Ch 39: TGCIR

Various goods were auctioned off in the early stages, and Li Weilan sat calmly without any intention of bidding, not even symbolically.

He didn’t even have the desire to make a symbolic offer. Now, everyone in the audience knew that the person sitting in VIP room No. 2 coveted the same thing as most of them – Dawn light.

Shen Cheng’s heart was a little uneasy.

She had already told Li Weilan that there was a problem with Dawn light, so would he still buy it?

If he did want to buy it, would his 80,000 credit points be enough?

She was anxious as she watched one item after another being sold through auction, and as time passed, they soon came to the climax of the auction, and the last item for auction – the Dawn light potion.

The beautiful auctioneer had said a few more words about the other auction items, but when it came to the Dawn light, her introduction became extremely concise: “The Dawn light potion is just like its name, it is the only product for the ability users from going haywire during level upgrade. And today’s auction item, it is one of the few bottles we have in our base, and its raw materials have been exhausted. After today, it may not be up for auction again. Those of you who intend to buy the Dawn light must seize this opportunity. So, let’s begin now. Bundle sale of 5 bottles, starting price of 30,000 credit points. Each bid must increase by 1,000.”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was an immediate buzz in the auction hall, and almost all the ability users who had come for the Dawn light were on the verge of exploding.

Before this, no one had heard of the Dawn light being out of stock. Even if Tenglong Base had vaguely hinted at it, they thought it was just a rumor.

But now, the auctioneer suddenly announced this news at the auction, and if they had known it might be the last chance, they would have gathered more credit points even if they had to sell everything they had!

The auctioneer smiled and waited, and a few seconds later, the first bid jumped out: “30,000!”



Almost instantly, the bidding became intense.

Shen Cheng was surprised. She didn’t expect that as soon as the bidding started, these ability users would start raising their prices like crazy.

It was as if from the moment it was announced that Dawn light would be out of stock, tens of thousands of credits were no longer equivalent to modern-day millions. Even though each bid was only an increase of one thousand, these people kept adding tens of thousands… even she felt a little tremble in her heart.

Li Weilan didn’t rush to bid.

A faint, calm smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he calmly watched the intense scene below. His voice was cold as he spoke to someone Xi Nan couldn’t see, “Pitiful, lamentable, and pathetic.”

“… “Shen Cheng was also stunned. His voice was calm and indifferent, but at this moment, she could vaguely feel the heat beneath his icy surface. It was as if his words were not only directed towards those who were eager to buy Dawn light, but also towards himself.

Shen Cheng’s heart skipped a beat: Could it be that the source of Dawn light… is related to Zai Zai?

“If it’s fake, why don’t we just not buy it?” Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment and asked tentatively.

“Bid.” Li Weilan smiled slightly and shook his head. He handed the VIP card to Xi Nan and said seriously, “You bid for me. It doesn’t matter how much, just buy it.”


Brother Li, are you trying to make me get eaten alive by this group of people?

Xi Nan was stunned, he trembled as he looked at Li Weilan’s changed appearance and the black clothes and sunglasses of a bodyguard he had picked up. Li Weilan walked out confidently, “Brother Li…” Don’t leave me to die!

The answer to him was Li Weilan’s waving hand.

Where is Zai Zai going?

Shen Cheng naturally followed her cub. She watched as Li Weilan confidently made his way through a small door at the back as if he knew the way, and then searched along a wall. He lightly pressed twice in an unknown spot, and with a “sizzle” sound, a hidden door appeared on the wall. Li Weilan stood at the dark doorway for a moment and softly murmured to himelf, “It’s been so long, but it’s still the same, unchanged.”

From Shen Cheng’s bird’s-eye view, the internal environment was fully revealed. Her task, “Find the location of Dawn light,” showed as completed, but Shen Cheng truly felt… a bit ashamed to have received 100G for something cub found on his own! What did it have to do with her? She was given 100G for nothing? But… how did cub know that Dawn light was here? And what was with this hidden door?

What secrets has my cub been hiding from me?

She turned her perspective and was startled: inside the hidden door were all sorts of traps, densely packed and ferocious, capable of obliterating any potential intruders. Laser beams lined the back, with freezing, fire, and at the very center, a box with a blue glow still emanating cold air, labeled “Dawn light Formula.”

“I’m coming to get it! I’m coming to get it!” Shen Cheng rolled up her sleeves and laughed, taking the box and running like a Super Mario, showing off her skills.

Li Weilan watched the box, which was shaking like crazy as it bounced up and down and ran left and right like it was having a seizure. He couldn’t bear to tell the “guardian angel” who had suddenly forgotten that he was a spatial ability user that he could just take the box out directly with a single move. The slight gloom and frustration on his face were replaced by a faint smile: with her around, even if he wanted to fall into self-loathing, it would be difficult.

He took the box of Dawn light and put it into his space, took a deep look at the secret room that had left a deep impression on him, and turned back towards the direction of the auction house, saying, “Let’s go back.”

The auction price had already skyrocketed to 140,000. At this price, the only other proxy bidder still competing with Xi Nan was from another major base. At this point, the price was increasing by a thousand at a time and the competition was fierce. This price was probably the other bidder’s limit.

Xi Nan didn’t know how much money Li Weilan had, but he certainly didn’t have that much.

When Li Weilan left, he told Xi Nan to bid for the Dawn light. Xi Nan thought about his sister’s illness, and he continued bidding confidently.



But every time he raised his bid, his heart trembled!

Li Qi and the others watched the scene from VIP room No. 1. Li Qi sneered coldly, “Go ahead and bid, no matter how high the price, the dead can’t use the Dawn light anyway!”

When Li Weilan returned to his seat, the auction happened to be over. Xi Nan had successfully won the Dawn light for 155,000. The auctioneer smiled and said, “Congratulations to VIP No. 2 for successfully bidding for the Dawn light. Now, please follow me to the backstage to complete the delivery procedures.”

Li Weilan stood up lightly.

He walked step by step onto the stage, and the eyes of everyone present fell on the man’s face. Suddenly, someone began to scream, “His face…”

As Li Weilan took each step, his face changed slightly.

In the end, a handsome face appeared that instantly made Li Qi’s mind explode!

It was a face that he could never forget even if he died, and this person was… Li Weilan!

In an instant, he recognized this face, and when he saw Li Mo, who was about to rush up beside him, he suppressed his actions and urgently instructed him, “Go and bring a group of base personnel over.”

The moment Li Mo recognized Li Weilan’s face, he already knew that something big was happening.

With the deep hatred between them, Li Mo never thought about resolving the issue peacefully.

He silently nodded and walked out.

At this time, Li Weilan had already stood on the platform.

Facing the auctioneer who didn’t even know him and the whispers from below the stage, Li Weilan smiled and said to the auctioneer, ” Money in hand, goods in hand. Bring me the Dawn light.”

“This guest, you…” The auctioneer felt as if her hand was being held by a pair of pliers, and she couldn’t break free from his grip.

Li Weilan bent down.

In front of him was a glass case made of the highest level of insurance in the apocalypse. Apart from the password, it was impossible to open it.

Inside was a vaguely blue liquid, which was the trading item of the day – the Dawn light.

“Ah ah ah ah!” In the shocked scream of the auctioneer, Li Weilan reached his hand in.

His hand seemed to have broken the concept of space, appearing on the other side of the case the moment it reached in lightly. With just a grip, he took out the vial of “Dawn light” potion.

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Li Qi already knew something was wrong. Security personnel from the base had surrounded them, and those who were not part of the base, sitting below, were also eager to join in and grab the potion.

Suddenly, the potion in Li Weilan’s hand flew up into the air, the fragile, orchid-colored liquid floating in mid-air in complete violation of the laws of physics. All those present heard Li Weilan’s icy voice: “Tenglong Base is selling fake products.”

The crowd that had been about to fight over the potion stopped in their tracks. Fake?

The auctioneer had no idea what was going on and was annoyed as she spoke up, “Don’t talk nonsense, sir! With this color and texture, how could it be fake?”

The color of ” Dawn light” was very special, its blue not an ordinary blue, but one that could feel the surging energy inside when approached.

It was said that this kind of energy came from outer space, and even with a very small amount remained in the body of the ability user could trigger the supernatural abilities. The auctioneer herself is an ability user and felt an especially strong reaction when she approached the vial. She could faintly sense an echo: “Dawn light is fake? He must be joking!”

Li Weilan suddenly pointed at the man who had just been battling with Xi Nan over the price.

He was an ice-type ability user.

Li Weilan said calmly, “Your abilities are about to go out of control, aren’t they?”

The man’s face darkened for a moment.

He hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Li Weilan nodded as well, and one of the vials floated gently in front of the man.

“Drink it.”

The whole scene erupted into chaos again.

The man looked at the vial floating in front of him and didn’t hesitate to take it and drink it all in one go!

After a moment, he felt the erratic flow of his ability in his body and looked around with a gloomy expression, coldly saying, “We’ve all been fooled, fake potion! Tenglong Base is selling fakes!”

Someone shouted from below, “They’ve sold fake goods before! They even sold fake food before! Don’t let them fool us!”

The crowd below became agitated, but there was a faint smile on Li Weilan’s lips.

At this moment, the security personnel from the Tenglong Base that Li Qi had called earlier had already rushed in. Li Qi breathed a sigh of relief and directed them to surround Li Weilan and the others. He sneered, “Fake potion? Did you tamper with it while you were taking it just now?”

Do you want revenge?

Dream on!

Shen Cheng looked at the group of people surrounding Li Weilan on her phone screen, but she wasn’t as panicked as Xi Nan: “Cub, you’re amazing!”


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