Chapter 35: The Culinary Tycoon

Big step for little turtle

“Do you like me too?”

Chang Le felt that this question was even more embarrassing than admitting that he was ugly.

His face turned bright red, feeling like smoke was about to come out. He shyly lowered his head, fingers twisting together, feeling so embarrassed that he wanted to crawl into a hole in the wall.

How to answer this question?

Liking someone is, of course, natural. But precisely because of liking, this answer becomes even more embarrassing to speak in front of the person you have feelings for.

Moreover, after saying it, will it become another thing that troubles Big Brother Yu?

If it’s for the sake of Big Brother Yu, perhaps denying it would be better?

With all sorts of messy thoughts in his mind, he ultimately feels sad.

Even liking someone, he doesn’t dare let them know. Chang Le’s heart starts to despise himself again.

Reaching out, Yu Qingze lifts Chang Le’s chin. Today, Yu Qingze doesn’t know how many times he has done this action, his fingers have become so skilled that they remember the sensation of Chang Le’s chin.

“Brother Le, look at me.” Yu Qingze uses a slightly stronger tone and says, “Look into my eyes and tell me, do you like me or not?”

Chang Le’s gaze flickers, still too afraid to look at Yu Qingze, as if fearing that if he glances at him, his inner secret will be discovered.

This little turtle!

Yu Qingze simply holds his face in both hands, securing it firmly, and says in a very bossy manner, “Brother Le, if you don’t look at me again, I’m going to kiss you.”



At his words, Chang Le suddenly turns his eyes, looking at Yu Qingze with a face full of panic.

In public, how can Brother Yu dare to say such a thing!

Seeing that he finally looks at him, Yu Qingze feels a slight disappointment in his heart. He looks into Chang Le’s eyes and says seriously, “Brother Le, liking someone is not embarrassing. We all have the right to have such feelings, it’s a very normal emotion. You understand this, right?”

Chang Le nods gently, his mind still echoing Yu Qingze’s words about “threatening” to kiss him. His gaze involuntarily drifts towards Yu Qingze’s mouth.

Yu Qingze: Such a seductive little gaze…

Yu Qingze’s eyes narrow slightly, his voice becoming lower and more husky. He leans closer to Chang Le, asking, “Brother Le, do you want me to kiss you?”

Upon hearing this, Chang Le snaps back to reality. He realizes that at some point, Yu Qingze’s gaze has changed from bright and cheerful to deep and dangerous, like he’s locked onto a prey.

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Frantically shaking his head, Chang Le leans his head back, trying to put some distance between himself and Yu Qingze.

The current Big Brother Yu is very dangerous!

Yu Qingze can’t help but laugh at the situation. Chang Le’s unconscious “seduction” is as potent as a top-grade aphrodisiac, almost making him lose control.

“Alright, I was just kidding. Stop shaking your head, you’ll get dizzy, won’t you?”

Chang Le stops and dares not look at Yu Qingze anymore.

Yu Qingze slightly leans his head back, waiting for Chang Le to stop. He reaches out and taps Chang Le’s head with his hand, speaking earnestly, “Brother Le, analyze what’s in your mind,” then his finger moves down and lightly taps Chang Le’s chest. “And here, what’s in your heart. Face your inner feelings honestly, be brave, and tell me, do you like me?”

His heart feels scorching, not only because of Yu Qingze’s words but also because of that faint touch on his chest. It’s as if it carries a spell, piercing through his clothes, skin, and flesh, straight into his heart, stirring up tidal waves inside.

Chang Le lifts his eyes and looks at Yu Qingze. His eyes are pitch-black, deep and profound, like a calm surface of a lake hiding immeasurable depth. In the middle of the lake, a flickering flame seems to burn, filled with anticipation, encouragement, deep affection, and a bit of restlessness.

He’s encouraging me to reveal my secret. He’s waiting for my answer. He wants to hear me say that I like him.

Chang Le feels like he has fallen into that deep lake, as if he’s been enchanted. A voice keeps echoing in his mind: Say it, say it to him! Let him know that you also like him!

In the end, he nods gently.

Yu Qingze sees him nod and breathes a sigh of relief. He happily grins and excitedly wraps his arms around Chang Le. “Brother Le, you’re amazing!”

He knew that Chang Le liked him!

Yu Qingze initially thought it would take some time before Chang Le would confess, but now he admits his feelings so quickly. It’s truly an unexpected and significant progress.

He was afraid that Chang Le would be so insecure that he wouldn’t even dare to admit his own feelings. Then his pursuit of love would be a dark path, full of struggle.

Fortunately, fortunately, Chang Le still has a courageous side to him.

Yu Qingze is overjoyed and holds Chang Le tightly, laughing.

Yu Qingze’s joyful emotions infect Chang Le, and seeing him so happy, Chang Le can’t help but smile too, pursing his lips.

His entire face is pressed against Yu Qingze’s chest, breathing in nothing but Yu Qingze’s scent. He blushes while smiling, feeling shy and not knowing where to put his hands. He can only press them tightly against his own pants seam, not daring to move his body.

He doesn’t know why he nodded and admitted it just now. He didn’t want Yu Qingze to know in the first place, but now it’s too late. He knows.

Seeing Yu Qingze so happy, it seems that the fact that he likes him is not… troubling?

They stay in each other’s embrace for a while before Yu Qingze finally lets go. Chang Le feels like a cooked little turtle.

Yu Qingze is delighted, and his speech becomes more relaxed. He holds Chang Le’s shoulders and says, “Brother Le, from now on, you can tell me whatever you think and whatever you like, okay? I want to understand you better and get closer to you.”

Chang Le nods gently, feeling very shy.

Yu Qingze smiles with contentment, extending his hand to him and saying, “The lantern festival is already halfway through. Shall we go for a stroll?”

Chang Le looks at the outstretched palm, hesitates for a moment, and finally lightly places his hand in that big palm.

Hand in hand, the two of them walk out of the dimly lit corner. The orange light suddenly shines, casting a warm glow on both of them.

Yu Qingze tightens his grip on the hand in his and smiles at Chang Le, saying, “Brother Le, let’s pick the most beautiful lantern!”

Chang Le feels a little bashful about holding hands, so he purses his lips and nods gently. Then he allows the man beside him to lead him forward.

“Brother Le, do you like animals or flowers more?” They reach a booth with the largest lanterns, displaying various beautiful lanterns, all of them stunning.

Chang Le scans the area and immediately spots the lantern depicting four golden carp playing in the water. He tugs at Yu Qingze’s sleeve and points at it.

“The fish one?” Yu Qingze asks.

Chang Le nods.

The image of four golden carp reminded him of his grandfather, younger brother, Yu Qingze, and himself. And, for a moment, Chang Le’s face heated up. The word “fish” sounds the same as Yu Qingze’s surname.

Yu Qingze hadn’t thought that far yet and smiled, saying, “Alright, let’s take that one. Boss, give me the lantern with the golden carp!”

“Sure. Customer, the lantern with the swimming fish costs twenty coins. I wish you great prosperity, abundant wealth, and harmony between husbands, leading to success in all matters!”

“Thank you for your kind words!” Yu Qingze paid the money, received the lantern from the boss, and handed it to Chang Le.

Chang Le’s face turned even redder at the mention of “harmony between husbands,” but he took the lantern, grabbed Yu Qingze’s hand, and hurriedly walked ahead.

Seeing this, Yu Qingze chuckled and leaned in close to Chang Le’s ear, intentionally asking, “Brother Le, what’s the matter? Why is your face so red?”

Chang Le ignored him, refused to look at him, and kept walking forward with a bright red face.

After walking for a while, Chang Le couldn’t help but sneak a sidelong glance at the man beside him—his handsome brows, clear eyes, upright figure, and admirable character. He was definitely an attractive choice for most people.

Brother Le felt a trace of stolen joy rising in his heart. Such a wonderful person like Brother Yu said he liked him!

Harmony between husbands. If he could truly become Yu Qingze’s husband and build a happy and harmonious family, he would undoubtedly be the happiest person in the world.

If Yu Qingze’s words today were true, Chang Le didn’t mind not being able to speak, didn’t mind his forehead’s unsightly scar, didn’t mind the possibility of not having children in the future. No matter how difficult the road ahead might be, as long as Yu Qingze still loved him, he would be willing to accompany him for a lifetime, never leaving his side.

“Brother Le, did you suddenly realize that I’ve become even more handsome, and you like me a little bit more?” Yu Qingze had been discreetly observing Chang Le the whole time, knowing that he had stolen several glances at him. Unable to resist any longer, he teasingly whispered into his ear.

Chang Le, who was just beginning to experience the feelings of love and had recently learned to bravely acknowledge his own emotions, didn’t know that Yu Qingze was just teasing and provoking him. Besides, he remembered Yu Qingze’s words about sharing what was on his mind. So, albeit very shy, he nodded gently.

Yu Qingze paused, momentarily stunned by Chang Le’s honest answer. Then, after realizing the situation, his own heart suddenly thumped rapidly in his chest.

The indirect confession came unexpectedly!

Brother Le is so adorable, and I want to hug and kiss him!

But no, I can’t!

Looking at the bustling street, Yu Qingze sighed. It turned out that his attempt to tease ended up backfiring. He had brought this upon himself.

The two of them strolled along, buying a small lion lantern for Chang Hao and purchasing roasted chestnuts, sugar figurines, hawthorn candied fruits, as well as some snacks and small toys. By the time they remembered that they wanted to go to the riverside to release lotus lanterns, their hands were already full. In addition to holding hands, Chang Le carried two lanterns in his right hand, while Yu Qingze carried a pile of food and toys.

Seeing their arms full of food and toys, they smiled at each other. In the end, Yu Qingze decided to buy a bamboo basket and put all the small packages inside. Then they bought two lotus lanterns and followed the crowd to the riverside outside the city to release the river lanterns.

There were many people releasing lanterns near the pier, fortunately, the pier was quite spacious.

By the time they arrived, the river was already adorned with numerous lotus lanterns, gently swaying on its surface.

They waited for a while until they found an empty spot. Borrowing a flame from someone nearby, they carefully placed their lotus lanterns into the water.

The colorful lotus lanterns, with their small orange candles at the center, turned the river into a beautiful lotus pond in the month of June. The lotus flowers bloomed brilliantly, carrying the well wishes and prayers of the people as they gradually drifted away into the distance.

On their way back to the city, Yu Qingze asked Chang Le, “Brother Le, what wish did you make just now?”

Chang Le shyly smiled, pursing his lips, and gently shook his head, refusing to tell him.

His wish: for the well-being of his family, harmonious relations between him and Yu Qingze, filial piety between fathers and sons, and a life filled with happiness and peace.


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