Chapter 6 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

The First Business

The structure of the rice bed is relatively simple, and he draw it directly on the wooden board. However, the structure of the foot threshing machine and the windmill cart is a little more complicated. He had to draw a draft on the ground first to confirm the details, size and length of each part. Especially when stepping on a threshing machine, it is necessary to confirm the size of each gear, whether it can be engaged, the length and width of each board of the roller, etc., and then draw it on the board after it is confirmed.

This is a time-consuming job.

It happened that the Chang family would be planting the seeds in the afternoon. Yu Qingze’s foot injury was not completely healed, so he couldn’t help. He was left at home and concentrated on making his drawings. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

It took him an afternoon to finally get a rough outline of the structure. There are still some details left, which need to be discussed with the carpenters at that time. After all, they are the professionals.

After dinner, Yu Qingze asked Grandpa Chang to take him to the village chief’s house. Last night, he had already briefly shared his thoughts with Grandpa Chang.

Seeing that he was done so quickly, Grandpa Chang agreed to take him there. Chang Hao was curious and followed behind to join in the fun.

But before they left the courtyard door, the village chief came to the door with a chicken and a fish.

Grandpa Chang said with a smile: “Yo, Gensheng, we were just now going to look for you, come in and sit.” The village chief is called Yu Gensheng.

The group entered the main room, and the village chief shoved the things in his hand into Grandpa’s hand and said, “I came back too late last night and didn’t have time to thank Brother Le. I was also busy during the day, so I could only come here when I have time. These are from my sincere heart, I hope Uncle and Brother Le don’t dislike it.”

Grandpa Chang rejected it, waved his hand and said, “Hey, what is this for? We’re all from the same village, and Xiaole just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Take these back, didn’t Dajian’s wife just give birth to a baby, take it back to make up for him! The three of us are in good health.”

Dajian is the eldest son of the village chief. His wife just gave birth to a little son half a month ago, so he needs to replenish his body.

“Hey, Uncle, there are still some at home. If it wasn’t for Brother Le yesterday, my water buffalo would be gone, so you have to accept it!”

Grandpa Chang continued to refuse, “Didn’t you let us use your cattle? That’s enough already.”

Yu Qingze and Chang Hao were watching from the sidelines as they came and went. Chang Le heard that the village chief was coming, so he went and grabbed a bowl of water but still didn’t have a good timing to give it to the other.

After a while, the village chief saw that Grandpa Chang didn’t pick it up, so he simply put the chicken under the table and the fish directly on the dining table.

Chang Le finally could give the bowl of water.

The village chief sat on the bench, received the bowl, took a sip, and thanked Chang Le. Then he asked, “Uncle, what did you want to say to me?”

Grandpa Chang pointed at Yu Qingze and replied, “I didn’t look for you, it was Ah Ze looking for you.”

Yu Qingze quickly greeted the village chief: “Yes, the village chief, I have something to look for you. My name is Yu Qingze…” Thinking that the village chief probably didn’t know himself, he introduced himself.

Chang Le thinks you’re quite a cute person for reading on ho lo lo novels.

“Your surname is also Yu, then you are really related to our village.” The village chief nodded with a smile, looked at him and asked curiously, “Why were you looking for me?”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “I heard that your carpentry work is very good. I want to ask you to make me something. This is the pattern.”

Yu Qingze handed over the wooden board with the picture of the rice bed.

The village chief took it over and looked at it for a while, then frowned and asked: “You… a shelf, it’s not difficult to do, but what is this for?”

A square long shelf is drawn on the wooden board, and many horizontal bars are evenly connected in the middle of the shelf.

The village chief is very curious.

Yu Qingze replied, “This is a rice bed.”

“Rice bed?” Everyone looked at Yu Qingze.

Yu Qingze said: “Yes, rice bed, rice paddies. This is used for threshing millet.”

When he said that it was used for threshing millet, even the two brothers gathered around and looked curiously at the wooden board in the hands of the village chief.

Yu Qingze continued to explain to them: “We are threshing the rice now by directly hitting the rice against the wall of the box, which is actually very labor-intensive and slow. When hitting this rice bed, we hit the rice on it. Look at this. The horizontal bar, which can be made of bamboo or thin wooden strips, is placed on the side, so that when the rice is hit upward, the grain will fall off faster. Moreover, our arms don’t have to hit the bottom all the way. Quick and easy!”

Chang Le heard the words and immediately, his eyes lit up, this thing is good!

The village chief, however, thinks differently from them. He has been a carpenter for many years. With his keen intuition, he knows this thing can make money, and it’s not difficult to make.

Yu Qingze carefully observed the village chief’s expression, saw the light in his eyes, and knew that he realized the value of this thing, so he continued to add fire to him.

“Furthermore, this rice bed can be used directly in the threshing machine or directly on the flat ground, but the millet on the ground needs to be swept. When the farming is over, this rice bed can also be used for other purposes. It is also very convenient to dry things and hang things.”

This is very exciting!

The village chief pondered for a while and said, “Little brother, I will make this for you, and I can also make one for you for free, but can you sell me the blueprint of this rice bed?”

Hearing this, the three Chang family members were taken aback. The village chief wants to buy this blueprint? They also immediately realized the commercial value of this thing, and it can definitely make a lot of money when it is made. If Yu Qingze sold the drawings to the village chief, wouldn’t it be a loss? Should they remind him?

Chang Le thinks you’re quite a cute person for reading on ho lo lo novels.

But before they finished their thought process, they heard Yu Qingze readily agree.

“Yes. How much can you pay?”

The village chief pondered for a while, and then gave a price that he could afford: “Twenty taels of silver, and you can’t sell it to anyone else!”

Twenty taels of silver! The three Chang family stared at each other for a while. Well, that’s a lot of money!

Yu Qingze raised the corner of his mouth and stretched out three fingers, “Thirty-two! I can draw you three more styles.”


Chang Hao and Chang Le have never seen so much money, their mouths are open enough to stuff eggs. Even Grandpa Chang took a deep breath!

The price of 32 taels exceeded the village chief’s expectations, and he remained silent.

Yu Qingze saw it, stepped forward, took the wooden board from the village chief’s hand, and said, “You can go back and think about it.”

The wooden board in his hand was taken away, and the village chief seemed to see the silver of white flowers waving goodbye to him! His little heart trembled.

He stood up frowning, walked around in the main room, walked five full circles, sweated out, and finally made a decision with a grit of his teeth.

“It’s a deal!”

Yu Qingze grinned and handed the wooden board back to the village chief.

Chang Le’s family of three: … why do I have the feeling that the village chief has been tricked?

Holding the board, the village chief wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said, “I still have an unkind request, I hope the little brother can agree.”

Yu Qingze: “The village chief, please speak.”

The village chief paused for a moment, then said frankly: “To be honest, I bought this blueprint to make money. However, this season’s harvest has not caught up. I hope that before the autumn harvest this year, you can keep it a secret until I sell it. Of course, I promise you your rice beds, I will do it together when the time comes, but I will only be able to give it to you during the autumn harvest.”

The craftsmanship of this thing is not difficult, you can see how to do it at a glance, and others will be able to make it soon. This business is only the most novel at the beginning and profitable the most! This point, the village chief is very clear, that’s why he made such a request.

Yu Qingze said simply: “No problem.”

The village chief looked at the grandfather of the Chang family.

Grandpa Chang said: “Don’t worry, we won’t say a thing. This is your business with Ah Ze, and we know what’s importance.”

Chang Le and Chang Hao also nodded heavily. Thirty-two taels! You must keep your mouth shut! Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

The village chief thanked: “Thank you, Uncle.”

Grandpa Chang waved his hand, “That’s how it should be.”

Seeing that they had reached a consensus, Yu Qingze said to the village chief, “Village chief, I would like to discuss a business with you.”

Do you still have more business? The village chief asked, “What business?”

Yu Qingze smiled mysteriously and replied, “A partnership.”



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