Chapter 16 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing thought of the chubby uncle who gave him the stuffed bun today when he heard about the Wei family. “Is it the chubby Ama? The one from the Wei family.”

Xie Ama was somewhat surprised. “You know him? Yes, it’s him. Although he speaks straightforwardly, he is efficient and reliable in his work!” Even his two (ger)sons from his family were honest and well-behaved before they got married, never bullying Brother Qing.

“Haha, he even gave me a stuffed bun today. I guess he felt sorry for me seeing me eat thorny fish!” Xu Qing couldn’t help but smile when he thought of the way Wei Ama looked at him. He was too cute!

“No wonder. He told me today that you ate thorny fish. But it’s really good. Next time, I’ll try the method you taught me!” Xie Ama was filled with enthusiasm at the thought of the delicious meal that almost made him swallow his tongue tonight.

“Hey, don’t move. Let me take a look at your face.”

Xie Ama noticed that the red spots on Xu Qing’s face had faded a bit. “You’re about to get married. Why not see a doctor? It seems to be getting better. Maybe with one visit to the doctor, it will be all healed!”

Xu Qing’s eyes lit up after listening. Yes, why didn’t he think of that? He could use this as an excuse to see the doctor, pretend to brew some medicine, and give the impression that he was taking medicine and recovering!

“That’s a good idea. I’ll go tomorrow morning.” After all, the shops in the market wouldn’t be closed, unlike selling his own vegetables, where he only went every few days.

“Knock, knock…”

Xie Ama stood up. “It must be Uncle Xie here to pick me up. I’m leaving. Go see the doctor and try brewing some medicine.”


Xu Qing accompanied Xie Ama to the courtyard gate and opened it. There, holding a torch, was Uncle Xie. “Hello, Uncle Xie!”

“Hello, Brother Qing! You know, I had a satisfying meal tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll catch a few fish for your Xie Ama to practice his skills!”

Uncle Xie casually shared the plan for the next day with Xu Qing, completely exposing Xie Ama’s culinary skills from the last time!

“Well, you better believe it. Tomorrow, I’ll show you what I can do!” Xie Ama glared at Uncle Xie with resentment.

Then, he turned back to Xu Qing and said, “I’ll have someone send a message to Li Changfeng tomorrow. It will be on the 28th. Rest early and don’t send me out.”

“Alright, Uncle Xie, Xie Ama, take care on your way!” Xu Qing bid them farewell.

“Okay, let’s go back. Let’s go back!”

In the dark night, Uncle Xie held a torch in one hand and Xie Ama’s hand in the other, walking leisurely along the illuminated path. There was an indescribable warmth and love.

“I envy Xie Ama and their pure love.”

In the future, will Li Changfeng and I also walk slowly together until old age?

The next day, Xu Qing calmly packed up and took a donkey cart to the market. He went to the herb shop where he sold herbs last time.

When he arrived at the herb shop, Dr. Lin was dispensing medicine for a middle-aged ger. “You must take this medicine on time, otherwise even a simple illness won’t be cured!”

“Dr. Lin, busy as always?”

Dr. Lin looked up and saw the young ger who sold him herbs last time. He thought he had come to sell herbs again, but when he noticed that Xu Qing had nothing in his hands and no basket on his back, he found it strange. Could he be here for medical treatment?

“Oh, it’s you, young man! What brings you here?”

Xu Qing felt a bit embarrassed as he pointed to his own face. When he noticed that the middle-aged ger had taken notice of him and seemed surprised, he spoke louder and said, “Dr. Lin, you see these red pimples on my face. They used to be swollen and all over my face a few years ago, but recently they’ve been getting smaller and improving. I wanted you to take a look and see if it’s getting better or if it might relapse.”

After Dr. Lin finished dispensing medicine for the middle-aged ger, he examined Xu Qing’s pulse, looked at his tongue, and asked about his daily routine and dietary habits before reaching a conclusion.

“It’s due to a long-term irregular diet and poor sleeping patterns, which have led to excessive liver and internal organ damage. That’s why you started developing red bumps on your face. It seems to be improving now, possibly due to recent changes in your routine. Remember to avoid spicy food and stick to a lighter diet. I’ll give you some medicine, and as long as you pay attention to your diet and sleep regularly, the chances of a relapse are low!”

Xu Qing realized that he may have underestimated ancient Chinese medicine practitioners. Dr. Lin’s skills were quite impressive, and it seemed like he had gained more than just one benefit from this visit.

“Thank you very much, Dr. Lin.”

The middle-aged ger beside them only turned his gaze after Dr. Lin finished explaining the cause of Xu Qing’s acne. Then he left the herb shop.

Xu Qing deliberately spoke loudly like that. He had seen that person before, passing by his house several times. It seemed like he was from the village. When gossip started among the villagers, the effect would be, well, impressive. Now Xu Qing didn’t need to make a special trip to the village to explain what was happening with his face!


Thingyan: Finally, the wedding date is set. Hopefully nothing happens, and our protagonists get to marry happily.


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