Ch 46: TGCIR

Fu Yanzhou was somewhat shocked when he received the order to prioritize the study of the “life branch”.

There is nothing more important than weapons in the wasteland, except for advanced abilities. This is the only way to ensure the survival rate of the base personnel.

This Noah Base… they recruited him to study the life branch first.

Fu Yanzhou is not a vegetarian. He does not reject research on weapons, but he is somewhat pleased to receive the order to prioritize the study of the life branch.

He only worries about one thing: will others have objections?

No one else had objections.

When he occasionally brushed shoulders with others, some of them knew that he was currently studying the life skills, and although they clearly didn’t understand what he was talking about, they still showed him enough respect.

A new mission prompt popped up on Shen Cheng’s screen:

[Fu Yanzhou’s current research direction is: wasteland fabric (life-oriented). Please provide him with reed seeds.]

Reed seeds?

Shen Cheng searched the store and found that they couldn’t be purchased directly. The only way to get them was to buy a 10-yuan gift bag in the “seed” category, with only a 2.5% chance of getting the seeds.

Shen Cheng had recently worked hard at her stall and earned some money, so her financial situation had improved somewhat. But every penny was hard-earned, and she felt a little bit reluctant to spend it all at once.

After thinking about it, she decided to buy one and put it in her inventory. Surprisingly, this worked?

A small golden bag floated in the space, lying quietly, waiting for someone to open its seal and see what’s inside.

Shen Cheng saw that this was a feasible option, so she directly pulled Li Weilan into the space.

“???” Li Weilan was stunned when he saw the pile of bags in his space.

Those golden bags floated up as he approached, lively like little elves jumping up and down in the air. At the moment his fingers lightly touched them, he could feel the inner excitement and vitality.

He didn’t know what these were.

Was today a special day?

He couldn’t think of any special day today.

Shen Cheng smiled and said, “Li Weilan, can you help me open the bags?”

“These are…” He finally found his voice.

“They’re treasure boxes, and I want to open one with a reed seed.” Shen Cheng made a sincere wish: she had bought ten of them, and if she couldn’t get what she wanted, she would buy ten more. The chance of getting what she wanted in a ten consecutive draws would be slightly higher, and she hoped she could get a reed seed in the first ten draws!

A reed seed?

This is for Fu Yanzhou.

Li Weilan frowned slightly, picked up the first bag, and opened it: [Contaminated Coffee Tree Seed].

Not reed seeds.

Shen Cheng never thought she could get what she wanted with just one bag. For seeds like this with such a low chance of success, she was actually prepared to open at least twenty or thirty bags.

The second bag was a “pear seed that may not sprout.”

The third bag was a “moldy lotus seedpod.”

It wasn’t until the ninth bag that she finally got something useful, a “peach tree seed” worth 200G, but everything else was just trash.

“Wu wu wu, why is my luck as bad as my baby’s!” Little demons in her heart were almost crying.

She spent 100 yuan, which isn’t a lot, but only getting one useful item made her feel like she was losing out.

“As for this seed,” at ten o’clock, Li Weilan suddenly looked at her in the void and asked softly, “how much do you want it?”

Shen Cheng did not think much and blurted out the truth, “Of course it’s ten points! Otherwise, the research will be stuck there! And if we have reed seeds in our base, we can start making clothes ourselves, and then you don’t have to keep wearing dirty pajamas…”

“…………” Li Weilan’s ears turned slightly red.

Dirty pajamas.

Dirty pajamas.

That’s not what I had in mind.

This sentence flickered in his ear several times, and he felt his earlobe itch. He reached out and grabbed the bag in the void, opening it heavily to cover up his embarrassment.

Her happy voice came through the air, “Ah! Reed seeds!”

Shen Cheng sat in front of the screen and was happy for a while, glad that she didn’t have to spend another 100 yuan.

After giving the reed seeds to Fu Yanzhou, the progress bar ran for three days and the “Basic Textile Planting” and “Basic Textile Industry” of the base were unlocked.

At this time, the phone prompted another piece of good news, Xi Bei’s ability had advanced, and she had become an intermediate plant-based ability user, and regained consciousness.


When Xi Bei just woke up, she had no idea where she was.

The last thing she remembered was her brother carrying her and running frantically.

But now, she was facing a bronze wall, and the white light above her head shone on the wall, revealing a simple line.

They were no longer in that base.

This was Xi Bei’s first impression upon waking up. Her back was no longer tense, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Xiao Bei!” Xi Nan noticed the movement behind him and saw Xi Bei open her black eyes, he happily pounced on her like a big dog and spun around her. “You finally woke up!”

“Brother, we are in…” Xi Bei lowered her voice and asked softly.

“We are in Noah.” Xi Nan said happily. He handed her the meat paste in his hand – he had no patience to feed her, but it was just slightly cool when he handed it over. Xi Bei rolled her eyes and took it to eat.


She looked around the room where she lived.

There was only a curtain separating Xi Bei’s bed from Xi Nan, and there were no windows, but it wasn’t dark and was very clean.

There were no traces of anyone else living in the room, and it was clear that about ten people could live in it, but since it was given to them, did it mean that there weren’t as many people in this base as there were in the previous ones?

Was it a small base?

How did she wake up?

Xi Bei’s mind raced, but just as she tried to determine their location, the door opened from outside.

In came a tall, pale young man.

He didn’t even look like he had much fighting power: tsk, a weakling.

The man’s eyes were even a little unfocused, and his voice was soft, “Xi Nan, your sister is awake?”

Xi Nan was extremely happy, nodding vigorously, while the man’s gaze only met Xi Bei’s once and then went down, nodding and saying, “I left the seeds behind. I’ll leave the planting to you guys.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Xi Nan smiled happily – for the ability users who were unconscious due to an ability riot, their “illness” would be cured when their ability core stabilized. So Xi Nan wasn’t unhappy that Fu Yanzhou came to give seeds to Xi Bei after he heard that she woke up. On the contrary, he smiled with his small white teeth, “We’ll take care of the planting.”

The man nodded and lazily walked away.

“Brother,” Xi Bei looked at his back and asked Xi Nan curiously, “Who is he? He looks pretty handsome, just a little skinny.”

“…” Forgot, my sister is a face con.

Previously, the second generation of Tenglong base was refused by his sister because he was too ugly.

Although Fu Yanzhou was a little thin, he still looked good!

Xi Nan’s alarm bells rang in his heart, how to dispel his sister’s thoughts?

“Sister, don’t forget that we still owe a big favor to the leader of the base because you woke up,” Xi Nan quickly said, “if we haven’t paid off the favor, we are still just low-level workers. If you plan to harm him, aren’t you asking for trouble?”

Fu Yanzhou: Slandered.

Xi Bei curled her lips: her brother was just a worrier. How could she not know that she owed someone a favor when she woke up?

But she just asked a question because the tall and thin man she saw earlier was handsome. She is not even an adult yet!

What is her brother worrying about?

“Oh,” she immediately said, “please tell me about the favor we owe, brother.”

After Xi Nan explained what happened on the way to the Tenglong Auction last time, Xi Bei nodded thoughtfully.

After taking another look around, she was no longer as careless as before.

After finishing the mushy meat in her hand, Xi Bei wiped her mouth and said, “Let’s go, brother, let’s get to work.”

Xi Bei walked into the “hydroponic room.”

Inside the hydroponic room, seeds had already been planted and soaked in an unknown liquid. Xi Bei tried to immerse her own plant-based ability into it, closed her eyes, and carefully outlined the process of seed germination, sprouting, and slow growth in her mind.

At the moment when her plant-based ability was inserted, Xi Bei could already feel the great vitality contained within each and every seed. The water surrounding them was not like ordinary water, but rather it seemed to respond gently to each drop of water and seed, waiting for her to inject the first strand of ability so that their lives could be revived.

It was a kind of natural and upward-spiraling power.

This living power was completely different from the power of “pollution” and death at the places she had previously worked on in the wasteland.

After the apocalypse, almost all bases relied on plant-based ability users to provide food, but after working for a period of time, many of these ability users experienced ability riots.

The lower and more massive the exposure to plants, the more frequent these ability riots became.

Xi Bei and other plant-based ability users had discussed the reasons behind this, and their common unspoken guess was that the greatest possibility was due to the violent energy contained within the seeds.

This energy infiltrated their abilities as they communicated with the plants, like water mixed into oil, causing extreme discomfort in their abilities. This discomfort’s tangible expression was ability riots.

Xi Bei originally thought she would feel uncomfortable again.

In every communication before, every cycle with the plants, she felt pain, exploitation, and helplessness.

But this time was different.

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What she felt from the plants was the stretching of rooting and sprouting, the joy of life’s continuation, and the pleasure of finally being able to absorb more nutrients and grow.

The joy of the plants was reflected on Xi Bei’s face, but what she didn’t see was that the plants in front of her were growing taller and taller, quickly producing large clusters of fruit.

Fu Yanzhou, who was originally standing outside the hydroponic room worriedly, watched her smiling face with a slight pause in his gaze before finally curling his lips and smiling as well.

It’s really great to see that his research is bringing comfort to people’s lives instead of pain. Fu Yanzhou felt that the wound in his heart had healed a little.

As he turned around, he froze.

Why were there so many people around him?

His social anxiety was almost suffocating!

Those people looked at him with such eagerness and intensity that Fu Yanzhou felt like he was being hit hard and almost wanted to retreat.

The people in the base had all heard the good news that the hydroponic room had officially started operating, so they came to see.

What was slowly growing and blooming in Xi Bei’s hand was a tree called the “breadfruit”, which looked a bit like a coconut tree before the apocalypse, but instead of coconut juice, its fruit contained heavy starch.

But this tree was very aggressive, with very, very many vines on its trunk, like human hands, which would whip out when someone got too close.

However, almost everyone who saw the tree growing slowly under Xi Bei’s care noticed that the vines on it were gone!

They all thought that this improvement was Fu Yanzhou’s credit, and at this point they almost surrounded him and threw him up high – after all, a growing tree meant a stable supply of food!

Fu Yanzhou did indeed make some improvements to the tree species, making its fruit bigger and requiring less ability user energy, but… he would rather bury himself in the lab for 24 hours than face the siege of so many people for a second!

He almost passed out.

It wasn’t until the girl inside the hydroponic room heard the commotion and came to open the door that she realized his predicament.

“Excuse me, please make way,” her angelic voice came, “He doesn’t seem to be feeling well.”

Fu Yanzhou felt the fresh air and turned to look at Xi Bei, nodding slightly gratefully at her before returning to his own lab.

Xi Nan, who was working in the water purification room next door, also saw this scene and continued to remind his sister in a low voice, “Don’t forget the ban on meat.”


Sandy: I think what Xi Nan meant by “Don’t forget the ban on meat” is that Xi Bei is not allowed to touch Fufu lol

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