Chapter 17 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Although today is not market day, the streets are still bustling with people. Peddlers are selling their goods everywhere, and the restaurants are open as usual. It’s a lively scene.

“Hey, from the Yang family, you’re here at the market today too?”

A slightly thin Ger called out to another ger not far from him.

“I wondered who had such a loud voice! So it’s someone from the Zhang family? I came to sell the embroidered handkerchiefs I finished last time. Oh, I remember you bought some around the same time as me! Did yours turn out well too?”

The ger from the Zhang family walked past Xu Qing and started chatting with the Yang family member.

“That’s right. I’m here to sell handkerchiefs too. If that’s the case, we can accompany each other when we go out! By the way,” Zhang family ger looked around and didn’t see anyone familiar before asking in a low voice.

“Do you know about the Li family separation last night? “

As soon as the Yang family Ger heard the words “family separation,” he knew it was worth listening to!

“Oh my, I really don’t know! What happened? Why did they split? Tell me!” Li’s third son, who passed the scholar’s exam, was unwilling to teach the village children at a low price, which made many people in the village have opinions about the Li family!

Zhang family Ger was pleased to have piqued the curiosity of the Yang family Ger. Chattering away, he gestured and explained.

“I heard that Li’s second son is going to marry into another family, so Li’s third son made him split from the family! He even left with nothing! Tsk tsk, Li’s third son can be so ruthless!”

“Really? But Li’s third son is a scholar. Isn’t he afraid of damaging his reputation? How will he continue to pursue higher ranks in the future?” Although his words were full of regret, his expression was perfectly in place. Xu Qing would have give him a 9.9 out of 10, if not for fearing he might become too proud!

“Pah, someone like him becoming a scholar is not such a big deal!”

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The Yang family ger covered his mouth and chuckled, “Hehe,” as he laughed. “But from what you’re saying, did the old Li couple agree to it?”

“They sure did. It was just last night. Someone saw Li Zheng and a few other uncles from the Li family going to their courtyard!” Zhang family ger casually adjusted his hair and said with certainty.

“I trust you. Every time I hear news from you, it’s always accurate!” Zhang family ger walked with a spring in his step, pleased with the praise from his companion.

Watching their departing figures, Xu Qing also understood something.


On the back mountain of Jixiang Village, Li Changfeng was climbing up the mountain with a knife in his hand. There was a dark-skinned man in a black short-sleeved shirt by his side, around the same age as Li Changfeng.

Chen Qi recalled the rumors circulating in the village and the confirmation he just received from Li Changfeng, feeling uneasy in his heart.

“I just don’t understand. Why do you want to leave with nothing? If I were you…”

Without turning his head, Li Changfeng continued walking. “If you were me, what would you do?”

Chen Qi rolled up his pant legs and picked up the machete lying beside his foot. “If I were you! I would stay in that family, not split! I would annoy him every day with my presence!” He had witnessed how Li Changfeng had endured during their time in the military camp!

Seeing that Li Changfeng remained silent and continued walking, disregarding everything, Chen Qi grew anxious and caught up to him, speaking with an urgent tone. “Don’t you know what people in the village are saying?!”

“What are they saying?”

As soon as Li Changfeng showed a reaction, Chen Qi immediately relayed all the rumors he had heard in the village. To verify the truthfulness of these rumors, he even patted his own chest.

“As soon as I got up this morning, my mother and younger brother were discussing it. Your third brother, because of that incident with Wang’s son, can’t stand you anymore and wants to split you from the family! Once we step outside, you have no idea. Everyone is talking about your family’s affairs!

To confirm if these rumors are true, he thought of ways to make Li Changfeng join him in chopping firewood on the mountain, just to see if Li Laosan was really that heartless!

“As a result, you’re telling me that it’s all true! And you yourself suggested leaving with nothing. I really can’t understand.”

Li Changfeng turned his head and stared at Chen Qi with a steady gaze, making Chen Qi feel a bit numb all over. “What are you looking at? Did I say something wrong?”

“Isn’t there any gossip in the village about me and Laosan’s wife?”

Chen Qi thought for a moment. “They mentioned Li Laosan’s actions because of Li Wangshi’s situation, but they didn’t specifically mention you and Li Wangshi.”

Li Changfeng’s eyes gradually deepened. “And they didn’t mention my suggestion of leaving with nothing?”

Chen Qi nodded confidently. “Of course not. Since you didn’t mention it to me, I didn’t take it seriously! Who would suggest such a thing themselves!”

“What does that have to do with your suggestion of splitting the family? Don’t change the subject! Speak up, it’s driving me crazy!”

“Don’t leave! You haven’t said anything yet! Second Li! Li Changfeng!!”



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