Chapter 1 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

“Hey, don’t you know where you are? Then how did you get to our rear mountain? We are in Niutou Village, which belongs to Tongshan County. Tongshan City is two or three miles away from here, not very far, and it takes about half an hour to walk.” Chang Hao widened his big, round eyes and said to Yu Qingze.

The boy’s answer undoubtedly confirmed part of Yu Qingze’s conjecture. He was silent for a while, then he started chatting with him, taking mental notes.

By the time Chang Le brought the doctor in, Yu Qingze had already gathered a lot of information and knew that this was a country called Dasheng, which had just been founded fifteen years ago. Then there are forty or fifty families in Niutou Village, and there are two surnames in the village, Yu and Chang. The parents of the two brothers passed away when Chang Hao was two years old, and there is still a grandfather at home. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Chang Hao was still young, so he didn’t know about too many things. He only knew if they traveled a little further away, there was Tongshan City, after that is Yunzhou city, and there was a capital somewhere.

Yu Qingze is not in a hurry, the news can be inquired later, the more important thing is obviously how to explain his identity to the Chang family.

Unidentified strangers are a disturbing factor in any era.

After the doctor’s inspection, he determined that Yu Qingze was fine and explained that he should pay more attention to rest in the next few days and left.

Yu Qingze was still thinking about making a speech in his mind, but neither of the brothers asked him where he came from nor what he was doing by their village. Chang Le sent the doctor away and went to cook. He never came in again. Chang Hao was also sent away by his brother to do something.

Yu Qingze breathed a sigh of relief, then thought about going out to have a look. There were a pair of clogs and a pair of straw sandals on the ground, making him feel a little warm in his heart, he assumed it was because the host didn’t know his preferences, so he placed two options for him to choose.

He put on the straw sandals and moved towards the door step by step. The left foot was sprained so badly that even the entire ankle was swollen.

As soon as he reached the door of the room, Chang Hao came back with a split branch. When he saw Yu Qingze, he hurriedly said: “Hey, Brother Yu, why did you come out. Here’s a wooden crutch for you, my brother just cut it.”

Yu Qingze took the simple wooden crutch and thanked him with a smile: “Thank you, I’ve troubled you guys.”

Chang family residence is not big, with the main room in the middle, two rooms in the east, a kitchen in the west, and behind the kitchen are the pigsty and the bath room.

The room Yu Qingze was in was the main room. To the north of the main room is an offering table with two tablets and a clay incense burner in front. Looking at the words on the tablet, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the words here were the same as those in his world, but some were in traditional Chinese.

There is a square table and four wooden stools on one side of the wall. On the other side of the wall stood a load of rice grains with grass clippings in them, which should have just been harvested before they could be dried and put into the warehouse. At the foot of the wall was an unfinished straw mat and some bamboo strips.

Yu Qingze thanks you for reading on

Simple and clean at a glance.

On the other side is the kitchen, and the sound of firewood crackling is coming from inside. Yu Qingze moved over and saw Chang Le cooking rice by the stove, then he broke a dry branch as thick as his arm casually into two pieces.

“…” Yu Qingze opened his mouth in awe and looked at Chang Le’s two small arms, then looked down at his own, silently. Really powerful.

Yu Qingze was stunned for a while, and when he saw Chang Le looking over, he held the door frame, stretched out his hand and raised the wooden crutch in his hand, and thanked him with a smile: “Brother Chang Le, thank you.”

Chang Le smiled shyly, waved his hand to say no worry, and then pointed to the door.

“My brother asked you to sit outside, there was a lot of smoke in the kitchen.” Chang Hao translated in a timely manner.

Yu Qingze understood and didn’t want to cause trouble to the two brothers, so he sat at the door.

Outside is a small yard surrounded by a fence. On the right side of the yard is a shed, and there are a lot of firewood stacked in it. Now that the yard has been cleaned, there are several large straw mats on the ground, on which golden rice is dried. On the other side are two racks for drying clothes and a fishing net.

After seeing Yu Qingze sitting down, Chang Hao picked up the drying rake under the eaves and started harvesting the millet, and while at it, he said to Yu Qingze, “My brother said we’re eating new rice today, I can already smell its fragrance! Hey, it smells really good!”

Chang Hao raised his head and took a deep breath, enjoying himself very much.

It is dusk, the sun is gradually setting in the west, and the orange-red sunlight dyes everything in its color. The young boy’s face raised against the setting sun showed an incredible luster, tinged with hope and happiness.

Very peaceful. Yu Qingze looked at everything in front of him and had only one thought.

“Have you finished collecting the millet at home?” Yu Qingze moved over and picked up the broom beside him to help sweep. Chang Hao quickly stopped him when he saw it.

“Eh, Brother Yu, sit down now, I’ll be done soon.” The young man grabbed the broom in Yu Qingze’s hand, and did not allow Yu Qingze to refuse but help him onto the stool, then rolled up his sleeves and trousers. His hands and feet neatly moved to gather the millet that was drying on the straw mat, he did not forget to answer Yu Qingze’s question.

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“It’s not that fast, it will take many days. My family has three acres of land, and I just finished harvesting a piece of land. After harvesting, I still need to plant the seedlings. It has to be planted before the beginning of autumn. That is to say, I will finish work earlier today, and I will have to plant it again tomorrow. So busy.”

“You are such a hardworker.”

“Hey, it’s not hard work, after the millet is harvested, you can eat rice, and you don’t have to go hungry.” The boy’s face was filled with contentment and yearning.

“Why don’t I see your grandfather?”

“Grandpa went to the mountain to collect herbs. The herbs and medicines on your ankles were collected by Grandpa.”

The two chatted casually.

During the conversation, a middle-aged man dressed a bit fancily and with a dark red mole between his eyebrows pushed open the courtyard door and walked straight in. He was stunned for a moment when he saw Yu Qingze, then smiled and said, “Yo, the young man is awake?”

Yu Qingze didn’t know anyone, so he nodded with a smile and calmly looked at the strange dress of the middle-aged man.

But when Chang Hao saw this man, he immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at the middle-aged man cautiously. His happy expression just cooled down, a look of boredom flashed in his eyes, and he frowned and shouted: “Uncle, why did you come?”

The middle-aged man responded and asked, “Is your brother at home? Le Ge’er, Le Ge’er…” After speaking, without waiting for Chang Hao to answer, the middle-aged man walked to the kitchen on his own. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Seeing this, Chang Hao dropped the drying rake in his hand, quickly rushed to the middle-aged man, blocked his hands, and shouted loudly, “My brother is not at home, I was just going to cut hogweed! Uncle, go back quickly!”

“Why do you talk like that, kid? I have something to say to your Brother Le, don’t get in my way.”

“I said my brother wasn’t here! He won’t marry that old widower in his fifties or sixties! He already said that!”


Yu Qingze: “…” Marry? what’s the situation?


The author has something to say:

Yu Qingze: As soon as I appeared on the stage, my wife was targeted, can you write something better!


Translator: I’m picking up another farming/ger novel while working on The ugly ger’s farming story. Actually, I have been working on this novel for awhile even before the ugly ger, just feeling lazy to put them up on the website.

This one is going to be more food-centered and have some business management elements. Hope you’ll like it ☺️


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