Chapter 28: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

This chapter contains mature content. Read at your own discretion.

As Li Changfeng entered the room, he immediately saw a sight that made his mouth dry. Xu Qing had changed into a loose-fitting shirt to take a nap. Because the shirt was too big and loose, it revealed a fair amount of his chest. His cute little toes were constantly wiggling, as if they were feeling a bit itchy. Xu Qing was lying on his side, hugging the blanket, with one leg propped up on the blanket. His perfectly rounded buttocks faced the door, reminding Li Changfeng of the incredibly elastic and soft sensation he felt when touching it last night.

“Are your toes itchy?”

With his eyes closed, Xu Qing nodded his head. It was the time when he felt sleepy after eating, and even though his feet were itchy, he didn’t want to use his hands to scratch. But now, hearing Li Changfeng’s question, he simply raised one leg in the air, indicating to Li Changfeng to scratch it for him. “I don’t want to move. Scratch it for me.”

Li Changfeng got on the bed and placed Xu Qing’s raised foot in his palm, gently scratching it. At first, he obediently scratched Xu Qing’s foot, but slowly, his other hand started to glide up Xu Qing’s soft and tender leg…

Not long after, Li Changfeng lifted his head and bit down on Xu Qing’s already reddened lips that he had just kissed. He nibbled gently at first, then used his large tongue to play with Xu Qing’s sensual lower lip. Gradually, Li Changfeng explored Xu Qing’s slightly parted lips and teeth, thoroughly conquering the territory he had already occupied. Xu Qing was so overwhelmed by the intensity that he was almost out of breath. He tried to push Li Changfeng away with his hand, but Li Changfeng’s eagerly awaiting large hand firmly grasped him.

Between their lips, Xu Qing could only feel the slight coolness emanating from Li Changfeng’s hand, which had just been washed with cold water. It provided a relief from the internal heat Li Changfeng had ignited within him. But he had no room to breathe. He struggled to push away Li Changfeng’s intrusive tongue, lifting his head. However, to his surprise, Li Changfeng continued his path downward along his neck, releasing the grip on Xu Qing’s hand and tightly holding his waist to prevent him from falling onto the bed.


Li Changfeng firmly grasped Xu Qing, causing him to cry out. The long and calloused hand from agricultural work brought both stimulation and passionate sensation to Xu Qing. It made him tremble uncontrollably, and each up-and-down motion created a continuous “sloshing” sound in their ears.

Xu Qing felt flustered and hot, his body wanting to escape from Li Changfeng’s transgressive grip, wanting to retreat. But he was held tightly by the other party, unable to move forcefully. He could only support himself with his hands on the bed, arching his partially exposed upper body. In the middle of his protruding chest, there was a furry little head moving incessantly.


Of course, Li Changfeng knew what Xu Qing wanted. So his movements only increased in intensity, getting faster and faster. The pleasure from their actions continued to build up, and soon Xu Qing couldn’t take it anymore and erupted in Li Changfeng’s hands. He collapsed heavily onto the bed, his red chest rising and falling as he continued to pant.

“Does it feel good?” Li Changfeng licked his lips and, with his strong hands resting beside Xu Qing’s head, he asked with a seductive gaze.

Xu Qing opened his clear eyes, looking at Li Changfeng’s smug expression, and said in a hoarse voice, “I told you not to touch me these days!”


If it weren’t for the fact that Xu Qing could feel Li Changfeng’s erectness pressing against him, his serious expression might have fooled Xu Qing. Seeing Xu Qing’s doubt in his eyes, Li Changfeng directly undressed himself, lying brazenly next to Xu Qing. He pulled the limp Xu Qing to sit on top of him, and Xu Qing shifted his position, feeling uncomfortable with that thing underneath him.

“I won’t touch you. You touch me, hm?” Li Changfeng deliberately shook his body, causing Xu Qing to tremble as he sat on top.

“Really?!” If it was himself touching Li Changfeng, then he could definitely do it! Although he couldn’t counterattack, he could playfully tease Li Changfeng. (You’re thinking too much…)

Excited, Xu Qing reached out and scratched Li Changfeng’s chin, saying, “Hey, show me a smile, kid!” Li Changfeng smiled slightly as instructed, and his natural smile puzzled Xu Qing. Could it be… Xu Qing reached out and grabbed that thing, asking with a mischievous smile, “Are you embarrassed?”

“What do you think?” Li Changfeng gestured for Xu Qing to look at his energetic self held in his hand. He pinched Xu Qing’s reddened cheek, and Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed dangerously. Applying a little pressure, Li Changfeng also started breathing heavily. The sense of control from grasping someone like this excited Xu Qing, and his eyes widened with excitement.

Li Changfeng suppressed the burning desire in his eyes and let Xu Qing explore eagerly. To catch prey, you have to take your time, savoring it, right?

After several movements from Xu Qing’s hand, seeing that Li Changfeng was indeed strongly reacting, Xu Qing became more and more excited. He kept teasing and didn’t stop. As time went on, Xu Qing’s hand started to feel sore, but Li Changfeng didn’t release. “Can you please speed things up a bit? You’re exhausting me!”

Li Changfeng sighed inwardly. It was because he was so worked up that it had taken so long. Xu Qing could smell the scent in the room and unconsciously felt thirsty. He licked his lips slightly, and Li Changfeng watched his lively brows and eyes. Xu Qing’s pink tongue made such teasing movements, creating a contradictory scene that intensified the stimulation. Li Changfeng felt his entire body boiling with desire, wanting to ravage Xu Qing with all his might. But now, Xu Qing easily controlled his little brother, making him dare not make any rash moves!

“Are you thirsty?”

Xu Qing didn’t catch the depth in Li Changfeng’s tone and nodded foolishly. Even though he was the one in control, why was he the one getting tired? It was the same last night too, it wasn’t fair!

“Good boy, let me feed you!”

Suddenly, Xu Qing felt everything blur around him as Li Changfeng pressed him down. He was about to reproach Li Changfeng for not keeping his word when his mouth was sealed shut by a scorching hot mouth. In a daze, Xu Qing realized that thing in his hand was getting bigger and only then did he realize that Li Changfeng was still in his hand.

“Use the same strength and speed that I usually use on you,” Li Changfeng whispered in Xu Qing’s ear, lightly biting it. Xu Qing’s actions followed Li Changfeng’s words, as if he had been hypnotized.

Li Changfeng’s hands caressed Xu Qing’s black hair and then slowly moved downward, sliding over his ears, cheeks, and neck. His lips lingered on Xu Qing’s neck, and as he listened to Xu Qing’s sounds, Li Changfeng seemed encouraged. He took Xu Qing’s chest into his mouth, and his hand followed Xu Qing’s lead in speed and strength.

The stimulating actions from Li Changfeng burying his head caused Xu Qing to tremble uncontrollably. Xu Qing’s hand unconsciously slowed down until a large hand enveloped his own hand and started moving slowly again. It was only then that Xu Qing realized that Li Changfeng was actually helping him with the actions!

“Does it feel good, hmm?” Li Changfeng panted against Xu Qing’s forehead, his other hand continuously kneading and probing him. “Are you still thirsty?” Xu Qing shook his head in fear. His mouth was almost swollen from Li Changfeng’s kisses!

“Will you touch me again?” Xu Qing shook his head frantically. His hand was almost numb, and being held by Li Changfeng was uncomfortable. His mind felt like it was on fire, and he only wanted something to cool himself down.

“Changfeng… Changfeng…” Xu Qing called out Li Changfeng’s name in discomfort. He wanted him, his whole body burning with desire!

Li Changfeng had also reached his limit. Xu Qing had at least reached his climax once, but Li Changfeng hadn’t at all! He directly pinned Xu Qing tightly to the bed, and once Xu Qing was barely conscious enough to hold onto him, Li Changfeng slowly explored him. Only when Xu Qing enthusiastically accepted his fingers did Li Changfeng eagerly and gently enter Xu Qing’s body, starting powerful and forceful movements.

As Li Changfeng and Xu Qing merged into one, Xu Qing couldn’t find any words to describe the sensation of their intimate connection. It was a strange feeling, swelling yet filled with another kind of wonderful pleasure. When Li Changfeng pulled out, Xu Qing felt a strong emptiness in his body, but as soon as he thrust back in, Xu Qing felt himself being filled completely.

Every sensitive spot on his body was expertly teased by Li Changfeng. Xu Qing could only follow the rhythm of his partner’s breathing, sometimes light, sometimes heavy. His eyes started to blur, and his mind went blank. He could only grasp onto Li Changfeng on his body; he was his lifeline, his redemption!

When Xu Qing woke up again, it was already evening.

Even though his body was no longer sticky after Li Changfeng cleaned him up, Xu Qing couldn’t suppress his frustrated and powerless sigh. He was always devoured by this wolf, how would he be able to live like this in the future?

“Awake? Thirsty, right? Have some water. I just boiled it, and it’s cool enough to drink now.” Li Changfeng opened the door and was met with a pair of accusing eyes. He cheerfully walked over, holding a bowl of water, and embraced the weak Xu Qing, giving him an affectionate kiss.

As soon as Xu Qing heard the word “thirsty,” his face flushed. He couldn’t care about much else. They had been active for half the afternoon, so he was really thirsty! He was genuinely parched!

“Do you want more?” Li Changfeng felt a bit guilty seeing Xu Qing finishing the entire bowl of water.

“No more! No more! My waist is sore!” Xu Qing’s brain lagged, and he blurted out without thinking. Once he realized what he had said, he felt extremely embarrassed and buried his head in Li Changfeng’s embrace. It was truly humiliating!

Li Changfeng gently patted Xu Qing and stopped teasing him. “Okay, okay, no more. But do you still want to drink water?” His wife had thin skin, and if he said something wrong, he might not be allowed to touch him for real!

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“I do…” A small voice came from within his embrace. If it weren’t for Li Changfeng being so close, he probably wouldn’t have heard it!

Li Changfeng pulled up the fallen blanket for Xu Qing and then turned around to pour water. Xu Qing, wrapped in the blanket, looked at the darkening light outside the window and knew that he had wasted another afternoon. Ah, the allure of a handsome man was truly destructive!


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