Chapter 2 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon

Old Leftover

Yu Qingze likes men by nature. Hearing Chang Hao say ‘marry a man’, he thought that the folk customs of this dynasty were open and manly style was popular.

In Yu Qingze’s opinion, Chang Le is still so young and handsome, even if he wants to get married, he won’t want to marry an old widower in his fifties or sixties. But looking at Chang Hao’s reaction, there must be a lot of secrets that are not known to outsiders. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

“Hey, what do you even know, you kid, don’t block me, go away, don’t get involved with the adult’s business! Brother Le, come out quickly, I know you’re at home…” The middle-aged man scolded Chang Hao with a few sentences, and then shouted.

This kind of thing, this kind of scene, Yu Qingze, an outsider, can’t continue to watch. He stood up and was about to move back to the room, but over there, Chang Hao, like a little leopard who was irritated, had already stretched out his hand and pushed the middle-aged man out, his expression as if he was about to open his mouth and bite someone in the next moment.

The middle-aged man was unprepared, he was pushed back two steps, he became irritable, and reached out and grabbed Chang Hao’s small arm.

Yu Qingze was stunned, Chang Hao’s reaction was too intense. Afraid that something might happen, he stopped, thinking that he should do something to help.

Chang Le heard the movement and hurried forward to pull his brother away.

Chang Hao still wanted to step forward to chase people, but Chang Le pressed his hand behind him, so he couldn’t move but only show a pair of angry round eyes and stared at the middle-aged man fiercely.

“Oh, this boy Chang Hao is really getting older and ruder! Brother Le, you too, you have to take care of him and teach him well. He’s so ill-mannered, how can you go on like this!” The middle-aged man said, straightening his clothes, he scoffed at the two brothers.

When his beloved younger brother was scolded, Chang Le became unhappy, his face sank, and he frowned at the middle-aged man. Even if he didn’t ask, he knows what this person’s here for.

The middle-aged man saw that Chang Le’s face was not very happy, so he laughed ‘haha’, his expression changed immediately, and asked softly, “Brother Le, the one from Majia Village has invited someone to ask again, what do you think about it? Well, what’s that look on your face?”

Chang Le shook his head numbly and waved his hand to indicate refusal.

When the middle-aged man saw it, a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes, and then he hid his impatience again, and said with a sincere ‘heavy heart’: “Brother Le, it’s not me talking about you, you also know your situation, you can’t speak, your face is ruined, and the color of the pregnant mole is so dull, how can a young man’s family agree to let you marry their son? Which man doesn’t like to find a beautiful and able-bodied ger! Besides, you are twenty-two now, and you will soon be twenty-three. Getting older every year, it’s not easy to find a man to propose you. Do you think someone like this person from Majia Village was that easy to come by?”

Chang Le thanks the reader for choosing hololo novels.

There was a brief moment of silence at the scene after the vulgar words were said.

Chang Le looked down at the ground quietly, and Chang Hao stood with red eyes.

Although those words were true, Chang Hao couldn’t bear anyone saying that his brother was not good at all. In his heart, no ger was as good as his brother!

He jumped out from behind Chang Le, gritted his teeth and roared, “My brother is the best! Don’t worry about him! Go, go! Get out!”

“Hey, little bastard, don’t pull my clothes, I just finished making it a few days ago! Don’t be ignorant, the man from Majia Village is a little older, but he has no children, and the family conditions are good, and he lives in a brick house. You can still get ten taels of silver as a betrothal gift! Seriously, he can live for a few more years. When he goes, aren’t his assets all yours? You are stupid, where can you find these conditions? …”

“You go! Go!”


They started pulling and pushing again, but Yu Qingze was a little stunned.

This man’s words are too ugly, and his thoughts are quite difficult to describe. Exposing people’s scars directly in front of others and poking people’s sore spots, not to mention that he, an outsider, was present the entire time, it really makes people upset.

In Yu Qingze’s opinion, being unable to speak may be inconvenient, but it’s not impossible to live; as for the appearance? It’s not a big deal. For a man, even if you care about what you look like, ability and character are more important. What’s more, although Chang Le’s skin was a little tanned, he was very handsome and didn’t…after a pause, he looked at Chang Le’s heavy bangs…and was a little puzzled in his heart, but his focus soon shifted to what the middle-aged man said earlier.

In ancient times, it was common for people to get married young. Yu Qingze knew this, but what about moles and pregnancy? Also, why is it a man and a ger, instead of a man and a woman? According to the middle-aged man’s words, Chang Le can still have children? Because that pregnant mole is dull in color, so it is not easy to give birth?

Can a man still have children?

Yu Qingze deeply felt that there might be one important thing in this world that he wasn’t tracking.

Chang Le thanks the reader for choosing hololo novels.

The middle-aged man walked away cursing, and he could still be heard complaining about the lack of vision and ignorance of the Chang brothers from afar.

The brothers stood silent for a while. Later, Chang Le patted Chang Hao on the shoulder and gave him a gesture, as if to comfort his younger brother.

Chang Hao looked up at his brother, hesitating to say anything, but the next moment he lowered his head and muttered: “Brother, I’m fine, I’ll go to harvest the millet.” After speaking, he took a few steps to pick up the rake and went to harvest the millet.

The middle-aged man is the mother of two gers and one son. His name is Wen Li. Since Chang Le was fifteen years old, Wen Li has been keen to introduce people to Chang Le, but every time, the people he introduced were crooked melons and cracked dates: either old widowers or people with bad conduct or physical defects. Really not good ones.

­­Chang Le refused every time. His younger brother is still young, and his grandfather’s health is not very good, so he was really worried. Moreover, his physical condition is indeed a big obstacle. Chang Le knew in his heart. After a few years, he didn’t think about his own marriage anymore. He just wanted to take good care of his grandfather and younger brother, so that the family could live a good life.

He thought simply, but Wen Li didn’t understand it, and still searched for those crooked melons and cracked dates one after another.

At first, he thought that Wen Li was doing it for his own good, and was very grateful to him. Later, when he and his younger brother overheard Wen Li and his husband talking by chance, he realized that Wen Li had another purpose.

Chang Le looked at his younger brother, sighed lightly, and prepared to go back to the kitchen to continue cooking, but turned his head and met Yu Qingze’s gaze.

Chang Le:  …

Yu Qingze:  …



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