Chapter 3 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon

About to swallow the tongue

In the early morning the next day.

It was just dawn when Yu Qingze heard Grandpa Chang and Chang Hao, who were in the same room with him, woke up, so he also quickly got up.

“Did we wake you up? It’s still early, go back to sleep.” Seeing him getting up, Grandpa Chang hurriedly said.

The host was up, so Yu Qingze was too embarrassed to continue lying down.

He slept on the cot last night because he was really embarrassed to let the grandfather and grandson squeeze onto the small cot, which was only one bench wide. He didn’t know how the grandfather and grandson squeezed in the two days when he was in a coma. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

He didn’t sleep well last night. First, the environment was unfamiliar. When he first arrived in this world, his worldview was impacted, and his mind was filled with thoughts. He didn’t know when he fell asleep. It was too hot, the bed net was not a gauze net, and the ventilation was not very good. A mosquito even entered, buzzing non-stop, and he didn’t know where it was. It was very noisy and irritating.

It’s midsummer now, and in this ancient era with no air conditioners and no fans, it’s no wonder he couldn’t sleep well.

He knew that Grandpa Chang and the others were going to cut grass in the fields, so he volunteered to help.

Grandpa Chang glanced at his feet and said, “No, heal the injury first. If you want to help, help Xiaohao to dry the millet together later.” Afraid that Yu Qingze would feel uncomfortable, Grandpa Chang gave him a small task.

“…Okay.” The work time in the morning was short, and he knew that his legs and feet were inconvenient. When he finally made it to the field, he estimated that Chang Le and the others would already be back. It wouldn’t work, so he agreed.

Chang Le had already spread the straw mats for drying the millet and poured all the millet to be dried on them, one pile on each straw mat. He then went out with Grandpa Chang, carrying two huge buckets.

Yu Qingze found Chang Hao watching the fire in the kitchen, and a pot of porridge was cooking on the stovetop.

“Xiaohao, did your brother bring the big buckets to collect the millet? Isn’t there a basket?” The wooden bucket was as big as the bucket his grandparents bathed him in when he was a child, and the net weight of the two solid wood buckets was estimated to be thirty catties, and then filled with millet, how heavy would it become?

Chang Hao yawned and brought a basin of water out and placed it by the stone at the door of the kitchen. He replied, “No, it’s a barrel. When my brother comes back, he will carry the water with him.”

“…Oh. That barrel is so big.” How heavy! Yu Qingze sighed again.

“Well, it’s specially made. You can fill the water tank with one pick. My brother thinks that ordinary water buckets are too small and takes too many trips to be filled, and it is troublesome to go back and forth.”

Chang Hao thanks you for reading on ho lo lo novels.

Yu Qingze: …It’s a very solid reason!

“Your brother is amazing!” Yu Qingze sincerely praised, such a thin body, but so strong!

Chang Hao was especially proud to introduce his brother’s ‘great achievements’ to Yu Qingze, “Well, of course he is. Those men are not as good as my brother! My brother is the only one who can lift the tree that the three of them can’t. He can handle anything!”

Yu Qingze: “…Really powerful!”

His brother was praised, so Chang Hao happily turned around and took out the cloth towel and willow stick from the kitchen, which Chang Le had prepared in advance.

“Brother Yu, you can actually sleep for a while, you don’t have to wake up so early. My brother and grandpa will not come back for breakfast until the sun comes out.” After speaking, Chang Hao picked up a willow twig and handed it to Yu Qingze, and took one for himself. The root was stuffed into his mouth, he took a few bites to peel off the skin, revealing the willow fibers inside, and then he brushed his teeth.

“It’s okay, I usually get up early.” Yu Qingze was worrying about how to brush his teeth, when he saw Chang Hao’s actions, he was suddenly enlightened.

If he hadn’t seen it, Yu Qingze really didn’t know that he could brush his teeth like this in ancient times. He felt a little novel, imitating Chang Hao and brushing his teeth with willow sticks. Some willows have a fresh astringent herbal taste, which is not bad.

When he’s done with hygiene, Yu Qingze asked Chang Hao to concentrate on watching the fire. He took the drying rake to open the millet on the four straw mats, and also used the grass rake to hang the grass clippings inside.

He did these things at his grandfather’s house when he was a child, so he was familiar with it, just hang them carefully when they are a little dry. Finally, use the mill to blow the shells out, and left with full grains.

After drying the millet, Yu Qingze entered the kitchen. The porridge was already cooked and was being cooled in cold water. Chang Hao is cleaning the soaked dried radish.

“Is this what needs to be done in the morning?” Yu Qingze asked.

Chang Hao nodded, “Well, I’m not very good at cooking, and it’s not delicious. I wash the grains first, and just boil them directly.”

Yu Qingze said, “I’ll cook.”

Chang Hao’s eyes lit up and looked at Yu Qingze sideways, “You can cook?”

Yu Qingze nodded, “Yes.” Not only he can, he used to be a chef, so cooking is his profession.

Chang Hao was very happy and said, “Then Big Brother Yu, please do it, I’ll set the fire, we can eat when Grandpa and brother come back.”

The two hit it off.

Yu Qingze looked around and saw that the condiments in the kitchen were only oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. Next to the cutting board were a few peppers, four cucumbers, and a sweet potato vine in the corner, all of which were still fresh and should have been brought back by Chang Le earlier this morning.

He was stunned. So early in the morning, the pig grass was cut, the vegetables were picked, the porridge was cooked on the fire, and the straw mat was spread with the millet.

What a diligent little guy. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

He asked Chang Hao for his opinion, and learned that they liked spicy food, and seeing that there is a jar of chopped peppers under the desk, Yu Qingze took two cucumbers and neatly shredded them and mixed with a little chopped pepper in it. Afterwards, he picked a handful of fresh sweet potato leaves, removed the leaves, and left only the stems.

Cold Cucumber Salad with Chopped Peppers
(credit: A Beautiful Plate)

Chang Hao watched him and made a cold cucumber salad in a short time, skillfully cutting the sweet potato stems into pieces, and chopping the dried radishes into a bowl; just looking at his knife skills was very convincing. However, Chang Hao looked at the sweet potato stem with a complicated expression.


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