Chapter 84: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Currently, the stable vegetable output on the farm is mostly various types of leafy greens. Due to their short growth period, high yield, and the fact that a mutant variety with a large size was selected earlier, there was suddenly an excess of vegetables that the farm could not handle.

Workers on the farm suggested to Ji Cha to process these surplus vegetables into dried mustard greens.

Dried mustard greens are widely produced in rural areas in the Jiangnan region, and the preservation time of the finished product is greatly extended. There are also many delicious dishes that can be made with dried mustard greens, such as braised pork, baked cakes, and stir-fried bitter gourd. It can be used as the main ingredient or as an accessory in a dish. The processing method for dried mustard greens is relatively simple, basically utilizing sun-drying to remove moisture, adding salt, and repeatedly drying until it reaches a dehydrated, crispy state.

This task is actually quite simple, Ji Cha even remembers helping his grandmother sun-dry dried mustard greens when he was a child. Most of the people on the farm who have experience living in rural areas also understand it well. When the processing plan was proposed, they immediately invested in production.

Basically, all green vegetables can be processed into dried mustard greens. Ji Cha and the workers below determined the output of the leafy greens and the final output of dried mustard greens. Before they could get into the details, Wang Qiang came to find him.

Wang Qiang was talking about the cow’s milk production.

“There are now 15 cows producing milk, and they can produce more than 600 kilograms of milk per day.”

“How much?” Ji Cha was shocked.

Wang Qiang smiled, “Yes, it’s more than 600 kilograms. Each cow produces about 40 kilograms, all because of mutation. Before the mutation, the milk production was not that high. My cows are not of the best breed. If it were the best breed of cows, they could produce even higher milk production without mutation.”

Ji Cha didn’t know about this before. High milk production is a good thing, but he was still worried about whether the milk produced by cows that ate mutant crops would have any problems. Although Wang Qiang and his family passed the health check before entering the farm yesterday, cows are different.

“Someone from the military will come this afternoon to take some samples. Originally, they were only checking whether there were any toxins in the cows’ bodies, but now that you mentioned milk, let them take that as well.”

As for today’s milk production, he instructed the workers to pack it in sealed containers first. If there were no problems found after inspection, then they could consider its future use.

“Okay,” Wang Qiang nodded.

He himself didn’t think there was any problem with drinking the milk, as his family had been drinking it without any issues. However, he understood Ji Cha’s concerns and readily agreed.

While the farm was busy with its tasks, news of a major event was spreading throughout the high-end apartment building.

Cheng Feng had died.

Zhang Xing happened to be working over there, and upon seeing the commotion, he quickly rushed back home. Once he caught his breath, he told everyone about what had happened.

“What?! Is it true!?” Wang Qin Xue could hardly believe it. “How could something like this happen so suddenly?”

“It’s a relief,” Zhang Qinqin spoke bluntly without avoiding the topic.

Ji Cha turned his head but didn’t see Liang Jincheng around the house.

Zhang Xing took a sip of water, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Don’t bother looking for him. He has already gone to Cheng Feng’s apartment.”

The news had yet to reach the ears of ordinary residents, but those with any sort of power were already making their way over. As the former and current highest-ranking military leader in the post-apocalyptic world, Cheng Feng’s death naturally meant that various forces would try to claim a piece of the pie.

However, among these forces, only a few could make a real impact, and Liang Jincheng’s reputation and strength were naturally at the forefront. Another person who could not be underestimated was the leader of the recently established small base of a thousand people, Li Lingyun. The resources he commanded within the base were already considered a large group, and he had some friendship with Cheng Feng before his death. He also managed to control the soldiers with abilities that Cheng Feng once had, making him a force to be reckoned with.

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However, from Liang Jincheng’s perspective, he had already taken the first step. How could someone like Li Lingyun stop him?

“Zombies appearing in the base, and causing such serious incidents of injuring people. We need to investigate this thoroughly and give the public an explanation.” Liang Jincheng sat on the sofa, looking completely different from the group of people standing guard.

Li Lingyun stood at the door and said after hearing this, “I arrived at the base latest and can be the most impartial third party to handle this matter.”

His tone was very firm, and he clearly didn’t care about Liang Jincheng or want to show any respect to him.

“Fair or unfair,” Liang Jincheng stood up and walked to him, looking at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Do you have any idea?”

“What do you mean?” Li Lingyun frowned.

“It’s not your turn to deal with this matter.” Liang Jincheng turned his head and said to the second-in-command who used to be under Cheng Feng’s leadership, “Cremate the body and announce this news on the broadcast tomorrow. Don’t cover it up.”

“Yes sir!.”

Li Lingyun didn’t expect that the person who used to be trusted by Cheng Feng would immediately switch to Liang Jincheng’s side at this time, or maybe even before Cheng Feng died… Li Lingyun couldn’t think too much about it, as Liang Jincheng had already walked away.

Li Lingyun had a vague sense of crisis in his heart, but he never imagined that Liang Jincheng’s actions would be so quick and ruthless.

The next morning, the base’s broadcast announced the news of Cheng Feng’s accidental death and the progress of Liang Jincheng’s investigation, including the discovery of zombies and iron cages in Cheng Feng’s basement. There was no intention of leaving any face for Cheng Feng.

For a while, there was no one in the base who did not rejoice in the news that Cheng Feng had played himself to death, and there were many people who cursed him in secret.

Naturally, Li Lingyun was not willing to accept this. He began to arrange his influence in the remaining departments, trying to make some changes. But progress was slow and almost made him lose patience.

“Boss, should I have someone go and kill Liang Jincheng?” his subordinate suggested.

Li Lingyun lay on the sofa with his eyes closed. “That dog Liang Jincheng has not even grown his fur properly and he’s already trying to meddle in my affairs. I wouldn’t mind killing him, but this matter is not so easily solved.”

One of his subordinates said, “The death of Cheng Feng is suspicious. Do you think Liang Jincheng had a hand in it?”

“Cheng Feng’s death was certainly not an accident. Who knows if it was Liang Jincheng or not, but either way, he has done me a great favor. I’ve been wanting that Cheng Feng dead for a long time.”

There were some other scattered conversations, but Li Lingyun couldn’t quite remember them. Later on, he drank quite a bit with his subordinates and fell asleep in a daze. When he woke up, he found himself bound.

“What’s going on?” He panicked. At this point, he was in a moving military vehicle, swaying and not knowing where he was going.

Liang Jincheng sat nearby, holding a recording pen in his hand. He pressed a button and the sound came out.

“Cheng Feng’s death was certainly not an accident. I’ve been wanting that Cheng Feng dead for a long time, and that dog Liang Jincheng, who hasn’t even grown his fur properly, was already trying to meddle in my affairs. I wouldn’t mind killing him…”

It was Li Lingyun’s voice and his exact words that had been skillfully spliced together to create a perfect piece of evidence.


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