Chapter 16 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

When Xu Qing heard about the Wei family, he thought of the plump man that gave him a steamed bun earlier, “are you talking about the one from the Wei family?”

Aunty Xie was a little surprised, “you know him? It is him. Although he speaks a little straightforward, but he is a good person.” The two brothers of Wei family are also like their mother. They didn’t bully Xu Qing like others.

“Ha ha, he even gave me a bun today. I think he felt bad for me when I said I wanted to eat spiny fish.” Xu Qing was so happy when he thought of the other person‘s eyes; too cute!

“It’s no wonder that he told me you were going to eat spiny fish, but it turned out to be really good. I have to try the recipe you taught me later.” Aunty Xie thought of the deliciousness that made him almost swallow his tongue during the meal, and he became full of energy.

“Hey, don’t move. I’m looking at your face.”

Aunty Xie noticed that the red dots on Xu Qing‘s face had faded a bit. “You’re about to get married. Go see a doctor, I think your face is almost healed. Maybe it will be completely cured by the doctor.”

Xu Qing‘s eyes lit up after hearing this. ho lo lo novels. Yes, he didn’t expect that he could go see the doctor and then buy some medicine, which will give others the illusion that his pimples were cured because of it.

“That is true. I will go there tomorrow morning.” Anyway, the shops in the market will not be closed, and either grocery stores which was only opened every few days.

“Knock. Knock.”

Aunty Xie stood up and said, “your uncle is here to pick me up. I’m leaving now. Go to the doctor tomorrow and get some medicine.”

“Alright then.”

Xu Qing sent Aunty Xie to the entrance of the courtyard and opened the door to see uncle Xie who was holding the torch, “hello, uncle.”

“Hello, hello! I ate very well tonight. Later, I will catch a few fish to thank you and try your aunt’s craft.”

Uncle Xie talked about his plans for tomorrow to Xu Qing happily while bragging Aunty Xie‘s cooking skills one last time.

“Hey, don’t say anything anymore. I’ll make it for you tomorrow.” Aunty Xie stared at uncle bitterly.

Then he turned around and said to Xu Qing, “then I will ask somebody to send a letter to Li Changfeng tomorrow. It will be the 28th. Rest early and don’t send us.”

“OK, uncle and aunt, you guys go slowly.”

“OK, go back. Go back.”

Under the dark night, Uncle Xie was holding the torch in one hand and Aunty Xie’s hand in the other, walking slowly down the road. The light from the torch was shining upon the two, making the atmosphere inexplicably warm and romantic.

“I really envy Aunty Xie and their pure feelings.” Will Li Changfeng and he be the same in the future, slowly walking down the road until their hair all turn gray?

The next day, Xu Qing casually dressed up, got on the donkey card at the end of the village, and went to the market. He was going to the drugstore where he sold medicinal herbs last time.

When he arrived at the location, Dr. Lin was prescribing medicine for a middle-aged ger, “you have to take this medicine on time, or you won’t be able to cure even the simplest diseases.”

“Dr. Lin, are you busy?”

As soon as Dr. Lin looked up, he saw the little ger who sold him the herbs last time, and thought that he was coming to sell the herbs again. But the other wasn’t carrying anything in his hands or on his back. It was a little strange. Could it be that he came to see the doctor?

“It is you. How are you doing?”

Xu Qing pointed to his face with some embarrassment, and when he noticed the middle-aged ger looking at him surprisedly, he spoke loudly, “Dr. Lin, look at the pimples on my face. They’re all red and swollen. It’s all over my face, but I think they are getting smaller and smaller recently. I feel like I’m getting better. I want to see if you have anything to make it go away and never recur again.”

After preparing the medicine for the middle aged ger, the old Dr. Lin took the pulse of Xu Qing, looked at his tongue, and came to a conclusion after asking about Xu Qing‘s daily routine and eating habits.

“You have been eating irregularly for a long time, and your work and rest schedules are not good. It has caused too much irritability and hurt your internal organs so, your face has started to have issues. It seems that you are getting better now, and it may also have something to do with your recent lifestyle. Remember to eat less spicy and more light food. I will give you some medicine. After taking them, you need to pay attention to your diet and your work and rest schedule. The chance of relapse will then be unlikely.”

Xu Qing felt that he had underestimated the other person’s traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Lin was really good at it. It seems that he has gained more from this trip.

“Then I will have to trouble you, Dr. Lin.”

The middle-aged ger was watching Xu Qing, and he didn’t even close his eyes until after Dr. Lin finished talking about the cause of Xu Qing’s pimples and the person left the shop.

Xu Qing deliberately spoke loudly. He has seen that person before and passed by his door several times. ho lo lo novels. It seems that they are from the same village. Using this gossipy ger to spread the news, Xu Qing didn’t even have to go to the village personally to do the deed. The other will naturally take care of it.


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