Chapter 16 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Mother Li knew that everyone’s heart was not at peace tonight so, he did not argue with the old man Li as before and took out the wine.

“Eldest, second, third, come fill it up.” Li Changfeng and others stepped forward to fill the cups one by one, and then returned to their seats waiting for Father Li to speak. As for mother Li, he waited with his daughters-in-law and the grandchildren. They did not begin to eat or speak.

“This evening, I won’t say much, but when you drink this cup of wine, the past is over. ho lo lo novels. You are brothers connected by flush and blood. Remember this sentence for me. Come, drink.”

Oh man Li picked up the cup and poured it directly, without even pausing.

Seeing their father finished drinking and looking at him, Li Laoyi took the lead with Li Changfeng, and touched each other’s cups, “come, let’s have a great drink today.”

“Good! Come.”


Li Changfeng drank the entire cup cleanly without frowning and wiped his mouth, “father‘s wine is still delicious; it is strong enough.”

Li Laosan picked up a piece of food and stuffed it into his mouth. Hearing Li Changfeng spoke, he grinned and agreed, “No, the wine sold outside is not as good as my father’s home brew.”

Li Changfeng smiled when he heard the words and filled the wine cups again, “brother, come on, let us brothers finish these cups. When I get married, I have to rely on you to write us wedding couplets for the newlyweds.”

Before each couple gets married, they will ask someone to write a new couplet to place at their door, indicating the beginning of a new life.

Li Laosan quickly replied, “that is natural. In the future, if there is any couplet that you want me to write during the New Year’s Day, just say it. Come, Drink.”

Mother Li hit old man Li with his elbow, “it seems that this division of the family is not a bad thing.”

Old man Li looked at the three brothers who were talking and laughing and looked at their sons’ wives who were feeding the children. He nodded, “I hope this second son‘s wife is also a good one.”

It was getting dark, but the atmosphere was pleasant, and the slight wind is not as biting as the previous few days; spring has already begun.


Xu Qing and Aunty Xie are discussing a good day for the wedding. Uncle Xie went home to feed the piglets just after dinner, leaving Aunty Xie to talk about the date with Xu Qing.

“The 28th of this month is a good day.  It is a popular day to get married. Many families in the village choose to hold their weddings on this day.” Aunty Xie thought that day was suitable.

“Do we invite people to the banquet? Or do they just come by themselves?” Xu Qing was more concerned about this issue. In addition to being familiar with Aunty Xie’s family, she has also met Aunty Wie, but he was not familiar with anybody else. He was afraid of inviting the wrong people to the banquet.

“Not necessarily. It’s not so troublesome. Generally, the people who come to the banquet are the people who sent the groom to the door. Of course, you could also invite people you want.” Aunty Xie patiently explained to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing looked at the 28th day on the calendar, “it is already 20th today right? Isn’t the wedding only in eight days then?”

Aunty Xie smiled, “isn’t it? It will be here soon.”

Seeing that Xu Qing was still hesitating, Aunty Xie was a little anxious, “you need to see it this way, this man who just returned home might be liked by others, and if you delay, what if others fall in love with Li Changfeng?”

After hearing this, Xu Qing said without thinking, “then 28th it is.”

Finally, he found a favorite, but he had to be afraid of it being snatched when it wasn’t even close to the mouth yet.

“Very good. The wedding will be on the 28th. By the way, I’m almost done with your wedding gown. I’m just about to finish it. ho lo lo novels. I will send it to you the day after tomorrow.” Aunty Xie counted the days happily, “also, you have to invite Li Zheng to the wedding.”

Xu Qing slapped both hands! “Aunty Xie is thoughtful. It is a good thing to have a good relationship with Li Zheng.”

“But so many people are getting married that day, would Li Zheng be too busy to come?” Those will definitely want to invite Li Zheng to their weddings. (T/N: Li Zheng = village head).

Aunty Xie directly gave Xu Qing a piece of his mind, “I say, why are you stupid again? It’s not a matter of whether he comes or not, as long as you invite him. Worst he won’t be coming.”

Xu Qing was no longer concerned. He smiled and nodded, “what kind of dishes always serving at the banquet? I want to be prepared.”

“Not that many, each table will have six dishes, usually one meat, four vegetable, and one soup.”

Only one meat dish? Xu Qing felt a little unbelievable, “Only one meat dish for a wedding banquet?”

Aunty Xie forced himself not to do anything, “listen, we are the farmers. It is already a decent thing to have meat. I will say this, when the Li family had the wedding of you know who … with that one”, Aunty Xie repeated under Xu Qing‘s puzzled eyes, “there were only three vegetarian dishes and one soup.”

Xu Qing’s mouth almost turned into an O shape. “My God, is that true?”

“Then, the one you were talking about, how much would a table cost?” He had to estimate the expenses, and if it wasn’t enough, he had to figure out a solution.

“A table is 30 coppers. You don’t have to worry about it. I will call the one from Wie family and Liu Ama from my natal village. We’ll all cook for you together. I guarantee it will be done properly for you.”


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