Chapter 48: The Culinary Tycoon


Chang Le stood frozen at the doorstep with the washed clothes in his hands.

Didn’t Big Brother Yu already tell Matchmaker Liao that he had someone he liked? Why did Matchmaker Liao come again?

Whose son is it this time?

Chang Le was getting angry.

Matchmaker Liao’s ears must be useless. Big Brother Yu already told him not to come, yet he still came. How shameless can he be?

Moreover, Big Brother Yu clearly said that he liked him, but other gers still come to pursue Big Brother Yu.

Frustrated! Unhappy!

He grumpily carried the bucket of clothes and walked to the clothesline in the courtyard. While hanging the clothes, he eavesdropped on the conversation in the main hall, his ears pricked up.

But the voices were intermittent, and he couldn’t catch the words clearly. So, he quickly finished hanging the clothes and went into the kitchen, pressing his ear against the door to listen.

“…He looks good, has good abilities, can earn money, and most importantly, he has a good character. He is a great match for marriage.”

No matter how good he is, it still depends on whether Big Brother Yu likes him or not!

“You see, they are of similar age and appearance. They are extremely compatible.”

Who cares about compatibility? Big Brother Yu doesn’t like that person!

“You see, don’t they look suitable as well? Are you satisfied?”

Whether they are suitable or not, why ask Grandfather? It’s up to Big Brother Yu to be satisfied! Hmph, Big Brother Yu will definitely not be satisfied! He likes me!

By the way, where did Big Brother Yu go? Why don’t I see him?

“The other party will come over later. I invited the village chief as well. You’re familiar with each other, so you can have a good conversation.” Matchmaker Liao said and noticed his arm peeking out behind the door. He quickly called out, “Oh, Brother Le, you’re back? Come over here quickly.”

Hearing that he was discovered, Chang Le got startled and quickly scurried back to the cutting board, pretending to take the vegetables to wash.

But Matchmaker Liao had already walked over and directly pulled him to the main hall, smiling and saying, “Oh, why are you still outside? They will arrive soon. Go to your room and wait there. Fix your hair and dress up. But don’t come out yet, okay?”

Chang Le was puzzled. Why does he have to hide when talking about proposing to Big Brother Yu? Oh, it seems that the other party saw that there’s another ger in the house, which is not a good sign, so he needs to avoid suspicion.

But why does he have to hide? This is his home!

He looked at Grandpa Chang and Chang Hao sitting at the table, but they were both smiling at him. His little brother even winked at him! They didn’t seem to have any intention of helping him!

Oh, why didn’t Xiao Hao go to school?

He asked, “Why didn’t you go to school?”

Chang Hao replied, “I heard that Matchmaker Liao came to our house, so I asked the teacher for half a day off. When the teacher saw that I had memorized the article he taught, he let me come back.”

Chang Le pursed his lips and gestured, “What about Big Brother Yu?”

Chang Hao smiled and answered, “Matchmaker Liao said he will come soon.”

So Big Brother Yu knew that Matchmaker Liao was coming to propose to him?

Hearing this, Chang Le felt slightly relieved. Big Brother Yu would definitely reject the proposal!

Chang Hao rushed over to his brother and asked, “Brother, are you happy?”

Happy my ass! Are we still brothers or not?!

Chang Le’s eyes turned red, glaring at his brother. It was the first time he wanted to spank his little brother, despite always being protective of him.

Usually good at reading people’s emotions, Chang Hao unexpectedly didn’t understand his brother’s mood this time. He thought his brother’s teary eyes were tears of excitement!

He chuckled and said, “I’m also very happy! Grandpa is also very happy!”

Chang Le looked at his brother, suppressing the bitterness in his eyes, and gestured, asking which family’s son it was.

“Huh?” Chang Hao was momentarily stunned.

At that moment, Yu Qingze arrived with the village chief.

“Oh, here they are! Brother Le, quickly, go to your room. You can’t show yourself now,” Matchmaker Liao said when he saw the man with the gifts, urging Chang Le to go to his room.

But Chang Le didn’t want to move at all. He lowered his head, biting his lip, feeling as if his feet were rooted to the ground. He wanted to hear Big Brother Yu personally reject Matchmaker Liao.

Big Brother Yu said he liked him!

“Oh, why is Brother Le here?” The village chief entered the room and was surprised to see Chang Le in the main hall.

Yu Qingze also looked at Brother Le with surprise. According to the local customs, wasn’t Brother Le not supposed to show himself at this moment?

Chang Le looked at the expression in Yu Qingze’s eyes and was momentarily stunned. What’s wrong with Big Brother Yu…

Seeing the situation, Matchmaker Liao quickly intervened and said, “Oh, it’s my fault for causing this misunderstanding. It’s alright, it’s alright. You’ve met each other before, you’re familiar, it’s fine.”

Saying that, Matchmaker Liao pulled Chang Le again and said, “Brother Le, quickly, go back to your room. Come out once they’ve reached an agreement.”

Chang Le didn’t move, biting his lip as he looked at Yu Qingze, tears welling up in his eyes.

Why were they all telling him to avoid, even Big Brother Yu didn’t want to see him.

Yu Qingze noticed that something was wrong and saw that Brother Le seemed on the verge of tears. He quickly stepped forward, touching the corner of his eye, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chang Le gestured and said, “Matchmaker Liao wants to propose to you.”

Yu Qingze was momentarily stunned.

Chang Hao, who had been stunned for a while, finally reacted. He looked at his brother and asked, “Brother, you didn’t think Matchmaker Liao was coming to propose to Big Brother Yu, did you?”

Chang Le was stunned, staring blankly at his brother. Wasn’t it?

The others were also stunned.

Chang Hao was surprised and then explained to his brother, “Brother, Matchmaker Liao and the village chief were invited by Big Brother Yu to propose to you.”

Chang Le widened his eyes, looking at Yu Qingze in disbelief.

Yu Qingze patted his head, feeling helpless and fondly said, “Silly boy.”

However, he felt a little happy in his heart. Just now, Brother Le insisted on staying here. Was it because he was afraid that Yu Qingze would agree to someone else’s marriage proposal? Was this his way of showing possessiveness towards him?

Haha, he felt oddly happy.

Chang Le turned his head to look at his grandfather.

Grandpa Chang nodded with a smile and said, “They’ve come to propose to you.”

The village chief and Matchmaker Liao also looked at him with smiles on their faces.

Matchmaker Liao waved his handkerchief and said, “Oh, it’s my fault, it’s my fault. I didn’t explain it clearly to Brother Le and made him misunderstand.”

Chang Le glanced around, finally confirming that what his younger brother said was true. He had misunderstood. He thought Matchmaker Liao was invited by someone else to propose to Yu Qingze. But it turns out, it turns out…

Oh dear, how embarrassing!

Chang Le covered his face and hurriedly ran into the room, quickly closing the door.

Once inside, he leaned against the door and covered his face, motionless.

It’s so embarrassing!

He felt so ashamed!


He was so happy—!

Brother Yu invited a matchmaker to propose to him!

A marriage proposal!

A proposal!

Thinking of these two words, thinking that it was Yu Qingze who proposed, he couldn’t stop smiling. His eyes formed crescent moons, and the previous blush was nowhere to be seen.

He secretly turned to the side, pressing his ear against the crack of the door, wanting to hear what they were saying outside.

Outside, everyone was speechless, laughing and crying at the same time. Matchmaker Liao kept blaming himself, saying that he didn’t explain it clearly to Brother Le, causing such a misunderstanding.

Grandpa Chang comforted him, saying, “It’s okay, none of us thought about it either. We thought he already knew.”

Seeing that they didn’t mind, Matchmaker Liao breathed a sigh of relief and started using his unparalleled matchmaking skills to exaggerate both sides. He described them as a perfect match, as if it was a match made in heaven. They were destined to be together, and it would be a betrayal to the heavens if they didn’t get married.

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Yu Qingze and the others listened, with happy smiles on their faces. Both sides had already agreed in advance, so today was just going through the formalities according to the marriage customs.

As the representative of the groom’s side, the village chief, entrusted by Yu Qingze, responsibly proposed to Grandpa Chang, “Uncle, since both of them have mutual affection for each other, why not finalize this matter today?”

Yu Qingze turned his head, looking at Grandpa Chang expectantly. Chang Hao also looked at Grandpa Chang with anticipation.

Grandpa Chang calmly replied, “Well, let me go and ask Xiao Le first. You all arrived so quickly, and I haven’t had a chance to ask him yet. Just wait a moment.”

Saying that, Grandpa Chang went to knock on Chang Le’s door.

Chang Le inside the room blushed upon hearing their conversation. Wasn’t it just a proposal? How come it was being finalized today? It was too soon, he wasn’t even prepared yet, and he hadn’t even prepared gifts for the other party.

He opened the door and let Grandpa Chang into the room, with Chang Hao following closely behind like a little tail.

Grandpa Chang always prioritized his grandson’s wishes. He looked at his blushing grandson and asked, “Xiao Le, we’ve all seen how Aze is as a person, and he really likes you. Do you also like him?”

Chang Le nodded.

Admitting their feelings in front of family made him feel a bit embarrassed. But at this point, shyness was completely irrelevant. What mattered was making it clear to his grandfather that he also liked Yu Qingze, agreed to be with him, and was willing to be his wife!

Grandpa Chang nodded with a smile and said, “Well, now Aze wants to directly proceed with the engagement. Are you willing?”

Chang Le looked at his grandfather, nodded, and even gestured with his hand to indicate agreement. But after making the gesture, he blushed and lowered his head.

Grandpa Chang chuckled and said, “Good, I’ll go and inform Aze then.”

Chang Le gently nodded his head.

Chang Hao smiled at his brother, and they both raised their thumbs, gesturing a loving and affectionate action.

Chang Le, feeling embarrassed, patted his younger brother’s shoulder and ushered him out of the room!

With Chang Le’s approval, the next steps became straightforward.

In the countryside, there weren’t as many formalities, especially since this couple had already decided to get engaged. Matchmaker Liao simplified everything, took their birthdates, glanced at it briefly, matched their horoscopes, said some auspicious words, and considered it done.

Then Matchmaker Liao handed over the gifts bought by Yu Qingze to Grandpa Chang, and went to Chang Le’s room to retrieve the return gift.

Chang Le hadn’t prepared anything, but coincidentally, the new clothes he had made for Yu Qingze were ready. So he gave the clothes to the matchmaker as a return gift. The matchmaker also asked for a waist belt from him and gave it to Yu Qingze together.

The new clothes phonetically sounded like “heart” in Chinese, symbolizing the sentiment behind the gift, while the waist belt represented firmly binding the two together, making it a thoughtful return gift.

According to Yu Qingze’s plan, they would get married after building a new house, and Grandpa Chang had no objections. So, the events of the day concluded at this point.

Afterward, Chang Le, who had become the subject of a joke, could finally come out of his room. Afraid of being teased by everyone, he directly hid in the kitchen.

They had lunch together, everything was settled, and the village chief and the matchmaker Liao went home.

For the rest of the day, Chang Le blushed every time he looked at Yu Qingze, feeling an unprecedented sense of shyness. As for Yu Qingze, he would just smile foolishly whenever he saw Chang Le.

Even Chang Hao was happy throughout the day.

In the afternoon, Grandpa Chang went up the mountain alone and spent a long time talking in front of the tombs of his eldest son and his son’s wife. The essence of his words was that Xiao Le had found someone trustworthy to spend his life with, and they could rest assured.


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