Chapter 65: The Culinary Tycoon

The Assault of New Specialties

The sweet kiss filled their hearts with memories and satisfaction, even when they went to sleep, a smile lingered on their lips.

This kiss was like an invisible signal, bringing the two closer in their emotions, as if they had become more intimate.

Where there is a first, there will naturally be a second. After taking the difficult first step, the second time becomes much more natural.

The next morning, after washing up and before starting work, Yu Qingze hugged Brother Le and gave him a good morning kiss. Although Brother Le’s face was still blushing, it was evident that he welcomed and liked the kiss. Not only did he welcome it, but he also imitated Yu Qingze’s actions and attempted to kiss him back.

Yu Qingze clearly felt the change in Brother Le, and he was delighted by it.

Previously, although they had expressed their feelings for each other, due to Brother Le’s personality, he held back a lot. Whenever Yu Qingze teased him, Brother Le would feel shy for quite a while and even hide from him. Yu Qingze also didn’t dare to tease him too much, fearing that it would scare him away. Therefore, their interactions were limited to holding hands, hugging, and occasionally kissing on the forehead, with the drunken kiss being an unexpected incident.

Finally, after a long time, Brother Le gradually became more cheerful, gained some confidence, and through Yu Qingze’s deliberate teasing, he became accustomed to his occasional flirtatiousness. Although he still felt shy at times, Brother Le could now also counterattack besides feeling shy!

Just like a few days ago when Yu Qingze mentioned staying at the shop, Brother Le fought back. In the past, Brother Le wouldn’t have even responded, let alone engage in a conversation about sleeping together. He probably would have wished to immediately retreat into his shell.

This version of Brother Le, who could stand up for himself compared to the previous shy one, made Yu Qingze’s heart flutter even more.

Flirting back and forth makes things more intriguing, after all.

Moreover, they were meant to be together for a lifetime, and the more natural their interactions, the stronger their relationship would become.

A good morning kiss filled both of them with energy, and they enjoyed a good mood throughout the day.

The three-day promotion period for the opening was over, and Jiabao took over the cashier’s work. Yu Qingze watched him for a while, making sure he was doing fine, and then went to help in the kitchen.

Starting today, he planned to introduce a new item every three days to attract customers. As more items were added, he would replace the ones that didn’t sell well, constantly changing to maintain freshness.

Today, he decided to introduce pan-fried dumplings as the first new item.

They had Brother Le and the others wrap regular meat dumplings. The stoves in the kitchen were all in use, so Yu Qingze pushed the snack cart back into the backyard. He lit the coal balls in the stove, placed a pot on it, and it was ready to use. Frying dumplings would inevitably produce smoke, so it was better to do it in the backyard where the odor would dissipate faster, and it wouldn’t dirty the main hall.

He heated up the pan, added oil, and placed the dumplings in it. After frying them for a while until the bottom turned golden brown, he added some water and covered it to steam. When the water was almost evaporated, he poured in a mixture of flour and water, cooked it until dry, and then uncovered it. The pan-fried dumplings with a crispy golden brown bottom were ready.

The fragrant smell of the crispy dumplings wafted through the corridor and entered the already aromatic main hall.

“Mmm, what’s that smell? It smells so good!” In the main hall, a customer who was picking up their order caught a whiff of the strong aroma and asked.

“Is Boss Yu making some new dish again? What is it?” Another customer who had tried all the current dishes in the shop and didn’t recognize this smell asked Brother Chang.

Brother Chang didn’t know either, so he followed the aroma to the backyard and saw that Yu Qingze was frying dumplings on the snack cart.

“Brother Chang, you’re just in time. The pan-fried dumplings are ready. Take them to the main hall. You don’t need to put them in the steamer. Serve them separately and charge two extra wen per plate compared to steamed dumplings. Also, let the customers know that from now on, we’ll introduce a new dish every three days, continuing until November. After that, we’ll release new items irregularly.” Yu Qingze packed the pan-fried dumplings into plates of three while talking to Brother Chang.

“Okay.” Brother Chang carried the pan-fried dumplings and went to the main hall, immediately starting to advertise to the customers.

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“Esteemed customers, attention please! Freshly cooked new dish here! Fragrant and delicious pan-fried dumplings, only seven wen per plate! Come and have a look, have a taste! First come, first served! If you’re slow, you’ll have to wait!”

Upon hearing this, the customers thought to themselves, “Oh, there’s a new dish again. It must be good, judging by the enticing aroma. But I still have plenty left on my plate. What should I do?”

One customer who happened to be ordering acted quickly and took a plate of dumplings before Brother Chang even placed them on the stove.

“Hey, sir, you’re too fast! Don’t rush, let me put them down first…” Seeing this, Brother Chang smoothly took a bamboo token worth seven wen from the basket tied around his waist and placed it in the customer’s plate. Then he placed the plate on the vacant spot near Xiaoshu and instructed him on the arrangement before setting up the price sign. Afterward, he went to the center of the main hall to announce the regular release of new dishes every three days.

The customers widened their eyes in astonishment and excitement.

Just how many new ideas does Boss Yu have?! These dishes are already delicious enough! They were fortunate to be in Tongshan City; otherwise, how could they taste such delectable food?

The bottom of the dumplings was fried to a golden brown, already enticing to the eyes. Taking a bite, the crispy and fragrant texture combined with the flavorful meat filling, creating an absolutely fantastic taste!

The customers couldn’t help but salivate as they looked at the pan-fried dumplings on the plates of those who got them first. They just had to have a plate!

Their eyes were fixed on Brother Chang’s figure, watching as he went inside. Those who couldn’t buy one yet stood by the stove, waiting eagerly. As soon as Brother Chang came out, they would pounce and snatch!

The pan-fried dumplings were being smoothly introduced. Whenever Yu Qingze fried a batch, Brother Chang would bring them out, and they would immediately be snatched up.

During a break from making the dumplings, there were still two left from the previous batch that hadn’t been plated. Yu Qingze carried them into the kitchen and approached Brother Le, using chopsticks to feed one to him.

“Brother Le, open your mouth.”

Chang Le was busy making shumai, but when he saw the dumpling near his mouth, he took a bite and nodded while chewing, giving a thumbs up to indicate that it was delicious.

“Tasty, right?” Yu Qingze smiled and finished eating the other half.

Chang Le nodded, his eyes flickering, and he smiled, feeling pleased that Brother Yu ate the other half of the food he already took a bite.

Yu Qingze smiled as he put down the plate and then turned to Brother Chang’s mother who was kneading dough behind him. He said, “Uncle, you should taste these pan-fried dumplings too. I’ll bring another plate in later.”

Brother Chang’s mother turned his head and smiled, saying, “Alright.” One of the great benefits of working for Boss Yu was being able to eat delicious snacks every day!

The pan-fried dumplings were warmly welcomed.

After closing up shop in the evening, Yu Qingze specifically went to Liu’s place and had him write a promotional sign to display tomorrow.

Before going to bed that night, Yu Qingze and Brother Le hugged each other and exchanged kisses for a while, satisfying their cravings. They also endured the strong resistance from Little Aze and Little le before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, Cai Chenxi and Cai Yunwei arrived before the store even opened. As soon as they arrived, they saw a wooden sign placed at the store entrance with the words: Today’s Special: Pan-Fried Dumplings.

Cai Chenxi asked, “Big Brother Yu, I heard there’s a new dish? Is it these pan-fried dumplings? I didn’t get to taste them yesterday, so I want to be the first today!”

Cai Yunwei also looked at Yu Qingze with bright eyes.

Yu Qingze saw the two brothers and smiled, “Why are you so early today?”

Cai Yunwei replied, “To eat pan-fried dumplings!”

Yu Qingze laughed and sighed, “There’s no need to be this early. Rest for a while first, and we’ll open the shop later. You’ll have the first portion.”

The two brothers happily went to the backyard to freshen up and rest. These days, they almost considered the backyard as their own.

When the shop opened, regular customers noticed that the Cai brothers from the Cai family had indeed arrived again. Looking at Second Young Master Cai’s body, it was getting better day by day, and his appetite was also good. Look, he was enjoying the food so much!

You can’t tell at all that he used to have trouble eating.

But thinking about Boss Yu’s culinary skills, they naturally understood.

The business at the snack shop was steadily rising. On the third day, the village chief sold all the rice beds and earned more than sixty taels of silver. The whole family was overjoyed.

Brother Le and Jiabao also did well in arithmetic.

As for Yu Qingze and Brother Le, they kissed each other good morning and good night every day. If they didn’t exchange affection, it felt like something was missing. They were becoming closer and more intimate, just like honey mixed with oil.

In their peaceful, busy, and happy days, time unknowingly reached the end of the month. After closing the shop on September 27, a notice was hung outside the snack shop announcing a four-day closure.

The rice in the fields was ready to be harvested, and everyone would take a break and go home to harvest the rice!

When Yu Qingze and Chang Le finished packing up, Jiabao said to them, “Brother Yu, Brother Le, can I go with you? I want to help you harvest the rice.”

Yu Qingze said, “Harvesting rice is very hard.”

Jiabao shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I’m not afraid of hard work. You’ve been so kind to me, and I want to help you with something too.”

Yu Qingze glanced at Chang Le and saw him nodding. He said, “Alright, then pack your clothes and come back with us.”

“I’ve already packed!” Jiabao pulled out a bundle from under the counter and happily exclaimed.

Yu Qingze and Chang Le smiled when they saw it.

Yu Qingze patted the young boy’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

The next day, when the customers who usually came to the snack shop saw the sign, they could only shake their heads helplessly and wait for the delicious food.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring Wang’s Noodle House, the son of the owner told Boss Wang something that instantly brightened his eyes, which had been despondent for quite some time.


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