Chapter 6: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Of course, Ji Cha has no scruples at the moment and has no room to consider for all mankind. He changed his mind and considered the preparation of tools.

First of all, harvesting, plowing, weeding and even spraying pesticides can actually improve production efficiency through corresponding machinery. It is not difficult to convert diesel engines into rechargeable machinery at the current level of technology.

The corresponding irrigation system can be used for watering, and the self-sufficiency of fertilizer production can also be easily produced by using compost bins to meet production after the entire life circle is formed. Please read on hololonovels for best reading experience. Baby, believe that.

But before that is very important: electricity.

After the end of the world, electricity is very scarce, and there are only a few lights left in the busy city, and the outside is almost as good as dead.

How to solve the problem of electricity is the fundamental premise of improving productivity, as all his plans cannot be maintained without electricity.

The scenery outside the window receded rapidly, and a dejected figure suddenly appeared on the far road, slowly walking with his head down on the speeding highway. A lot of people die every year because of crossing the highway, but this man’s body and demeanor are too unlike a normal person…

Ji Cha was immediately attracted. He leaned over to see the other person’s face clearly in order to complete his judgment. However, on the highway, the car was moving fast and before he could see clearly, the man got on the road, hit by a car, and the body flew into the air, and the next moment he was thrown down limply and lifelessly.

Ji Cha turned around and wanted to see the follow-up, but before his eyes could catch up, a big warm hand suddenly covered his eyes.

“Don’t look.” Liang Jincheng didn’t turn his head, his eyes were still on the road full of vehicles, his voice didn’t even rise, but out of thin air, Ji Cha could hear some comforting meaning, “otherwise, you won’t be able to eat for a while.”

Those hands were strong and firm, and they blocked him from the possible ugliness outside, which made Ji Cha feel very at ease.

Liang Jincheng’s palm almost touched Ji Cha’s eyelids, which made him subconsciously blink his eyes quickly. His eyelashes ran across Liang Jincheng’s palm. Before Ji Cha could speak, Liang Jincheng pulled back his hand like there was an electric shock.

Ji Cha looked at the man suspiciously and found that Liang Jincheng’s ears were a little red.

It has been five hours since they drove all the way, and although there were at rest stops to eat in the middle, there is not much rest.

As it was summer, even if it was getting late, there would be two or three hours left before it gets completely dark.

Ji Cha wrapped his coat tightly and persuaded Liang Jincheng earnestly, “Senior, if you are really hot, turn down the temperature of the air conditioner a little bit. It’s really warm for me to wear your coat.”

Liang Jincheng’s palm still seemed to have the touch left by Ji Cha’s eyelashes earlier. An itch that permeated from the middle was still unwilling to leave, and it was constantly stirring up his thoughts.

His eyes swept towards towards Ji Cha sitting in the passenger seat with eyelids slightly drooping.

Liang Jincheng’s heart was beating wildly, and he almost wanted to cover his chest, too, too cute.

Ji Cha half-squinted his eyes and thought about how to survive better in the apocalypse. As for Liang Jincheng, who didnโ€™t have the foresight of the impending apocalypse and even if he does at this time, being with Ji Cha in such close proximity, all he can think of is probably “one hundred and eight tricks on how to sleep as soon as possible with Ji Cha during the end of the world.”

There were still more than five hours before they arrive, but it was already completely dark.

The car got off the highway and stopped in front of the hotel near the toll gate.

“I’m sorry, there’s only one room left.” Ji Cha woke up the sleepy front desk. At this time, Liang Jincheng was looking at him with a red face, his eyes were dodging and uncontrollable.

“It doesn’t matter, both of us are men,” Ji Cha said with ease, nodding to the front desk, “Weโ€™ll take it, or we’ll have to sleep in the car til dawn.”

After speaking, he immediately took out his wallet, handed over the credit card, and turned his head slightly, “Senior, let’s keep this room, is that alright with you?!”

He was very at ease with no distractions, and went straight to flatter Liang Jincheng, but the man himself was dazed by the surprises he had encountered today.

Big bed room!

Sleep in the same room with Ji Cha and even on the same bed? Liang Jincheng’s mind was like a wild horse running away, and he was happy all over, imagining the appearance of Ji Cha with a red wedding veil waiting for him to lift it up.

Ji Cha walked ahead with the room card unknowingly, and looked around to find the room number corresponding to the room card.

His jacket has been taken off, and the white t-shirt is a little loose. When he turns around, the thin fabric will inadvertently stick to his body, revealing the waistline that makes Liang Jincheng’s brain burn.

He could also see Ji Cha taking a bath. It is so hot in summer that you have to take off your clothes and shower, right?

A subconscious smile appeared on Liang Jincheng’s handsome face, his eyes fixed on Ji Cha’s figure for a moment, watching him swipe open the door with the key card.

The decoration of the small hotel is average, and the bed sheets are as expected, very rough. Ji Cha doesn’t have many requirements, he thought it was all already very good.

Although it was just a short walk from the parking lot to the front desk, in a hot summer time like this, he was unbearably hot.

Ji Cha took off his shirt as soon as he entered the room jumped aside and took the remote control of the air conditioner, adjusted the temperature to 20 degrees, and muttered, “It’s killing me.”

The hotel room is so small that it is usually impossible to avoid this scene from getting into Liang Jincheng’s eyes at this time. He won’t even blink if he falls into the cesspool now. He stood by the door, his eyes tightly wrapped around Ji Cha’s figure.

Ji Cha over there lay on his back on the small sofa, facing the air-conditioned wind, his eyes closed, so comfortable.

His complexion was pale in comparison to other boys, but at this time, under the orange lighting of the hotel room, he looked a little childish and milky, instead of appearing obscure and ambiguous. His knees folded in front of his chest, facing the cool wind coming from the air conditioner, Ji Cha felt all the heat brought by the summer heat was swept away.

“So cool!” Ji Cha sighed, one hand casually hanging on the edge of the sofa, the other hand slowly fanning the wind towards his face. Liang Jincheng’s footsteps seemed to stick to the floor at the door. He held the wall tightly with his fingers and closed his eyes with heavy breathing.

He clearly knew that if he stepped forward and went further, he might not be able to control his actions and do things that Ji Cha would hate.

The phone rang at this time, temporarily interrupting Liang Jincheng’s tangled thoughts and letting him breathe a sigh of relief.

Turning around, he pressed the answer button, and Ji Cha’s eyes also opened to look over.

It was the company’s business. Liang Jincheng’s attention was now on the phone, the company still had a lot of things that needs to be taken care of.

When he turned around after call ended, he found that Ji Cha’s hands were on his underwear, looking confused.

“I don’t know if there are any underwear here.”

As he said that, he walked quickly to the wardrobe beside Liang Jincheng with his bare legs, opened the wardrobe, and bent over to look inside.

Ji Cha’s legs were straight and slender, and his waist was so thin. His casual moves almost rubbed against Liang Jincheng’s crotch. Liang Jincheng was unprepared, and the little sanity left in his mind was pulled away again. His hands and Ji Cha’s waist were like a single gravitational magnet, and his slender fingertips were almost unable to resist touching the pale skin in front.

“Found it!”

Just when Liang Jincheng’s hand was almost touching the slim waist, Ji Cha suddenly straightened up, staggering the trajectory between the two, turned back, and raised his underwear towards Liang Jincheng contentedly, ignoring the forbearance on Liang Jincheng’s face, “Just two for men. Senior, I’ll take a shower first.”

As he spoke, he tore off the package of the underwear, took out a pair, and shoved the remaining pair into Liang Jincheng’s hands.

The back of Ji Cha’s finger inadvertently brushed across Liang Jincheng’s palm because of this action, bringing out a hot temperature.

Liang Jincheng walked to the bed and sat down, staring at Ji Cha’s hazy figure reflected in the foggy glass. He couldn’t see the entire body clearly, but he could see every movement of Ji Cha bending down, getting up, and rubbing his back.

With the sound of water splashing on Liang Jincheng’s heart, he suddenly felt like it was about to jump out of his chest.

When Ji Cha wiped his hair and walked out of the bathroom leisurely, Liang Jincheng was shaking off the hotel quilt with his back to him. If Ji Cha paid attention, Liang Jincheng’s fingers were deeply embedded in the white sheet. If the sheet was human, it might have been strangled eight hundred times by now.

He looked like an extremely picky person, Ji Cha felt very embarrassed, and went up to sit by the bed just as he wanted to have a casual chat with Liang Jincheng, but the other person was in no good shape to speak. Liang Jincheng quickly turned around and said, “I’ll go take a bath.” He hurriedly fled to the bathroom.

It’s just that although he walked fast, the protruding bulge somewhere was still very conspicuous.

Ji Cha looked down at himself, a little angry. He actually paid attention to Liang Jincheng all the way in the car today, and he was very excited to get acquainted with the future boss. He sure appeared to be a very intelligent man.

Ji Cha lay down on the bed with envy, grabbed his mobile phone, and turned off the airplane mode. The people at the internship who might call him should all be off work by now, no one must be so dedicated to still bother with his after hours, right?

Ji Cha thought about it and remembered that he could connect to the hotel’s wifi. At this moment, a text message popped up on his mobile phone.

“I really want to touch your waist, if you wrap your legs around me when I’m kissing you, that would be great.”

It was still the unfamiliar number from that morning.

The first message “I really want to kiss you.” was still in his inbox.

Ji cha copied the number to the browser, and the location of the number displayed is G city.

This time he couldn’t help but reply, “You sent to the wrong person.”

The mobile phone numbers for students in the school are all consecutive numbers. If one number is wrong, it may be sent to someone else’s mobile phone.

It’s just that Ji Cha didn’t expect to receive another reply immediately.

“Ji Cha, I want to fuck you.”


Iron (Juvenile translator) has something to say: Wow OK, horny much, Liang Jincheng? So totally understandable lol


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