Ch 7: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Land Preparation

The African violets under the fence were blooming more brilliantly. The entire flower exuded an ethereal aura, surrounded by what seemed like a mist, sparkling in the morning sunlight.

Upon waking, Wei Liu felt invigorated, as if his energy channels had been unblocked. He felt light, without the usual morning aches and drowsiness. Walking into the yard and stretching, his eyes were immediately drawn to the bright African violets.

He approached them, recognizing them as common African violets. But when he stepped back and looked through the sunlight, he saw golden glimmers dancing around the flowers.

Wei Liu rubbed his eyes, and when he reopened them, the vision had vanished. It felt as if it was just a fleeting illusion.

But he was certain that he had seen those golden lights. Everything about this place, the Su residence, seemed extraordinary.

In the ambient spiritual energy, the orchid absorbed the essence that Su Mu infused rapidly. The dark spots on the leaves faded, and they became much straighter.

Wei Liu now believed more than ever that Su Mu could heal the orchid. After some thought, he decided to return to the city today. Considering Su Chen was reliable, Wei Liu decided to give him a few days off and leave him in charge of watching over things here.

Father Su had gone up the mountain early in the morning. Although he always maintained the lychee forest well, he couldn’t help but worry and wished to be there all day.

Mother Su was feeding the chickens. After they were full, she’d let them roam free. She planned to slaughter a few for her son to take home when he returned to the city. Knowing the cooking skills of her son and daughter-in-law weren’t great, she also planned to prepare several ingredients for soup for them, so they only needed to simmer it.

After greeting Mother Su, Wei Liu expressed his desire: “Aunt, your vegetables and water are excellent. Can I buy some to take home for my family to try?”

“Which ones you want? You can pick yourself, or I can pick for you. It’s all from our home; you don’t need to pay!” Mother Su led him into the vegetable garden.

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It was still morning, and the dewdrops on the vegetables shimmered. Vegetables had grown overnight, the greens looked vibrant, beans were hanging all over, pumpkins were crawling on the fence, and corn was growing tall, hinting at their soft and sweet nature.

It was a vibrant garden. Standing there, Wei Liu felt the pulsing life force. Perhaps his friend, Gu Shi, should stay in such a place. An idea formed in his mind.

“Aunt, your vegetables are incredible,” Wei Liu commented.

Laughing, Mother Su replied, “It’s nothing special. Every rural family grows vegetables. Do you want sweet potatoes?”

Wei Liu nodded eagerly. The quality was excellent, and he wished he could take everything home.

Later, Su Chen witnessed his boss, Wei Liu, getting down and dirty in the garden. It was a sight quite different from Wei Liu’s usual elite image.

After a day of harvesting, Wei Liu took a truck full of farm produce back to the city, gifting a significant portion to his friend He Fu.


Earlier, Su Mu had added Uncle Liu’s WeChat through the village chief and showed him the lease agreement. After getting his approval, she went ahead and signed it. She then sent it via express delivery for Uncle Liu’s signature.

Soon, the twenty acres would be hers to cultivate. Though the payment would be made annually, she already had the right to start farming.

Determined to make the most of this opportunity, Su Mu began her preparations, channeling her spiritual energy to the orchids before setting out to work. With the help of her mother and brother, they began clearing the land.

Su Chen, surprised by his sister’s decision to farm, received clarity when she expressed her desire to spend more time with their parents. Feeling touched, he vowed to support her in all her endeavors.

Their day was filled with hard work, but for Su Mu, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

The siblings began fooling around while working like they were still young children. Mother Su following behind them couldn’t contain her happiness. After all, when she decided to have a second child, wasn’t this what she was hoping for? Growing up with company and relying on each other when they grew older. Even if she and her husband were to leave this world one day, their children would never be alone.

The land of the Liu family had been left uncultivated for a long time. Wild grasses grew rampantly, as tall as a person. It took the three of them a whole morning just to clear half an acre of land. The weeds intertwined with each other, deeply rooted and tightly packed.

The sun was shining, and they were exhausted.

Twenty acres of land couldn’t be managed by just a few people. Now it was late spring and early summer, and there was no more time to delay. Su Mu felt it was necessary to hire help.

On their way home, she discussed this with Mother Su, “Which uncles and aunts in the village are good at working? Or even strong grandparents? We’ll pay the young and strong ones 120 yuan a day, and the rest 100 yuan a day, excluding meals. Mom, do you think these terms will attract workers?”

Mother Su pondered for a while and nodded, “The rice planting season is at the end of the month, so people should be free now. However, most young people from our village have gone out to work in the cities, so it won’t be easy to find them.”

“It’s okay, then let’s hire the elderly. Mom, you know the village well, I’ll leave the hiring to you.”

“Alright, after lunch, I’ll go out and see.”

After sorting everything out, Su Mu checked her online orders. She found that the seller had shipped her order last night and that it had now arrived at the transfer station in Muyun City. She estimated she would receive it by tomorrow evening.

The land needed to be prepared quickly.

In fact, when she decided to return to her hometown to farm, the pressure was not on her, but on her parents.

People say that the countryside has simple folk customs, but gossip is also prevalent. Her parents had worked hard to send her to college, and she had chosen not to take a good job in the city. Rumors were spreading that she had been dumped and had come home to heal from a broken heart.

Just two days after her return, these rumors began to spread. She didn’t take them seriously, but what parents could tolerate such rumors about their daughter? She urgently needed to prove to the villagers that even if she, Su Mu, chose to farm, she could achieve heights they could only dream of.

In the following two days, Mother Su indeed managed to recruit over twenty elderly men and women. Despite their age, they worked efficiently and quickly, having worked in fields all their lives.

The items Su Mu ordered online arrived one after another at this time. The farming tools were stored properly, and the seeds were kept in a cool place.

She sowed several types of chrysanthemum seeds around the African violets. In about half a month, she expected to see a courtyard full of flowers.


Wei Liu’s orchids had fully regained their vitality, with lush green leaves and even some new growth. Su Chen planned to return to the city to report on his findings.

To Su Mu’s surprise, the orchid gave birth to an orchid fairy!

She looked at the orchid fairy with a complicated gaze, realizing she might have overused her spiritual energy.

Aside from its stunning appearance, this fairy turned out to be quite chatty, constantly breaking its aloof demeanor with its endless chatter.

“Mu Mu, Mu Mu, when will you get me more orchids to take care of?”

“This Lotus Orchid is already budding. Do you want to let it produce an offshoot? It’s a relatively valuable variety.”

“I’m so bored, Mu Mu, give me something to do!”

Su Mu looked dazed, “Aren’t these few orchids enough for you?” She referred to the common orchids she bought online, which were now thriving under the care of the orchid fairy.

“Not enough, not enough, I want more!”

Su Mu waved her hand, “Then go find some in the mountains.”

With her owner’s permission, the orchid fairy happily fluttered away with her small wings.



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