Ch 1: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Returning to the Village

“Buzz.” The phone placed on the bedside lit up.

Su Mu opened her eyes in an instant. What greeted her was the slightly yellowed ceiling, with irregular cracks spreading in thin lines across it. It seemed that a gust of wind could easily make dust fall down.

After a few seconds, her rationality returned, and she turned her head toward the source of the buzzing sound. It was her phone ringing.

Her fingers felt a bit stiff, and a sharp sound echoed through the phone.

“Su Mu, do you know what time it is now?”
“Haven’t arrived at the company yet? Do you want to quit? If you don’t want to work, leave early. There are plenty of people who want to take your place.”
“You’re just useless, what are you good for at your age? No ambition…”

Allowing the other person to rant, Su Mu closed her eyes. After experiencing transmigration once, the second time felt familiar. When she opened her eyes again, she had accepted the fact that she had transmigrated again. Her eyes were filled with joy. She missed various modern delicacies so much—barbecue, hot pot, spicy skewers, pork, beef, tripe. These were all things she longed for.

Unlike in the interstellar world, where she had to grow everything herself and even had to teach others the proper way to consume them.

However, she was somewhat reluctant to leave the interstellar. After all, she had worked hard to bring greenery to that place. Fortunately, she had already trained a successor there. Even if she returned to the modern world, things should not repeat themselves there. It was also a proof of her life there.

“Su Mu, Su Mu? Did you hear me? I want you to come back to the company immediately. The CEO wants to see your proposal right away!” The other side was still blabbering. She remembered that this person was her team leader at the company before she transmigrated to interstellar. They had both started on the same day, so technically, they should have had a good relationship. Coincidentally, their former team leader had resigned, and the CEO intended to choose a new leader from among them. Su Mu’s work ability was slightly better, but the other person’s flattery was beyond her reach. The result was self-evident.

With a thought, she gestured toward the potted plant on the windowsill. The near-lifeless African violet quickly recovered visibly, its leaves turning healthy green with a faint flowing light. It grew larger and larger, and a bud appeared. With a soft sound, the layers of petals unfolded, a single flower stood alone, radiant in its bloom.

Great, her green thumb had followed her! Since that was the case, what was she afraid of? As the only planting master in the interstellar world, Su Mu had unlimited freedom.

“I’m heading to the company now.” Su Mu said coldly and promptly hung up the phone.

Her stomach growled like a drum. She tidied up a bit and opened the small refrigerator. Well, there wasn’t much left—just a lonely tomato. Su Mu didn’t mind, wiped it off with her sleeve, and took a big bite. It was juicy, neither sweet nor sour, and definitely not as wonderful as those she grew back in interstellar. There was even a faint pesticide smell that she couldn’t get rid of.

After spitting it out, she rinsed her mouth with water, but the taste of the disinfectant in the water made her almost throw up.

With teary eyes, she realized that she still needed to take matters into her own hands! To fill her stomach, she used her green thumb to grow a tomato.

The seed went into the soil of the African violet pot, and in an instant, it sprouted, rapidly growing, flowering, and bearing fruit. She controlled the number of fruits she desired, changing them from green to red. Breathing in the rich aroma of tomatoes, Su Mu couldn’t help but salivate. This was the taste that could truly be enjoyed.

After gobbling down two tomatoes and satisfying her hunger, she headed to the company.

Upon seeing her, Li Yan couldn’t wait to approach and mock her. Su Mu pushed her aside, relying on her vague memories to find her own seat and look at her belongings on the desk.

“Su Mu, I’m talking to you, can’t you hear me?” Li Yan was getting impatient. When they started on the same level, Su Mu had ignored her. Now that Li Yan had become her superior, she wanted to see Su Mu bow down to her. However, the expected scene didn’t happen, which naturally infuriated her. “The CEO is waiting for you in his office. He’s very unhappy about your tardiness.”

Su Mu waved her hand, flies buzzing around her ears, annoyingly loud, “I quit.”

“Oh yeah? Then what are you waiting for? You… what?” Just a moment ago, Li Yan was nagging non-stop. In the next second, her eyes widened.

Su Mu didn’t have time to argue with her. “I said, I quit.”

This was exactly the result Li Yan had hoped for. The matter of resignation didn’t even require Su Mu’s involvement. It was smoothly accomplished.

“Su Mu, how can you, at such a young age, be unable to endure a little pressure? Our company has a bright future… It will pass if you just tough it out.”

A miraculous change of face, Su Mu couldn’t help but admire how fast this woman could change expressions. This was a talent in itself!

After leaving the company, she wandered aimlessly through the streets. It wasn’t the weekend, so the streets were relatively empty with few pedestrians and cars. Su Mu was lucky to witness the peaceful side of the city.

Having grown accustomed to the speed of interstellar starships and the towering buildings intertwined with each other, she found everything on Earth to be petite and cute.

After a satisfying hot pot meal using the remaining savings in her wallet, Su Mu pondered. Normal ingredients just wouldn’t suit her taste anymore.

The food at this restaurant was decent, enhanced by various spices. She was reasonably satisfied, though the price was on the higher side.

Full and satiated, her wallet significantly lighter, Su Mu sighed. Having grown accustomed to a life surrounded by trees, how could she continue living in this concrete jungle? Furthermore, her modern work skills had become somewhat obsolete after being away for several decades. She wasn’t planning on finding another job. Going back to her hometown seemed like a better choice.

With a contented decision, Su Mu thought of her origins. She had come from a rural area, and she had even managed to get into a top 10 school in a major city. If it were her former self, she would have aspired to establish herself in a corporation, but after her interstellar experience, returning to her village was the most suitable option. Her green thumb had room to flourish there.

Thinking of her hometown, she recalled that her brother and sister-in-law were settled in the provincial capital, Muyun City. Her parents couldn’t adapt to city life and continued to reside in the village. They owned a few acres of farmland and a piece of mountain land. They were never idle. Going back would allow her to help and spend time with her parents.

After leaving the hot pot restaurant, Su Mu leisurely strolled through the city she had lived in for nearly five years. She used her own two feet to measure the city, bidding it farewell.

It wasn’t until the lights of the city began to shine that she decided to return to her temporary lodging.

Since it was the beginning of the month, Su Mu informed her landlord and vacated the room. She left the remaining rent behind, which seemed to improve the landlord’s mood a bit.

She would spend one more night here and had already booked a ticket for the next morning.

Whether it was due to the poor air quality in the city or her lingering excitement from returning to the modern world, Su Mu didn’t sleep well that night. It felt like she had just dozed off when the day began.

She had packed her luggage the previous night, and it wasn’t much—a single suitcase. Pushing her luggage and carrying a pot of African violets, she left the bustling city behind.

To bring the African violet back home, Su Mu chose not to fly and took a high-speed train instead, which took a good seven to eight hours. Unlike in the interstellar, the “high-speed train” in the modern world took a while.

The African violet was blooming vibrantly, looking like a fairy. When she was on the train, some people even asked if they could buy it. She declined. For a planting master, the first plant seen upon waking up was precious. Su Mu planned to cultivate a plant fairy from it.

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In the interstellar world, she was the only planting master. All the benefits from the plants were hers. This allowed her planting skills to continuously evolve, and achieving full points meant cultivating a corresponding plant fairy for each plant.

Once a fairy was cultivated, she wouldn’t have to worry. The fairies would take care of the plants, optimizing their growth and cultivation. They were immortal, living on dewdrops.

The fairies she cultivated were pure and diligent, and it was with their help that the interstellar world became green in a short span of decades.

So this wasn’t just an African violet; it was the future fairy of an African violet. It would become the “caretaker” for countless other African violets.

Getting off the high-speed train, Su Mu needed to transfer to a bus. Time was tight, and after thinking it over, Su Mu’s eagerness to get home won out. She could visit her brother and sister-in-law next time.

The bus had a strong smell, and the local accent filled her ears. Luckily, she had a pot of flowers with her. After being refined by her, the flower’s scent had turned into a sweet honey fragrance, soothing her fatigue.

This was why people liked plants. If you took care of them, they would reward you with their best.

Su Mu’s hometown was in Huayuan Village. It wasn’t far from the county, but it was relatively remote. In recent years, the national policies had improved, and the roads had been extended to the village, passing through two mountains before reaching the small village nestled at the foot of the hills.

Saying goodbye to the pungent smell of the bus, Su Mu needed to take a ride with some villagers to finally reach home, about ten minutes away.

Before this, she had to first appease her stomach. After a whole day of traveling, she was starving.

From childhood to adulthood, Su Mu had been studying in the county town. She knew where the best food and entertainment spots were, and she had never forgotten them. It was only after getting into university that she left this small county town, going outside to study and work. Even after crossing over to the interstellar world, what she missed the most was the taste of her hometown.

Even though later on she managed to grow the ingredients she needed and successfully replicated the recipes, it was never the same as the taste of this land.

Following the route from her memory, she arrived at a clean rice noodle shop. The owner was just as she remembered, not a bit changed. The shop was packed with people, and the aroma of rice noodles wafted into her nose.

Su Mu found an empty seat, put her things down, and went to the ordering counter to ask for a bowl of beef rice noodles. She also added crispy pork skin for two yuan and dried silk for one yuan.

The full bowl of rice noodles was quickly brought out by the owner.

The toppings had to be added by oneself. Unlike those who sought the original taste of the ingredients, Su Mu preferred to add various odds and ends. A rich flavor was her favorite.

Pickled string beans, fried peas, garlic, scallions, cilantro, chili oil, and the spicy garlic kelp made by the owner. She didn’t know how she made it, but the kelp had a subtle oceanic taste, refreshing and not fishy at all. She always added a lot of it, then a little bit of sugar, and poured hot bone broth over it.

She carefully carried the bowl to her table, took out a small bowl and spoon from the cupboard, and poured a separate bowl of broth.

The picky palate of the city folks didn’t exist here. Su Mu ate until she was sweating, lazily sitting in the chair and supporting her belly. A meal costing a mere ten yuan was more than enough to fulfill her.

After resting for a while, she bought some fruit from the elderly vendor near the shop’s entrance and then boarded the small car that would take her back to the village.

The scenery passed by slowly, the mountains passed by slowly, and this would be the slow and leisurely life she would lead from now on.


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