Chapter 1 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon

As soon as Yu Qingze regained consciousness, he noticed that a warm, bitter liquid had been poured into his mouth. It tasted like Chinese medicine. He subconsciously frowned and turned his head.

The next moment, a crisp young voice came from his ear.

“Brother, look, he’s awake.”

Yu Qingze didn’t hear an answer, only felt that his neck and cheeks were wiped clean by a slightly rough cloth. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

“Hey, big brother, wake up!”

His arm was shaken; Yu Qingze opened his eyes, and in front of him was the enlarged face of a young boy, about eight or nine years old, bending over to look at him. Dark skin, round eyes, two small buns on the top of his head, the kind that was of ancient teenagers, he was also wearing a gray period clothes, very thin.

What happened? Yu Qingze blinked and saw the boy grin at him.

Yu Qingze was a little confused. He remembered that he went back to the countryside to visit his grandfather’s grave. He encountered heavy rain and landslides on the winding mountain road. He seemed to be buried by…


Yu Qingze sat up in shock, staring at the off-white top and blue trousers on his body for a moment. He still remembered the feeling of despair when he was buried and suffocated by the mud. At that time, because there were no vehicles passing, no one was around to rescue him, so, he should have been… dead.

So, what’s going on now? He’s alive again?

Yu Qingze felt there was a tingling pain in his left foot, which was wrapped in cloth, and some traces of herbal leaching could be seen on the edge of the bandage. It seems to be sprained. There are some scratches on his arm and torso, other than that, there is no other serious problem, just a little weak and lack of strength.

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“Ughh, you startled me.” Yu Qingze sat up suddenly. The boy was startled, his body bounced back suddenly, and he turned his head and said to another person beside him: “Brother, he really woke up! “

Brother? Hearing the boy’s words, Yu Qingze noticed that there was a young man sitting next to the boy.

He is about 20 years old, very thin, with long and thick bangs on his forehead, almost covering his eyes, and his hair is tied behind his head casually, revealing a handsome face. He was opening his lips slightly, looking at Yu Qingze with wide eyes, also with a surprised look, holding a gray-white cloth in his hand, and holding a bowl of medicine in the other hand, and there was only a little bit of the liquid in it.

Seeing Yu Qingze looking over, the young man quickly looked away as if embarrassed. He pursed his lips slightly, put down the cloth towel and the medicine bowl, and pointed at him with one finger. He then rubbed his hands together and made a gesture, a pair of dark eyes pierced through the thick long bangs looking at him with gentle concern.

Yu Qingze blinked, looking at the young man blankly.

“My brother asked how you are doing. Is there any discomfort?” The boy turned his head and said.

“…” It turned out that the young man couldn’t speak. Yu Qingze quickly suppressed the surprise in his eyes and said to the two: “I’m fine. Did you guys save me? Thank you.”

The young man quickly replied: “It was my brother who saved you. You don’t know how dangerous it was. It rained heavily, and a landslide collapsed on the back of the mountain. When my brother found you, you were stuck in two big pieces of stones, only your head was unburied. If my brother hadn’t moved the stone with great strength and dug you out, you would have died!”

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The boy spread out his hands to compare the size of the stone. It looked really big. The two hands were separated by more than one meter, and they were almost 180 degrees wide.

Yu Qingze knows the stone was big, but, little boy, don’t you exaggerate, if the stone was really that big, with your brother’s small body, are you sure he could have moved it?

Yu Qingze complained in his heart, the young man was so thin that it looked as if a gust of wind could blow him away. He couldn’t imagine the scene where he lifted a stone as big as the boy described.

Of course, he would not say these words, the grace of saving life is beyond doubt. It’s just that he didn’t know that the little boy really didn’t exaggerate.

He turned his head and sincerely thanked the young man: “Thank you for saving me. What’s your name?”

The young man couldn’t answer, so the boy replied naturally instead of his brother: “My brother’s name is Chang Le, and my name is Chang Hao.”

“Thank you very much.” Yu Qingze sat up straight and thanked him again, and then he introduced himself: “My name is Yu Qingze, Qing like clear, Ze like lake.”

Chang Hao changed his voice and called out, “Brother Yu.”

Chang Le smiled slightly, nodded in greeting, then made a gesture to his brother, and went out with the cloth towel and medicine bowl.

Yu Qingze couldn’t understand his sign language, so he looked at the boy doubtfully, waiting for him to translate for himself.

Chang Hao nodded to his brother, and then said to Yu Qingze: “My brother said you’re welcome. He’s going to ask the doctor to come and take a look at you now. You don’t know, you’ve been in a coma for two days, and you still have a fever. The doctor said that if you If the temperature doesn’t drop today, it’s dangerous.”

“Thank you, I’m fine now.” Yu Qingze touched his forehead, he no longer had a fever, and then looked around while inquiring about the situation, “Little brother, where is this?”

Above his head is a gray bed tent, and under his body were bamboo mats and ancient wooden beds. Old wooden doors, khaki mud bricks, thatched roofs. There is also a ‘bed’ on the opposite wall. There are several wooden boards of different lengths on two benches, covered with straw and mats, and two pillows. The four legs of the bench are tied with four pieces of wood. A bamboo pole with two more tied to it to hang the bed tent. There is a simple shelf in the corner with a square box on it. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

It’s really … crude.

Since he was born, he has never met anyone living in a thatched hut. Looking at the attire of the brothers, it is obviously very ancient.

Everything in front of him made him have an ominous premonition in his heart. A very absurd thought even flashed in Yu Qingze’s mind.

Did he transmigrate?



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