Ch 40: TGCIR

In front of Li Weilan, half the group of people surrounding him were red-blooded coloured ability users, while the other half…were unexpectedly green colored little figures – friendly NPCs!

The disunity among the people of Tenglong Base was evident. Even among the core personnel who were most loyal and trusted by Li Qi and the others, there were traitors who had no loyalty to them at all!

Several ability users surrounded Li Weilan, and as they attacked him one by one, it seemed as though Li Weilan was struggling to dodge, but in reality, not even a scratch was left on his body.

But this scene was not what it seemed in the eyes of others.

Li Qi approached and looked closely at Li Weilan, who was surrounded by the group, yet still looked handsome and proud.

“He doesn’t take the road to heaven, but enters the gates of hell!” Li Qi thought to himself.

He didn’t know why Li Weilan dared to come back alone, either he was relying on someone powerful, or his abilities had upgraded.

The former was useless when the fire was close at hand, and the latter was not as powerful as it used to be, considering the number of people they had. Since Li Weilan dared to come, he shouldn’t even think about leaving!

Black-clad bodyguards surrounded Li Weilan tightly, protecting him in the middle. In Li Qi’s eyes, this scene became evidence that Li Weilan had found a big backer.

Li Qi thought carefully, knowing that too many people had seen this scene today, and his original plan had changed: “Mr. Li, as long as you stay with us for a while longer as a guest, we will let you go…”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Qi suddenly let out a muffled groan, slowly clutching his chest and falling down, spitting out a mouthful of blood!

Others did not know what had happened, but it was clear to Shen Cheng. The one who had acted was a member of the ability team that Li Qi trusted, and a flower had bloomed on Li Qi’s chest.

That demon-like flower slowly expanded as if it was alive. Li Qi’s body gradually shrunk, and he opened his mouth but only spat out a small amount of blood foam. It seemed as if the flower was draining all the blood from his body in such a short time!

If it was someone else, they would have been turned into an empty shell by now. But Li Qi’s ability core slightly rotated, and he pulled out a bottle of potion from his chest and drank it. His pale face immediately regained its color, his hair moved without wind, and he stood up from the ground slowly. Nearby, regardless of enemy or ally, almost all ability users felt a headache. The ability user controlling the flowers by his side suddenly realized that he lost contact with the demon flower!

The pain in their heads was unbearable.

Across the screen, Shen Cheng saw an orange-colored aura spread out from Li Qi continuously in an arc-shaped ripple. Based on the reactions of the ability users present, this attack was invisible and almost invincible, either a subsonic wave or mental control.

Li Weilan’s face also showed a hint of white.

As the person Li Qi hated the most at the moment, Li Weilan felt a huge force pressing on him, as if a millstone was crushing his body. He could still stand straight but couldn’t move a finger.

As if there was a voice whispering in his ear: Give up and rest for a while, struggling and resisting is all in vain…

His eyelids felt as heavy as a thousand pounds, and Li Weilan blinked slightly. Li Qi saw his hand slowly but firmly pulling out a heavy black knife from his waist, unlike other ability users who were not his primary targets but were still fully controlled. Li Weilan, this monster, seemed completely unaffected except for his slow movements.

Li Qi knew that his ability was indiscriminate, so if he hadn’t discovered the traitors among the group Li Weilan brought, he had no intention of taking action himself.

Now that he used his ability, he disabled all of Li Weilan’s followers. Li Qi watched Li Weilan pulling out the knife from his waist little by little and panic spread through his heart. He desperately activated his ability, and his eyes were fixed on Li Weilan’s actions.

He suddenly saw that the man in front of him slightly curved his lips.

What is he laughing at?

Even if Li Qi didn’t know what the other was laughing at, he had an extremely bad premonition. The next second, a sharp pain suddenly struck, and he saw his arm leaving his body. The intense pain interrupted his ability, and he clearly saw the man make a mouth shape, clearly saying “never see you again”.

With a “bang”, everyone present saw clearly that one of Li WeiLan’s black-clothed bodyguards exploded next to Li Qi. The powerful Li Qi, who had just controlled everyone, performed a “bloody fireworks” in front of them. And the handsome man watched Li Qi’s chest where there was a big hole and his body fell apart, without blinking his eyes, he smiled slightly and said something to someone: “Thank you.”

Everyone looked at the remaining four body guards, who watched their colleague fall to the ground and remained expressionless, their faces didn’t look good.

Are these people crazy?

Their teammate self-destructed!

They didn’t even change their facial expression when the person died with Li Qi?

They are simply a group of lunatics!

On the wasteland, no matter how terrifying a person is, they can be provoked, but they can’t provoke lunatics, whether it is this group of loyal bodyguards or the man who was not completely controlled by Li Qi just now, but only vaguely suppressed, they don’t want to provoke them.

“Hand over the Dawn light!” Suddenly, someone shouted, and some of the remaining people suddenly became restless.

Li WeiLan’s expression changed.

Shen Cheng hurriedly pressed the “mark” button on the screen in a hurry, afraid that her cub couldn’t distinguish between friend and foe. The distinct marks on the heads of the characters were displayed as red on the screen.

“Enemy marked.”

“Enemy marked.”

“Enemy cleared…”

If she had been there back then, who could have stabbed him in the back? If he had such a clever way of distinguishing between friend and foe, he would not have to fear other people’s schemes anymore.

The continuous mechanical sound of reporting numbers echoed in Li Weilan’s ears. This sound was so pleasant and clear that it gradually dissipated the resentment in his heart as he looked at Li Qi on the ground and thought, “If she had been there back then, you would not have been able to stab me in the back. But perhaps it was precisely because of the stabbing back then that I was able to meet her!”

Li Weilan never resented the world. To him, everything now was the best arrangement.

He didn’t have to resent fate because fate had been very fair to him.

The fight ended quickly.

The rebels who had come for Tenglong Base’s rice looked at Li Weilan cautiously. One of them hesitated and asked him, “Are you the one who sold low pollution rice to us?”

Li Weilan nodded.

His smile at this time was no longer perfunctory: “The base I am in is called Noah. We will have the opportunity to trade again when you have stabilized Tenglong.”

“Li Qi promised you the trade…” The man hesitated for a moment. He didn’t know how much money was involved in the deal, but he knew that this batch of food was related to the stability of the base in the future. Regardless of who took over, as long as they wanted to live peacefully in the base, they would not want to sell everything.

He is worried now that this person may not agree.

Judging from his strength, if he really wants to fight with them, Tenglong will have to suffer a lot.

Li Weilan smiled and said, “I will naturally recover my debt from Li Mo by myself.” After a pause, seeing the joy on the man’s face, perhaps because he suddenly realized the principle of good and evil being rewarded accordingly, Li Weilan hesitated for a moment, “Let me give you a free message. The direction of the zombie tide is coming towards your Tenglong.”

The man’s face changed drastically!

No wonder Li Qi didn’t consider the long-term plan at all during this period of time! No wonder Li Qi and Li Mo were crazily accumulating wealth!

He suddenly understood Li Qi and Li Mo’s plan: collect the grain, pretend to trade with this person, let him buy Dawn light and become the target of public criticism, then pretend that he was kidnapped or even killed by other covetous people of Dawn light, push the blame onto this person for emptying Tenglong, and they can pretend to chase after him and calmly leave with their cronies! As for the people who were left in the base, who cares about their life or death? After all, they were not cronies!

“What do you want?” The man looked at Li Weilan with a more complex expression: gratitude, hesitation, and suspicion.

Li Weilan just smiled and said, “I have a few friends. If they are willing to leave with me, you will let them go.”

When Li Weilan left Tenglong, Chen Feng had already brought the children from the orphanage to the corner they had agreed to meet at the city gate.

Tenglong base was very chaotic tonight.

There were gunshots and clamor everywhere. Chen Feng knew that for him, as long as he could protect these children, it was enough.

The children held tightly to their toy dolls in their hands.

Since one of the children went out to deliver a message and almost got beaten up by someone, but the doll in his hand turned into a half-person-high robot and beat the person up, the children in the orphanage knew that these toys, which looked no different from regular dolls, were actually their life-saving talismans.

If they were really in danger, throwing the doll could save their lives.

Although the doll could only be used once and became motionless again after use, the children held their dolls and felt as if they were holding a reassuring power.

After meeting with the children, Xi Nan also brought his friend, Sun Yifei, an earth ability user.

They anxiously waited for news until the fire at the auction venue illuminated the night sky. Chen Feng breathed a long sigh of relief: no matter what direction things would go, everything would be over if the auction venue burned down.

When Li Weilan turned around with the remaining four mechanical bodyguards and walked away from the fire, he felt refreshed all over his body, as if he had thrown off a long-standing burden on his shoulders.

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Li Qi was dead, and he and Teng Long’s grudges were over.

The only regret was that Li Mo probably missed the opportunity and ran away at the first moment, even ignoring his own elder brother.

This did not surprise Li Weilan too much: Li Mo was always like this, only his own life was important, but unfortunately, if you don’t eradicate the roots of the problem, it may become a big problem.

He checked the surveillance footage and found that Li Mo had two vials of Dawn light – these should be the last two.

“Sorry, I can’t return the card to you…” Li Weilan sighed lightly, bowed his head apologetically.

When Li Mo left, he only took two things with him: the card and the last two vials of Dawn light.

He didn’t bring anything else.

When Li Weilan apologized to Shen Cheng, she was counting the profits after the completion of the major mission at Tenglong Base. When she heard Li Weilan’s words, she was shocked: What? Zaizai is apologizing to me? I’ve basically been watching the plot the whole time, except for adding a distinction between friend and foe and commanding the self-destruction of the robot, I haven’t done anything. Why is cub apologizing to me?

Doesn’t the profit from the mission completion count for something?

The plotline of Tenglong Base is completed, and the gold coins are a huge harvest!

[Tenglong Base Map Plotline Completed, 1000G gold coins rewarded.

Tenglong Base Map enters update status (still needs 240:00:00).

The base technology tree is open, the trade system is open, Noah Base reputation is 1, recruitment system is open, and the world map is open.]

“!!!” I knew the rewards for timed tasks were explosive!

“No, no, no,” Shen Cheng laughed and said seriously, “the card is not important at all. The most important thing is that you are okay, you are good enough.” As long as cub is not dead or injured, 100,000 credit points are just a hundred bucks! Does Mama Shen need it at all?


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