Chapter 66: The Culinary Tycoon

Wang’s New Specialty

When he saw Yu Qingze and Chang Le return, Chang Hao couldn’t be happier. Even though they had only been away from home for a few days, Chang Hao felt like it had been years since he last saw them.

“Brother! Big Brother Yu! I missed you so much! And Jiabao, I missed you too!” The young boy spoke playfully and rushed over to hug his brother’s arm, his eyes shimmering with “touching” tears. It was clear how much he missed them!

Well, mainly he missed them because his stomach missed them. Nothing wrong with that.

Chang Le looked at his younger brother and patted his shoulder with affection. His eyes had a filter, and he felt that his brother had lost some weight in just a few days?

He gestured, asking, “Did you lose weight? Your chin looks sharper.”

Clearly, his cheeks had gained some flesh before.

Chang Hao embraced his acting skills and vigorously nodded, pitifully saying, “Yes, Brother, you don’t know. Since you started living at the shop, my stomach hasn’t been full for a single day. Grandpa probably hasn’t eaten enough either.”

During these few days, he and his Grandpa took turns cooking and tried to recreate the dishes that Yu Qingze and Chang Le had made before. However, even though they used the same methods, the taste was miles apart. While he didn’t go hungry, he couldn’t say he had eaten well.

Grandpa Chang watched with a smile and insisted on joining in.

Upon hearing this, Chang Le truly felt sorry for him. He gestured, “I’ll make something delicious for you tonight!”

“Yes, yes! What delicious food did you bring back?” Chang Hao eagerly asked.

Chang Le gestured, “Pork ribs and pork belly.”

“I want braised pork belly and sweet and sour pork ribs!” Chang Hao immediately made his menu request.

Chang Le nodded, put the groceries in the kitchen, and then went back to his room to put away the bags.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, Chang Hao started talking non-stop. Jiabao didn’t even have a chance to greet Grandpa Chang yet. Finally, seizing an opportunity, he said to Grandpa Chang, “Grandpa Chang, I asked Big Brother Yu and Big Brother Le to bring me along. Sorry for bothering you.”

Grandpa Chang liked Jiabao as soon as he saw him. He found him particularly well-behaved. He smiled and said, “It’s no problem. It’s livelier with more people at home, and now Xiao Hao has someone to play with. It saves him from annoying me every day.”

Upon hearing this, Jiabao didn’t say anything, just shyly smiled.

“Grandpa, I’m not annoying. It makes me really sad when you say that. Hmph, I won’t play with you anymore. I’ll play with Jiabao!” Now that dinner was sorted out, Chang Hao finally started paying attention to his new playmate. But just as he turned around, he heard Grandpa say that he was annoying. He grabbed Jiabao’s arm and said, “Jiabao, come on, let’s go put away the bags. We’ll sleep together tonight, not with Grandpa…”

Saying that, Chang Hao pulled Jiabao into the house.

Grandpa Chang couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time.

After putting away the bags, the two young boys played shuttlecock in the courtyard.

Yu Qingze went into the house and saw a brand new rice bed in the main room, exactly the one he wanted. He went over to take a look and found that it was well-made. He smiled, went into his room to put away the bags, and then went to the kitchen to personally cook, to comfort the stomachs of Chang Hao and Grandpa Chang.

At dinner, Chang Hao finally tasted the long-awaited dishes and ended up eating two big bowls of rice. He still felt a bit unsatisfied, but his stomach was already full.

“Mmm, it’s so delicious! I still want to eat more,” Chang Hao exclaimed.

Grandpa Chang asked, “You’re not full after eating two bowls?”

Chang Hao felt a bit resentful and wondered if his stomach was too small, saying, “I’m full, but I still want to eat…”

Upon hearing this, Chang Le directly took away his bowl and chopsticks.

Chang Hao: …

Jiabao looked at him and pursed his lips, suppressing a smile. Chang Le and his family were so interesting and kind-hearted.

After dinner, Grandpa Chang, Chang Le, and Yu Qingze discussed the harvesting work. The discussion didn’t last long, and they quickly finished.

Later, Chang Hao started doing his homework, while Yu Qingze began teaching arithmetic to Chang Le and Jiabao.

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Chang Hao listened attentively from the side and found it very interesting. He joined them and listened together.

Seeing his interest, Yu Qingze took the opportunity while Chang Le and Jiabao practiced and told Chang Hao to finish his homework first. Chang Hao quickly completed the homework on three sheets of paper. Yu Qingze then taught him the basics of numbers.

After studying for an hour, they took turns to wash up. They planned to sleep early tonight because the harvesting work would be tiring for several days.

Now that it was autumn, the weather had become cooler, and there were no more mosquitoes. The two young boys finished washing up first, and Chang Le prepared a sleeping area for them on the floor. They laid thick straw at the bottom, followed by cool mats, and then a layer of winter blankets and sheets. It was soft and comfortable.

Yu Qingze was the last to take a bath, following behind Chang Le. When Chang Le finished and came out, Yu Qingze asked him to wait until he finished bathing before returning to the room to sleep.

Chang Le blinked his eyes, guessing what Yu Qingze had in mind. However, he hesitated a bit because they were at home, and Grandpa and Chang Hao could come in at any time. But deep down, he also wanted it very much. Over the past few days, they had kissed each other every morning and night, and it had become a habit. If they didn’t have a goodnight kiss, he would feel empty, as if something was unfinished.

As he hesitated, Yu Qingze finished bathing and came out.

Seeing that Brother Le was still in the kitchen, Yu Qingze smiled and put down the wooden bucket and oil lamp he was holding. Then he pulled Brother Le into the shower room at the back and kissed him.

In the pitch-black shower room, with some dampness in the air, the two embraced and kissed passionately. The darkness provided a sense of security for Chang Le because he couldn’t see anything, making his senses more heightened. The possibility of a family member coming in at any moment also made him feel a bit nervous and excited. This conflicting feeling heightened his senses even more, and he passionately responded by tilting his head. Before long, he felt his body responding.

Yu Qingze also noticed that Brother Le was unusually enthusiastic today. When he held Brother Le tightly, he keenly sensed the strong presence of Little Chang Le. He became excited and reached out to greet Little Chang Le.

However, just as his hand was about to touch Little Chang Le, a shout from outside instantly froze Chang Le’s body.

“Brother?!” Chang Hao’s voice echoed from the kitchen.

Chang Le buried his face in Yu Qingze’s chest, motionless and unable to move. He could only tightly grasp the back of Yu Qingze’s shirt.

Yu Qingze reluctantly withdrew his hand, embracing Chang Le tightly. He reached out to stroke his back, trying to relax him, and kissed his ear, whispering softly, “It’s okay.”

“Huh? Where did my brother go? And where’s Big Brother Yu?” The young boy couldn’t find his brother and didn’t see Yu Qingze either, so he hurriedly ran back to the room.

Hearing Chang Hao’s footsteps fading away, Chang Le finally breathed a sigh of relief and lifted his head.

Yu Qingze kissed his nose and chuckled softly, whispering, “See, I told you it’s fine. Are you still up for it?”

Chang Le playfully patted his chest, feeling startled. Little Chang Le was even scared stiff. Why would he still want to continue? He just tidied his clothes and intended to leave.

Yu Qingze didn’t want to let him go so easily. He held him back and kissed him once more before finally letting him go.

“Sleep tight, goodnight.”

Chang Le returned the kiss, using this as his latest way of saying goodnight.

The two of them quietly left. As Chang Le was returning to his room, he coincidentally encountered Chang Hao, who had come to find him.

“Brother, I want to switch to that long pillow, but… huh? Brother, are you feeling hot? Your face is so red,” Chang Hao curiously looked at his brother.

Chang Le gestured, indicating that he had just gone out and had a bit of an incident, which made him feel hot.

“Oh. Can I change to the long pillow then? I want to sleep with Brother Jiabao.”

Chang Le felt guilty in his heart but nodded, then went to find the long pillow for him.

After Chang Hao went back to sleep with the long pillow, Chang Le turned around and saw Yu Qingze standing at the doorway, smiling at him.

Chang Le glared at him and then returned to his room. Yu Qingze touched his nose, chuckled, and went back to sleep.

Due to the autumn harvest, the school also had a few days off.

Four days of harvesting were indeed exhausting, but with the introduction of rice beds, threshing became much easier than before. Jiabao experienced his first harvest and initially found it quite exciting. After spending an entire afternoon threshing grains, his arms were so sore the next day that he could hardly lift them. However, he persevered and didn’t complain.

Many people in the village bought rice beds from the village chief’s house, some even pooled their resources to purchase them together. Everyone was discussing these rice beds during threshing, amazed at how much easier they made the process. It was said that Yu Qingze came up with the idea, which surprised everyone.

This Yu Qingze not only knew how to cook and do business but also had woodworking knowledge!

Upon hearing these comments, Yu Qingze just smiled and brushed it off.

Chang Le’s family finished harvesting their rice on time in four days, but half of the rice in the other helpers’ families still remained unharvested.

Yu Qingze and the others waited for another day. During this day, Yu Qingze took care of the paperwork for his residential land.

After five days, most of the helper families had almost finished harvesting, and the remaining ones could complete it as well. Yu Qingze notified them to prepare to return and reopen the shop.

On the afternoon of October 2nd, Yu Qingze, Chang Le, and Jiabao returned to the city. They bought the necessary ingredients, soaked what needed to be soaked, and cleaned the kitchen utensils. They completed some preparation work beforehand.

That evening, Yu Qingze took the opportunity to have a passionate moment with Chang Le. These few days at home, they had been sneaky, like having an affair. While it was thrilling, it wasn’t satisfying enough. Chang Le seemed to feel the same way, and he reluctantly let go only when his lips were swollen. That night, Yu Qingze finally fulfilled his wish of meeting Little Chang Le and also saw the appearance of Big Chang Le, which made his heart tremble with desire.

On October 3rd, the snack shop opened on time.

Early in the morning, Cai Chenxi and Cai Yunwei, the two brothers, told them that Wang’s Noodle House next door, had introduced a new dish called “liangpi” a couple of days ago. Many customers who were craving liangpi had gone there to eat.

Cai Chenxi asked, “Brother Yu, did your recipe get leaked?”

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. The person who supplies us with liangpi now sells dry liangpi in the vegetable market in the west city. It should be from them.”

“Oh, that’s good. But there are still many people who want to eat cold noodles and liangpi. Don’t you plan to continue making them?”

“We don’t have time to make it, and there aren’t that many customers specifically looking for liangpi. Plus, the number of customers will decrease over time. It’s not cost-effective. Instead, we should focus on our snacks to attract more customers, which is more profitable. Besides, as the weather gets cooler, eating cold food can easily cause stomach issues.”

With that, Cai Chenxi and the others no longer dwelled on the matter.

However, within two days, Wang’s Noodle House introduced another new dish, which made Yu Qingze have to take it seriously.

Because the new dish they introduced was… Silver Ear Soup.


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