Chapter 13: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Seeing that, Ji Cha thought Lin Fengxian’s death was almost a blessing for the whole village.

He didn’t dare to think about what kind of radiation effect Lin Fengxian would have if she was treated as having an inexplicable illness without proper interventions.

For this matter, Ji Cha’s Grandma put a few sticks of incense in front of the ancestors’ statues that night, and muttered in her mouth for a long time, mostly saying things like keeping peace.

Ji Cha leaned against the door and looked at her for a while, then sighed slightly.

Relying on the gods imagined by people to save one’s life seems so powerless during the last days. Pray a hundred times, and no god will save you from the mouth of the zombies.

The only person who can decide a person’s fate is themselves.

He turned his head to leave, but the phone in his pocket suddenly rang indicating an incoming text message.

Ji Cha took out his mobile phone, opened the screen, and saw a text message, from the mysterious person he never knew.

“From yesterday to this moment, I can’t help but miss you, I miss you so much, and my hands are sore when I miss you.”

Why the hell are their hands sore from missing him? Ji Cha’s eyes widened; it took about ten seconds for him to figure out, and then his cheeks flushed.

Even though she is a girl, Ji Cha is still consciously feeling a little unhappy when she’s being this brazen.

“Sister, in fact, besides thinking about me, you can also prepare for the upcoming end of times in advance.” Ji Cha thought about it, and edited a text message to send.

He couldn’t say this to others, and he was almost suffocating himself to death, but now he suddenly caught someone he didn’t know who the other party was, and he just treated it as an anonymous chat.

“I’m a man.” The other party replied quickly, followed by another.

“End of times, what end of times?”

Ji Cha picked up the cup and was about to drink water, when he saw the words “I’m a man”, half of the water he drank choked into his lungs, and he coughed violently. When he was relieved, he immediately picked up his mobile phone and typed quickly, “Damn it! Are you kidding me?”

“No.” The other party replied quickly.

Knowing that he is Ji Cha, a man, and this person saying that he is also a man …

Ji Cha’s laborious memories are almost ten years ago for him, who are in his circle of friends, and which passers-by he has seen on a regular basis. After thinking about it for a while, he still thought it might be a prank by one of his roommates.

If he thinks about it, it just happened that he started receiving these messages on the day he was supposed to go to city A.

Ji Cha thought about it and felt that it might be Wang Qinxue, so he quickly sent a message, “Wang Ergou! Did you scare me on purpose?”

“Who is Wang Ergou?”

Still pretending, Ji Cha sneered and continued to type. “Wang Qinxue, are you looking for trouble?”

“Who is Wang Qinxue, and why do you think it’s him?” The other party’s tone changed, and he seemed to be aggrieved.

Not Wang Qinxue? Then can you only read on hololonovels?

Ji Cha thought about Wang Qinxue’s usual temperament, and felt that it really didn’t look like him. But other than that, he really couldn’t think of anyone else in his life who could send him such text messages.

“Then who are you?” Ji Cha asked back.

The other party did not answer as expected.

It went silent for a while. After Ji Cha lay down on the bed, another text message came from the opposite side, “What do you mean by the end of times just now?”

“Have you seen Resident Evil? Like that. After more than a month, maybe you will forget who you are, where you are, or your sense of existence. Life will become hell!”

Ji Cha replied with a long text in one breath, and then turned the phone to silent and stuffed it under the pillow.

He tossed and turned for a while, but still couldn’t fall asleep, so he got up and went back outside the room to check the doors and windows of the house one by one. There are security measures installed on the windows, and the door is also very strong; he used several sofas to block it as usual.

Ji Cha returned to his room after making sure and couldn’t help but took out the phone under the pillow to take a look; the other party really sent a new reply.

“Even if I forget myself, I will never forget you.”

“You’re so disgusting, I’m going to vomit.” Ji Cha blushed a little while holding the phone.

“Everything I say is sincere, and every sentence is sincere. I won’t lie to you.” The tone on the other side was still affectionate and gentle like water.

Ji Cha’s heart was a little soft, and after deleting the word “sickco” that had already been typed, another text suddenly came over from the other side.

“So it’s true that I want to fall in love with you, and it’s true that I want to sleep with you.”

“Fuck, I shouldn’t have expected anything from you, you pervert!” Ji Cha took a breath and tucked the phone back under the pillow.


At dawn the next day, Ji Cha got up.

In the last days, his routine has always been to go to bed early and get up early, so when he was reborn, his unhealthy routine when he was at school was completely gone. Before his grandmother got up, he first pulled the sofa down, and then pressed the porridge mode on the rice cooker.

After doing this, he heard noises in grandma’s room, “Grandma, I’m going out for a bit!”

After Ji Cha finished shouting, without waiting for his grandmother to speak, he dragged his own small electric scooter and turned to go out.

The air in the countryside is fresh, the time is still early, the sun has not had time to come out and the ground isn’t yet infected with unbearable heat. He rode all the way to the factory building, and the workers inside had also got up one after another; some were taking a shower.

After a few days of rushing to work, the fence of the factory have been reinforced and raised by more than half, and the structure of the factory building inside is good, which makes the later reinforcement actions lighter.

To Ji Cha’s surprise, Zhang Xing was already working.

At this moment, the machinery that had been dismantled by him was scattered and placed everywhere. He also didn’t have the usual condescending appearance and focused on connecting the lines.

Ji Cha stood by the side and watched silently for a while, “Are you specialised in this?”

Zhang Xing didn’t lift his head when he heard the sound, “I liked it since I was a child, I figured it all out by myself.”

“That’s awesome,” Ji Cha was about to leave when the other party suddenly raised his head, “well, you can give me the payment later, it’s just that no matter what you are going to do here, I hope you can open the door for me at that time.”

Ji Cha nodded.

If Zhang Xing could survive after the end of the world arrival, then Ji Cha would certainly welcome him.

One more person will have more strength to fight against the many crises in the outside world, let alone a technical talent like Zhang Xing.

Ji Cha went outside, picked up the notebook on the side, climbed up the roof of the factory building and looked down, and began to plan the area and types of planting, how to make the best use of everything and get the maximum output.

The reason why he chose to grow rice also has this consideration.

Ji Cha wants to try an ancient technique in the post-apocalyptic world: raising fish in rice fields.

The main species of fish in paddy fields are grass carp and common carp. These two species are very tough and easy to adapt to the environment. Even after the end of the world, mutated ones will not have much lethality and are easier to control.


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