Chapter 14: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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The biggest difference between rice field fish farming and other fish farming is the depth of the pool.

The water depth in the paddy field varies, usually no more than ten centimeters deep. The fish raised in such a marine environment are usually much smaller than the fish in the pond.

However, the benefits of raising fish in rice fields are not only in killing two birds with one stone, but also for the fact that rice and fish can complement each other.

The stocking of herbivorous fish in paddy fields can not only effectively inhibit the growth of weeds, but also increase the fertility of the water body with fish excrement. There is only one thing that Ji Cha can’t figure out how to solve for a while, that is, the cultivation of fish in rice fields requires the introduction of appropriate living water. Under the status quo, this problem made him very anxious. So, you gotta read on hololonovels.

Ji Cha took out the pen and put a big question mark on the large area of the paddy field in the draft. But other than that, other plans are clear.

The planting area of each crop has been calculated by Ji Cha staying up late, and their final output has been calculated according to the yield per mu. If this entire open space can be used efficiently, more than a dozen adults will not have to worry about their necessities, and with more than a dozen people stationed, this place can have a minimum security guarantee.

It took Zhang Xing three days to refit the agricultural machinery. He took Ji Cha to show how to operate it later.

“Well, just take it here and charge it. It’s the same as your electric car, even if the charging time is still enough. I have installed a power display device here, and it can be charged once when it drops to about 10%.”

To say that Zhang Xing’s modification is indeed very good, it is simple and easy to understand, and the operation is also very convenient. Ji Cha nodded, then looked up at the half-renovated house behind them, and asked Zhang Xing, “If the house in the back were all powered by solar power, would it work?”

After the end of the world, this fortress must be able to operate its own power generation system.

Zhang Xing replied, “Now there are a few materials with good conversion efficiency, and the policy is also guided by subsidies and support, but in general, it still depends on how many electrical appliances you use in your house. For such a big house, were you also planning to install a central air conditioner?”

“There is no air conditioner, and the lights are not very bright at night, at most,” Ji Cha thought about it and affirmed, “At most, just a few freezers, and the rest are these things.” He patted the agricultural tools.

As for the other electrical products that have arrived, none of them are intended to be used by Ji Cha on a daily basis.

“That’s easy then,” Zhang Xing said, “put a few solar panels on the roof and add a few more power storage devices. It’ll be more than enough. You can add two TVs and also set up a water heater.”

“Anyway, I’ll get the solar panels first, see for a few days and let you know,” Ji Cha settled this matter. “The freezer I ordered will arrive in a few days. You can help me get it refit when it arrives.”

“In such a hurry?” Zhang Xing said and took out his phone from his pocket, “Then I have to ask my friends over there first.” He was pretty sure his friends would prefer to read on hololonovels anyway.

Ji Cha climbed to the top of the second floor in one breath. There was only a small house on the top that extended from the stairs, and the rest of the roof was flat. He still remembers when his family planted rice and brought it here to dry, and at noon, he would come over to help under the strong sun.

Now, he has no plans to change the layout of this rooftop. He only asks people to add a fence of about one or two meter around it. One is to block the prying eyes from the outside, and the other is for safety.

The newly piled bricks are still showing the bright red color. A worker is plastering cement on them, and he greets Ji Cha when he sees him.

Ji Cha walked to the edge and looked down. The fence had been raised and reinforced in most places, and it was not much lower than the two story factory building. Looking around, except for a few abandoned fields, there is almost no place inhabited. At this time, he saw two cars driving towards this way on the road in the distance.

The only surviving villages that are atoll around are inhabited by the old people and children who were left in the villages under the labor tide, and there are hardly any traces of young adults. These two types of people will undoubtedly be the weakest after the last days.

“Ji Cha, Ji Cha! Come down, the well drilling team is here.”

A sound suddenly came from below, Ji Cha looked down, the two cars just now were approaching, and a worker downstairs was talking to him.

“Oh, they’re already here!” He quickly regained his senses and ran downstairs quickly.

After the end of the world, there is no need to think about running water. Even if there is, he didn’t know the source that no one has died in it. The natural layer-by-layer filtration of groundwater has become a more convenient option.

Well water is almost at a constant temperature all year round, which is good whether it is filtered for drinking or irrigation.

Ji Cha was going to drill two traditional round-mouth wells diagonally at opposite corners of the factory building, so he contacted the local well drilling team, and the other party took over the work neatly.

The traditional hand-pressed wells in rural areas produce less water, but the price is relatively cheap. The well-drilling team made it clear to Ji Cha, “what you said, we can drill it that way, but I think this kind of well is not very practical now, there is no running water, and it hasn’t been disinfected, but if you want, we can make it happen, it will cost a little more money.”

Ji Cha has nothing to say about money matters. The decision is made at the moment, and the team will start work in the afternoon.

Now there are dozens of mouths to feed in the factory, and some of the food originally purchased by Ji Cha is not enough. So he went to town to buy rice and noodles in the afternoon with the supervisor, who is his high school classmate.

“You went to university, and when you come back, you are quite good at making things,” said his high school classmate named Cheng Dongliang. He and Ji Cha were classmates in high school for three years. After failing the college entrance examination, he simply did not continue his studies. He followed his cousin at home to do construction, and that’s how he got into this industry.

Ji Cha didn’t know how to explain, feeling helpless.

The phone suddenly rang twice at this time. He looked down and saw that it was a text message sent to him by the real estate agent. The sale of the house seemed to be in progress.

“Your life is good, the family is not short of money, and you have real estate in the city. You know, at the end of this year, I will probably have saved enough for a down payment to buy a house. When I go to the city to house hunt, you gotta help me.”

Cheng Dongliang’s face glowed, full of hope for the future.

Ji Cha tilted his head to look at him, and then looked down at the text message on his mobile phone interface.

The buyer across from the text message may also be a young man like Cheng Dongliang, who has been saving money for a long time just hoping to have a place of his own, knowing nothin that the end of the world will come in a little more than a month and everything now will almost become useless without proper preparation. Besides, he already has the money borrowed from Liang Jincheng, plus his own savings, which is enough to support him to complete the various plannings and purchases before everything begins. So, does he still want the other party to waste money at this time?

Ji Cha was a little hesitant. “I may have to live in that house for a month. Can I ask him to go wait for some time?”

Ji Cha thought about it and sent a text message over.

The opposite side quickly replied, “As long as you don’t change your mind and extend the date, he said you can wait.”

“It’s a deal.” Ji Cha replied.

In another month, the signs of the end of the world will just become more obvious, and no one will foolishly throw money on a house by then.

“Hey, by the way,” Cheng Dongliang turned the car into a street, and asked Ji Cha while slowing down, “Are you going to make a small garden for yourself?” Ji Cha’s behavior was regarded as just tossing around, “You know there is an orchard over at Chenqiao, the one that our high school class went to play together, it is said that the business can’t go on now, and many fruit trees are on sale at low prices. There are quite a lot of space in your yard, you can buy some and transplant them. Some of those fruit trees are more than ten years old, and many are around six or seven years. If you have them in your garden, you will have your own fruits, so you don’t have to wait for them be on the market.”

Ji Cha replies him that he thought it was a really good idea. According to the size of the land he had always planned in his mind, and there are still some spare small open spaces, it would be a good idea to plant a few fruit trees such as apple and orange trees.


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