Ch 3: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Making Money

On the second day, Su Mu went out with her father.

“Mu Mu, you just came back yesterday. It’s not too late to rest for a few days before making plans,” Father Su said helplessly. He had never realized before how diligent his daughter was. Now she was waking up before dawn. Back when she was at home, she wouldn’t wake up before the sun was high in the sky.

“It’s okay, Dad. Early to bed, early to rise, makes the body healthy. What are you planning to do today? I’ll come along and take a look,” Su Mu replied. Mainly, she wanted to familiarize herself with the land. Her green thumb was quite strong; she could grow almost anything. However, she needed to maintain appearances for outsiders. Plus, after living in the interstellar world, she had developed a habit of waking up early and couldn’t go back to sleep now.

Father Su was now certain that his daughter’s words last night weren’t just excuses to brush off him and his wife. She was genuinely determined to take farming as a legitimate profession.

The father and daughter left the courtyard while it was still dimly lit.

On the way, they met many villagers who were also heading to their fields. When they saw Su Mu, they couldn’t help but tease her.

“Mu Mu is going to the fields too? You’re so filial. Old Su, you’re lucky.”

“Plenty of mosquitoes in the fields. Be careful, Mu Mu.”

Following her father, Su Mu responded confidently, “Thank you all for your concern, but I’ll be fine.”

In the past two years, to make the most of the land resources, the village had undergone land consolidation. All of Su’s land was concentrated in the area near the village entrance, prime farmland.

Father Su explained, “We’re currently preparing the land. The rice seeds have just sprouted. By early next month, we’ll be able to transplant them. If you want to farm, we won’t plant rice this year. You can arrange for this land.”

Looking at the tender rice seedlings and the well-prepared soil, it was clear how much Father Su cared about the land. The land was a farmer’s foundation, but he was willing to entrust it to his daughter without hesitation. This realization left Su Mu deeply moved.

“Dad, let’s continue planting rice on this land. After all, there’s plenty of other vacant land in the village, right? I can rent some from the others, no need to use our own land.” She pointed out that there were still a few empty patches right next to their own fields, overgrown with grass.

The acceleration of urbanization led to rural-to-urban migration, with many young adults leaving the village in search of job opportunities. The remaining elderly and infirm people couldn’t fully utilize all the land, resulting in much of it being abandoned.

Father Su found this approach feasible. Unused land was still unused, and renting it out would generate income.

“Alright, we’ll visit the village chief this evening to inquire about the details of renting the land. I’m going up the mountain now to water the lychee trees. The sun is getting strong; you don’t need to follow me. Go home.” Although it was early April, the sun was intense, and Father Su didn’t want his daughter to be out in the heat. The lychee trees were currently in their flowering period, and adequate water was needed to ensure a good yield. Her small arms and legs couldn’t lift a hose; it was better for her to stay at home.

Unaware that she was being somewhat subtly dismissed by her father, Su Mu obediently agreed. After her father had gone a fair distance, she used her abilities to tidy up the rice seedlings. The seedlings now stood with vibrant green leaves, looking even more vigorous.

On her way back home, passing by a small river, Su Mu noticed some snails in the water. The memory of spicy and fragrant snail dish made her mouth water, so she took off her shoes and waded into the river. The water was still cool at this time of day, sending a shiver down her spine.

Perhaps because nobody had disturbed them in a while, the river snails were large and plump. In no time, she had collected a pile of them. The river water was clear, so she wouldn’t need to remove the sand before cooking them. She just needed to clean off the dirt on their shells and cut off their tails.

In addition, she spotted a few palm-sized river mussels. There was a saying, “Snails in March, mussels in April.” River mussels were especially plump and delicious after the Qingming Festival. Their meat was tender and nutritious.

With her harvest in hand, Su Mu was dismayed when she got back to the shore. She hadn’t brought any containers with her. However, this wasn’t a problem for her. Sensing that nobody was around, she used her abilities to grow some large leaves by the riverbank. She picked two and used them to wrap up the snails and mussels.

Back home, she discovered that her mother wasn’t there either. She probably went to help her father on the mountain.

It was still around 9 in the morning, not yet lunchtime. Su Mu put the snails and mussels in a wooden basin for now; she would deal with them later. She also checked on the African violets to see how they were doing. They had adapted to the new environment and soil overnight, their flowers still as bright and brilliant as when they first bloomed. Su Mu reached out and touched a petal, infusing it with a bit of spiritual energy. The leaves of the African violets happily moved.

“You’re happy too, aren’t you? Then quickly assimilate this energy. This way, you can truly be born.”

The flower petals wrapped around her fingertip for a moment before letting go.

“Good, I’ll wait for you. I’ll buy your descendants and plant them next to you.”

Communicating with plants through her abilities was a truly remarkable thing. Their intelligence was roughly equivalent to that of a three or four-year-old child. They were kind and sensible. Every time she heard their gentle voices or saw them pretending to be adults, she couldn’t help but feel charmed.

Although the African violet fairy was still just a faint image, Su Mu could tell that it was also a cute little entity.

She retrieved her laptop from her room, connected to the family’s Wi-Fi. Her elder brother had installed it, and since her parents were getting older and living alone in a remote area, he could now video call them regularly.

Su Mu hadn’t used the internet in a while. In the interstellar world, she just needed to think, and her computer would execute her commands at light speed. Therefore, she was a bit impatient seeing the loading circle on the computer screen, but she quickly adjusted her mindset. This wasn’t the high-efficiency interstellar world; she should enjoy the slow-paced life here.

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She ordered several varieties of orchids, common ones that weren’t expensive and were suitable for crossbreeding to create new species. Su Mu was quite skilled in hybrid cultivation, and she planned to focus on this direction in the future. It was not only easy, but also lucrative.

She also ordered some vegetable and flower seeds. She got more flower seeds, as she could scatter them in open areas and along the road. Considering herself a common person, she liked vibrant flowers that were a feast for the eyes.

She picked out a variety of asteraceae plants. Even though her abilities could handle the work, she wanted to cultivate a rich variety of plants in her garden.

After buying the seeds, she also needed to get some corresponding planting tools. Su Mu’s savings were now completely depleted, leaving only a few thousand yuan as emergency funds.

After shopping, Su Mu finally emerged from her enthusiastic state and looked at her pitiful balance. Suddenly, she felt the urgency of the situation. How could she lead a comfortable life without money? How could she buy things for her parents?

She furrowed her brows, pondering the available channels for making money. Once the seeds were planted, they needed time to grow. Even though she could use her abilities to accelerate the process, it might attract unwanted attention. After all, her “green thumb” was her biggest secret weapon, and she needed to be cautious.

Alternatively, she could help heal plants that had been neglected or harmed by others and get paid for it. With her planting skill maxed out, as long as a plant still had a glimmer of life, she could nurse it back to health with a touch of her fingers. It was a profitable business.

However, she needed to find opportunities for this type of work. She first checked various flower and gardening forums but didn’t find any such requests. That made sense too; people who could afford to cultivate rare and valuable plants likely had connections to experienced gardeners and didn’t need to seek help outside.

Moreover, she was currently living with her parents, without many expenses to worry about. Her few thousand yuan could sustain her for a while. With that thought, she felt less urgency.

She spent some time purifying the plants in her yard. Purified plants carried spiritual energy and produced oxygen, which in turn nourished her. This continuous energy flow was the reason her abilities remained strong.

Spiritual energy could also nourish the human body. Living in such an environment, her health would only improve.

Around noon, she cooked a few dishes and waited for her parents to return.

Su Mu lay under the grape arbor, watching TV shows on her phone. It was quite enjoyable, without any rush or stress.

Father Su and Mother Su returned home one after the other. Seeing that their daughter had prepared the meal, they praised her several times.

In the afternoon, the sun was blazing, and everyone stayed indoors, each engaged in their own activities. It brought a unique sense of warmth.

Su Mu was feeling drowsy, but when she came across a post on her elder brother’s social media, she instantly became wide awake. The opportunity to make money had arrived.

She sent her elder brother a message: “Bro, is the information in your social media post true?”

Su Chen was just idling around at the moment, so his response came quickly, “Of course, our boss required us to post it. This potted orchid isn’t an ordinary one. Have you heard of the famous ‘Su Guan He Ding’? This potted plant is worth several million yuan. However, our boss messed it up by accident. He ruined the cherished plant belonging to the old man of the Wei family. The old man is returning from his trip soon, and if no one can revive this plant, our boss is in big trouble.”

Is it really okay for you to take pleasure in others’ misfortune like this? Su Mu thought to herself, but she didn’t delay and continued messaging, “If I succeed in treating it, is the reward really that high?”

“Absolutely, but the hope is slim. The boss has sought many experts in horticulture, and they all say it’s beyond saving. Putting up this reward is more like a last-ditch effort.”

Su Chen typed away with a playful tone, though he wore a smile on his face. Boss Wei looked at his secretary and felt quite annoyed. His situation was becoming critical, and yet his subordinate seemed more focused on chatting than helping him solve the problem.

Meanwhile, the orchid was now in his office, its leaves completely wilted. If not for the slight hint of green in the roots, he would have thought the plant was already dead. However, it was on the brink of death, and he felt he should consider which kind of demise would be less painful.

What’s going on with this Secretary Su? Taking a long break like this is inappropriate!

Quieting his steps, Boss Wei approached Su Chen’s desk from behind, just in time to read the incoming message. His excitement got the better of him, and he snatched the phone from his secretary’s hand.

The message Su Mu had sent read, “I can revive it.”


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