Chapter 82 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

After climbing to the top bunk, he stretched out his limbs and lay flat on the bed, chuckling with excitement. After a while, he eagerly leaned over the edge of the bed and shouted, “Grandpa, Grandpa! Big Brother Yu!”

Grandpa Chang entered the room upon hearing his voice and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Grandpa! New bed! Bunk bed!” Chang Hao sat up excitedly and shouted.

Grandpa Chang glared at him and jokingly scolded, “I know! Do you think I wouldn’t notice the installation? Come down quickly, don’t make it dirty. When you go to bed tonight, you’ll have to make it yourself! Tomorrow, when Jiabao comes back, you can discuss with him who will sleep on the top and who will sleep on the bottom.”

Chang Hao was happy and easy to persuade. He smiled and said, “Okay, Grandpa! I got it, Grandpa! I’ll make the bed later!”

Grandpa Chang turned and left the room. Chang Hao lay on the top bunk, chuckling with excitement. After a while, he climbed down to the bottom bunk and lay there for a while. He climbed up and down a few times, thoroughly enjoying himself. Then he put on his shoes and ran to his brother’s room to fetch a clean blanket and started making the bed himself.

Halfway through making the bed, he suddenly thought, what if his brother, Jiabao, does not like his way of folding the blanket?

The young boy frowned, pondered for a moment, and then carried the folded blanket back to his brother’s room and placed it on his brother’s bed.

He decided to wait until Jiabao came back tomorrow, clarify the bed arrangement, and then make the bed!

So, when evening came, Grandpa Chang watched Chang Hao climb onto his bed and sleep together with him.

Chang Hao asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping on the new bed?”

Chang Hao chuckled and replied, “I’ll sleep on it when Jiabao comes back tomorrow!”

Grandpa Chang remained noncommittal.

Yu Qingze smiled and patted Chang Hao’s head without saying anything.

The next day, the entire Niutou Village mobilized.

Some went directly to the city to buy meat and sausages, while others joined Yu San’s group to buy live pigs. Yu Qingze, the village chief, and Dajian took the bunk bed to the snack shop.

After installing the wooden bed and putting the previous bed back on the cart, they dragged it back to replace the makeshift bed that Yu Qingze had been sleeping on. Now everyone had a bed to sleep on, and everyone was happy.

Brother Chang looked at the double-decker wooden bed and said to his mother, “Mother, let’s make a bed like this too. San’er and Si’er have grown up, it’s not good for them to sleep squeezed together.”

Brother Chang’s mother nodded. They had earned a good amount of money during these months working with Boss Yu, and their financial situation had improved. They could afford to buy a big item like this.

Immediately, Chang Hao asked the village chief about the price of the bed and said they wanted to custom order one.

After discussing with Yu Qingze, the village chief quoted a price, which was cheaper for the villagers and higher for outsiders.

Brother Chang and his mother agreed on the spot and asked the village chief to deliver the bed to their home when it was ready.

After having lunch at the shop, Yu Qingze took over the counter for Jiabao and asked him to help the village chief and others with their luggage.

Having been away from the shop for a few days, Yu Qingze asked Brother Le and the others about the situation in the shop. He learned that the hot and sour noodles were selling very well, with increasing sales every day, and it was gradually becoming a signature snack for the shop.

Upon hearing this, Yu Qingze nodded with a smile.

It’s not surprising. In his previous life, hot and sour noodles were famous nationwide. You could see the shadow of hot and sour noodle shops in almost every slightly larger city, especially in bustling commercial areas and pedestrian streets. They would definitely have a place for hot and sour noodles in many street food places.

Moreover, the people here have a strong taste for spicy food, so it’s within his expectations that hot and sour noodles are so popular.

After Jiabao and the others moved back home, Yu Qingze asked him to go home directly with the village chief and the others to pack their luggage. He would return in the evening.

After closing the stall, they had a meeting. Yu Qingze carefully listened to everyone’s recent situation and didn’t find any major issues. He was satisfied and let everyone go off work.

He didn’t return to the village with everyone. Instead, he took Brother Le into the room and had a good chat, giving hugs and kisses. Brother Chang and his mother were cooking in the kitchen, and they didn’t feel uncomfortable making the dishes anymore.

“After I teach everyone and they become skilled, I’ll come over,” Yu Qingze said while holding Brother Le.

Brother Le nodded, holding onto Yu Qingze’s waist tightly, cherishing this rare and short time together.

After spending a good time together, Yu Qingze went back before it got dark.

When he returned home, the meals were already prepared.

“Brother Yu, Jiabao made all the dishes today,” Chang Hao said proudly.

“Is that so?” Yu Qingze glanced at the dishes on the table, picked up his chopsticks and took a bite. He exclaimed, “The taste is really good. Jiabao, you cooked it very deliciously.”

Jiabao shyly smiled and said, “I watched you and Brother Chang Le cook every day before and memorized the process. Today, I tried it out.”

“Not bad, really good. When I teach Brother Le how to cook, you should also learn. When we open a restaurant in the future, we’ll have three chefs!” Yu Qingze said optimistically.

“Yeah!” Jiabao nodded and then pointed at the boiled sliced pork on the table, saying, “Big brother, taste this boiled sliced pork. I think this taste is closest to what you and Brother Chang Le made.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.” Yu Qingze picked up a slice of meat and ate it, then tasted the sprouts underneath. He nodded and said, “Not bad, the meat is tender. The sprouts are a bit overcooked, don’t blanch them for so long next time.”

Jiabao obediently nodded and said, “Okay, big brother.”

Chang Hao looked at the two of them and grinned, “Brother Yu, we’re about to eat. Why are you starting a lesson now?”

Yu Qingze chuckled and said, “Right, right, let’s eat quickly. It’s getting cold.”

The four of them happily started eating.

After finishing the meal, Chang Hao finished his homework, and Jiabao completed the arithmetic problems assigned by Yu Qingze. The two boys then washed up and went to bed early.

New beds! They had to sleep early!

When Jiabao returned in the evening, the two of them had a friendly negotiation and finally decided that Jiabao would sleep on the lower bunk, while Chang Hao would sleep on the upper bunk. At this moment, the beddings were all laid out, and the two of them lay on the bed, poking their heads out to talk.

The novelty of the new bunk beds fascinated the two boys, and they chatted for a long time before falling asleep.

The next day, every household in the village began making cured meat and sausages.

Yu Qingze had informed them in advance about the purchase price for various cured meats and sausages. The villagers considered the types they wanted to make and bought the necessary spices according to the amount of meat they purchased. They bought a variety of spices.

Yu Qingze estimated the sales volume of various flavors and also took into account the purchasing power of traders from different places. When making the spices, he controlled the quantities. The spicy flavor had the least amount of spices, followed by the moderately spicy flavor, and the regular flavor had the most.

After a couple of days, when everyone finished marinating the cured meat, sausages, chicken, and fish, Yu Qingze gathered everyone and taught them how to make sweet potato noodles.

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The process was complicated and time-consuming, but fortunately, they already had all the necessary ingredients at home. Yu Qingze spent a whole day teaching and repeated the instructions three or four times before considering it done.

In the following days, villagers went to other villages to buy sweet potatoes. Yu Qingze tirelessly ran around, visiting each household. One moment, a family wanted him to check if they were doing it correctly, and the next moment, another family had encountered some issues, and he rushed over to explain where the problem was.

It wasn’t until seven or eight days later, when the cured meat and sausages in every household had been smoked for three to four days, that the villagers finally learned how to make sweet potato noodles.

Yu Qingze tapped his leg and thought to himself, “Finally, I don’t have to run anymore. My legs are about to break!”


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