Chapter 54: The Culinary Tycoon

Coming to the Rescue

Seeing the anxious look on the steward’s face, Yu Qingze asked, “Steward Zhao, what’s the matter?”

The others also looked at Steward Zhao with curiosity.

The steward said anxiously, “We have a chef who was supposed to make the Longevity Peach Buns, but he suddenly fainted. His two apprentices, one of whom is experienced, can’t complete the task on their own. I couldn’t find anyone else, so I came to ask for your help, Boss Yu. You see, have you finished making the dim sum? Can you spare some hands to help make the Longevity Peach Buns?”

Upon hearing that the chef responsible for making the Longevity Peach Buns had fainted, everyone was somewhat surprised.

Today was the sixty-sixth birthday celebration of the patriach of the Zhao Mansion, and the Longevity Peach Buns were indispensable and could be considered the most important part of the birthday celebration. Regardless of their taste, they held significant symbolic blessings.

If the birthday feast lacked the Longevity Peach Buns, it would be an incomplete celebration, with a sense of regret.

No wonder Steward Zhao was so anxious.

Upon hearing this, Yu Qingze said, “We just finished making the dough here, and it’s currently being steamed. We do have some available hands. However, it’s almost time for the banquet to begin, and it’s too rushed. How did this happen? Fainting at a time like this?”

Steward Zhao sighed, “Exactly. We can only rely on you to come up with a solution.”

Yu Qingze pondered for a moment and asked, “Is the dim sum served at the end of the birthday feast?”

Steward Zhao nodded, “Yes!”

Yu Qingze said, “Considering that there’s still about three-quarters of an hour to half an hour before it’s time to serve, it’s a bit rushed. However, we’re short on ingredients here, and I assume your Longevity Peach Buns are made differently from how we usually make.”

“The ingredients are available in the kitchen,” Steward Zhao replied. “As for the recipe…” He called a young man from outside the door and said, “Quickly, explain it to Boss Yu.”

The young man then proceeded to explain the recipe.

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Upon hearing this, Yu Qingze said, “Isn’t that just a regular red bean bun with a red dot on top? How can it be called a peach bun without even resembling a peach? Is this the only recipe you have for the birthday peach buns?”

The young man nodded.

Steward Zhao immediately asked, “Boss Yu, do you have another recipe?”

Yu Qingze replied, “I can make them in the shape of peaches.”

Upon hearing this, Steward Zhao exclaimed, “Ah, peach buns! Peach buns! Let’s follow your recipe then! Can we make it in time?”

“It’s a bit rushed, but we can discuss it on the way. Brother Le, Xiao Hao, you two stay here and make sure not to oversteam them. The rest of you come with me to make the peach buns,” Yu Qingze instructed. After arranging things on this side, he led the others to follow Steward Zhao.

They arrived at another courtyard’s kitchen where there was another person kneading the dough. When the person saw Steward Zhao bringing people over, they stopped and waited for instructions.

“You two, listen to Boss Yu’s instructions. Do as he says,” Steward Zhao immediately told the original chef’s two apprentices.

“Yes, Steward Zhao,” the two apprentices replied.

Yu Qingze looked around and found that all the ingredients were there, and half of the dough had already been kneaded. There was also red dye prepared, but they were lacking green dye for the peach leaves. He quickly said to Steward Zhao, “Steward Zhao, please find some green vegetables, like spinach, completely green. They should be able to produce green juice when squeezed. If not, sweet potato leaves will do.”

“Alright, alright. Anything else?” Steward Zhao asked.

“No, that’s all,” Yu Qingze replied. Steward Zhao immediately instructed someone to prepare it.

Later, Yu Qingze had the two apprentices continue kneading the dough while Brother Chang and Jiabao mixed and made the red bean paste, letting it cool before rolling them into small balls. Then, he taught Brother Chang’s father how to make the peach leaves and showed Brother Chang’s mother how to make the peach buns.

Before long, Steward Zhao returned with a lot of green vegetables. Yu Qingze had them washed thoroughly, and then the leaves were mashed and the juice was filtered and mixed into the dough, turning it into green dough.

Everyone was busy and sweating profusely. Yu Qingze even asked Steward Zhao to slightly extend the intervals between serving the other dishes, trying to delay some time.

Finally, rushing against the clock, they managed to finish making the peach buns at the last moment.

“It’s done!” Yu Qingze lifted the steamer lid, took a look, and said.

Everyone turned their gaze to the steamer, and Chang Le and Chang Hao also came over. The other dim sum dishes had already been successfully served.

Steward Zhao watched anxiously yet expectantly, feeling both worried and hopeful.

Would Boss Yu’s peach buns turn out well?

As the steam dissipated, the true appearance of the peach buns revealed itself.

When everyone saw the peach buns in the steamer, they couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

The top of the peach buns was pink, resembling ripe peaches, fresh and tender. The shallow groove on one side of the peach was vivid, and there were even two peach leaves at the bottom.

These peach buns looked as if they had just been picked from the peach tree early in the morning.

“They really look like peach buns!”

“Wow! They look just like the peaches we eat!”

“They’re just like the real thing!”

“Wow, look, there are even leaves!” It was Chang Hao who had just arrived. Neither he nor his brother had seen the process of making them, so they didn’t know that Yu Qingze had added the leaves.

The two apprentices were also dumbfounded. The peach buns they had made before couldn’t even be called peach buns. These were the true “peach buns”!

Steward Zhao, filled with excitement, kept saying, “Excellent, excellent! Boss Yu, you have made a great achievement!”

Yu Qingze said, “Steward Zhao, quickly have the dishes served.”

Steward Zhao finally realized and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, quickly, serve the peach buns!”

Yu Qingze said, “Brother Le, Brother Chang, come and help. Place a large one in the center and arrange ten smaller ones around it in a circle, with the tips of the peaches facing the center. Also, Steward Zhao, tell them that the largest one is for the main table, don’t get it wrong.”

Brother Le, Brother Chang, and Yu Qingze started plating the peach buns. Servants carried trays of lifelike peach buns and headed towards the banquet hall.

On the way, they couldn’t help but stare at the peach buns. They had never seen such peach buns before, they were truly beautiful. As they were looking, one servant almost stumbled, but luckily, another person caught them, or else the tray of peach buns would have been lost.

In the banquet hall, everyone was toasting and laughing, creating a lively atmosphere.

“The Longevity Peach buns are served! Wishing Old Master Zhao a long and blessed life, may the pine and cypress remain evergreen!”

With the cry of the serving boy, the servants carrying the Longevity Peach buns entered the hall slowly.

Longevity Peach buns were a common dish at celebratory banquets, and many people didn’t pay much attention. They continued drinking and chatting, unaffected by the servant’s cry.

It wasn’t until the servant placed a plate of Longevity Peach buns that looked like fresh peaches on the table that the guests’ eyes widened.

“What is this? Are there peaches in season now?”

“It’s not peaches, look closely, it’s still steaming hot. Didn’t you hear the serving boy just announce the dish? It’s Longevity Peach buns! Buns!”

“They look too similar! Look at the groove on the peach and the ripe red color, and even the leaves! How alike!”

“Quick, taste it!”


Immediately, everyone picked up their chopsticks, one person per bun, and the ten small Longevity Peach buns disappeared in an instant, leaving only the large Longevity Peach bun in the center.

In the next moment, someone swiftly picked up the large peach bun with their chopsticks, leaving the rest of the people glaring angrily at the person who ate an extra one!

How could their hands be so fast!

At the main table, seated were prominent figures and representatives of the influential families in Tongshan City.

Old Master Zhao looked at the Longevity Peach buns with great delight. Especially when he saw the surprise on the faces of the other elderly gentlemen, he felt even more proud, considering it a great honor.

This kind of Longevity Peach buns was unique in the entire Tongshan City.

And it was at his birthday banquet! Hahaha!

He beckoned the steward with a smile and asked, “The chef did a great job today, reward him!”

Steward Zhao whispered in Old Master Zhao’s ear, “Old Master, it wasn’t the chef who made them, he fell ill earlier.”

Old Master Zhao asked in surprise, “Then who made them?”

Steward Zhao replied, “It was Yu Qingze, Boss Yu, who brought his own people. He’s the one who specializes in making custom pastries.”

“The one who makes mooncakes?” Old Master Zhao asked.

Steward Zhao nodded, “Yes, him!”

Seeing Steward Zhao’s confirmation, Old Master Zhao happily said, “Then the other desserts were excellent too! Reward them all!”

“Yes, Old Master.” Steward Zhao smiled and responded.

In the kitchen, Brother Le and the others were also tasting the peach buns. In reality, the taste was similar to red bean buns, but they looked so appealing and seemed to taste even better.

When Steward Zhao brought his people over, he saw them all happily enjoying their Longevity Peach buns, one in each hand.

Steward Zhao said with a smile, “Boss Yu, everyone, thanks to all of you, our birthday banquet went smoothly. Old Master is very pleased with the peach buns and the desserts you made. He asked me to thank you on his behalf. This is a token of his appreciation, please accept it.”

As he spoke, Steward Zhao gave each person a couple of silver coins, and he handed a silver ingot to Yu Qingze.

Everyone knew that this was Old Master Zhao rewarding them out of joy, so they happily thanked him and accepted the gifts.

A couple of silver coins! Their hearts were filled with joy!

Chang Hao and Jiabao also received their share. The two young boys looked at the silver coins in their hands, unable to stop smiling.

As they laughed, Jiabao suddenly burst into tears.

Chang Hao was beside him and quickly asked, “Jiabao, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Jiabao wiped his tears and said, “I’m fine, I’m just too happy.”

The adults understood clearly that he must have been thinking about his mother. They had experienced such hardship before, struggling to gather enough money for medical expenses. Now, they suddenly received a couple of silver coins, and Jiabao couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions.

Chang Le walked over, took out a handkerchief, and wiped away his tears while making gestures.

Chang Hao translated, “My brother says not to cry, things will get better in the future.”

Jiabao nodded, wiped away his tears, sniffled, and said, “I know, Brother Le, Boss Yu, thank you, thank you so much.” He then bowed to Yu Qingze once again.

Yu Qingze patted Jiabao’s head and said, “Don’t cry. Today is Old Master Zhao’s birthday celebration. It wouldn’t look good if the people of the Zhao Residence saw you like this, understand?”

Jiabao nodded and said, “I understand, Boss Yu.” With that, he managed to control his emotions and stopped crying.

After having lunch, in the afternoon, they made some more pastries for the Zhao Residence’s afternoon tea. Once they finished serving the pastries, they packed up their belongings and prepared to go home.

Yu Qingze confirmed the quantity with Steward Zhao and agreed to settle the payment the next day. Then, he led the group back home.

In the evening, Yu Qingze calculated their earnings. Just from the order of the Zhao Residence, after deducting the costs, they made around thirty taels of silver, mainly from the three types of packaged pastries.

This didn’t even include the emergency order for the Longevity Peach buns they made for the Zhao Residence. Since he didn’t know how the Zhao Residence would calculate the price for those, and the situation was urgent, it wasn’t appropriate to negotiate the price at that time. It could be considered selling a favor to the Zhao Residence, and they could settle the payment in any way they saw fit.

“Wow! That’s a lot! Can we open a small shop with this?” Chang Hao asked eagerly, his eyes shining.

Yu Qingze smiled and nodded, saying, “It should be enough to rent a storefront!”

Upon hearing this, everyone smiled happily.



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