Chapter 65: Busy Farming in the Last Days

However, Ji Cha encountered a difficulty.

Fresh potatoes were not priced in the system.

Ji Cha tried to input it himself, but the system told him that there was no such option. He had to click on the “contact us” button in the corner of the page.

“What is the price of fresh potatoes?” he asked.

“Fresh potatoes,” came the quick response, “where did they come from?”

Before Ji Cha could answer, the other side knew it was from the factory through his login terminal and naturally knew that he had grown them himself.

“At present, there is no such item. The suggestion here is not to enter this item temporarily because the point requirement here is for something that everyone can buy. Potatoes should not have reached mass production yet, right?”

This did hit the key point. Ji Cha thought about it and agreed with this approach.

Before getting off work in the evening, the workers were also quite nervous. Who knew if this credit card would work smoothly or not?

But some people were still happy. “It’s great. I live alone, and it’s okay now that the weather is cold. But in the summer, I used to worry that things would break down in just one day. Now I can keep them in the card and take them out whenever I need them.”

“You can go to the black market to exchange things,” someone suggested.

The man was not convinced, “Why is it called the black market? The keyword is ‘black.’ I’m not going to lose out like that. When I save up some more, I can buy meat from the army and make myself a dish of braised pork with white rice. Isn’t that just great?”

After he finished speaking, everyone present became drooling and even more looked forward to the payment of their salaries.

Ji Cha had prepared their magnetic cards early on. Now, one by one, they walked out with the distributed cards according to their names. He also took out a portion of potatoes for each person and explained, “Potatoes currently cannot be counted as points, so they cannot be converted into points for you. As for the other things, one portion of staple food, one portion of tofu or bean sprouts, a total of fourteen points, all of which are stored in the magnetic card. If you need to take away the food, come with me to settle the account. If not, you’re good to go.”

He added, “And one more thing, the points in the magnetic card can be checked at the recruitment point, where you can see real-time point information.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Most of them took the potatoes and went home, while one or two took half a portion of staple food from Ji Cha.

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Ji Cha had set up a small, makeshift workshop outside, with wires and a laptop. As for the living room inside the house, he simplified it as much as possible. He was still very cautious about things that would be exposed to others.

For now, everything was in order.

At night, after a lot of fussing, Liang Jincheng held Ji Cha tightly and kissed him on the ear and cheek.

“You’re as hard as iron all over,” Ji Cha complained. “I want to sleep on top of the blanket, move over.”

“Hard all over?” Liang Jincheng chuckled and asked, “Where is it the hardest…?”

Ji Cha pursed his lips and refused to answer the suggestive question from the pervert. Then he suddenly said, “I kind of want to eat fish…”

The few boys that he had seen before reminded Ji Cha of the possibility of being able to have fish during the end times. Combined with the various seasonings stored at home, he thought of the grilled fish he had had at the night market before, which was fragrant, spicy, tender, and smooth.

He dared not think too much about it, otherwise he would start salivating.

“Fish?” Although Liang Jincheng played the rogue, he still cared about Ji Cha. He got up to get a dry towel and wiped their feet. Then he pulled out the quilt that they used as a flat sheet and covered Ji Cha with the warm and soft quilt. “I’m free tomorrow. Let’s go take a look.”

“I also want to go take a look.” In fact, Ji Cha had been wanting to see the place the boys mentioned with his own eyes.

“It’s dangerous outside.” Liang Jincheng’s first reaction was to refuse. He pinched the tip of Ji Cha’s finger under the blanket. “You have calluses.”

Ji Cha pulled his hand back. He had already figured out Liang Jincheng’s temper and knew that he was someone who couldn’t be forced. He held Liang Jincheng’s cheek in his hand and kissed him several times on his face and mouth. “Take me, please take me!”

Liang Jincheng’s expression immediately softened. Ji Cha continued to sweet-talk him in his ear. Although they ended up having sex again immediately, the next day, Ji Cha still followed Liang Jincheng out of the house, feeling sore all over.

They didn’t need to sneak out of the base like the teenagers did. The soldiers at the main gate didn’t even check their IDs and greeted them politely. They even offered to lend them a military vehicle. According to the teenagers’ descriptions, Ji Cha had a rough idea of where to go, a place within walking distance. They declined the offer and walked all the way there.

It was only about a fifteen-minute walk, and a small river appeared before them. Ji Cha accidentally kicked a piece of soil into the river with his shoe, and before any splashes could be made, a group of fish immediately jumped up and swallowed it whole. If Ji Cha hadn’t seen the fish with his own eyes, he would have thought they were crossbreeds between fish and tigers, judging by their sharp teeth.

If a person fell into the river, they would also be eaten by the fish. What if there were no remains left…? As he was thinking this, he suddenly saw two half-devoured corpses lying in the water. They were zombies, or to be precise, zombies that were once intact but were now half-eaten. Many fish were still fighting over their bodies, leaving only a little meat around their chest and head. Even so, when they saw Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng, a primitive sense of raiding appeared in their eyes.

Ji Cha couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable, with goosebumps all over his body, he turned his head away.

Liang Jincheng was already very accustomed to this kind of scene. He covered Ji Cha’s eyes with one hand and held his waist with the other. Almost like carrying a child, he led Ji Cha through the various grass and stones, avoiding the many dangers without mentioning them, and easily guiding him through.

At home, Ji Cha had some reservations, but outside, he didn’t mind having intimate actions with Liang Jincheng. He leaned contentedly against Liang Jincheng’s side, and the two of them quickly found the small pool hidden in the cave halfway up the mountain. Because the teenagers had been catching them all the time, there weren’t many fish left in the pool.

Ji Cha was concentrating on looking at the types of fish in the pool when Liang Jincheng suddenly pulled him behind him and asked sternly, “Who’s there?”

Ji Cha looked at the direction of his gaze dazedly, “Someone?”

As soon as Liang Jincheng finished speaking, two teenagers walked out slowly from behind the tree, looking at them with a frightened expression.

“We, we’re just here to catch fish. We’re not bad guys. Brother Ji, you know me,” one of the teenagers said.

Ji Cha recognized one of the teenagers at a glance, and the teenager also recognized him.

“I know him,” Ji Cha said to Liang Jincheng. Then he turned to the teenager and asked, “Didn’t I tell you not to come out? Why did you come out again?”

“We found crayfish over there,” said the boy.


Thandar: I googled crayfish and it looks like shrimp. Why is it called fish then? @_@

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