Chapter 3 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

About to swallow the tongue

“What’s wrong?” Yu Qingze asked when he found the expression on the young boy’s face very intriguing.

Chang Hao wiped his face, shook his head, and said, “It’s nothing, you can continue.”

Sweet potato stems are usually fed to pigs, and they will be boiled and eaten as a last resort only when there is a shortage of food. A while ago, they often ate sweet potato leaves, which was very bad, similar to pig food, but he didn’t say it out for Yu Qingze to hear.

In fact, dried radish is not delicious. When there is no fresh vegetable in the vegetable garden, his family often eats it. Chang Hao was originally disgusted by the dried radish and sweet potato leaves, oh, and the loofah, which was soft, not chewy at all, and had a weak flavor. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

But he is very sensible, he feels that he has no qualifications to complain. He will eat whatever his brother does, and he is very easy to raise.

But soon, when the sweet potato stems were fried, he was speechless, and he was glad he didn’t speak just now, otherwise his face would be swollen.

With the idea of ​​giving Yu Qingze face, the little boy deliberately took a sweet potato stem and tried it. He was stunned and quickly took another large chopstick into his mouth in disbelief.

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves

“Wow, Big Brother Yu! It’s delicious!” Chang Hao’s eyes were bright, as if he had discovered a rare treasure.

Obviously, he watched Big Brother Yu cook the whole dish, he added oil, salt and a little chopped chili, but the fried taste was so good that there was no taste like pig food.

Super delicious!

Obviously, he used to hate eating those leaves and stems, but now he can’t wait to swallow his tongue!

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “It’s nothing, as long as you like it. Don’t eat it all, save some for grandpa and your brother.”

Working with limited ingredients, he couldn’t show his extraordinary cooking skills at all.

“Alright, I’ll just take one more bite.” Chang Hao took another bite, and then put down his chopsticks reluctantly, and urged: “Brother Yu, your cooking is delicious, grandpa and my brother must like it too! Quick, let me try that dried radish you just made.”

For the dried radish dish, Yu Qingze didn’t need to chop the chili peppers. He just simply cut a green pepper and stir-fried them together. Chang Hao gave Yu Qingze a thumbs up after tasting it.

“It’s better than what my brother made!”

Yu Qingze laughed: “Your brother would be sad to hear that.”

Chang Hao glanced out nervously, saw no one, turned his index finger to his lips, shush, and said, “Don’t tell my brother. In fact, my brother’s cooking skills are pretty good, you don’t know, the food my uncle Wen Li cooks is unpalatable, it has no taste at all, it’s like pig food.” He didn’t hide his disgust at all.

Yu Qingze smiled. Taking this opportunity, he asked Chang Hao about their daily diet. He learned that most of the dishes in people’s homes here are boiled or fried, very simple.

Yu Qingze’s eyes lit up, this is very promising!

After only eating it once, Yu Qingze knew Chang Le’s cooking level, and it’s no wonder that Chang Hao reacted so much to these very simple home-cooked dishes.

Soon, the sun came out, and Chang Le and grandpa came back with a big bucket of water. They were pleasantly surprised to see the three bowls of dishes on the table.

Unsurprisingly, the two grandfather and grandchild warmly welcomed the delicious looking breakfast.


“I didn’t expect you to cook so well!” Grandpa Chang praised without hesitation, and went to add another bowl of porridge.

Yu Qingze replied with a smile: “I used to make it often, as long as it suits your tastes.” His old job as a chef, he would starve to death if he couldn’t even cook well.

At first, Chang Le was a little embarrassed to ask Yu Qingze, a guest, to cook, but after eating his dishes, the embarrassment turned into embarrassing.

A man’s cooking skills are so much better than his own, who is a ger!

A fighting spirit took root silently in Chang Le’s heart.

The result of good cooking skills is that the porridge is all gone, the vegetables are wiped out, and even the salty dried radish is cleaned out; everyone ate very well.

Chang Le looked at the empty pots and bowls, and his mood was very complicated. There used to be half of the porridge left in the morning, but now the pot was empty, and it used to take two days for them to finish a bowl of dried radish.

Even grandfather drank an extra bowl!

Looking at the expressions of his grandfather and younger brother, they look even more satisfied than eating newly harvested rice last night!

Chang Le was heartbroken. Although he was happy that his grandfather and brother had eaten delicious food, he was still a little sad, and once again realized his lack of cooking skills and the importance of good cooking skills!

In order to make grandpa and younger brother full and well-fed in the future, Chang Le decided he must work hard to improve his cooking skills!

So, when Yu Qingze cooks later, he found that Chang Le would often watch him secretly thinking he was decreet enough, but he didn’t realize that his little actions had already been seen by Yu Qingze.

After breakfast, Chang Hao consciously went to wash the dishes, and Chang Le went to feed the pigs.

Grandpa Chang took out a cigar and sat down under the eaves to enjoy the after-meal smoking. He took out the herbs he dug up the mountain yesterday, picked up a few, washed them and shaken them dry, then squeeze them and throw them in the mortar, then he began pounding.

The herbal medicine was for Yu Qingze, he took the small mortar from Grandpa Chang and continued pounding the herbs while chatting.

When Grandpa Chang finished smoking his cigar, he helped Yu Qingze replaced the old medicinal herbs on his injury with new ones.

“Well, your leg is healing well, and it’ll be fine in two days. Young man like you typically recover quick.” Grandpa Chang checked his ankles and wrapped the new medicine.

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Yu Qingze thanked the other and added, “I exercise often, and I rarely got sick before.”

Yu Qingze also served as a soldier for two years before learning to become a chef; he fought in the army for two years. After being discharged from the army, he has maintained some habits he formed in the army. He gets up early every day to exercise, runs and punches twice, so his physical fitness is very good.

Grandpa Chang glanced at Yu Qingze in surprise. Country people don’t go out for exercise. Every day they do farm work which is their exercise. However, he quickly smiled and said: “Exercise well! Ten thousand gold can’t buy good health!”

Yu Qingze agreed and said sadly, “Yes, my grandfather was in poor health and suffered a lot in his later years.”

Thinking of his grandfather, Yu Qingze felt a little down. His grandfather passed away when he was 16 years old. He died of heart disease and advanced lung cancer. When he left, he was bones and skins. It is precisely because of his grandfather that Yu Qingze paid special attention to exercising, and he was in good health until his unexpected death in his previous life. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Hearing this, Grandpa Chang sighed and comforted him.

At this time, Chang Le already fed the pigs and chickens, and Chang Hao also finished washing the dishes.

Because the millet is needed to be dried for a while, several chickens in the family are locked in cages, clucking and clamoring to go out. Chang Le got a handful of sweet potato leaves and millet and threw them in, then he filled an empty bowl in the chicken coop with water.

The family set off to harvest the rice. Chang Hao was also following along this time, and Yu Qingze was only allowed to go with them after a protest.

It was also after seeing the harvest rice that he thought of a good way to make money!


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Small Theater

Chang Le: If we continue to eat like this, we will not have enough rice at home. #worried

Yu Qingze: … Blame me (I’m so good at cooking).

Chang Hao: Brother, do you think I have gained some weight?

Chang Le: Really? It seems that the cheeks are a little rounder, which is great! Eat more later!

Yu Qingze:  …

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