Chapter 50: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Tomatoes, check.

Cucumbers, check.

Eggplants, check.

Onions, ginger, garlic, check…

Ji Cha carried his small notebook and inspected the growth of various crops in the farmland under the sunset, recording the daily growth status of each crop so that they could be fertilized and irrigated properly.

The longest fermented material in the compost bin has been there for two months, and the shortest one was filled just a few days ago. There were two more boxes left, which would be filled almost exactly when the first box was full for three months, forming a cycle for use.

Although Liang Jincheng told Ji Cha that it was still dangerous outside, he couldn’t resist going out. Ji Cha was conflicted. On one hand, he thought Liang Jincheng was doing well outside, and it saved him from feeling nervous every time he saw Liang Jincheng. But on the other hand, Ji Cha complained and worried. How could lovers establish a relationship and close the distance from each other?

There may be many girls like Qin Shuang outside, and there are outstanding men and women everywhere. What if he sees some wildflowers and weeds outside?

Ji Cha’s thoughts were scattered, and he drew a long mark on the paper with a ballpoint pen.

Just then, there was suddenly a sound of people at the door of the factory building. Ji Cha turned his head to look, and it was Liang Jincheng who had returned.

He was followed by five people, including Qin Shuang, whom Ji Cha had met before. The other two came from not-so-good memories. They were the two ability users who attacked him one night.

Ji Cha was slightly stunned, but he quickly went up to greet them. “I was going to lock the door if you didn’t come back.”

Liang Jincheng walked towards Ji Cha, but the others stopped at the door and did not intend to go further.

“I came back on time. I’ll try to be home before it gets dark,” Liang Jincheng said as he approached Ji Cha. Their arms were almost touching, and their intimacy could be seen at a glance.

The two ability users from last time apologized to Ji Cha, feeling a little uneasy when they met his eyes. “Um, we’re really sorry about last time. It was all a misunderstanding.”

Actually, Liang Jincheng took the two out that day, and Ji Cha thought he would never see them again even if they didn’t die. Who knew he would see them again in such a peaceful situation today.

At that time, the two ability users had ill intentions towards Ji Cha and wanted to kill him. But now, Ji Cha couldn’t say anything reproachful except feeling strange. He glanced at Liang Jincheng with the corner of his eye and saw that he was calm. Then he said to the two, “It’s okay. As long as it was a misunderstanding.”

“Are these your friends?” Ji Cha turned his head and asked Liang Jincheng. Then he whispered to both of them, “Shall we invite everyone inside for a sit?”

“Hey? Is it possible?” Qin Shuang immediately looked hopeful and said, “The house I was assigned is like a dog’s kennel, I can’t get used to living there.”

Liang Jincheng’s fingertips lightly brushed against Ji Cha’s hand, who was standing next to him. He lowered his eyes with a smile, “You don’t have to be polite with them.”

Then he turned his head with a cold expression and dismissed Qin Shuang, “No, go back to your own home.”

The factory building itself was already eye-catching enough, with a group of people coming and going, it would be even more so.

Qin Shuang looked disappointed and was about to leave with the others when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, her eyes full of cunning. “Ji Cha!”

Ji Cha turned his head instinctively and met Qin Shuang’s gaze. At that moment, his normally calm expression suddenly froze, and his eyes became confused. Although there was a corner of his mind that still held onto reason, it was not enough for Ji Cha to regain control of his body.

Liang Jincheng immediately noticed that something was wrong with Ji Cha. He frowned fiercely, “Qin Shuang, stop it now!”

Qin Shuang, who had half of her body hidden behind the door, dodged and said, “Hey, don’t be in a hurry, you might not want me to stop later!”

Qin Shuang’s words were not finished, but Liang Jincheng already knew what she meant. Because Ji Cha, who was usually extremely shy, suddenly moved and made a very bold move. He jumped from behind Ji Cha and hugged Liang Jincheng’s neck tightly, puckering his mouth to kiss his cheek.

“You have a beard on your face, it hurts so much,” Ji Cha’s tone was soft with a hint of coquetry. Although he knew that this situation only appeared under Qin Shuang’s ability’s influence, Liang Jincheng couldn’t help but be moved.

If it wasn’t

for the wrong timing…

Liang Jincheng gritted his teeth and pulled Ji Cha down from his back, holding him tightly in his arms to restrain his reckless movements. Then he issued an ultimatum to Qin Shuang and the several others who were watching with gossip-filled eyes, “You can leave now.”

“Okay, okay, I’m leaving now.” Qin Shuang raised her hands in surrender, laughing loudly as she quickly walked away.

Liang Jincheng looked back at the factory building. Luckily, there was no one standing outside at this time. Although he really wanted to be with Ji Cha openly, their relationship was not at that stage yet. Liang Jincheng knew that Ji Cha was still struggling to accept this relationship, so he didn’t want to push too hard.

Ji Cha finally managed to struggle and regain control of his thoughts after Qin Shuang had left. He blushed with embarrassment.

Was that little bitch just now him?! Ji Cha was confused and felt embarrassed.

“I didn’t mean to just now, I don’t know what happened, I didn’t mean to kiss you!” Ji Cha explained in a flurry, his tongue almost getting tied up.

“But who would believe such words…” Ji Cha felt bitter in his heart, thinking that his image in Liang Jincheng’s heart was even harder to change now.

“Although I really hoped that your actions just now were a true expression of your feelings,” Liang Jincheng held Ji Cha’s hand and whispered with a smile, “But don’t worry, that was Qin Shuang controlling your thoughts and causing confusion in your behavior. It had nothing to do with your own emotions.”

“I see.” Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief, then sneakily lifted his eyelids and glanced at Liang Jincheng. “It’s not like…hey,” he trailed off, unsure how to explain to Liang Jincheng that he couldn’t say he had no real feelings just now, given how good Liang Jincheng’s muscles felt to the touch…

But he didn’t have the courage to say it out loud.

“I can wait,” Liang Jincheng seemed to have sensed what Ji Cha wanted to say, and he comforted him gently, “If that day comes, I’m willing to wait for you.”

He was too good to be true.

In Ji Cha’s heart, it was like a little hand was poking him and a little voice was muttering: Look, Liang Jincheng is so good to you, always thinking of you, being tolerant and considerate. He’s the perfect boyfriend. And what about you? Even a kiss makes you blush, you’re so useless!

Ji Cha sighed and thought again, “It’s better to first flatter Liang Jincheng and say a few nice things to him, right?”

“I, I actually didn’t dislike what happened just now,” as long as he subtracted five points from the feeling of being a passive bottom, he didn’t dislike normal intimacy between them.

Shyness and dislike were two completely different emotions.

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“Thank you,” Liang Jincheng whispered, “I’m happy.”

“It’s okay…” Ji Cha awkwardly replied. It was supposed to be a conversation between lovers, but why did it feel like a formal conversation between strangers?

It was so weird!

But before he could finish his complaints, he suddenly felt weightless under his feet, as if he was floating in mid-air. Ji Cha quickly hugged Liang Jincheng’s neck tightly and looked at him in disbelief as he climbed up the wall of the factory building with one hand and two feet, and carried them both up to the roof on the second floor.

“What are we doing here?” Ji Cha was still in shock, looking at Liang Jincheng’s hand. “Are you Superman? You’re too amazing, it’s like you can fly!”

He looked at Liang Jincheng’s hand with great interest and wanted to bring it in front of him to examine it carefully. However, before Ji Cha could make another move, Liang Jincheng suddenly pushed him against the wall of a small cabin next to the observation deck on the second floor, and directly held his chin to kiss his lips.

Kissing is a very neutral term, but at this moment, Liang Jincheng’s actions were more like biting.

“Mmm…” Ji Cha passively accepted his enthusiasm, completely unable to keep up with Liang Jincheng’s rhythm. His hands were placed in Liang Jincheng’s arms, as if resisting and surrendering at the same time, and he made a weak moan from his lips.

Liang Jincheng’s hands slid into his clothes, and his actions became more and more reckless.

Downstairs, Xiao Chao, who was called out by Zhang Xing, walked to the door and turned around twice. With a bewildered look on his face, he walked back and looked up at Zhang Hang cautiously. “There’s no one outside.”

Zhang Xing carefully poked his head out and muttered, “This is not logical. They were just fooling around in the yard earlier…”

Although he said that, he was too scared to go outside and look for himself.

“Let’s eat, let’s eat.” He picked up Xiao Chao and, finally, took a timid glance outside before closing the door.

The next morning, Ji Cha woke up from his sleep. He raised his hand to rub his eyes, but his hand couldn’t move. He felt a warm touch behind him and was stunned. Slowly turning his head, he saw Liang Jincheng’s sleeping face.

Ji Cha: ???


Thingyan: Always making out these two *sigh

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