Ch 38: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


However, things didn’t go as smoothly as Gu Yan had anticipated. By the time he went to bed, his wife still hadn’t returned, and when he called her, the call wouldn’t connect, so he knew she must be performing surgery. This was a common occurrence – if doctors could leave work on time, that would be a miracle.

He placed the sunflower along with the box in the living room, right where his wife would see it when she entered. Then he went to rest, as Gu Yan had become accustomed to the solitary life.

The bright lights remained on.

Dragging her tired body, Sang Yan drove to the building’s entrance and subconsciously looked towards their home. Seeing the window illuminated, she raised a brilliant smile.

After parking the car and coming upstairs, changing her shoes at the entrance, she turned around and saw the tall sunflower. Its gentle fragrance dispersed her weariness, and her heart was touched beyond measure.

She reached out to touch the petals, which were warm and smooth.

Sang Yan hurried into the room. The bedside lamp was on, and Gu Yan had his head buried in the blanket, revealing only his head.

She knelt by the bedside, carefully lifting the blanket and lightly kissing his face, whispering, “Thank you. I really like the flowers.”

After gazing at him for a moment, she rose, intending to freshen up. However, she was suddenly pulled onto the bed with a strong force. Gu Yan buried his head in her neck and let out a low laugh. “Madam Gu, after stealing a kiss, you still want to leave?”

His voice was husky, like he had just woken up. Sang Yan’s heart trembled. “I haven’t washed up yet.”

“We can shower together later.”


The sales of San Mu Vegetables had been ongoing for a few days. Despite implementing a purchase limit policy, the demand still exceeded supply every day. Fortunately, as a wider variety of vegetables gradually matured, they were barely able to meet the needs of the Rui Shang Supermarket in Muyun City.

However, Rui Shang was a chain supermarket with a presence in nearly every provincial capital. Fu Da was undoubtedly an ambitious entrepreneur. Not long after signing the contract, he was discussing with Su Mu again, hoping she would continue expanding the cultivation scale.

Naturally, Su Mu immediately declined. She had initially dreamed of a leisurely life, only to find herself unwittingly entangled in a busy schedule, completely contrary to her wishes.

She decided to manage the current 100-plus acres properly before considering further. However, she could allocate another 30 acres to him, while the remaining produce could supply the recuperation center in Hefu. Comparatively, supplying the sanatorium seemed more meaningful.

She had always believed in sowing good deeds for a harvest of good results, and this belief was reinforced by her experiences in the interstellar. Sometimes she wondered why she was chosen – why was she able to experience a life across different times and spaces? But she couldn’t fathom the reason, so she attributed it to the good deeds she had done in her previous life, and the karmic retribution was manifesting in this one.

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So during her time in the interstellar, she was passionate about charity work. Now that she was fortunate enough to return to her family, she was even more grateful.

Seeing her resolute attitude, Fu Da had no choice but to temporarily give up on persuading her.

The villagers cherished the hard-earned job opportunities and worked diligently, and in just a few days, the land was prepared.

Su Mu instructed them to continue preparing the land and laying out the vegetable plots. At the same time, some areas of the original twenty-acre land had cleared up, making it suitable to be used as a seedbed for seedlings. This time, she expanded the variety of vegetables even further. She even contacted friends working abroad to help purchase and send seeds back.

Seeds from abroad were much more expensive than domestic ones, and considering the shipping costs, it did pinch her wallet. However, the moment she thought about the greater rewards in the future, the pinch quickly faded away.

On this rainy day, the drizzle persisted, finally giving Su Mu a chance to take a break. The southern regions were entering the rainy season, signifying the breeding of mushrooms on the mountains. While there might be fewer mushroom varieties in the summer, they were equally delicious.

She stood on the balcony, watching the rain outside. Once the rain cleared and the weather improved, she could head to the mountains to gather mushrooms.

Suddenly, her phone rang in the room. Su Mu went inside to check and saw that it was Chen Guo.

“Hello, Guo Guo, why do you have time to call me?”

Chen Guo’s voice was excited on the other end of the line. “Mu Mu, what kind of divine vegetables are you growing? They’re so delicious!”

It had been three or four days since she received the package. She had stored the vegetables in the fridge, but she had been busy with work and only had time today. Her parents happened to come to visit her. When they opened the fridge, they saw the fresh vegetables and nodded in approval. Their daughter had finally learned to take care of herself.

Using these vegetables, Chen Guo’s mother prepared a table full of dishes, and needless to say, the taste was excellent. The family of three ate to their heart’s content.

Curious, Chen Guo’s father asked, “Guo Guo, where did you buy these vegetables? They taste so good. They must not be cheap, right?”

Shaking her head, Chen Guo said, “I didn’t buy them. Mu Mu sent them to me. She went back to her hometown to cultivate the land and grew these vegetables herself.”

“Su Mu? Oh, this child is doing well.” Chen Guo’s mother praised. She didn’t believe that farming was a lack of achievement. In fact, their generation had a deep connection to the land.

“That’s right, the yield is still relatively low for now, so they’re not available in the market.” Speaking of this, Chen Guo felt regretful. After tasting such delicious vegetables, how could she settle for other vegetables in the future?

After reluctantly giving her parents a few sweet potatoes and some agricultural products like dried bamboo shoots, they left hand in hand. After they were gone, Chen Guo made this phone call.

“If vegetables taste this good, who would want to eat meat anymore?”

Su Mu was delighted, “Are they really that delicious? Don’t tell me you’re just flattering me.”

“I’m speaking the truth, but unfortunately, the Rui Shang supermarket here doesn’t have the vegetables you sell. Mu Mu, you have to work hard on farming. I’m waiting to buy from you.”

“If you really like them, I can send you some.” Su Mu laughed. These vegetables didn’t mean much to her.

Chen Guo shook her head in response, “No, no, no. Even between close friends, we should keep things fair. Mu Mu, I can’t keep taking advantage of you.”

Helplessly, Su Mu said, “Alright, if you insist on paying, then pay. Seriously, you won’t even take the free ones I offer. Are you silly?”

Chen Guo chuckled, “Fools are lucky, you know. Otherwise, how could I, Chen Guo, make such a good friend like you?”

The two chatted about various things for a long time before finally hanging up the phone.

It was almost noon by now, and Su Mu planned to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Her parents weren’t at home; they had gone to the hospital to visit a relative’s daughter-in-law who had just given birth.

However, just then, the doorbell rang. Su Mu grabbed an umbrella and went to answer it. To her surprise, the village chief and two strangers were at the door.

Before she could say anything, the village chief spoke first, “Mu Mu, these two are experts from the capital. They say they’ve come on behalf of your friend. What do you think?”

Su Mu was puzzled. One of the strangers spoke up, “I’m here on Mr. He Fu’s commission. The purpose of this visit is to inspect the site for the recuperation center. He specifically asked us to visit you and send his regards. Also, here is a contract drawn up by his lawyer.”

He took out a contract from his briefcase and handed it to her.

Su Mu took it, understanding that this was likely the supply and demand contract for the recuperation center.

She nodded and smiled, “I see. Thank you for coming. Would you like to come in for a while?”

The person waved his hand, “No need. We’ve already taken care of our business. We’ll be leaving shortly.”

“Alright then. Have a safe journey.”

“Thank you, Miss Su. Goodbye.”


Su Mu watched as the three people left, a trace of hidden worry in her eyes. According to what they said, He Fu wanted to build a recuperation center in Huayuan Village? If it were really built, would outsiders disrupt the tranquility of this small mountain village?

At this moment, she was truly glad she acted ahead of him, buying up the surrounding land.

Even if the construction happened, the only suitable plot left would be the one to the north of the village, a fair distance away from her home. It probably wouldn’t disturb her.

Sighing, Su Mu realized that as long as she used her supernatural abilities, the overflow of spiritual energy would be inevitable. With the presence of this spiritual energy, Huayuan Village would eventually differ from other villages after a prolonged nourishment. People weren’t fools; surely some would notice this.

Or perhaps, there might be numerous opportunities in the future—investment, commercialization. Villagers would naturally agree for the sake of money.

However, the recuperation center could also become an obstacle. From conversations she overheard among Gu Shi’s group, she knew that He Fu’s recuperation center was specifically tailored for high-ranking officials. If those people really came here to recuperate, they wouldn’t be pleased if the village turned into a bustling place.

Therefore, in the long run, the benefits of having the recuperation center would far outweigh the drawbacks.

Placing the contract aside, when Su Mu walked into the living room, she paused for a moment.

She asked Gu Shi, who was busy at the computer, “I’m going to cook. What would you like to eat?”

With his gold-rimmed glasses, Gu Shi turned his gaze toward her. His eyes still held a hint of sharpness, causing Su Mu’s heart to skip a beat. The little voice in her mind screamed, “Blessing of a handsome guy, the glasses are killing me!!!”

“Can we have some vegetables?” Gu Shi said.

Su Mu was currently entranced, so whatever he said would go. Feeling a bit dizzy, she turned and headed for the kitchen. What she didn’t notice was that a faint smile appeared in Gu Shi’s eyes.

With just the two of them in the house, there was no need for an extravagant meal. His request was simple, and she could easily fulfill it.

The vegetables in the house were freshly picked and used immediately. After putting the rice on to steam, Su Mu went to the vegetable garden. She picked a fuzzy melon hanging from the fence, as well as some water spinach, a cucumber, a tomato, and a small chili pepper.

Minced pork and fuzzy melon soup, stir-fried water spinach, cucumber with garlic, and tomato scrambled eggs—three dishes and a soup, more than enough for the two of them.

pork and fuzzy melon soup

tomato scrambled eggs

Sometimes Su Mu thought that Gu Shi was easy to please. Just give him some vegetables to eat, and he’d be satisfied, eating heartily.

But other times he could be picky. For instance, everything he used had to be top-of-the-line luxury items, even down to his socks, which had to be pure cotton and cost several hundred dollars per pair.

He truly is a contradictory person, yet that doesn’t hinder her fondness for him.


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