Chapter 4: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha: It’s nice to ride with senior!

The scenery outside the window didn’t change much until they drove away from the city. Ji Cha, who was eating snacks in the back seat, couldn’t figure out how he was persuaded by Liang Jincheng. Liang Jincheng exudes self-confidence and determination. He is very polite in every remark, but he has the ability to convince people till they are unable to refuse.

Maybe this is the leadership skills? Ji Cha thought this was possible considering Liang Jincheng’s development in the post-apocalypse. Even if the end of the world hasn’t officially arrived, strange things has already started happening. Ji Cha feels more at ease travelling with Liang Jincheng, the destined ultimate boss.

He even had a guilty conscience. He felt that Liang Jincheng was just being polite by offering him a ride. Ji Cha didn’t really expect Liang Jincheng would drive him all the way to city S from city A. Driving between two cities with a straight-line distance of over a thousand kilometers takes more than ten hours.

“Having a car makes it more convenient to do things.” Liang Jincheng looked at Ji Cha from the rearview mirror and once again restated the reasons he had said before, “also, there have been some unexplained disturbances lately, and crowded locations are still not safe.

Liang Jincheng was only babbling, and the matter of fact is that he just wants to spend more time alone with Ji Cha. What could be better than being confined in a little car with only the two of them, unable to get in and out, and him controlling the speed!

Ji Cha lay in a few large bags in a daze, thinking about how he could hug Liang Jincheng’s thigh in a reasonable and discreet manner until he heard Liang Jincheng. He raised his eyes to meet Liang Jincheng’s gaze in the rearview mirror and asked, “unexplained disturbances?”

“En.” Liang Jincheng shifted his gaze away from Ji Cha. In places where Ji Cha didn’t pay attention, the fingertips holding the steering wheel turned white due to strong force, and his heart was clamoring to explode, but outside, Liang Jincheng, however, straightened his waist and continued to say in a relaxed tone, “there have been probably five or six cases, but in order not to cause any public panic, the media is temporarily instructed to suppress these news.”

He paused, and the words that followed were meant to placate Ji Cha “But it shouldn’t be a big deal. Security checks in various places are being reinforced, and it will be calmed down after a while.

Liang Jincheng couldn’t help but glanced at Ji Cha, who was looking out the window thoughtfully, in the rearview mirror again.

Liang Jincheng breathed deeply, operating the steering wheel with both hands, and drove into the highway entrance. For Liang Jincheng, being isolated in a small space with Ji Cha for several hours was a pleasant treat. He even felt that the air was full of sweetness, which made him intoxicated.

He is now sure that Ji Cha was not crying because of the text message he sent helplessly from the bottom of his heart like a wretched idiot. Although he doesn’t know why Ji Cha cried, it still made Liang Jincheng feel very troubled and annoyed.

If it is because of something, then he will desperately try to resolve it for Ji Cha. If it was because of someone, Liang Jincheng would almost certainly want to kill whoever that is regardless of right or wrong.

It’s terrible.

Liang Jincheng would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night from a spring dream, and when the sleeplessness subsided as dawn approached, he would regain his senses. He felt the strong desires surging from his bone marrows and swallowing his sanity.

He is a very self-disciplined person. For a long time, Liang Jincheng had not allow many people or things to influence his habits and decisions, until he met Ji Cha.

Speaking of his attraction to Ji Cha, he has to say it happened to him naturally. The first encounter between the two of them took place in a very ordinary setting.

He returned to his alma mater two years ago because of his business, which happened to be a lively time for new students. So, Liang Jincheng decided to take a detour around the back of the library, where he happened to get a glimpse of Ji Cha dozing by the window. When Liang Jincheng recalled the scene later, he remembered it vividly, as if it was a picture he had drawn from memory.

Ji Cha was just a regular boy, youthful and innocent. He should have been nothing more than a passerby. There are really a lot of people like him in the same age group. It wasn’t easy to have a lasting first impression.

However, Liang Jincheng continued to notice strange things in many occasional encounters later. At first, when he returned to school several times later, even if he didn’t mean to, Ji Cha’s voice would become something that he subconsciously paid attention to in his mind like a warning bell. Other persons nearby, even friends, will have their voices and smiles aggressively rejected to outer space by his brain at such times, and they will be regarded as a secondary existence.

Later, he began to follow Ji Cha unconsciously. When Ji Cha was there, it became difficult for him to notice other things. After the symptoms became severe, he couldn’t help but leave the business at hand and follow Ji Cha silently. When he finally discovered how much this was affecting his life, Liang Jincheng still had no idea who Ji Cha was or what his name was.

An almost unreasonable infatuation; it was overwhelming.

He started to do strange things. For example, secretly inquiring about Ji Cha’s identity and family background, forming a habit of visiting the university at least twice a week to peek at Ji Cha, repeatedly watching Ji Cha, who was sitting in the front row and laughing with friends during school celebrations, and feeling deeply jealous of his friends.

Liang Jincheng even memorized all of Ji Cha’s class schedules, taking advantage of the large class to sneak into the classroom with hundreds of people and hide in the corner, watching Ji Cha doze off. At night, he was immersed in a fiery dream with fragments of Ji Cha.

Such a secretive behavior brought him taboo satisfaction. While Liang Jincheng blamed and puzzled himself, he felt as if he was addicted to drugs.

As a result, he has combed through a wealth of knowledge and spent six months with a psychologist. He was afraid that his increasingly uncontrollable impulses and desires would hurt the innocent Ji Cha. However, at the end of the day, all his efforts returned to zero.

Humans are, after all, animals who succumb to hormones.

Liang Jincheng even suspected that Ji Cha’s appearance was a retribution for his excessive self-control over the past two decades, and that it was the forbidden fruit he couldn’t endure but want to devour into his stomach.

“I just called my grandma, and she said the chicken in the neighbor’s house had been beheaded but was still alive and even pecked others.” Ji Cha suddenly said, interrupting Liang Jincheng’s thoughts.

In Ji Cha’s view, Liang Jincheng will become an outstanding leader in the post-apocalyptic era, and he must have his extraordinary qualities. Maybe he already knew something by now? Ji Cha couldn’t be sure, so he could only try it out first.

It took some effort for Liang Jincheng to withdraw the joy of Ji Cha’s active communication with him, but after pondering what Ji Cha said just now, his face couldn’t help but show a surprised look, “Can it still peck people after the head is chopped off?”

Ji Cha kept his expression in his eyes, and changed the subject again, “Senior, are you going to S city for business?”

Liang Jincheng smiled and said, “That’s right,”

It’s hard for him not to notice that Ji Cha’s mood is not high. Combined with seeing his red eyes earlier, Liang Jincheng carefully phrased the sentence and asked, “You are a junior this year, do you have any plan for an internship?”

Although he learned that Ji Cha had found a good internship, maybe the company made a last minute decision that caused Ji Cha choose to go back to S City? Liang Jincheng thought this was a possibility, so he added, “Speaking of which, our company is also recruiting interns, and your major is just right.”

He lied without blushing; after speaking, he planned to stop at the rest area to call HR and let them temporarily create the most suitable position based on Ji Cha’s resume.

Ji Cha shook his head, “Thank you, senior, but I don’t plan to look for an internship for the time being.” He also thought carefully of his own words. He’s been living in the apocalypse for so long that even when things are still calm, there is a sense of distance from reality. So, although Ji Cha clearly wanted to take the opportunity to hug Liang Jincheng’s thigh, he forgot how to even flatter people.

“It’s okay,” Liang Jincheng was a little disappointed, but he naturally concealed it and took the opportunity to call out his phone number, “We can exchange numbers. If you want to find a job, you’re always welcome at my company.”

“Okay.” Ji Cha agreed immediately, heaving a sigh of relief, turned on the phone, and entered Liang Jincheng’s number. After giving some thought for a while, he changed the contact name to “Big Brother”.

The distance between him and Liang Jincheng was thus one step closer, and the corners of Ji Cha’s tightly pursed mouth curved up.

After driving for more than an hour, they arrived at the first rest area, and it happened to be lunch time. The two decided to eat something at the rest stop.

The taste of the food in the rest area is actually quite average. In terms of Liang Jincheng’s picky palate, it is almost unbearable. He held the chopsticks and stopped after taking a bite. He was about to ask if Ji Cha wanted to eat somewhere else, when he saw the other took two or three mouthfuls of rice and downed half the bowl, then picked up overcooked shredded potatoes, stuffed everything in like some hard-working food broadcaster.

For Ji Cha, the food here is considered good?

Yummy! Simply delicious. Resource consumables like salt have almost been fired to sky-high prices in the S City base. Not to mention other condiments like soy sauce, when everyone is still busy for food, no one is stupid enough to waste food to process these dispensable things.

Now this plate of overcooked, a little salty and very sour potatoes tastes the world’s best in Ji Cha’s mouth. It’s been too long.

“Delicious?” Liang Jincheng pushed the vegetable plate towards Ji Cha.

Then staring at Ji Cha’s food, he feels soft and intoxicated, my wife is really good.

Ji Cha nodded, he choked a bit because he ate too fast, then he put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand, got up and said, “I’m going to get some water, do you want to drink too?”

Liang Jincheng’s eyes fell on Ji Cha’s chopsticks on the bowl, and he deliberately stopped the movement of getting up to follow and nodded, “Okay, thank you.”

Ji Cha turned around and walked towards the water dispenser at the corner, while Liang Jincheng quickly switched the chopsticks Ji Cha put on the bowl and his own, feeling excited and sweet, his heart beating like a drum.

Ji Cha finished drinking a cup of water and felt more comfortable. He was about to take another cup, but someone reached out and took the last cup away. He had no choice but to go back with the cup of water, and said to Liang Jincheng a little embarrassedly, “Well, there are no other cups. I have used this cup, so I will buy you a drink.”

As he turned around and was about to leave, Liang Jincheng got up and grabbed Ji Cha’s wrist, looking at him with burning eyes, “No need.”

He let go of Ji Cha’s wrist, picked up the water cup on the table, and quickly drank half of it.

Ji Cha did not suspect anything, but thought that Liang Jincheng might actually be really thirsty, and his face was a little red.

He moved his wrist and thought again that Liang Jincheng’s hand seemed to be quite hot, and decided that he would give him another cup of water after a while.


Translator has something to say: A lot of planning has to be done first, so the apocalypse might be a while to come lol


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