Chapter 6 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon

The First Business

“Big Brother Yu.” After eating, Chang Hao wiped his mouth and stood in front of Yu Qingze, looking at him with bright eyes.

Yu Qingze asked, “You need something?”

Chang Hao nodded, and hesitated when he was about to speak.

Yo, this is really rare, and the young boy who always speaks his mind still hesitates. Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows: “Say, what’s the matter?”

“It’s just … that…” Chang Hao blushed and felt that he was a bit cheeky, but he couldn’t resist the strong desire in his heart, and finally asked, “Brother Yu, are you good at kung fu? Can you teach me? “ If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

It turned out to be this. Yu Qingze looked at Chang Hao’s small body, maybe he could grow taller with exercise? He nodded and said, “Yes. But all I know is some basics to defend myself.”

Chang Hao: “This is already amazing!”

Yu Qingze: “It’s hard work.”

Chang Hao: “I’m not afraid!”

Yu Qingze: “Alright then.”

Chang Hao: “Awesome!”

Hearing Yu Qingze agreed, the little boy jumped up and down, excitedly, “When I finish learning, I can protect my brother and grandpa!”

Chang Le thinks you’re quite a cute person for reading on ho lo lo novels.

Yu Qingze smiled, thinking to himself, your brother is actually not weak, ordinary people can’t beat him. However, the reason behind Chang Hao’s enthusiasm was beautiful, deserving of praise.

The two of them agreed to start lessons when they were done busy with harvesting.

“Big Brother Yu, what are you doing with that?” His wish was fulfilled, and Chang Hao began to wonder about the wooden board in Yu Qingze’s hand. There were many lines drawn on it with unburned firewood, horizontally and vertically, looking like a shelf, and he didn’t know what it was.

Yu Qingze smiled, imitating Chang Hao’s mysterious appearance earlier, and replied, “Good stuff. You’ll know what it is tomorrow.”

“Ah? It’s so mysterious.” Chang Hao was even more curious, scratching his head and cheeks, he looked at those black lines intently, wondering what they were.

Yu Qingze nodded solemnly: “Yes, it’s very mysterious.”

Chang Hao was even more curious, but he couldn’t ask, he was really suffocating.

In the evening, before the two Chang brothers came back, Yu Qingze took a shower. Yu Qingze’s clothes were of Chang Le’s father, and he took them off and washed them. The clothes and shoes he wore when he first transmigrated, Chang Le took them last night, washed them and folded them neatly, but those clothes were obviously too weird here, so he didn’t wear them.

After the shower, he asked Grandpa Chang about the commonly used agricultural tools here, and learned that there are no other better rice threshing tools, and the rice grains are also removed with a shovel. This information made him confirm that the idea in his mind was feasible.

He wants to make rice beds, windmills, and threshing machines! He’s going to revolutionize their tools! Make it easier for them to double grab!

“By the way, this is for you. This is your name. You can write it on the table with water first.” Yu Qingze took a wooden board beside him, and wrote the word ‘Chang Hao’ on it with a firewood tip. He also wrote down the stroke order of the two characters 常浩.

There was no pen and paper, so he found a wooden board and a firewood tip instead.

Chang Hao’s eyes lit up immediately, he quickly took it over, looked at the two words above, and asked excitedly, “Is this my name? Chang Hao?”

Chang Le thinks you’re quite a cute person for reading on ho lo lo novels.

“Yes.” Yu Qingze nodded, pointed at two words, and read them one by one: “Chang-hao. The stroke order is the following. You learn the word ‘chang’ first, and I will teach you to write it twice.”

“Wait Big Brother Yu, wait for me to call my brother!” The little boy ran to the kitchen quickly, dragged his brother to the main room, and shouted, “Brother, hurry up, something good here!”

Chang Le was dragged away by his younger brother just after washing the dishes and wiping his hands. It was not until he arrived at the main room that Change Le found out Yu Qingze was going to teach them to read and write.

Chang Le was also very moved, so he stood behind his brother with curiosity, while blushing.

Yu Qingze taught the two of them how to recognize strokes with the oil lamp on the dining table, and showed them how to write the word ‘chang’ twice.

Grandpa Chang looked at them with a smile while weaving the mat.

This young man knows a lot.

When the two brothers understood, Yu Qingze let them practice by themselves, and he continued to work on his drawings.

Chang family bought a cow together with seven other families, and kept it in one of their yards. Each family took turns to herd and switch every month. After the grass withered in winter, each family had to provide hay to raise the cattle. The cow dung is used as the fertilizer reward for the family raising it for the past month. After all, regular management takes time and effort, and it’s important to ensure the safety at night to avoid the cattle being stolen.

There is only one cow, which can be used when ploughing the land during regular seaons, but when it comes to spring ploughing and double harvesting season, everyone has to coordinate and share it.

The next day, it was finally Chang family’s turn to use the cattle. Early in the morning, Chang Le went to plough the fields. It is only used in the morning; the cattle had to rest in the afternoon. They had two fields to plough, and the time was very tight.

Grandpa Chang went with a small wooden barrel. Chang Hao and Yu Qingze made breakfast and dried millet at home as usual. Breakfast was ready before Chang Le and Grandpa Chang came back. Yu Qingze and Chang Hao fed the pigs and chickens and did all the housework they could.

When it was time for breakfast, Chang Le still didn’t come back, but Grandpa Chang brought back a lot of loaches and seven or eight eels, all of which were caught in the fields and ditches.

Chang Hao likes to eat loach and eel, mainly because it is meat!

“Wow, loach! And eel! Grandpa, when will it be eaten, do you want me to go outside and pick some vegetables and come back and let them spit mud?” He couldn’t wait.

“Don’t worry, we’ll talk about it when we finish ploughing the fields today. Go wash your hands and eat, and bring food to your brother after eating. You can see the cow.” Grandpa Chang put the small wooden bucket in the kitchen, then washed his hands and prepared to eat.

Chang Le thinks you’re quite a cute person for reading on ho lo lo novels.

Chang Hao squatted by the wooden barrel and watched for a while, then happily went to have breakfast.

After the three of them finished their meal, Chang Hao carried an empty basket to deliver the meal first. Chang Hao was actually ten years old, but he was very short and looked like a child of eight or nine years old. Grandpa Chang tied the ropes of the baskets short so that he would not have a hard time carrying.

Grandpa Chang picked up a load of plant ashes and wanted to spread them in the fields. Yu Qingze’s left foot has healed a lot better, but he still can’t use his strength, so he slowly walked into the field.

In the morning, Yu Qingze and Chang Hao were threshing the leftover millet from the field yesterday. After Grandpa Chang finished spreading the ash, he also came to thresh the millet.

During the break time, villagers came to ask about yesterday’s events from time to time, mainly because they heard that Chang Le had been rewarded with money, but those who came to gossip were all fooled by Grandpa Chang.

Wen Li and his husband also came over, but before he could even say something, he was scolded by Grandpa Chang.

Yu Qingze also discovered that although Chang Hao was shy when he was at home, he was very low-key in the face of inquiries from the villagers and didn’t say a word to show off.

Chang Le has been plowing and raking the fields, and finally completed two fields of about one acre in the morning. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Chang family’s three mu paddy fields are divided into five plots of different sizes. There are two plots that have not been cut.

There was still some time left after plucking the millet in the morning, so they tied up the grass one by one and picked up the fallen stalks. After the grass is dried a little in the evening, they are brought back, and the fields can be watered.

At noon, Yu Qingze didn’t sleep and was perfecting the drawings.


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