Chapter 73: The Culinary Tycoon

Birthday Gift

A small bottle of osmanthus wine, most of which went into Yu Qingze’s belly. Jiabao cannot drink it, and Chang Le…

Thinking about the embarrassment from drinking during the Mid-Autumn Festival, he only had two small cups with Yu Qingze and refused to drink anymore.

Yu Qingze didn’t insist on drinking either. If Brother Le got drunk for real, what would happen to his birthday gift?

After the three of them finished eating and tidied up, they attended an arithmetic class for half an hour, which ended half an hour earlier than usual.

Later, Brother Le complained of feeling dizzy. Yu Qingze noticed his flushed cheeks and his eyes were hazy, probably due to the effects of alcohol. He let Brother Le rest in the room and personally accompanied Jiabao back home.

Jiabao initially said there was no need to accompany him anymore, as he hadn’t been bothered by any ruffians since last time. However, Yu Qingze and Chang Le were still worried. It was not safe for a teenager like him to go home late every night, so they continued to accompany him home every day.

Once Yu Qingze and Jiabao left the store, Brother Le immediately stood up from his chair, grabbed an oil lamp, and quickly entered the kitchen. He rolled up his sleeves and skillfully started preparing the dough, his eyes no longer hazy.

Well, to be honest, his head was a bit dizzy too. But he wanted to make a bowl of longevity noodles for Big Brother Yu. They hadn’t had longevity noodles for dinner yet, so he had to make it quickly, hoping to surprise him before he returned.

When Yu Qingze returned, the hall was empty, with only a lonely oil lamp burning on the table. He couldn’t find Brother Le’s figure, but the kitchen light was on.

“Brother Le, aren’t you feeling dizzy? Why are you still busy? Go wash up and rest…”

Yu Qingze thought Brother Le was preparing for tomorrow’s work and entered the kitchen intending to ask him to wash up and rest. But as he approached, he found Brother Le making noodles in front of the stove.

Was it for him? The last word lingered in his mouth, unspoken, as Yu Qingze slowly approached Brother Le.

Seeing Yu Qingze return so quickly, Brother Le felt a bit annoyed. He wasn’t fast enough, and Big Brother Yu had already seen him. But there was nothing he could do, so he turned around and gestured, “It’ll be done soon. You go out and wait for a while.”

After gesturing, Brother Le turned back and continued his work.

Yu Qingze approached, wrapped his arms around Brother Le’s waist from behind, and rested his chin on Brother Le’s shoulder. He felt Brother Le’s body tense for a moment, and his hand with the chopsticks paused briefly before relaxing again. Then, he tilted his head slightly, lightly brushing against Yu Qingze’s face, and turned back to stir the boiling noodles in the pot.

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Yu Qingze curled his lips and smiled, softly asking, “Is it for me?”

Brother Le nodded and gestured, indicating that it was for his birthday.

Yu Qingze tightened his arms, tilted his head, and kissed Brother Le’s face lightly. He said, “Thank you.”

Since his grandfather passed away, for over a decade, he had spent most of his birthdays alone. He would cook a bowl of noodles for himself and consider it done. During his time in the military, he had comrades to celebrate with, but after he left the service, everyone scattered across the country, and they could only exchange messages and phone calls to send their blessings. He didn’t pay much attention to birthdays.

Today, he hadn’t even remembered that it was his own birthday. He only learned about it from listening to Brother Chang and Brother Le chatting, talking about how it was already October 28th, and winter was approaching. Everyone in the village had harvested their sweet potatoes, and his family had just sown radish and celery seeds…

Yu Qingze suddenly realized and remembered that today was his birthday. Although he didn’t usually care much about birthdays, he felt that this first birthday after getting to know Brother Le held some significance, so he wanted to commemorate it in some way.

Although he had thought about it, he didn’t want a big celebration with many people, which led to the current situation. Now, seeing Brother Le making longevity noodles specifically for him, his heart felt warm, filled with small bubbles of gratitude and happiness.

It’s really wonderful to know Brother Le!

From now on, he would have someone to celebrate every birthday with him. Not only birthdays, but also various holidays like Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year’s Eve, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival… he would have someone to celebrate with for all of them.

Not only a lover, but also Grandpa Chang, Xiao Hao, and in the future, maybe even children and more family members.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but kiss Brother Le again.

The feeling of having a home is truly amazing.

Brother Le laughed as he was kissed, feeling a bit ticklish and warm on his cheeks. He quickly gestured, asking, “Add eggs?”

Yu Qingze nodded and said, “Yes, add two eggs. Let’s fry them. One for you, and one for me.”

So, after cooking the noodles, Brother Le fried two eggs and placed them on top of the cooked noodles.

Throughout the process, Yu Qingze never let go of Brother Le, as if he was attached to his back.

Once the longevity noodles were ready, Brother Le brought the noodles to the outdoor table. He took off the large human-shaped pendant from behind him and placed it on the chair, then handed Yu Qingze a pair of chopsticks.

Yu Qingze took the chopsticks, picked up a fried egg from the noodles, and used a spoon to catch the dripping broth before bringing it to Brother Le’s mouth.

Brother Le glanced at Yu Qingze, pursed his lips, smiled, and took a bite. Then, Yu Qingze took a bite himself…

The two of them finished the two fried eggs like this, one bite at a time.

Afterward, Yu Qingze found the two ends of the longevity noodles and ate one end himself, while he used his chopsticks to pick up the other end, indicating for Brother Le to eat it.

Brother Le shook his head and gestured, saying that the longevity noodles shouldn’t be eaten by the person who made them.

Yu Qingze gently held the remaining end of the noodle in his mouth and said with unclear words, “I want you to eat with me, to share our longevity together.”

Brother Le initially hesitated, but seeing his persistence, he reluctantly lowered his head and took the other end of the noodle into his mouth.

Under the warm glow of the candlelight, the two of them bowed their heads and ate the same longevity noodle, occasionally sharing smiles.

As the noodles grew shorter and reached the last bit, Yu Qingze leaned over and pressed his lips against Brother Le’s. The noodle disappeared between their lips, leaving only a slanted shadow merging on the ground…

After the kiss, Yu Qingze rested his forehead against Brother Le’s, their noses brushing together. They both breathed heavily, occasionally pecking each other’s lips.

By now, Yu Qingze had already straddled Brother Le, holding him face to face. Both of them were filled with emotions. Yu Qingze tightened his arms, and with one hand, he took Brother Le’s right hand off his neck and guided it to the space between them. He whispered in Brother Le’s ear, “Brother Le, you came today, hm?”

Little Aze and Little Lele had already greeted each other before and played happily together a few times, but every time it was Yu Qingze assisting with the interactions. Brother Le had not initiated any actions yet.

Brother Le’s eyes flickered, and his fingers involuntarily curled up.

Yu Qingze guided his hand to the right position and encouraged him, saying, “Just do it like you’ve done before.”

Upon hearing this, Brother Le buried his head in Yu Qingze’s neck, feeling his face burn.

How did Big Brother Yu know that he had done it before?

“Hm? Have you done it before?” Yu Qingze asked in a hoarse voice.

Brother Le’s body stiffened, but he nodded with his face still buried, holding on a bit tighter.

Yu Qingze chuckled softly and coaxed him, saying, “Then come, open your fingers.” Saying that, Yu Qingze separated Brother Le’s fingers and guided them to touch Little Aze. Then he kissed Brother Le’s earlobe and whispered softly, “Be good, touch it. It likes you just as much as I do…”

Listening to Yu Qingze’s hoarse voice and feeling the warmth between his fingers, Brother Le, with a flushed face, boldly grasped Little Aze.

“Mmm, Brother Le, my baby, don’t be nervous, be gentle…” Yu Qingze groaned and trembled in his voice.

Upon hearing Yu Qingze’s stifled painful voice, Brother Le realized that he had exerted too much force. He quickly let go, raised his head, and looked at Yu Qingze with concern.

“It’s okay, just don’t be nervous. Come, continue.”

Seeing that Yu Qingze was really fine, Brother Le breathed a sigh of relief and took a deep breath. He leaned in and kissed Yu Qingze’s lips, diverting his attention, and slowly resumed exploring…

The candle flickered in the room, and the shadows on the ground danced along with their movements…


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