Chapter 17 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing didn’t go straight home after getting off the donkey cart at the end of the village. Instead, he went to Xie Ama’s house.

“Xie Ama, this is the osmanthus cake that I bought at the market. You and Uncle Xie should try it too!”

Xu Qing placed the package he had in his hand directly on the table in Xie Ama’s main room before sitting down next to Xie Ama.

“I’m telling you, you’re about to start spending money soon. Don’t be so extravagant! If you keep this up, Xie Ama won’t be happy!” Although Xie Ama felt warm inside, he couldn’t tolerate Xu Qing’s behavior. He was about to start a family, and they would have expenses in the future!

Xu Qing playfully tugged at the red ceremonial dress on Xie Ama’s knee and smiled. “I know, I know! From now on, even if you want me to buy something, I’ll consider it carefully!”

Xie Ama smiled and scolded Xu Qing with a glance but didn’t refuse. This child had a grateful heart, and he remembered every favor.

“Oh, you bought medicine? How is it? What did the doctor say?”

Xie Ama saw the medicine package that Xu Qing placed on the stool and anxiously asked.

“Oh! The doctor said I have excessive liver fire, which is why these things appeared. But lately, it’s been getting much better! So I only spent two hundred wen on the medicine, and the doctor said it will be fine after finishing it! I estimate that it will be better before getting married!”

Xu Qing’s words left Xie Ama at a loss for words.

“This! This is really great! Fantastic!” You see, Brother Qing was tormented by these things on his face! People would call him “ugly ger!” just to mock and tease him. Xu Qing’s father had no choice but to move their house down to the foot of the mountain, and it took Xu Qing this long to settle his marriage!

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“This is wonderful. If your father and Ama could know about this from afterlife, they would truly be at peace!” Xie Ama couldn’t help but shed tears. He looked at Xu Qing before him, and in his heart, he had finally let go of that worry. He had always been afraid that after the marriage, Li Changfeng would become dissatisfied or unhappy with Xu Qing’s appearance. But now, things were different, and he could finally put his mind at ease.

Xu Qing hurriedly put down the red ceremonial dress in his hand and wiped away Xie Ama’s tears. His original intention was just to reassure Xie Ama, but now, seeing Xie Ama’s state, his heart trembled.

“I-I’m almost healed, right? Don’t cry, Xie Ama, please don’t cry…”

Unconsciously, Xu Qing’s voice began to choke up. He was an orphan, and besides being treated sincerely in the orphanage, only Xie Ama and Uncle Xie treated him with genuine care after he came here.

At first, he was only a little closer to Xie Ama because of the gratitude he felt towards his original self for his kindness. But after spending so much time here, Xie Ama and Uncle Xie genuinely cared for him. For someone without family or connections, this was so precious!

“What’s going on? What’s going on here? Why are both of you crying?”

As soon as Uncle Xie entered the room, he heard something amiss. When did Brother Qing come? His wife was just smiling happily, so why did he suddenly start crying?

“Is the Li boy regretting the marriage?! I’ll go find him!”

Xie Ama quickly retorted, “Can’t you say something positive?”

Xu Qing also felt a little embarrassed and lowered his head, adjusting his appearance. He was surprised that he ended up crying along with Xie Ama.

Uncle Xie couldn’t quite understand the situation and asked, “Why are you both crying?”

Xu Qing quickly repeated what he had just said to Xie Ama. Uncle Xie was also pleased to hear the news. He said, “This is indeed good news. Although it’s not a big deal if your face turns red sometimes, but you gers always make a fuss over every little blemish on your face! Haha!”

“Go out and cook!”

Xie Ama, who no longer had any sentimental feelings at the moment due to Uncle Xie’s interference, said, “Brother Qing, you’ll have dinner here today with me! Don’t refuse, or I won’t be happy!”

Xu Qing had no choice but to agree. He looked at Uncle Xie’s departing figure and admired, “You two have such a great relationship!”

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“In the beginning, I didn’t know how it happened, but I chose your Uncle Xie. I’m a straightforward person, and fortunately, he turned out to be a good fit.” Xie Ama cut the thread, making Xu Qing stand up and gesture with the man’s wedding attire. “Hmm, not bad. Don’t worry about it being a bit long. When Changfeng wears it, it will hang down a bit, so it’ll be just right. This one is done!”

Xu Qing happily gestured back and forth, but unfortunately, there was no mirror, so he couldn’t see himself. “How did you make Li Changfeng’s clothes?” he asked. He hadn’t seen Xie Ama measure Li Changfeng’s size.

“It’s simple. I asked Butcher Liu’s family about it. I made sure it would fit him. I can’t afford to embarrass myself, can I?” Xie Ama continued to finish the groom’s attire. This outfit was relatively simple and elegant, and he finished it much faster than Xu Qing’s. It was done in no time.

Xu Qing took it and tried it on himself. “Ah, it’s so long!” If Xie Ama hadn’t been quick to hold onto a portion, it would have dragged on the ground.

Xie Ama helped fold the two outfits neatly. “Well, Li Changfeng is tall and sturdy, a real man! Compared to you, he’s much taller and stronger than you, lad! By the way, you can take the outfit you’re wearing back later. I’ll have Uncle Xie give Li Changfeng’s outfit to Butcher Liu’s family to take it back.”


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