Chapter 11: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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There are also many tools that need to be modified.

Take water, for example. In the post-apocalyptic era, clean water is a very precious commodity. Clean here does not mean pure and free from pollution. Instead, it is only the next best thing to count as pure water, water that “has not died,” “has no animal carcasses,” and “has not dyed with blood red.”

The more clean water he can store before the end of the world, the better.

There are many types of water storage tanks, whether residential or industrial use, big or small in sizes. Ji Cha only aimed at the biggest ones, and the cheapest water storage containers of 20 tons were in the price range of 10,000s.

He picked out a store with good reviews and good credit on taobao, and ordered three 20-ton containers. Just saying, reading on hololonovels is much better.

In modern society, a person consumes about 100 tons of water a year, which will decrease a lot after the end of the world.

There are water storage equipment, and more importantly, water purification devices. After all, Ji Cha doesn’t have the space gold fingers of the protagonists in the web novels, so all the preparations he can do are very limited.

The water purifiers that can be bought now are also divided into 3,000, 6,000, 9,000 and so on in price according to the difference in function and performance. It’s just that no matter what kind of water purifier, the main function is the most crucial. There is a big disadvantage if the filters need to be replaced regularly.

Where does this condition exist in the last days? Ji Cha couldn’t think of any other way for a while, so he could only buy a few units with powerful functions and a very powerful price, hoping that there will be a different situation in the apocalypse in a few years.

What cannot be lacking in farming is the seeds, and there are various kinds of on the website, but this matter, Ji Cha is not going to rely on online shopping. The gardening store in the town not only sells plants, but also sells various seeds for many years. They know best what kind of seeds are the most appropriate for the local soil.

As for what to plant, Ji Cha also thought about it early.

He roughly divided the land in the factory. The house and the walls were to be expanded and strengthened, so a certain area of ​​land would be occupied by these structures. For the time being, dividing it into the size of two acres of land is actually not a big deal.

If self-sufficiency is to be achieved, then careful division of crops is required.

With the experience brought from the end of the world, Ji Cha immediately knew what to plant.

First of all, rice, which is almost an essential crop for Chinese people, must occupy a large area of ​​land. There are many types of rice, among which, he chose the kind, that yields up to 1,000 kg per mu, which has been achieved due to the genetic modification of high-quality seeds over the years.

(T/N: 1 mu = 666.7 square meter)

Although rice with high yield per mu is often lacking in taste, it is not within the consideration of Ji Cha.   After two months, there won’t be even food to eat any more food, so who cares about the taste?

This is the product of the staple food, but he calculated, because the planting area is limited, if he really wants to grow rice into a source of food a family can eat, the planting area he currently has is far from enough.

It is better to free up a part of the land to grow some other low-input high-yielding crops, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The yield and income of this type of root crops are like winning the lottery. Potatoes can achieve more than one-fifth of the output of rice with less than one-tenth of the planting area of ​​rice. Sweet potatoes are even more exaggerated.

The crops that are mainly used for staple food and a few other kinds are already a part of Ji Cha’s plan.

Corn is the same. On the table of modern people, corn is mainly used in two ways: direct use and oil extraction, but in fact, the oil yield of corn is very low compared to other oil-extracting crops, only about 7% to 13%. Compared with peanuts, whose oil yield can reach 35% to 48%, corn oil extraction is too inferior in this aspect.

But this does not affect Ji Cha’s plan to plant some, not for oil extraction though, but for another important purpose: breeding livestock.

Let’s talk about planting first. Besides corn, the peanuts mentioned earlier have logically become the crops that Ji Cha would use to extract oil.

According to the growth and yield of peanuts, if a planting area of ​​100 square meters is needed, from that 40 catties of oil and water can be squeezed out. In fact, it is enough to not heavily use peanut oil and substitute some with animal fat.

(T/N: 1 catty = 1.62 lbs)

The rest, such as mung beans, can be planted once and harvested all year round. Sprinkle a handful of mung beans in a small jar, put an appropriate amount of water and cover with a black cloth. Within three or four days, long bean sprouts will be formed. A handful of mung beans provides a dish. Are you reading on hololonovels? There are photos and stuff in the chapter, making the reading experience much better.

In addition, Ji Cha does not intend to let go of the seasonings that they can produce.

There are two kinds of sugar cane in S city. The red ones are the ordinary sugar canes, and the blue and white ones are sugar cane are mainly used to squeeze sugar. They can be divided into brown sugar and white sugar according to the different production processes.

In addition, trivial side dishes such as peppers, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, celery, and radishes are all a part of his plan.

Cotton is another very important crop. It can not only produce materials for thermal insulation and make ready-made clothing, but cotton is almost a treasure that can be used from top to bottom, from cotton stalks to cotton cores and even cotton seeds, oil extraction, livestock feed, and many more.

Planting also creates byproducts that are inedible for people, but they can be used to feed livestock.

To organize his plan, Ji Cha took out a piece of white paper and a pen, and after smearing for a while, went to to have a look, and decided on several things to buy.

Oil extraction is still produced in a very traditional method in this small town here, and the oil yield is very low, not to mention that it is very laborious. In fact, there is no shortage of efficient household automatic oil presses on the website, and they are not even expensive.

The oil extracted can be used for food, and the remaining byproducts can be used for fertilization, which makes a very good fertilizer.

Large feed mills, rice huskers, spinning machines, looms and even sewing machines, Ji Cha made a long list, thinking of all kinds of scarcity after the end of the world, and became more and more determined to make perfect preparations.

At this moment, Liang Jincheng was lying on his back on the bed where Ji Cha had slept for many years, looking at the photo frame next to the old-fashioned fan that was a little dusty.

Ji Cha was chubby and plump when he was a child, but he was as white as he is now. He held a watermelon popsicle in one hand, and drew a letter V with his fingers facing the camera with the other hand, and a bright smile that was warmer than the sun.

Liang Jincheng was just looking at it with his head tilted, but he couldn’t help but smile, and reached out and took the photo frame into his hand.

Not afraid that the glass mirror surface is not clean, he put his lips on little Ji Cha’s face and kissed it reverently.

Ji Cha’s house is not big, it is probably cleaned by Ji Cha’s grandmother, and it looks very neat.

Liang Jincheng wanted to sleep for a while on the bed, but this was Ji Cha’s room, he turned left and right and still felt that he couldn’t fall asleep. He simply sat up, walked around the room, and stopped in front of Ji Cha’s wardrobe.

It was a forbidden place that exuded infinite temptation to Liang Jincheng. A voice told him: Remember to be polite and control yourself, and don’t break your bottom line again and again. Another voice told him: The bottom line is a fart! That’s Ji Cha’s wardrobe. Do you know what’s in it? Maybe there are underwear, socks, and all kinds of close-fitting clothes. Do you think this is an opportunity you can get every day?

Take advantage of it now, grandma is sleeping, Ji Cha is in the study, if there is one or two clothes missing in such an old wardrobe, who would know?

The rational persuasion of the first voice was immediately thrown aside by Liang Jincheng after the second voice appeared.

He took a deep breath and reached out to open the closet.

In the closet are obviously Ji Cha’s old clothes, and even a high school uniform.

At that time, Ji Cha was even more youthful, Liang Jincheng only fantasized about Ji Cha’s eyebrows and eyes at that time in his mind, and his heart beat as if it was about to jump out of his throat.

He took out the clothes, unable to suppress his urge, he put it on his nose and took a deep sniff.

The overflowing sense of satisfaction almost overwhelmed him.

“Cha Cha!”

There were voices outside, and the sound of grandma’s footsteps slowly approached the room here.

She strolled to the door of the study, knocked on the door, and asked the person inside, “I’ve soaked that cantaloupe for a while, and it’s cold now, do you want to eat it?”

“Not yet!” Ji Cha calculated the remaining time carefully, wishing that he could split it into four to be more efficient, where would he still have a desire to eat cantaloupe.

The grandmother then walked slowly to the door of the room where Liang Jincheng was sleeping, carefully opened the door and took a look inside.

Paddle fan

Liang Jincheng was lying on Ji Cha’s bed on his back, his expression relaxed, his breathing fluctuated, and he seemed to be asleep.

Grandma shook the paddle fan, walked back slowly, and said silently, “Then eat later, I’m going to watch the singing show.”

The beginning of summer seems to be different for everyone.



  1. MJ says:

    Just an FYI to anyone one out there, most GMO high yield seeds are patented hybrids and deliberated designed to not grow true to seed.. True to seed means that farmers can’t save seeds from their harvest and get the same crop. This forces the farmer to buy seeds every year, you can’t do in the end times. Open pollinated heirloom seeds will grow true seed. It’s not about better flavor.

    1. laffingly says:

      This is sort of true, but not the entire reason why farmers have to buy new seeds each year. Buying new seeds also protects the breeders that are tasked with researching better strains like disease resistant papaya in Hawaii or water efficient maize in Africa. Here’s some myth busting from the Alliance for Science

  2. DeiStarr says:

    Okay, yeah, secretly sniffing his clothes/underwear behind his back *is* kinda perverted. (The sock thing is just *weird*.) But it’s not really a big deal; as long as they’re clean, and he isn’t masturbating while sniffing them. Stealing them is pretty iffy, but if they’re old clothes that don’t fit anymore they’d probably end up being given away anyway, so it’s not like it makes a difference.

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