Chapter 26: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Indeed, Uncle Xie’s tone was far from the cheerful and energetic one from a few days ago. Now he wore a tired look with dark circles under his eyes. It seemed he hadn’t been resting well these past two days. If Uncle Xie looked like this, then Xie Ama… Xu Qing didn’t continue that train of thought and nodded at Uncle Xie in front of him. “I understand, you go and take care of your tasks.”

With a weary expression, Uncle Xie watched as Xu Qing entered the main room. He truly hadn’t been resting well these days. A few days ago, he was busy with Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s wedding preparations, but these past two days… sigh!

As soon as Xu Qing entered the room, he saw Xie Ama sitting there with his head down, looking lifeless. Xu Qing gently placed the jar on the table and sat down beside Xie Ama. “Xie Ama…” He had never seen Xie Ama like this before. It was as if the sky had fallen. It seemed that Xie Yu’s situation was serious!

Xu Qing called out several times before Xie Ama snapped back to reality. Slowly, he lifted his head, and the sight startled Xu Qing. His eyes were swollen and filled with tears, his face was pale and haggard, and his eyes seemed lifeless.

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Xu Qing looked at Xie Ama, his eyes filled with concern. After a long pause, Xie Ama spoke, his voice sounding creaky, like the sound of an old wooden door that hadn’t been opened in a long time. “Brother Qing, you’ve come. Don’t be frightened by Xie Ama’s appearance. How are you and Changfeng doing? Are you adjusting well?” Although his voice was weak, it carried a deep sense of care.

Xu Qing reached out and took Xie Ama’s trembling hand, feeling a sense of unease in his heart. “We’re doing fine, but Xie Ama, what’s happened to you? If there’s something, don’t keep it to yourself. It’ll only make you feel worse.” Hearing Xu Qing say that he and Li Changfeng were doing well, Xie Ama felt a slight sense of relief. But as soon as he thought about his unfortunate son, he couldn’t help but choke up.

“What exactly happened? Please tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“What kind of karma have I accumulated in my life? How could I let my dear son, Brother Xie, suffer like this!”

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So, two days ago, Uncle Xie and Xie Ama received a message from their son. It asked them to come to the town, and they thought he was homesick. They brought some of the things their son loved to eat and went to the Ma family in town.

But when they arrived at the Ma family, the first people they saw were the old Ma couple. “Oh, you’ve come! What did you bring with you? Have a seat,” Ma Ama said, glancing at the dusty bag Uncle Xie was carrying. A hint of impatience flashed in his eyes. Every time they came, they brought these things that their son liked to eat, but he couldn’t eat any of it himself. He wished they would bring something else.

Old man Ma greeted Uncle Xie, and he sat down. Although he was mute, his family had made a living through the miscellaneous goods store in town for several generations. When business was good, they could make ends meet, and even when the income was not great, they could at least have enough to eat.

As Xie Ama sat down, he didn’t see their son anywhere, so he casually asked Ma Ama, “Is Xiao Yu and Fu Gui not here?” Their son’s name was Xie Yu, and his husband was named Ma Fu Gui. The general store in their family was now being managed by Ma Fu Gui.

Ma Ama raised his eyebrows, brushed off the invisible dust on his clothes, and raised his head. “Xie Yu is lying in the house. His health has been deteriorating these past two years. As for our Fu Gui, of course, he’s busy at the store.” If it wasn’t for Fu Gui being attracted to Xie Yu’s appearance and himself liking the idea of a child from a rural family who would be well-fed, he wouldn’t have married such a “precious person” who couldn’t even lay eggs and was always sick.

Xie Ama held down Uncle Xie’s hand beside him, as he was about to explode from Ma Ama’s tone, suppressing his frustration. He forced a smile and said to Ma Ama, “Oh, I see. No wonder someone asked us to pass on a message. Maybe he’s homesick because of his illness.” Their son had been married to the Ma family for several years without bearing a child, and his health often suffered because of this concern.

“Heh, this time it wasn’t Xie Yu who asked someone to pass on the message to you. It was me who had someone do it,” Ma Ama said with a touch of helplessness between his brows. “Let’s not beat around the bush. Both couples are here today, so let’s talk about our children’s matter.”

Xie Ama instinctively felt that whatever was going to be discussed next was definitely not good news!

“We also have only one child, and you know about Fu Gui. He’s a good person, but your son has been with our Ma family for so many years without having a child. His health is deteriorating more and more. This…!” Ma Ama complained while blaming himself. “Fu Gui is not young anymore, and my nephew is already a father of three children!” Old man Ma remained motionless throughout, his appearance suggesting his agreement with Ma Ama’s words.

“What did you say?! Say it again? Why is our son’s health deteriorating? It’s all because of your constant meddling!” Uncle Xie slammed the table and stood up, yelling at the incessant Ma Ama, startling both Ma Ama and Old man Ma.

Xie Ama was also furious. If it wasn’t for Ma Ama believing someone’s words and giving Xie Yu that “fertility soup” to consume, their son’s health wouldn’t have worsened!

“What’s going on with you all?” a tall and thin man walked into the room and looked at Ma Ama and the others. As soon as Ma Ama saw the man coming in, he started wailing, “Son! This Xie family’s old couple wants to sever our family’s ancestral line!”

Ma Fu Gui hurriedly went forward to support Ma Ama and comforted him before turning his attention to Xie Ama and Uncle Xie. “Father-in-law, mother-in-law, when did you arrive?”

Uncle Xie didn’t speak and just stared at Ma Ama, who was hiding behind Ma Fu Gui. Xie Ama thought of their son and his expression turned grim. “We’ve been here for a while.”

“Why are you staring at me? I was right all along! After all these years, not even a single child! Oh dear! My son!!”

Xie Ama couldn’t bear to listen any longer. He went forward, pushed Ma Fu Gui away, and slapped Ma Ama directly in the face, causing him to cry out in pain!

Immediately, Old man Ma shielded Ma Ama and began to gesture and point at Xie Ama, full of condemnation. It seemed that he disapproved of Xie Ama’s actions.

“In front of me, you dare to speak ill of the son I raised! You’re just asking for a beating!” Xie Ama wasn’t afraid of Old man Ma, and as for Ma Fu Gui, he was a junior. He wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on Xie Ama or Uncle Xie. Otherwise, if word got out, their general store would be finished!

Ma Ama held his burning cheek, seething with anger. “Didn’t I say what’s going on? Did I say something wrong? Your son married into the Xie family, and for years, hasn’t laid a single egg! Your son is just like you!! Ahh!!”

“Dare you speak ill of my wife and child? Have you had enough of living?!” Uncle Xie kicked Old man Ma away, and with his strong hands, he lifted Ma Ama up, gripping his throat tightly!

Ma Fu Gui initially hesitated to get involved in the conflict between the elders, but seeing his own Ama being held up in the air, he disregarded the distinction between elders and juniors and engaged in a struggle with Uncle Xie.

Even with just Ma Fu Gui and old man Ma, the two couldn’t snatch Ma Ama from Uncle Xie’s grasp. When Xie Ama saw that Ma Ama’s face was starting to bruise slightly and wanted his husband to let go, a gentle and weak voice made Uncle Xie release his grip. “Father, let it go.”

Brother Xie looked extremely similar to Xie Ama, albeit slightly more frail. His complexion was slightly pale, and due to frequent illness and spending long periods indoors, there was a sickly beauty about him. No wonder he was able to marry into the town. But now Xie Ama regretted marrying Brother Xie here. He approached him with a pained expression and hugged him. “You child, your health hasn’t recovered yet. Why did you come out?”

Brother Xie greedily savored the warmth of his mother’s embrace. “I heard a commotion over here and was afraid something might happen. You also know Father’s quick-tempered nature.” After marrying into the Ma family for so many years, how could he not know the temperaments of the Ma couple? His mother and father were both protective, and with everyone involved, something was bound to happen.

“Xiao Yu, your health isn’t good. Go back to the house.” Ma Fu Gui helped Ma Ama, who had just caught her breath, to sit down and spoke to Xie Yu.

Brother Xie withdrew his smiling face towards Uncle Xie and looked at Ma Fu Gui with a cold tone. “I’ve been sleeping too much and wanted to come out for a walk. Father, Ama, the sun is nice today. Accompany me for a stroll. It’s been a long time since I went out.”

Xie Ama and Uncle Xie felt their hearts ache upon hearing this. They no longer cared about the expressions of the Ma family members behind them. Xie Ama gently took Brother Xie’s hand and walked away without turning back.

On the street, although Brother Xie had the intention to walk more, his body, weakened by prolonged illness, couldn’t go far. Xie Ama saw that Brother Xie’s forehead was covered in fine sweat and immediately found a small tea house. He ordered a pot of regular tea and a cup of sweetened honey tea. “Here, have something sweet. It’ll make you feel less weak.”

Brother Xie smiled gently and obediently drank the special tea in front of him. His lowered eyelids were filled with gratitude. Only his own mother and father treated him with such wholehearted devotion.

“Did Brother Qing get married yesterday? My health isn’t good, so I didn’t go see him. Mother, please apologize on my behalf.” Xie Yu was a few years older than Xu Qing, and although Xie Yu often showed goodwill toward Xu Qing, the original body didn’t want to interact with the villagers, especially Xie Yu, who was considered the most beautiful in the village.

“Alright, alright. Your father and I brought your favorite things, all grown by ourselves. The taste is different from what others grow!” Xie Ama looked at Brother Xie, whose body seemed even thinner than the last time they met, and his eyes were filled with heartache.

“Yes, yes, if it’s not enough, I’ll bring you more, plenty of it!” Uncle Xie is completely doting on his son now. Whatever Brother Xie says, he will do it.



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