao, you’re not that naive, are you? He said he won’t harm you with his own hands, but that doesn’t mean he will let you leave safely! How many things have we done? Do you think anyone will spare you if you confess everything?”

Not good!

Shen Cheng also noticed the language trap in Li Weilan’s words. Now that the old man had seen through it at a glance, and the expression of the young man had turned into suspicion, the situation was deteriorating rapidly. Li Weilan suddenly laughed coldly and said, “I’m not as despicable as you guys! If you’re not reassured, I swear! If you tell no lies, no deception, and I still harm you by any means, then I will be punished to have no place to live and no place to die.”

Hearing him say such harsh words, the young man kicked the elderly person with some resentment: forcing such a big shot to take such an oath, he could no longer hold onto the thigh. It wouldn’t have come to this if it weren’t for this old man who had done so much mischief and thought everyone was like him.

The elderly researcher grunted. Obviously, he wasn’t very strong, and he had said everything he could to incite. Seeing Li Weilan even say such harsh words, he couldn’t help but doubt his own judgment: did he really get it wrong? The killing intent that flashed in the man’s eyes just now was clearly as clear as day!

With no more scruples, the young man pointed to the plant that was barely alive and sighed with some regret, “This tree was a graft of a pitcher plant in our research institute before the end of the world. Its late mutation direction was very strange, consuming protein such as rotten meat, bones, and producing a new kind of food for us to eat.”

With the young researcher’s words, Li Weilan quickly learned what had happened in Walmart.

These two researchers are responsible for taking care of this tree. At first, they only knew that there was a large amount of rotten meat in the Walmart freezer. They brought the tree over and secretly fed it a little every day. The white block-like substance that grew from it after absorption was called “Mana” by them.

At first, the plant’s aggression was weak, so they only dared to keep it in the room and occasionally brought two zombies over to feed it. Once it had a full meal, they had food for themselves as well.

However, as the plant grew, it needed more and more nutrients. They later discovered that once it swallowed an ability user, the “Mana” it produced would be enough for them to eat for a month. It was a white, rice-like food that was not easily spoiled, and it had been their food source for more than a year.

So…every ability user who came to Walmart for exploration was provided to the plant by them.

“You don’t understand,” the older researcher sneered. “We’re not just eating for ourselves. I’ve studied it. The food it produces has high nutritional value, is not easily spoiled, and it has a certain self-protection ability. It also seems to recognize us researchers and has no malice or threat towards us. Isn’t it the savior of humanity’s future? Now you’ve destroyed half of it with one cut. What you’ve destroyed is not just a plant, but the future of all humanity! Since you’re a supernatural being, you’re stronger than us and can easily bring zombies to feed it instead of having to do what we do…if there were a choice…”

Before he finished his words, Li Weilan’s knife flashed and the head on the older researcher’s neck fell off. His eyes were still wide open, as if he hadn’t expected his death to come so suddenly.

“Ah, ah, ah, teacher!” The young researcher screamed in fear, trembling all over, and angrily rebuked, “You promised…”

“I only promised you,” Li Weilan coldly sneered.

He turned his face slightly, as if to listen to the voice that had just given him instructions, but the voice disappeared like a fleeting moment, as if it was just his illusion.

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The person didn’t speak again.

Li Weilan smiled slightly instead: “Since that person didn’t say anything, I assume she has no objections to my methods.”

“That’s good.”

His murderous intent was still brewing inside him. If that person tried to stop him from adhering to his principles, then he would have to part ways with her from now on. It was a pity to think about it.

“But now it’s just right.”

A slight smile appeared on his handsome face.

He picked up young the researcher with one hand and grabbed some engine oil from his space . He poured the oil all over the tree trunk, which was barely alive but still breathing. He lit a fire and the tree screamed.

Piercing, sharp.

However, the faces on the tree trunk slowly closed their eyes.

Shen Cheng watched this scene and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Only now did she seem to fully understand that the cub she had raised had an inner beauty that was more attractive than his appearance.

For the survivors struggling in the apocalypse, the temptation to trade zombies for food was evident from the appearance of these two researchers.

If it were someone else, they might have left them alive and traded them for long-term food exchanges. But how could the dead on the tree trunk rest in peace? Would the tree, having eaten rotting flesh, also eat living people when the rotting flesh runs out? Ethically, the mana these two researchers ate was almost equivalent to human flesh!

The cub may have lost something, but his current behavior made his mother proud.

【Exploring the Secrets of Walmart Supermarket: Completed】

The task prompt appeared at the right time.

【Gold obtained from this sweep: 50 gold】

【Please note: Due to player choice, this sweep location will permanently close in 10 minutes. Please exit the map within ten minutes.】

Ah, only ten minutes! Shen Cheng hurriedly poked Li Weilan, wanting to grab the little person and quickly run around the supermarket.

After Li Weilan reached this floor, the entire map became clear. There were some daily necessities on the other levels, such as towels, basins, clothes, and so on. Anyway, the cub’s space could still hold them, so she quickly swept! Ten minutes! Time waits for no one!

Li Weilan felt someone push him and couldn’t help but smile again.

He turned around and saw the young researcher squatting in front of the plant like a lost soul. He lost his boiling killing intent and waved his hand. The sand in his space fell down, blocking the door behind him.

The young researcher looked at the tightly sealed door and the trees screaming and twisting in the fire. He realized that something was wrong, but the door was sealed tightly, and he couldn’t get out.

“Little scammer…” Shen Cheng poked the cub’s back and murmured softly, looking at the little person who seemed unaffected, feeling a little frustrated.

This time, Li Weilan heard it again.

He heard her complaints.

He didn’t know why, but he softly retorted, “I gave them two chances, but once bitten twice shy. I let them go today, but someone will be unlucky in the future, and I will become their accomplice…” He muttered, feeling silly explaining himself like this and wrinkled his brows with self-loathing, not saying anything more.

Shen Cheng looked at the bubbles popping above his head and felt a flutter in her heart. She poked him again.

The cub wasn’t a good person! But…what should she do when she liked him a little more?

Shen Cheng’s heart beat rapidly as she frantically swept the remaining resources in the supermarket and reviewed the cub’s actions. Then, she realized belatedly, “Hmmm, it seems that this tactic could also be effective against the landlord!”

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