Chapter 51: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha carefully rubbed his butt on the bed, then took a deep breath.

“At least my butt doesn’t hurt. That’s a good sign.”

Ji Cha felt confused, wondering how he ended up in bed with Liang Jincheng, and why he had no memory of it. Did he have amnesia?

As Ji Cha moved, Liang Jincheng slowly opened his eyes. His bright and sharp gaze met Ji Cha’s, and a smile appeared on his face. “Good morning.”

Liang Jincheng’s voice was dangerously husky and seductive.

Ji Cha felt like screaming for help inside, but he tried to act natural and replied, “Good morning to you too.”

He managed to make Liang Jincheng laugh, as if he found Ji Cha’s awkwardness and nervousness cute. In other words, Liang Jincheng thought Ji Cha was adorable at this moment.

Liang Jincheng propped himself up and kissed Ji Cha on the cheek. Then he naturally placed his hands on Ji Cha’s waist and asked in a low voice, “Want to sleep a little longer?”

Ji Cha’s eyes couldn’t help but glance at Liang Jincheng’s bare chest with its muscular lines and honey-colored skin that vanished under the sheets. Every inch of Liang Jincheng’s body was filled with the word “hormones,” making Ji Cha’s head spin.

Who could resist such a handsome man lying in bed, inviting anyone to sleep a little longer with him? Ji Cha could now understand why some kings would neglect their duties in the morning, whether holding a fox spirit in their arms or being held by one. The temptation was too great.

But as a highly self-disciplined and good young man, Ji Cha blushed and firmly refused Liang Jincheng. “I can’t sleep anymore.” Then, to avoid losing control later, he quickly rolled out of Liang Jincheng’s arms.

Ji Cha couldn’t help but praise himself inside.

However, he suddenly felt that something was wrong when he left the warm bed. Especially…when he looked down, he realized his butt was still naked.

“Oh my god!”

Ji Cha widened his eyes and stared at his exposed buttocks. He thought he looked indecent and vulgar.

Behind him, Liang Jincheng slowly sat up and calmly watched as Ji Cha scrambled to put on his pants. He stared at Ji Cha’s white buttocks as if they were on fire.

“What happened last night? Why can’t I remember anything?” Ji Cha thought to himself as he put on his pants. But as soon as he started to entertain the thought that he might have slept with Liang Jincheng, he felt embarrassed.

“Could it be that I really slept with Liang Jincheng?” he thought. “Could something so good really happen after just sleeping?”

Just as he finished putting on his pants and was about to question Liang Jincheng, he turned around to see Liang Jincheng standing up, also naked. Ji Cha covered his eyes, but it was too late. He had already caught a glimpse of something that should have been censored. It was so majestic and powerful that words could not easily describe it.

“Put on your pants quickly!” Ji Cha covered his eyes and wished he could either twist his head off or poke his eyes out.

“Don’t be shy,” Liang Jincheng said, removing Ji Cha’s hand from his eyes and placing it by his lips, giving it a little kiss. “You really don’t remember anything from last night?”

Ji Cha nodded reluctantly. “I really don’t…”

He remembered kissing Liang Jincheng on the rooftop last night, and they had touched each other a few times. But he seemed to have fallen asleep in Liang Jincheng’s arms because he felt suffocated from lack of air.

“You were pestering me all night long, very enthusiastic,” Liang Jincheng said with a chuckle, putting on his shorts and walking over to Ji Cha’s side, teasing him in his ear.

“I don’t believe you,” Ji Cha said, shaking his head.

“Really,” Liang Jincheng said, putting on a serious expression. “You were hugging me and saying how much you liked me.”

Liang Jincheng had this kind of charm. Whenever he spoke seriously, people would believe him. Ji Cha reluctantly believed him, but at that moment, Liang Jincheng let out a light laugh and hugged Ji Cha tightly, planting a few kisses on his cheeks.

“I was just scaring you,” Liang Jincheng said, his words unclear and ambiguous. “You don’t need to be enthusiastic. Whenever I see you, I can’t resist you, let alone when you try to seduce me.” Liang Jincheng couldn’t even bear to imagine that scene. It was enough to make him pass out on the spot.

Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little embarrassed. ‘Well, it’s good, it’s good…'”

“‘Last night, I told grandmother that you were too tired and went to sleep first, so I brought you back directly,’ Liang Jincheng said.

This was to remind Ji Cha not to reveal anything when they went downstairs later. Although he didn’t care about exposing their relationship to the public, and even wanted to tell everyone that their relationship was extraordinary, Liang Jincheng knew that Ji Cha couldn’t yet accept the risk of their relationship being exposed.

The two went downstairs together, and although it was still early, everyone except Xiaochao had already gotten up.

Ji Cha looked at the time and realized that he had gotten up later than yesterday, and time was already tight. He hurriedly drank a bowl of porridge and was about to leave.

His grandmother stopped him. “Hey, wait a minute.”

She chased after him with a small jar of medicine in her hand. “Why isn’t there any fragrance in the room? I remember there were some at home. Look at you, you’ve been bitten by mosquitoes.”

Ji Cha was a little confused at first, but then he saw a small exposed light red mark under his collarbone, which looked like a mosquito bite.

“Are there still mosquitoes at this time…?” Wang Qinxue, who was holding a bowl of porridge, looked puzzled.

Zhang Xing sat there, feeling like he was in a clear mirror. When he heard this, he felt that he had to restore his almost irreparable image in front of Liang Jincheng. So he quickly said, “Yes, yes. I also saw a mosquito in the room yesterday. Maybe mosquitoes have become stronger now.”

Ji Cha couldn’t help but turn his head and look at Liang Jincheng. At the same time, he felt very guilty. Liang Jincheng couldn’t have just left a hickey on him. Ji Cha felt a tightness in his chest, standing like a wooden stake, letting his grandmother apply the medicine, afraid that she would accidentally wipe off other marks under his collar.

Fortunately, his grandmother didn’t suspect anything else and left after applying the medicine.

Ji Cha took the opportunity to rush to the toilet and opened his collar to look in the mirror. There were indeed many hickeys on his chest.

“I’m sorry,” Liang Jincheng leaned against the bathroom door and said apologetically. Although he said sorry, the smile in his eyes clearly showed that he didn’t really feel sorry for what he had done.

Screw your sorry! Ji Cha just wanted to kick him.

However, what needs to be done still needs to be done.

When Ji Cha arrived at the construction site selection location today, it was slightly later than yesterday, and there weren’t as many people left.

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He stood next to the soldier in charge and looked at him before asking, “Are there any older people who can’t do heavy work?” He spoke softly, not wanting the people below to hear.

The soldier was surprised by Ji Cha’s request, “That’s strange. There are some, but why are you looking for them? Won’t that just delay things?”

Ji Cha didn’t explain further, he just asked the soldier to send three people from the middle.

After eating the tofu, the soldier thought it tasted good and hoped that the factory could produce more today, so he tried to find a few qualified people to send over under Ji Cha’s request.

Making tofu today was much easier than yesterday. Experienced people like Sun Xiaofang already knew the general process and didn’t need much instruction. She could even help guide a few other people.

This gave Ji Cha some free time to check on the rabbits at the back that were already showing signs of estrus.

Because this was not a professional breeding farm, Ji Cha was not sure how successful natural mating would be. After the male rabbits became more aggressive towards each other after estrus, Ji Cha planned to separate three male rabbits today.

Female rabbits go into heat once every half a month, lasting for more than ten hours each time. Ji Cha estimated the time of the last estrus while walking. When he arrived, he first checked seven female rabbits, two of which seemed a little off. Ji Cha had some experience with this and didn’t rush. Instead, he picked up the rabbits and carefully checked their estrus status according to the process.

Sure enough, the two rabbits were both in heat. The male rabbits that were already restless seemed even more active due to the influence of the two female rabbits in heat.

If he missed this estrus, he would have to wait for the next cycle. Ji Cha was afraid of missing it, so he quickly found a barrier to separate a piece of land, and then took out one female rabbit and one male rabbit and put them on the ground.

The male rabbit was clever, and as soon as it smelled the scent, it quickly jumped over and lay on top of the female rabbit. The female rabbit struggled a bit, but it didn’t take long for the two rabbits to separate.

Ji Cha used this method to ensure that both female rabbits were fertilized, but following the guidance in the textbook, this was still not a guarantee. He set a reminder on his phone and planned to let the two rabbits mate again at night to increase the chance of successful fertilization.


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