Ch 36 (Part 1): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Yan Tong really didn’t expect Fang Ziyang to say such things.

Although he has always known that the other party is the protagonist, highly intelligent, and exceptionally capable… but that’s all in the past.

Through his three years of effort, Fang Ziyang has not only been raised as a waste by Fang Yandong, but also frequently suffered various setbacks. Apart from Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, the two useless friends, he has no other friends. In the original story, on the other hand, although he was always favored by his father, he had a group of good friends and classmates who helped him. His academic performance was excellent, and he was very motivated and energetic. He was a shining academic genius in school.

But now, it’s different.

The current Fang Ziyang is truly useless, not only with a bad temper and lost confidence but also poor in academics. Even if he has a high genetic IQ, he is currently down and out, a fool who only knows how to throw tantrums.

However, at this moment, the words spoken by Fang Ziyang are full of wisdom and confidence.

What went wrong? Or did the incident with the trending video accidentally stimulate Fang Ziyang and make him clear-minded? Is the potential of the protagonist truly limitless?

Yan Tong was shocked and worried.

Fang Ziyang’s recent changes have made him uneasy. He has ruined Yan Tong’s plans several times in a row, forcing him to temporarily use the identity of the illegitimate child to come to the Fang family. It’s a huge detour from his original plan.

Originally, he could easily rely on Fang Qianhao’s relationship to enter the Fang family.

But now, in order to enter the Fang family, he has to temporarily make a deal with the antagonist boss, Fang Yandong.

Fang Yandong hates Zheng Yating the most and doesn’t care about his identity as an illegitimate child. Zheng Yating’s idea of using the child as a bargaining chip to marry the antagonist boss, Fang Yandong, is simply wishful thinking.

So he told Fang Yandong that he could help him retrieve the shares and inheritance from Fang Ziyang; he could also maintain the engagement between the Fang and Xie families because Xie Wenxu likes him.

Fang Yandong also hates Fang Ziyang, the son born from his deceased wife, and he also cares a lot about the interests and development of the Fang family.

As expected, Fang Yandong agreed.

He thought it would be easy to deceive Fang Ziyang, and the matter of recognizing each other would be settled. However, he didn’t expect Fang Ziyang, who has always been as dumb as a pig, to suddenly become clever today.

This personality of not letting anyone take advantage of him really resembles Fang Yandong.

Even Fang Yandong himself had to admit that this youngest son of his was indeed his son, very much like him in some aspects. If it wasn’t for Lu Fei’s involvement, he would definitely like this son very much.

Unfortunately, that shrewdness and facial features also resembled Lu Fei, so this youngest son was destined not to win his favor.

Fang Yandong couldn’t maintain the image of a benevolent father anymore, his face didn’t look good.

“Yangyang, when did you become so petty and mercenary? Always talking about shares all the time. Tell Dad, did someone in the company say something to you?”

If it wasn’t for someone in the company inciting him, with his youngest son’s temperament of only knowing how to eat, drink, and have fun, why would he think about shares and such? As long as he has money to spend every month, it’s fine.

Recently, his youngest son mentioned shares and the Lu family inheritance repeatedly, which made him suspect that someone was inciting and manipulating him. After all, his youngest son was not very smart and easily influenced.

Fang Ziyang was stunned when he heard this, then he had a thought and a trace of panic appeared in his eyes.

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Then, lacking confidence, he said, “No! Dad, don’t be suspicious. I’m not stupid. Those people in the company have been coveting your position as chairman for a long time. Do you think I would foolishly listen to those people in the company? I will handle our family matters myself. Dad, don’t change the subject. Let’s talk about your illegitimate child now. I won’t agree to let him enter our house just like that…”

His obvious reaction showed that he had been caught off guard.

Fang Yandong immediately felt that he had guessed the truth and inwardly cursed those people in the group who were always restless. They had even extended their methods to his home!

Since he was being manipulated, it was easy to handle.

Fang Yandong pondered and said again, “Alright, I understand your concerns and displeasure. But Yan Tong is also Dad’s son, and as a father, Dad must fulfill his responsibilities. How about this, Dad will write a property division document for Dad’s future. Although Yan Tong is Dad’s son, he can only inherit a small portion of the current assets and doesn’t have the right to inherit shares. How about that?”

Anyway, it’s something that will happen after he’s gone. He can change his mind anytime in between. It’s perfectly fine to temporarily appease his youngest son.

Moreover, he doesn’t want Zheng Yating’s son to inherit his shares. That would be too accommodating to her.

Yan Tong didn’t come to the Fang family for the sake of dividing the property. Besides, the Fang family will go bankrupt in a few years, so it’s useless to think about it now. The important thing is to get the golden finger.

Therefore, Yan Tong also behaved appropriately. After Fang Yandong finished speaking, he immediately nodded and said, “I’m willing. I don’t want the Fang family’s wealth, I just want to live by Dad’s side…”

Both of them agreed too quickly.

This made Fang Ziyang even more suspicious and wary, wondering if there was a bigger conspiracy behind it.

But it’s apparent that he can’t squeeze out any more information now. Fang Yandong has already made a generous concession, and if he pushes further, Fang Yandong will become suspicious of him.

Thinking of this, Fang Ziyang shrugged indifferently, arrogant and willful.

“Well, as long as he doesn’t come to claim my money and shares, Dad, if you want to recognize him, then recognize him. But it’s still impossible for me to accept his identity as my brother.”

After speaking, he looked at Fang Qianhao, who had been silent and dejected, and chuckled, “Big brother, what do you say? You wouldn’t want to recognize this cat and dog that came out of nowhere as your little brother, would you?”

Yan Tong was humiliated once again, clenching his fist and lowering his head, eyes filled with knives.

In his heart, he secretly vowed to take revenge on Fang Ziyang once he stole the golden finger. He would thoroughly dismantle Fang Ziyang and make him fall from heaven to hell! He would make sure Fang Ziyang could never have such a glorious life as in the book, and become the most hated person by everyone!

Fang Qianhao, upon hearing this, also glared hatefully at Fang Ziyang. He couldn’t accept the fact that the person he liked became his younger brother, but he couldn’t stand seeing Yan Tong being bullied either.

Fang Yandong’s face didn’t look good either. Directly referring to his illegitimate child as a cat or dog, what did that make him?

Fang Ziyang’s mood immediately brightened. No matter what schemes Fang Yandong had in mind, he would make these people suffer doubly!

Weren’t these people like one big happy family in their previous lives?

Well, he would fulfill their wishes now.

In a villa in the suburbs of Jiang City.

Tang Xun anxiously sat on the sofa, constantly looking towards the door.

Rick, who had discarded his hippie smile today, sat quietly next to him, accompanying him in silence.

Today was the day when the results of the paternity test would be revealed, and he could understand Tang Xun’s anxiety and unease. Although they had some guesses about the truth, they still needed to see the test results to be sure.

Time ticked away slowly.

After waiting for an unknown amount of time, the villa door finally opened, and Xie Zheng, covered in dust, walked in with two document bags.

Tang Xun’s expression brightened when he saw this and quickly stood up. “Boss, do we have the results?”

“Yes, the results of the paternity test are out. I went to H City myself and investigated everything that happened back then…” Xie Zheng nodded, his voice filled with anger. “This Zheng Yaxue is simply a despicable insect in the gutter!”

Even someone as composed as Xie Zheng couldn’t hold back from saying such things.

Obviously, the truth that was revealed had made him furious and unimaginably indignant.

Xie Zheng opened one of the documents and handed it to Tang Xun. “Our guess was indeed correct. Zheng Yaxue has no mother-son relationship with you at all. Fang Qianhao is her son. You and Fang Ziyang are the true siblings, sharing the same father and mother. Over these years, she not only deprived you of your identity but also took advantage of you…”

“That bitch!” Tang Xun couldn’t restrain his emotions and slammed his fist on the coffee table.

“Fang Ziyang, the photos I asked you to investigate have yielded results. Let’s meet in private room 1818 at the Crown Club tonight at 8 o’clock.”

“Come alone and don’t let anyone from the Fang family know…”

Fang Ziyang, who received a call from Xie Zheng, was busy studying and reviewing practice questions in his study.

Upon hearing the content of the call, he instantly became alert, abandoned the pen in his hand, grabbed his car keys, and rushed out.

He had been waiting for this news for too long.

That photo not only involved the secret of Fang Yandong’s lover and illegitimate child but also answered a big question for him.

He wanted to know what Yan Tong intended to do with that photo.

The Golden Book didn’t explain Yan Tong’s actions; it only described a perplexing statement he made after throwing away the photo: “From now on, I no longer have to worry about Fang Ziyang’s protagonist halo…”

So, by discarding that photo, what did Yan Tong make him lose?

With a heavy and anxious heart, Fang Ziyang arrived at the Crown Club.

Although he didn’t have a membership card, thanks to Xie Zheng’s prior instructions, the club staff didn’t ask him for a membership card and led him in directly.

As he walked towards private room 1818, upon seeing the familiar corridor and the location of the private room, which was where Yan Tong had thrown the photo, Fang Ziyang felt as if something heavy had struck his head.

How could… how could it be so coincidental…

He quickly grabbed the guiding waiter and urgently asked, “Excuse me, I remember that this type of private room is reserved for the highest-ranking members. Is this room reserved by Mr. Xie?” The waiter didn’t know what he meant by asking that question but still politely smiled and replied, “Yes, this is Mr. Xie’s private room. Mr. Xie is one of our club’s highest-ranking members, and people like Mr. Xie have their own exclusive rooms in our club. Is there anything else I can help you with, Young Master Fang?”

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