Chapter 5: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Liang Jincheng: Call me pervert, but that’s cause you haven’t met Ji Cha.

The two took a break and resumed their journey. Ji Cha moved from the back row to the passenger seat, holding a bag of snacks in his arms, a piece of dried mango in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other hand to type awkwardly.

In a classified information website, a message suddenly popped up.

“Urgent sale 3 rooms, 1 hall, 2 bathrooms, 120 square meters, Xihong Community, Renmin Road, S City, 240K.”

None of the local real estate agents are not surprised. This price in the S city, if you don’t look at the word “urgent sale,” is quite unusual.

S city is not a big market, the average house price is about 15,000 yuan per sq m, but Ji Cha is selling this suite in a good location, with a little patience, it can be easily sold for 30,000 yuan per square meter. At this listed price, even the broker would think that this is either a scam or the owner is stupid. Under these circumstances, no one would easily dial the phone number on the ad. Ji Cha’s brows twitched tightly, and the remaining half of the candy couldn’t stand the force of his teeth, and it shattered in half in his mouth with a click.

Ji Cha adjusted the phone to airplane mode and stuffed another piece of dried mango into his mouth, causing his cheeks to bulge slightly, looking like a hamster.

What do you lack most in the last days?


Delicious food!

Abundant and variety of food!

The stomach, that has been cold and numb under the harsh life, could completely recover after a hot bowl of rice, even the dead would come back to life!

He has a choice now, so why not? In order to be able to eat well and sleep well in the future, these two months must be meticulously planned out.

What if there is no food to eat? Plant it yourself!

Ji Cha is not familiar with other things, but he worked in the fields that have been planted in S City base for five years. However, if you want to live a stable life in the last days, the most important thing is to have a solid fortress. Ji Cha thought that his family’s factory in the suburbs is enough, and the area of the remaining vacant land can even be used for farming.

If you directly reinforce the factory wall and facilities inside, the factory is the most ideal to for his plans. After all, the outskirts of S City have been divided into large and small new factories, and the remaining fields are just small pieces of land with owners.

Even a peasant like his grandmother who had been farming for a lifetime has lost the fields after being allocated tens of thousands of dollars. The only thing she has left is a vegetable field surrounded by a small bamboo fence in front of her house.

Ji Cha tore apart the wrapper of a lollipop and put it in his mouth, thinking slowly about the trivial things about farming. The fruits of countless scientists who have spent their whole lives working day and night may never be known again.

One of the premise of good farming is to have a solid fortress, which can not only block the attack of the slightly clumsy zombies, but more importantly, can block the living people who indulge their nature after the end of the world. They tend to be tougher and more sinister than zombies.

The wall of the factory seems to be only two meters high, and it is not very stable. If there is a will, any adult man can easily climb past the wall. This is something that needs to be changed.

The walls need to be reinforced and raised. How high are the prison walls? Ji Cha frowned, four meters? Five meters? Better reading experience on hololonovels.

Liang Jincheng reluctantly drove the car, and he felt that Ji Cha sitting beside him seemed so unreal. He took the phone, put it away the dried fruit, and took out a lollipop. Liang Jincheng glanced at Ji Cha’s every movement from the corner of his eye until it landed on the corner of those rosy lips.

The lollipop rubbed off his lips, leaving behind a layer of sweet and shiny syrup. It was not only the sweetness of the fruit that spread to the nose, but Liang Jincheng’s eyes were even more difficult to take back, watching the lollipop entered his mouth, rolled around inside, making a sound like sucking.

It’s terrifying…Ughhh… Liang Jincheng was almost sweating on his forehead, of course he was even hotter.

Liang Jincheng held the steering wheel tightly, and his breath could not help but grow heavy. He tried his best to focus his eyes on the fast-moving road, but his thoughts flew out.

A lollipop now makes Liang Jincheng jealous.

Ji Cha didn’t realize that he was being watched, and suddenly reached out to hold the handle of the lollipop, wrapped his lips around the candy and took it out, with a barely audible sound.

Then he heard the gasping sound of Liang Jincheng beside him.

He turned around and looked at him with some doubts, and asked with a little concern, “What’s the matter with you, senior?”

Ji Cha really wanted to curry favor with Liang Jincheng, and was scratching his head in a hurry, but the almost abnormal social circle in the post-apocalyptic world made him even more worried about what he did to scare Liang Jincheng now.

For example, deep in his heart, he could not wait to hug Liang Jincheng’s thigh and kneel and beg the boss to take him in, but he looked at Liang Jincheng with a blank expression on his face. Support the translator by reading this chapter on its origin website.

His eyes were too pure and natural, pulling Liang Jincheng out of his forbidden fantasy. He moved his thighs uncomfortably, fearing that he couldn’t hide it, so he pulled out the shirt that was originally half-obediently pressed under the waist of his trousers, and covered his thighs loosely.

“It’s all right.” Liang Jincheng shook his head, looking at the road intently, only the blushing cheeks betrayed his emotions.

Ji Cha thought he was hot, so he hurriedly took Liang Jincheng’s coat from the back row and wrapped it on himself. Ji Cha is actually not short among boys. With a height of 176cm and a pair of shoes with a thick base, it can completely reach the point where most girls look up. But Liang Jincheng’s coat was put on Ji Cha, which almost made half of his face hidden inside.

Ji Cha neatly put on his coat, and when he raised his eyes, he noticed that Liang Jincheng had just withdrawn his eyes from looking at him, with surprise and puzzlement.

“I’m afraid of the cold, so I just borrow your coat and wear it. If you are hot, senior, lower the temperature of the air conditioner.”

Ji Cha explained it earnestly, then picked a comfortable position, put the lollipop into his mouth again, and his thoughts diverged.

Ji Cha is wearing his coat, this is not imagination but reality. Liang Jincheng’s fiery breath stagnated, and his shoulders could not help shaking.

Ughhh… Liang Jincheng was almost sweating on his forehead, of course he was even hotter.

Ji Cha was not troubled by the other person, and continued to think about the details.

A solid exterior structure and the interior cannot be lacking either. In addition to the basement under the factory building, there is also a large open space inside the fence that can be reserved for planting. It will be very beneficial if all of them are used.

Tools are necessary for production. The planting efficiency of the S City base in his previous life was not high. An important reason is that the tools were limited.

The horror of the last days removes the elusiveness of the human heart, and more importantly, it separates people from the familiar environment and almost returns to the primal era. Especially in the tenth year after the end of the apocalypse, there are still a small number of people in the S city base who cannot solve the problem of food and clothing. If the these issues cannot be solved, it is impossible to develop productivity and complete the return of science and technology. If you’re not reading this on origin website, the ending may be incomplete.

Ji Cha even watched the children born in the base grow up to four or five years old, and for many years to come, growing up with the lack of knowledge will cause the society to go even further backward. The fruits of countless scientists who have spent their whole lives working day and night may never be known again.

Humans, like ants, were beaten back to the past, underdeveloped, eras overnight.

Thinking of this, Ji Cha’s brows twitched tightly, and the remaining half of the candy couldn’t stand the force of his teeth, and it shattered in half in his mouth with a click.

Liang Jincheng’s fiery breath stagnated, and his shoulders could not help shaking.

Damn, it hurts.


Translator has something to say: Liang Jincheng, sir, you have way too much wild imaginations lol.


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