Chapter 12: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Ji Cha: Has anyone seen my underwear?

“You really won’t stay for another day, Xiaoliang?” Grandma took Liang Jincheng’s hand regretfully. “Come visit us again next time, Chacha has never brought back many friends.”

Unexpectedly, Liang Jincheng proposed to leave after dinner.

“There are some things in the company that I have to go back and deal with myself,” Liang Jincheng said. His rejection to grandma’s invitation was very polite, and what he said was quite pleasing to the elders, “Don’t worry, grandma, the dishes you cook are so delicious, I will definitely come back to eat them shamelessly.”

Grandma really regarded the other party as a polite junior, but she didn’t know that the other party came here with the idea of ​​being her grandson-in-law, so she naturally restrained and behaved when she spoke. Seriously, it’s really much better to read on hololonovels. No joke. Go check it.

Ji Cha didn’t try to keep Liang Jincheng much, but said to Liang Jincheng half instructed and half expectantly, “Senior, wait for the holiday to end soon and come here for a business trip! I’ll send you to your car.”

This is to make sure that Liang Jincheng will still be in contact and be by his side to save him when the time comes.

Liang Jincheng gave Ji Cha a complicated look, “Okay.”

Although he only confided a single word, he believed that if Ji Cha’s underwear, that was hiding in his trouser pockets, could struggle to speak, it would definitely be able to say a lot more than Liang Jincheng.

In the next two days, Ji Cha rode the family’s small electric car, wandering back and forth in several towns, bought a lot of various seeds, and put them in the house. When grandma asked, he said that it was arranged by the school – coursework assignments.

On the other hand, he asked his former classmates for help and contacted a construction team from another place to prepare to reinforce the factory inside and outside.

Ji Cha personally asked a classmate who had been working in this industry after graduating from high school, and asked him to personally supervise the materials used for the renovation and reinforcement.

If the wall is to be reinforced to a height of four meters according to the plan, it is difficult to say that the hardness of the wall material will have any qualitative improvement, so the thickness can only be used to make up the number. Reinforcing the wall and raising it are one thing, and even the original steel door at the entrance of the factory has also changed. Ji Cha discussed with the classmate and decided to add another door outside the original steel door, with a distance of about two or three meters in the middle. That door is different from the steel door. It is fully enclosed, leaving a certain space for bulletproof glass so that people inside can observe the external environment.

That classmate just kept his head down to make money, and he didn’t ask Ji Cha a word. No matter how strange a modification he proposes, either accept it outright or suggest improvements.

Even when the construction workers in the back asked about things here, he casually helped Ji Cha with, “This place will be used for filming in the future,” beating around the bush.

Five days after the online order was placed, most of the products finally arrived one after another.

Ji Cha wrote the factory’s address for delivery, and some inconspicuous items were sent home to stop people from having too many questions.

At this time, the person he contacted on the Internet called him again.

“I’m here, come out and pick me up.”

After saying a word, he hung up the phone life before.

Ji Cha rode out on a small electric scooter and found that the other party came in a minivan, and he was not the middle-aged man he thought, but a young man with a youthful appearance … like a high school student.

“Are you an adult?” Ji Cha couldn’t help asking him across the window.

The other party touched his chin and smiled, “only sixteen.”

Ji Cha was startled, “Then how did you drive?”

Seeing his reaction, the other party seemed to find it amusing. After a hearty laugh, he finally reported himself, “My name is Zhang Xing, I was just joking, I’m twenty-six this year, hey, you said you want to remodel so many things. Let’s go?”

Zhang Xing looked at Ji Cha up and down, and then said suspiciously, “You don’t look like you can farm.”

“How can you tell from people’s appearance?” Ji Cha turned the accelerator handle forcefully and rushed from the road to the front.

Zhang Xing followed behind him leisurely, originally thinking that it was a wilderness, but he was surprised to find that the place was quite lively.

Not only are there construction teams cooking with pots in the back, but there are also trucks parked on the side. A group of people working and talking. It is a rare sight to be seen in a place like this.

“You’re staying here for two days, right? I’ve already made the bed for you. It’s just that this was originally a factory building, so there is no partition in the middle.” Ji Cha put down the electric scooter key in his hand, walked inside, and picked up a bowl that was apparently half eaten earlier. Make sure to read on hololonovels and support the translator for working on the contents you love.

Zhang Xing was stunned for a while. Under the gaze of everyone, he got out of the car and said, “It’s okay, I can just sleep anywhere.”

He closed the car door, and before he could say anything else, someone immediately handed him a clean bowl of rice, “I haven’t eaten it yet. Eat something first, the lunch Xiao Ji made, it doesn’t look good, but it tastes good.”

The men and women in the construction team are very friendly. It only took Zhang Xing a while to naturally integrate into such an atmosphere.

Ji Cha finished the meal in a hurry and settled the bill via mobile transfer with the driver who was delivering the goods. He turned his head and asked the person in charge of the construction team, his high school classmate, “When will the upstairs rooms be ready?”

“At least a week from now,” the classmate explained in a slurred manner, holding out seven fingers, burying his head to eat, “it will have to wait for the cement to dry.”

Ji Cha let out a slightly disappointed sigh, and pushed back a few big orders he bought online.

Although he has generally designed several production systems that can be recycled and allow self-sufficiency, it is safer to stock up first since he didn’t know what the situation will be at the beginning.

Ji Cha is aware of his own small body. He knew he can’t for the end of the world to break out before going to the supermarket with others, he has to buy things in advance.

“You are here,” Zhang Xing walked around the yard after dinner, looked at the layout inside, looked at Ji Cha in disbelief and surprise, “You are preparing for the end of the world here, could it be that you are a kind of ‘doomsday preparer’? Brother, you’re such a local tyrant!”

Before Ji Cha could answer, he continued, “The most I’d be able to do is stock up on candles at home or something. What you’re doing here is very solid.”

Ji Cha waved his hand, “that’s about right. Well, I still have something to do here in the afternoon, you can hang around, I’ll put the machines on the first floor for you, and you won’t be disturbed by the construction upstairs.”

As he said that, he dragged his little electric scooter and hurried out again.

This trip is to go to the local pig farm to see piglets. Animals like pigs that can be raised are very tough, provide meat quickly and reproduce high yields, and they do not usually like to make noises, pigs are simply a must for the end of the day.

Ji Cha specially reserved a size of 30 square meters for the pig house in the yard. There are 7 sows and 3 boars to be raised in the yard. What happens after the breeding will be calculated separately.

Not only does he raise such a type of meat, but he also intends to raise chickens and ducks. Not only can they lay eggs, but feathers are also good thermal insulation materials. When the time comes, a duck down quilt should be quite warm.

There is another kind he intends to raise, meat rabbits. The reason is because food is the first priority in the apocalypse. Although the fur quality of meat rabbits is not as good as that of long-haired rabbits, at least it can be used.

(T/N: There are apparently nine types of meat rabbits. Image shown is of American Chinchilla Rabbit).

Please don’t eat me. I’m too cute.

In addition, the sexual maturity of meat rabbits is very rapid, almost as soon as a litter is born, another litter is placed in the womb, such animals are very suitable as food.

Ji Cha rode out more than 20 miles in one breath and found the person in charge of the farm.

“The piglets we have here are all very good,” the person in charge brought Ji Cha back and forth in the farm, pointing to the 90 pink and tender piglets in the enclosure that were feeding with all their heart, “survival rate is approaching 99%. If you want it, just buy some of the feed we prepared here and take care of it carefully. There will be no other problems with raising.”

Ji Cha was satisfied after watching it for a while, and decided on the number of piglets he wanted to buy. Then he explained his plans to the person in charge, “My pigsty has not yet been built at home, I will probably come back next month to pick them up. Is that OK?”

The person in charge nodded naturally, “There’s nothing wrong with this, you paid the deposit, and it’s the same as if you come to pick it up later or I’ll deliver it for you.”

After finishing all this work for a while, when he got home, the originally big sun had gradually slanted down to the west.

He still has a lot of things to do, and he wished that time would go slower, but it was not something Ji Cha could control.

He looked down at the time displayed on the phone. If it was not too different from the last time, then the outbreak of the end times would be one month and twenty-four days later.

Ji Cha rode back home in one breath. He originally wanted to have dinner with his grandmother before rushing to the factory to continue the preparations, but when got home, there was a panic in the neighborhood.

Lin Fengxian, who lived next door, Ji Cha called her ‘aunt’, fell ill at noon – she began to chase after people and almost bit someone.

Afterwards, her husband personally found a rope to tie the person. Who knew that when the ambulance was called, Lin Fengxian struggled like crazy, her body was unstable and accidentally fell to the ground, her head bumped on the stone, and she died.

At this time, the Lin family was crying and rolling on the ground, completely losing their minds.

The end times are clearly a step closer.


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