Ch 45: TGCIR

Li Weilan stepped into Fu Yanzhou’s dormitory. Before entering the room, he took a quick glance at the furnishings inside.

Clean, neat, and refreshing.

However, it was empty and lifeless, except for the man lying dead in bed in broad daylight, as if there was no sign of life or change.

When the other people at Noah Base moved into their own dormitories, they would inevitably decorate them with some personal style, even if it was just a flower, a piece of grass, or a photo, to bring some personal touch to their living space.

This showed their respect for their living space and their love for the base.

But Fu Yanzhou did not do that.

His personal belongings were in a small bag by the bed, as if he was ready to wander and travel at any time.

After taking a look around, Li Weilan immediately formed his first impression of this person named Fu Yanzhou: threat level (extremely low).

Perhaps hearing the sound of the door, Fu Yanzhou slowly got up from the bed.

Rubbing his forehead wearily, he didn’t have time to open his eyes and just said in a low, hoarse voice, “I’m not hungry, thank you for your concern.” It was time for lunch, but he didn’t want to eat. He couldn’t eat.

“I heard you have no appetite.” Li Weilan suppressed the acidity and hostility overflowing from his chest. When he saw the other person’s thin body and almost pale face, his first reaction was that he couldn’t die, “If you want to eat something, just say it, we will try to satisfy you.”

It was a man’s voice.

This was not the girl who had been coming to see him for the past few days.

Fu Yanzhou’s voice was hoarse: “It’s not because of those girls that I have no appetite… I…” He wanted to explain, but gritted his teeth and said, “Sorry for causing trouble to you all. I’ll eat whatever it is!”

Even pig food would have to do…

Li Weilan was stunned.

Did Fu Yanzhou think that they would punish Yan Hongyu for his lack of cooperation?

It seemed that he had a very high opinion of himself.

Hopefully, his real abilities matched his confidence.

However, there was still an unsolved mystery in Li Weilan’s mind. In fact, this was one of the main reasons why he came today. He looked down at Fu Yanzhou, who was swaying and pale, and his gaze became more scrutinizing, which made people uneasy. But his hesitant words came out, “How… did you meet her?”

Fu Yanzhou was taken aback.

Her? Who was she?

His heart skipped a beat. He had already figured out that the leader of this base was not the girl in the red dress who picked him up that day. Could it be that her actions caused dissatisfaction with her leader?

“I don’t know her!” he hurriedly explained. “The girl who picked me up that day, we had never met before! I don’t even know her name…”

Li Weilan was attentive in the first half, but in the second half, he realized that they were talking about two different things. This person didn’t look like he had received “Her” attention like he himself did. Judging from what he saw and heard, Fu Yanzhou didn’t seem like he was deliberately hiding something.

So… what did she want this person for?

Li Weilan’s gaze lingered for a moment on the other’s delicate and pale skin, as well as his particularly clean, almost peeling fingers. Finally, his gaze fell on the flat and smooth bed sheet that could almost trigger OCD, and he nodded, “It’s good that Mr. Fu is willing to eat. I’ll send someone to bring the food later.”

“… ” Why did this person’s emotions seem so peculiar?

Although Fu Yanzhou was not good at socializing, he clearly felt the slight fluctuations in the other’s emotions, from the initial hostility and scrutiny, to gradual dissipation, then sudden increase in attention, and finally relaxation. He suddenly felt that coming to Noah Base might not be such a good idea.

Not long after, the girl in red who had brought him in earlier brought food. Fu Yanzhou smelled an extremely pure scent of rice, and his stomach, which had already felt like it didn’t exist, suddenly made a grumbling sound. His brow and eyes, which had been dim, instantly lit up: this was nothing like what he had imagined!

It wasn’t that Fu Yanzhou didn’t want to eat, but his ability naturally amplified all his senses around him, including his taste. His spiritual power tendrils, like millions of tiny hairs, brought him not only expanded observational and analytical abilities but also extreme torment. For him, any food that wasn’t purified and any environment full of pollution were extremely painful to endure. Every second was a constant torture to himself.

But this bowl of rice porridge was different. It was lightly flavored, without many seasonings, but it nourished his heart and lungs. This was the first time since his ability had awakened that he had eaten without any pain.

Yan Hongyu looked at Fu Yanzhou eating loudly and wrote the word “disgust” all over her face.

What does this mean? Did they give him pig food to eat before? Is the porridge that Brother Li sent over now a divine dish?

How did this person survive in the wasteland?

He’s so picky… it’s been a year since the apocalypse started. Even if he’s a little princess, he couldn’t be that delicate, right?

However, Fu Yanzhou didn’t notice the disgust between her eyebrows. He felt energetic after finishing his meal and smiled, asking Yan Hongyu, “Where is the base laboratory?”

“What?” Yan Hongyu didn’t hear clearly and hesitated for a moment.

“The laboratory,” Fu Yanzhou paused, “The assignment I refused that day was for the laboratory.”


When Shen Cheng came online, the game displayed “Technology tree has been unlocked” and “Base research has been conducted”.


She was stunned for a moment: What happened during the short time she was offline?

Calculating the time, cub should have returned to the base. Could it be that cub himself persuaded the crazy scientist who looked too skinny?

Wow, he really is a mature little cub who knows how to do the prerequisite tasks!

Shen Cheng happily flipped through the records and found that several logs were refreshed while she was away: “Li Weilan has gone to visit Fu Yanzhou”.

【Li Weilan cooked rice porridge and sent it to Fu Yanzhou】

【Fu Yanzhou ate his fill and set off for the laboratory to work】

【Reminder: The main character needs your positive praise, please compliment them and increase their mood index!】

“…” Shen Cheng looked at this prompt and couldn’t help but laugh.

Looking at how aloof and cold her cub usually is, it’s hard to imagine that he is such a cute person, who yearns for this old mother’s praises.

Well, well, but since it’s her cub raised at home, it’s not a big problem to praise him a little bit!

Shen Cheng first opened the main character page and greeted with a smile, “Good evening, Li Weilan.”

“Good evening, Cheng.” Cub, who seemed to be lost in thought, raised his head.

“I noticed that the base’s laboratory has started working, and you’ve managed to take care of Fu Yanzhou, you’re really amazing!” Shen Cheng only intended to praise him a little bit, but after speaking, she truly felt that he was impressive. Besides, she was really curious, so she couldn’t help but ask, “How did you get Fu Yanzhou to go to work?”

“…” Starting off with Fu Yanzhou.

Li Weilan faintly frowned.

Even though he had already determined that the relationship between her and Fu Yanzhou was completely different from her relationship with himself, and that she would at most just take a brief look at Fu Yanzhou, she wouldn’t talk to him, nor care about him like she cared about himself. But as soon as she opened her mouth, it was about Fu Yanzhou… He was still not very happy about it.

“He’s just picky about food. If you want him to work well, all you need to do is let him eat delicious food. However, his requirements for delicious food are different from others.” He spoke lightly, not wanting to bring up the topic again, and directly changed the subject, “Apart from Fu Yanzhou, Xi Bei is also recovering.”

When he said wanted to smash Dawn light before was just an angry remark.

Although it was a painful memory, since the medicine had already been made, the medicine itself was innocent.

Li Weilan did not plan to waste it like that. Dawn light could cure Xi Bei, and Xi Bei was the lifeline of Xi Nan.

One bottle of potion is actually the hearts of two ability users, and Li Weilan didn’t hesitate too much.

After Xi Bei drank Dawn light, she fell asleep.

Shen Cheng looked at Li Weilan’s mood index, which changed from “mostly cloudy” to “light rain”. Although it wasn’t as tense as thunder and lightning, it seemed that… her praise didn’t really have any effect?

Shen Cheng was a little skeptical of life.

She was not good at coaxing people in reality, but that was mainly because she was too thin-skinned in reality.

But this is a game! A game where she knows almost all the actions, personality, temperament, and hobbies of the characters!

Yet, she couldn’t even coax her own cub’s mood, sobbing, Shen Cheng almost felt like she had become a failed mother.

But at the thought of it, Shen Cheng’s gaze fell on cub’s earlier remark, “his requirements for delicious food are different from others”.

The reason why cub could make Fu Yanzhou go to work was because he knew what Fu Yanzhou wanted.

And in interpersonal communication, if you want to make the other person comfortable, it’s not about doing things and saying things to please them, but…thinking about what the other person wants!

Cub was able to get Fu Yanzhou to work because he knew what Fu Yanzhou wanted.

In human interactions, making the other person comfortable is not about speaking and doing things according to one’s own will, but… thinking about what the other person needs!

Each person in the game has their own core needs, so what is cub’s need? The task says he needs praise, but what exactly does that entail?

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A lightning bolt flashed through Shen Cheng’s mind. She had never been taught these social skills in her life, but ultimately learned them in the game.

She thought for a moment and rephrased, “I’m not as sensitive to people’s feelings as you are. Sometimes I think, if we were in the same world, I could learn a lot from you.”

As she was speaking, the game suddenly froze.

Shen Cheng was stunned.

On the other end, Li Weilan heard a “ZZZ” sound in the middle of the conversation, and missed a section. He only heard “I’m not as sensitive to people’s feelings as you are” and “learn from you.”

He guessed what she had said.

Li Weilan’s mood wasn’t as bad as it had been in previous conversations.

Thinking back on the conversation, he even smiled slightly.


After unlocking the technology tree, the base had a huge number of tasks to complete.

There were three branches in the technology tree: military, life, and medical.

For her part, Shen Cheng could choose to invest her game points in any branch, and after a certain amount of time, Fu Yanzhou would be able to make a breakthrough in that area.

The final weapon in the military branch was the “Doomsday” missile, the life branch was “Wasteland Pollution Cleanup,” and the medical branch was “Zombie Serum,” all of which were incredibly tempting.

Shen Cheng felt that all three were incredibly useful, but considering the current situation of Noah’s base, she gritted her teeth and chose the “life branch” first.

There was no other reason except that the Noah base was currently an empty shell, and as ancient people knew, storing grain is more important than becoming king. What was important now was to start production and then focus on military strength.

After selecting “focus on the life branch,” Fu Yanzhou, who was working in the laboratory, quickly received notification from the base control room.



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