Chapter 27: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xie Yu listened to the words of Xie Ama and Uncle Xie and couldn’t help but burst into laughter, but his eyes were filled with tears. Xie Ama quickly took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped Xie Yu’s eyes, saying, “Why are you thanking us? You are our child. Are you crying over such a small matter?”

“Did that troublesome Ma family cause you trouble again? If I had known, I would have given him a few more punches!” Uncle Xie’s angry voice attracted the attention of people around, but he didn’t notice.

“Father! Lower your voice!” The touched feeling that Xie Yu had just experienced was completely destroyed by his own father. After so many years, his father was so silly…

“Don’t talk!” Xie Ama really didn’t want to think about changing Uncle Xie’s bad habit anymore. The best way was to make him shut up! Uncle Xie, being addressed like that by the two people he loved the most, didn’t get angry. He just smiled foolishly, drank up his teacup, and noticed that Xie Yu had just laughed!

“Pay no attention to him, Xiao Yu. Take your time and drink. We’ll go out for a walk later. It’s been a long time since we strolled together!” After resting for a while, the three of them walked on the street again and only returned to the Ma family when it was getting late.

The Ma couple and Ma Fugui were still in the main hall, along with three elderly people sitting above them. This indicated that these three individuals held higher positions in the Ma family.

“Xiao Yu, you’re back. Father-in-law, Mother-in-law,” Ma Fugui greeted Xie Yu and the old Xie couple with an embarrassed tone. The old Ma couple were behaving well at the moment, and Ma Ama only glared fiercely at Uncle Xie but didn’t say anything.

“Well, Father, Ama, these three are the uncles of the Ma family.” After Xie Yu had Xie Ama and Uncle Xie sit down, he introduced the three serious-looking elders sitting above them.

Xie Ama and the others hadn’t even settled in their seats when they were infuriated by the words of the elders above them!

“What?!” Xie Ama looked at the slightly overweight elder in the middle, unable to believe what he had heard. He felt like he must have misheard!

The elder glanced at Xie Ama and Uncle Xie with a disbelieving look, cleared his throat, and said, “Today, although Xie Yu of the Xie family has been married to the Ma family for a full three years, they have not been blessed with a child. The Ma family’s lineage is thin, and we cannot continue without descendants. However, although Xie Yu has no child, it is well known that he is a good child in other aspects. Therefore, according to the request of Ma Fugui and his parents, today Ma Fugui and Xie Yu will separate, and each will live their own lives without delaying anyone!”

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Ma Ama couldn’t help but speak in a spoiled tone, “It’s still our family’s Fugui who is righteous. Otherwise, according to our request, it would simply be a divorce letter!”

Xie Ama trembled with anger, “Back then, it was your family that insisted on taking my son, and you even said that he would only marry him. How come you’re going back on your words now?! You’ve tortured my son like this! Do you just want to wash your hands of it?!”

Ma Ama rolled his eyes and pouted, “I haven’t said that your brother caused me to have no grandchildren for years! Divorce is not an excessive demand for having no offspring.”

Xie Yu stared blankly at Ma Fugui since he heard those words, “You want to separate?” As soon as this question was asked, Xie Ama stopped arguing with Ma Ama, and Uncle Xie let go of the old man Ma he had been tightly holding onto.

For a while, apart from the sound of the elders drinking tea, no one spoke in the main hall.

Ma Fugui’s robe was tugged by Ma Ama. He didn’t dare to look into Xie Yu’s eyes and his gaze wandered around. “I, I saw the prescription you had hidden under the bottom of the wardrobe!” As the words faded away, Xie Yu’s face turned pale as well. “So, that’s it…”

Xie Ama and Uncle Xie could tell from their own son’s expression that something was wrong. Uncle Xie gently patted Xie Yu’s back, trying to make his face look better, while Xie Ama pressed for answers, “Prescription?! What prescription?!” It wouldn’t escalate to a divorce if it was just an ordinary prescription! It wouldn’t make Xie Yu’s face change like this!

“What prescription? Isn’t it about your son’s lifelong difficulty in having a child? It would be harder than ascending to the heavens for him to conceive in this life!” Ma Ama spat fiercely at Xie Ama. Uncle Xie hadn’t forgotten the time when he fought with Ma Ama for Xie Ama and Xie Yu!

Xie Ama couldn’t say a word because all he saw in Xie Yu’s eyes was despair and pain. “Child! My child!” Xie Ama tightly hugged the pale-faced Xie Yu and couldn’t help but cry in pain. What kind of sin had he committed for the heavens to treat his child like this!

Xu Qing didn’t expect it to turn out like this. “What happened next?” Xie Ama wiped away his tears with a handkerchief and said, “Afterwards, your Uncle Xie beat Ma Fugui severely and sent him to the doctor. Of course, Ma Ama wouldn’t let it go and invited the Ma family’s uncles, accusing your Uncle Xie of unjustifiably harming someone and demanded punishment from the authorities!”

As Xie Ama thought about it, he couldn’t control his sobs. “Because it was our fault from the beginning. Ma Fugui’s cousin works in the yamen. Even if we were not at fault, we couldn’t escape their deliberate interference. You know your Uncle Xie’s personality. He is straightforward and can’t match them at all. In order to prevent him from being taken to the yamen, Brother Xie took the separation letter and let the Ma family off the hook. We stayed in the town for a night just because of this matter!”

No wonder Uncle Xie and Xie Ama looked so exhausted. It was clear they hadn’t rested well. “What about Brother Xie?” Xu Qing hadn’t heard or seen Xie Yu since entering.

Xie Ama pointed to the side room where Xie Yu used to live before getting married. “He slept after taking medicine because yesterday was too tiring, and his health hasn’t improved.” Xie Ama felt the pain in Xie Yu’s heart. He witnessed it and felt it deeply. The Ma family was truly despicable. How did he agree to this marriage in the first place?

Xu Qing’s mood also became gloomy. Xie Ama’s family had shown him great kindness, but when something happened in their family, he hadn’t been able to help. “Let’s not dwell on the past. It’s all in the past, and it will pass! What delicious food did you bring for Xie Ama?”

Xie Ama felt relieved after speaking his mind and felt a bit embarrassed seeing Xu Qing’s low mood influenced by him. So, he quickly changed the subject.

Upon hearing that, Xu Qing remembered that Xie Ama’s family probably hadn’t eaten much these past few days. He hurriedly opened a small jar on the table. “This is pickled vegetables. It has similarities to the method of pickling. But this one is more appetizing. You must not have eaten much, Xie Ama. Just put it directly in your bowl during meals. It’s very appetizing. Yesterday, Changfeng didn’t even want to eat fish after eating this!”

Xie Ama got excited upon hearing that it was appetizing. The elderly couple could manage not eating much, but his son’s body wasn’t in good shape to begin with. If this could help Xie Yu eat, it would be better than anything else.

“That’s great! Brother Xie hasn’t eaten much these past few meals. I was worried about it! Thank you, Brother Qing.”

“Thanks for what? I couldn’t help with anything when you needed it. If I can’t be of help again, I’ll feel uneasy. I can make some porridge for Brother Xie. It’s good for the stomach and appetizing when paired with pickled vegetables!” The pickled vegetables contained spiritual spring water, which was beneficial for Xie Yu’s health.

“Okay, okay, that’s right! Oh, goodness, I forgot about your little chickens in all this busyness these past few days. Let me find a basket for you to carry them back!”

After leaving Xie Ama’s house, it was already close to noon. Carrying fifteen fluffy and tender little chicks on his back, Xu Qing bumped into Li Changfeng, who had come to pick him up.

“What are you up to?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng, who was covered in sweat. Did he work so hard in the fields again? Look at all that sweat! Somehow, he remembered how the two of them were entangled in sweat last night…

“I went home to drink water and rest. Didn’t see you there, so I came to check on you.” Li Changfeng reached out and took the basket from Xu Qing’s back, closing the straps and carrying it on his arm. He grabbed Xu Qing’s hand and started walking towards their home.

Xu Qing’s palm felt the heat from Li Changfeng’s large hand, and it warmed his heart. “I can find my way home by myself, you know.” Li Changfeng nodded, acknowledging that Xu Qing could find his way back home on his own. “But I didn’t see you at home, and I wasn’t at ease without you.” Li Changfeng couldn’t calm down when Xu Qing wasn’t around.

At lunchtime, Xu Qing didn’t eat much and stopped early. He got up only a little before noon, and he wasn’t hungry now. Li Changfeng knew this and didn’t force Xu Qing to eat more. “So, Xie Yu has returned home?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Hey, let me ask you, if I can’t have a child, would you want a divorce?” Xu Qing hadn’t fully accepted the fact that he could have a child. If it weren’t for Xie Yu’s situation, he would have almost forgotten that he was capable of having a child too!

Li Changfeng took a sip of soup and was busy eating when he heard Xu Qing’s question. He quickly shook his head. After swallowing, he said, “I prefer a world for just the two of us!” That way, no one would compete with him for his wife. Isn’t that great?

Xu Qing rolled his eyes at Li Changfeng. What a preference for a world for just the two of them! In the end, it was all about… that! Men truly were creatures with three legs! Even he was one…

After lunch, Li Changfeng cleaned up the bowls and utensils. Then, he prepared a chicken coop near the pigsty. Since there were only baby chicks and no adult chickens, Li Changfeng used two large wooden boards to cover the coop. He made a simple chicken coop with four square stones. He also used wooden blocks to create a fenced area not far from the chicken coop. This was a place for the chicks to move around during the day. Xu Qing had planted seedlings in the backyard, and he couldn’t let this group of little guys destroy them!

After Li Changfeng finished his work, washed his hands and face, he entered the main room but didn’t see the familiar person. Knowing that Xu Qing was in the bedroom, Li Changfeng simply closed the courtyard and main room doors and entered the bedroom to take a short nap with Xu Qing!


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