Chapter 26: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Uncle Xie sounded tired, and he appeared as though he was shrouded with a dark shadow. There was no hearty vitality he usually has in his tone. He seemed as though he hasn’t had enough rest in the last two days. If uncle Xie looked like this, then how about Xie ama? Xu Qing didn’t think anymore; he nodded to uncle Xie in front of him and said, “I see. You go ahead.”

Uncle Xie watched Xu Qing enter the hall with a tired expression. He really didn’t have a good rest these days. The other day, he was busy with Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s marriage. These two days, alas…!

As soon as Xu Qing entered the hall, he saw Xie Ama sitting there with his head down, and the whole person was lifeless. Xu Qing gently put the kimchi jar on the table, walked to Xie Ama, and sat down on the chair, “Aunty Xie…” He has never seen Xie ama like this before, looking as if the sky is falling down. It seems that the situation is really serious this time.

Xu Qing called out several times before he got Xie ama’s attention.

Xie Ama slowly raised his head. This appearance of absentmindedly raising his head made Xu Qing startled. Xie ama’s eyes were red and swollen. They look as though there was no life inside. It was suffocating, and his face was very haggard too.

Xie Ama looked at Xu Qing, who was staring at him with a concerned look, in front of him, and it took a long time to speak. ho lo lo novels. His voice creaked, and it sounded like a wooden door that hadn’t been opened for a long time.

“Brother Qing is here, Xie Ama looks like this, don’t be frightened, how are you and Changfeng getting along? Are you getting used to the married life?” Xie Ama squinted his red and swollen eyes and asked Xu Qing. Although his sounded weak, his words were full of love.

Xu Qing first answered Xie Ama’s questions, that he and Li Changfeng were doing well. Xie ama seemed a little more at ease, but he couldn’t help choke up when he thought of his son.

Xu Qing pulled Xie Ama’s unconsciously trembling hands, feeling very uneasy, “are you alright, aunt? What’s the matter? You can tell me if something is wrong. Don’t hold back, it’ll be uncomfortable.”

He continued to say, “what’s the matter? Tell me, maybe I can help.”

“What kind of sin did I commit in my life! Let my son suffer such a crime!”

It turns out that the Xie couple received a letter from their son the day before yesterday, asking them to go to town. They thought that their son just missed them, so they went to the Ma’s house in town with the things that brother Xie loved to eat.

When they arrived, they first met their in-law Ma family wife, “you guys here? What did you bring! Sit down, sit down.” Ma Ama caught a glimpse of the gray bag in Uncle Xie’s hand, and his eyes flashed. Every time the Xie family visits their son, they would bring all these things brother Xie liked to eat. Ma ama was greedy and wanted to eat the food, but he didn’t know how to bring it up in front of others.

Old man Ma greeted the Xie couple and asked them to sit down. Although he was not a smart man, his family has lived well by opening a store selling miscellaneous products in the town for several generations. When the business is good, the life is easy. Even if it is not, they can still afford to eat until full.

Xie Ama sat down. He didn’t see his son, so he casually asked the two Ma family members, “I haven’t seen Xiao Yu and Fugui.” Brother Xie’s name is Xie Yu, and his husband is Ma Fugui.

Ma Ama’s eyebrows shook. He patted the invisible dust on his body, and raised his head, “Xie Yu is lying in the room. The past two years, his body has been getting worse and worse. Thank goodness our business is good and the shop is busy.” If it hadn’t been for the bright red color of Xie Yu’s cinnabar mole, that indicates the ger has strong childbearing ability, they would not have let their son marry this peasant ger who was more like a “rich nobleman.”

Uncle Xie was about to get up and go wild because of Ma Ama’s words, but he was held back by his wife. Pressing down the anger his heart, Xie ama smiled at Ma Ama and said, “It turns out that the situation is like this, no wonder he asked someone to send us a message. I thought was he was homesick and not because of illness.” His sone has been married for a few years, but he has not gotten pregnant, and his body is often unwell because of his congenital heart disease.

“Well, the message this time is not from Xie Yu. I asked someone to send it to your family.” Ma Ama revealed a kind of helplessness in his eyes. “We are both in-laws. Let us take of this opportunity to discuss about children.”

Xie Ama had a premonition that what was going to be discussed next was definitely not a good thing!

“Our Ma family only has this one son, so you understand the importance of having descendants. Your son has been married to our family for so long, and so far, he hasn’t given us a grandchild. Instead, his health is getting worse and worse. This …” Ma ama talked with a mouthful of complaints. He pretended to blame himself, “my family is rich and prosperous. My nephew is the father of three children!” Old man Ma didn’t move from start to finish, and it could only mean he was in favor of this matter Ma ama was speaking of.

“What are you saying? You say it again! Why is our brother getting worse and worse?! Wasn’t it because you who didn’t treat him well?” Uncle Xie slapped the table. He stood up and yelled at the chattering Ma Ama. The Ma couple was taken aback.

Xie ama was also upset. If it wasn’t for the Ma family not properly caring for his son’s health, Xiao Yu wouldn’t be getting worse and worse!

“What’s going on?” A tall and thin man walked into the room and looked at Ma Ama and the rest of the people. As soon as Ma ama saw the man who came in, he began to howl: “My son! This old couple from the Xie family is about to beat us.”

Ma Fugui hurriedly stepped forward to support Ma Ama, and after a few words of comfort, he turned his head to Xie Ama and uncle Xie “Father-in-law, mother-in-law, when did you come?”

Uncle Xie didn’t speak, staring at Ma Ama, who was hiding behind Ma Fugui. Xie Ama thought about his son; his face was not very good, “We’ve been here for a while.”

Ma ama, who now had a backer, yelled at uncle Xie, “what are you staring at me for?! What I said was right! Your son hasn’t even laid an egg for so many years! Oh, my poor Fugui!” Xie Ama really couldn’t listen anymore. A slap fell on Ma Ama’s face, and he called out to Ma Fugui because of the pain.

The old man Ma on the side immediately guarded him in front of Ma Ama, gesticulating at Xie Ama. His eyes were full of condemnation, and he seemed to be dissatisfied with Xie Ama’s behavior.

“You dare say bad things about my own son right in my face, you sure deserve a beating.” Xie Ama is not afraid of old man Ma. As for Ma Fugui, he is a junior and not dare to do anything to himself and Uncle Xie. If the words spread out, don’t even think about what’s going to happen to their shop.

Ma Ama clutched the hot cheek beaten by Xie Ama, and burned with anger, “What did I say?! Did I say something wrong?! Didn’t you marry that old man Xie and haven’t laid eggs for so many years that you only have one son. Now your son follows your footsteps. Ahhhhh!”

“You dare to insult my wife and son, aren’t you tired of living?” Uncle Xie kicked the old man Ma away, and his strong hands directly lifted Ma Ama up and pinched his neck with one hand.

Ma Fugui was hesitant to take part in the affairs of the elders, but his own mother was being held up in the air like this, regardless of the elders and the younger generations, he had to pull Uncle Xie’s hands a part.

How could the laid-back man from the town compare to the peasant farmers? Even Ma Fugui and old man Ma failed to rescue Ma Ama from Uncle Xie’s hands. Xie Ama looked at Ma Ama’s face and thought about asking his husband to the other go. Just then, a gentle and weak voice made uncle Xie let go of his hands, “Father, forget it.”

Brother Xie and Xie Ama looked extremely similar, but Xie Yu’s body was a little thinner, and his face paler. Due to the frequent illnesses, he had been in the house for a long time, so Xie Yu now looked like a sickly beauty. No wonder he was able to marry the rich Ma family back then. But now Xie Ama regrets that he made his son married into this Ma family. ho lo lo novels. He stepped forward and hugged Xie Yu with a heartache, “You child, your health is still not well, what do you come out for!”

Xie Yu was greedy for the warmth from his own mother, “I heard some noises. I was afraid that something happened. You also know father’s temper.” After living with the Ma family for so many years, how could he not know the Ma family? His husband’s temperament and also his own father who was short-tempered. It was not so difficult for the situation to get worse.

“Xiao Yu, you are not in good health, go back to the house.” Ma Fugui helped Ma Ama, who was just let go by old man Xie, to sit down and said to Xie Yu.

Xie Yu withdrew the smile he had on his face when talking to father Xie and coldly looked at Ma Fugui, “I already slept enough. I’m going out to walk and talk with my parents. Father, mother, the weather is pretty nice outside. Let’s go for a stroll. I haven’t been out for a long time.”

The Xie couple was so distressed when they heard that. Xie ama thought of how Ma family could have been treating his son, gently took Xie Yu’s hand, and left without looking back.

When they got to the street, Xie Yu wanted to go further, but his body that had been ill for a long time couldn’t follow along. Seeing his son’s forehead dripping with sweat, Xie ama hurriedly looked for a teahouse and asked for a pot of regular tea and a cup of sweetened tea, “come, drink something sweet. Your body is so weak.”

Xie Yu smiled softly and drank the sweetened tea in front of him obediently. His drooping eyelids slightly closed, thinking that only his own dear parents would treat him so wholeheartedly like this.

“Did Brother Qing get married yesterday? I am not in good health. I couldn’t attend the wedding. So, please apologize him for me.” Xie Yu was only a few years older than Xu Qing, although he treated the other with kindness like that of an elder. However, the previous Xu Qing was unwilling to contact the villagers, especially the good-looking Xie Yu.

“Well, your father and I brought your favorite foods. They are all grown by ourselves, and the taste is different from what others have grown!” Xie Ama looked at Brother Xie who was even thinner than when they met last time. It was really heart-wrenching to see it.

“If it’s not enough, we’ll bring it more for you next time. There are so many at home.” Uncle Xie was now able to calm down and talk normally.



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