Ch 31 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

More importantly, they were loyal and devoted friends who had helped him countless times, secretly supporting him against the pressures from Yan Tong and his group in their previous lives.

Even though their help was within their limited capabilities, it was significant given the circumstances of their previous lives. They were truly loyal friends.

And the parents who raised such children, Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu’s fathers, were indeed honorable people.

Because of their good relationship with Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, Fang Ziyang often met their parents and was quite familiar with them.

When they heard that Fang Ziyang, the least academically inclined child, wanted to study with their children, Mr. Zhou and Mr. Zhao were surprised and interested. Even without Fang Ziyang’s explicit reminder, they were curious to see how things would turn out.

After all, from an outsider’s perspective, Fang Ziyang’s recent actions seemed to be the result of being mentally disturbed. However, from their children’s accounts, they heard about a clever youngster who was able to manipulate the situation.

So, when Fang Ziyang asked the question about their relationship, Father Zhou and Father Zhao were taken aback and exchanged glances without answering immediately.

But Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, being more composed, laughed and said: “Why ask? The three of us are like the legendary iron triangle, inseparable friends!”

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu hooked their arms around each other’s shoulders, smiling with the camaraderie and loyalty of young brothers.

Seeing this, Father Zhou and Father Zhao couldn’t help but feel helpless.

They could tell that they had raised two foolish sons, the kind of kids who were particularly naive and immature.

Fang Ziyang smiled warmly, feeling warm inside, letting them continue to embrace each other and speak.

“Uncle Zhou, Uncle Zhao, you’ve seen our relationship with Zhou Jun and Jingyu. They are my best friends and currently the only people I can trust.”

“Now, I have some information. If this information is handled well, we can make several billion overnight. If you agree, I want to bring them along. What do you think?”

“What information?” Father Zhou and Father Zhao were startled and sat up straight, their bodies tense.

Good character doesn’t mean they don’t want to get rich. The idea of making several billion overnight sounded like a fairy tale!

Fang Ziyang didn’t rush to speak. He took out two sets of documents from his backpack and placed them on the table before speaking again.

“I know that in a few days, there will be an auction in Jiang City for a piece of land in the western suburbs.”

“…This piece of land doesn’t look impressive on the surface, and even if it is well operated, it may not make much money. It’s like a tasteless dish that you want to abandon. It has failed to sell several times already.”

The piece of land in the western suburbs, which surprised everyone in my previous life, was also a big opportunity that Fang Yandong stumbled upon by sheer luck.

He remembered that in his previous life, the land in the western suburbs was considered useless because of its remote location and large area. The surrounding area was designated for industrial development by the government, making it difficult to generate profits from the land. It remained unsold despite multiple attempts.

However, due to a betrayal from one of Fang Yandong’s trusted subordinates, the land was bought by the opposing party, almost driving Fang Yandong to the brink of despair.

But who could have known that not long after, the government acquired the land, turning it into a valuable asset overnight. Fang Yandong made several tens of billions of profit out of thin air. The envy and jealousy from the people of Jiang City knew no bounds, and he basked in his glory.

This time, Fang Ziyang couldn’t just stand by and let the other party take advantage once again. The funds he currently lacked could be supplemented by acquiring the land.

“Based on the information I’ve obtained, the government is planning to relocate the industrial zone, and the western suburbs will be redeveloped for other purposes. In other words, the abandoned land in the western suburbs will no longer be worthless but will become a valuable asset that will appreciate in value.”

“I currently have a total of 4.6 billion in funds. If Uncle Zhou and Uncle Zhao each contribute 2 billion, with the current attitude towards this land, we will have more than enough to acquire it for over 8 billion.”

“Of course, there are risks involved, and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information 100%. I understand that both of you may have concerns. So, I have another proposal. That is, if both of you are unwilling to invest immediately, could you each lend me 2 billion? If I fail and incur losses, by the time I turn 20 and can access the inheritance left by my grandfather, both of you won’t have to worry about losing this money…”

“These two documents are pre-drafted loan contracts.”

With his grandfather’s inheritance, borrowing money from them posed no risk of him being unable to repay it.

After finishing his explanation, Father Zhou and Father Zhao remained silent, deep in thought. Meanwhile, Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu stared wide-eyed at Fang Ziyang, as if they had never seen him before.

Although they knew their friend was wealthy and had yet to divide his family’s wealth, they didn’t expect it to be this much! His nonchalant expression when talking about several tens of billions made it seem like he was talking about a few thousand bucks. How much money did he usually have on hand to remain so calm?

They looked at him with an expression that said, “You’ve betrayed our little group.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed by their gaze, Fang Ziyang rubbed his nose and couldn’t help but explain, “Maybe I never told you, but all these years, I used my mom’s dividend from the family’s shares to buy antique jade stones. But my dad tricked me; all those antique jade stones turned out to be fakes.”

“But you know, I hate being deceived. Since my dad treated me like that, I had no reason to hold back. So, I recently held an antique jade stone exhibition, and he was worried about exposure, so he temporarily borrowed a batch of genuine antiques to make up the numbers. And…”

The rest didn’t need to be said.

Now, everyone in Jiang City’s social circles knew that the young master of the Fang family wanted to “improve himself.” He sold his 2.3 billion worth of antique jade collection, and on a whim, he was preparing to make investments and indulge in a new game.

“So, you not only deceived your dad out of the 2.3 billion he tricked you out of, but you also tricked him out of another batch of antiques worth 2.3 billion? Your 4.6 billion came from that?” Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu widened their eyes in disbelief.

Fang Ziyang shook his head with a hint of regret in his tone. “He’s not dead yet. He stayed in the hospital for two days, but his mental resilience is better than I imagined… But I’ll redouble my efforts.”

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The regret in his expression was evident.

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu couldn’t help but burst into laughter. It felt like a new door had opened in their lives.

Father Zhou and Father Zhao were shocked and looked at Fang Ziyang with a new perspective. If they had only thought of him as a clever young man who might not be as useless as rumored, they were now genuinely amazed.

Tricking Fang Yandong might sound easy, but if he could be easily tricked like that, the Fang family wouldn’t be one of Jiang City’s top-tier wealthy families. The details he needed to handle were something only extraordinary people could achieve.

After exchanging glances, Father Zhou picked up the water glass on the table and took a sip, calming his startled heart. His tone became more serious.

“Yangyang, if Uncle Zhao and I choose to invest directly, tell us how you plan to involve Jun and Jingyu.”

“If both of you trust me, within three years, I will help Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu multiply this money at least threefold…”

Fang Ziyang’s voice remained calm.

He then took out another document from his backpack. “This is the strategic plan I’ve prepared for acquiring Dongsheng Pharmaceuticals. Uncle Zhou and Uncle Zhao, why don’t you take a look?”

He was willing to help the Zhou and Zhao families, but whether or not they had the courage to take the risk would depend on them.

With the secret button in the Lu family’s hands, tripling the investment was a conservative estimate.

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