Chapter 61: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Currently, due to limited number of hens, it’s impossible to establish large-scale breeding. Only by expanding the breeding stock, can the subsequent breeding develop more smoothly.

However, everything is very hopeful fortunately. The chicks are growing day by day and they look cute and have good growth. The egg production efficiency of the hens has not been greatly affected by the weather. In the middle of the season, eighty eggs were selected and placed into the incubator. When the chicks are over a month old, the second batch of chicks will hatch.

By that time, the chickens can be sent to the slaughterhouse and transformed into food that can be served on the table.

When Ji Cha was working hard with full motivation, Zhao Tiankuo brought him some good news. The army opened a supermarket, which has almost the same product inventory as before. The former currency has completely lost its circulation ability, and now everything is exchanged for food. The prices of goods in the army supermarket are cheaper than those on the black market, but there are corresponding purchase restrictions. Even if you have enough food, you can’t buy whatever you want or as much as you want.

In addition, several doctors and nurses have moved into the hospital, and the machines and equipment have been transported from the first hospital of s city. They are basically well equipped, but the only thing that is lacking is talent. Currently, people who are injured at work do not need to pay much for medical expenses, and the expenses are still borne by the military.

Thanks to the establishment of the power plant, many electrical appliances can be restored to use. However, not every household can have access to electricity. To have electricity for one month, one must spend almost half a month’s grain income, so only some large families or small group alliances can afford it. Many people have not seen what a television looks like since the end of the world.

The army set up a screen for showing movies and TV shows a few days ago, which only costs a few points per day and runs from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., featuring various classic movies and TV dramas. After Ji Cha learned about this, he made copies of all the resources he had and gave them to the person in charge of this area in the army.

Originally, when the public movie viewing area was not set up yet, most people would go to bed after dinner. But now, the majority of people bring their own stools to the public TV area located in the four corners of the base to watch TV. The TV dramas are aired until 10 pm, and the rest of the programs are mostly sketches, or occasionally some military attention notes for the next day.

Here, people can relax after a day of hard work, and the tense atmosphere in the base has also dissipated quite a bit.

Sometimes, Ji Cha also feels that he has an advantage, living a more comfortable life than most people. However, he is not a person who dwells on such things, at least his comfortable life is not taken from others.

Since the supermarket has opened, Ji Cha plans to go there to take a look during the day. However, when he wakes up in the morning, Wang Qinxiang comes to tell him that they can start digging the potatoes.

Ji Cha quickly washes his face and brushes his teeth, and then heads to the field with a steamed bun in his mouth. Wang Lixin has already started digging. They have planted a total of 100 square meters of potatoes, which should yield more than 300 kilograms according to the estimate. However, no one knows what the actual result will be. If they fail, they may only get around 100 kilograms.

Wang Lixin stands in the greenhouse, loosening the soil with a hoe, and then lifting it up. The potatoes hidden beneath the soil are exposed. They have only dug up one potato so far, but when they lift the soil, they find five or six fist-sized potatoes underneath. Wang Lixin puts down the hoe and picks them up. There are several more hidden beneath them, and each one is not small. In total, they count ten, and the output from this one potato alone is estimated to be seven or eight kilograms.

After a busy morning, they carefully pick out the potatoes that are accidentally damaged, and weigh them. They have harvested more than 320 kilograms in total. If stored properly, they can be stored for several months.

Originally, Ji Cha wanted to send some to the military unit, but then he thought that if they got used to receiving good things from him, they would naturally expect him to send more in the future, which he couldn’t afford. So he decided not to send any and kept some for himself, leaving about 100 kilograms for other uses.

When all these things were almost done, there wasn’t much time left in the day. Ji Cha hurriedly rode his electric scooter towards the military supermarket as the evening sun was setting.

He didn’t bring anything with him, planning to make a reservation at the supermarket first, inquire about the prices, and then come back to pick up the items later.

Although it was called a supermarket, it was actually more like a large warehouse with few items on the shelves. They were all samples, and if someone wanted to buy something, they would have to inform the staff inside, who would then send a staff to assist them. Ji Cha felt that this measure was not only to prevent theft but also to conceal the true inventory of goods.

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The military unit would not be short of inventory, but to ensure the long-term operation of the base, they would not distribute it freely to everyone without any restrictions. This was also necessary to avoid causing resentment among the people.

Ji Cha spent the afternoon browsing through the supermarket, mostly picking up small items such as daily necessities. He found that some of the seasonings he needed were not well-stocked, but they were readily available at this supermarket.

However, there was a problem when he wanted to place his order.

“You’re buying too much,” the staff member counted the items Ji Cha wanted to purchase. “We can’t ship them all at once.”

“Can I buy half now and come back later to buy the rest?” Ji Cha asked.

“You can only buy once a month, and the limit is set,” the staff member replied.

Ji Cha took out his identity card issued by the base, thinking that it might help him, since almost half of his factory buildings were working for the military now.

But the staff member still shook their head.

Ji Cha had no choice but to follow the staff’s advice and only pick up a few of the most necessary items, and then come back the next day to collect the rest.

The next morning, he met Zhao Tiankuo, and specifically inquired about the rules of the supermarket.

Zhao Tiankuo shrugged and said helplessly, “This rule is set by the higher-ups. We can’t do anything about it either. Yesterday, our boss wanted to exchange something and was refused. Hey, but you can ask to Brother Liang to go with you.”

“What?” Ji Cha was a little confused.

Although Zhao Tiankuo’s level of authority was not particularly high, he was not low either, and yet he was still stopped. What difference would it make if Liang Jincheng went? It wasn’t like in his previous life when Liang Jincheng was so powerful.

“Don’t you know that Brother Liang now has some real power in the army?” Zhao Tiankuo looked at Ji Cha in surprise. “Even our superiors have to be polite to him. Brother Liang’s skills are really incredible, almost beyond belief.”

Zhao Tiankuo’s tone was full of admiration, and he respectfully referred to Liang Jincheng as “Brother Liang.”

Ji Cha was skeptical. Liang Jincheng had been quite busy these days, and he really didn’t want to bother him with something trivial.


Thandar: Liang Jincheng = very powerful on and off bed

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