Chapter 43: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Since the coming of the end times until now, there has never been such a lively time in the factory area.

The military vehicles first drove in, but did not immediately stop at the open space around the factory. Instead, they continued forward with a large convoy and soon left Ji Cha and his group’s sight, leaving only a few military vehicles behind.

Ever since it was confirmed that the military would be stationed here, the people in the factory have been eagerly anticipating their arrival. The sense of security that an orderly crowd can bring is incomparable to a few individuals. Seeing this situation, Ji Cha was also worried. Being in the center of the base is certainly better than being in a remote outer ring.

Soon, military personnel came to the door and the person in charge took the previous registration records to count the number of people in the factory again.

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Ji Cha and his group showed no signs of being tormented by the apocalypse, and there was obviously ample food inside the factory. A middle-aged military officer responsible for the statistics reminded them, “Other people will be coming soon. It’s best not to let them in or take out food casually, otherwise they’ll empty your house.”

As expected, the military chose to establish their center in the area where the villages were relatively densely populated. On one hand, there were fewer zombies in rural areas, and on the other hand, it was very conducive to overall production development during this time. The factory was located in the third circle of the base, second only to the last circle, and the location was not the most remote.

However, although the rural areas of S City were mostly small western-style houses due to economic development, the large number of survivors who flooded into the city occupied all the houses within a few days. In order to accommodate the remaining population, the military had to select a few pieces of land and bring in materials to build new dormitory buildings, one of which was selected a few hundred meters away from Ji Cha’s factory area.

The center of the farm during the last apocalypse was not in this factory area, and Ji Cha was not sure what the factory area was used for afterwards. Now, it is estimated that these are the purposes.

These days, because of the arrival of outsiders and the military, there are more lively topics in the factory building, which has also made Ji Cha busy and diluted the awkwardness between him and Liang Jincheng. Strictly speaking, this awkwardness was produced by Ji Cha unilaterally, and Liang Jincheng did not show any difference towards Ji Cha in these days.

It’s as if everything that day was just imagined by Ji Cha himself.

Ji Cha lay in bed, looking at the ceiling with his eyes rolling. Could it really be his own imagination?

His heart, which was originally inflated with inexplicable emotions, was slowly deflated as if it had been pricked by a small needle.

At this moment, there was a soft click from the glass window, as if someone had lightly opened the safety latch of the window. Ji Cha suddenly sat up. The thick curtains completely blocked the light, and he didn’t want to waste electricity, so he turned off all the lights. The room was almost pitch black and he couldn’t see any objects with his eyes.

Ji Cha turned on the small lamp on the bedside. The furnishings in the small room were very simple, with only him. He suspiciously got up and walked to the bedside, and found that the safety latch of the window was really open after pulling the curtains.

Ji Cha clearly remembered that he had carefully checked the safety of the entire room according to his living habits before going to bed. He was very sure that everything from the safety latch on the window to the bolt on the door was intact.

At this moment, there was a shallow breath behind him, as clear as if it was suddenly ringing in his ear.

Ji Cha’s body suddenly broke out in goosebumps. He turned around suddenly, but there was no one behind him.

At this moment, the window slowly made the sound of gears rubbing against each other and was opened from the tightly closed state. There were other people in this room!

Ji Cha felt a chill, and he quickly tried to retreat to the door while remaining calm. However, as soon as he opened the latch, a cold hand grabbed his wrist and another hand quickly covered his mouth and nose, suffocating his cry for help in the cradle.

A young man with limbs on the windowsill slowly climbed in, laughing lowly twice before jumping into the room. He resumed a standing position with a black mask on his face, thick bangs covering half of his eyes, making it difficult to discern any information about his identity from the exposed part of his face.

Ji Cha had been observing the refugees who had come from the city in the past few days. They were almost all thin and exhausted. He had originally thought it would be difficult to find someone like Liang Jincheng with special abilities. However, now there were suddenly two of them in front of him: one like a lizard and the other with the ability to turn invisible.

They dragged Ji Cha towards the bed, intending to tie him up far away from the window or the door.

“There are still several people here. Let’s shut this one up first…”

Their conversation revealed that they wanted to tie up all the people in the factory. Ji Cha became increasingly anxious, but the strength of the people holding him down was too great for him to struggle.

Even his breathing became difficult because of the tight covering over his mouth and nose.

Just as his vision began to blur, the room door, which had gradually become distant in his sight, suddenly opened with incredible force and speed, and a figure rushed in at an almost blurred pace.

Seeing that Ji Cha was almost unconscious, Liang Jincheng’s face was filled with anger. He accurately grasped the invisible man’s wrist and with a slight movement of two fingers, the wrist that had almost suffocated Ji Cha became limp, and the sound of bones breaking could be heard clearly in Ji Cha’s ear. His speed was too fast, and the invisible man hadn’t even had time to use Ji Cha as a hostage before Liang Jincheng easily broke his other arm with the same method.

The lizardman realized something was wrong when he saw the situation, and quickly turned around to try to climb out of the window. However, even though his movements were fast, he was still too slow. His ankle was grabbed by Liang Jincheng, who pulled him back into the room and threw him heavily onto the ground.

At this point, the invisible man lost his power due to the pain, rolling on the ground. His face gradually revealed the appearance of a man in his thirties, and he was naked.

Ji Cha was panting heavily on the ground, his gaze fixed on the invisible man, watching in amazement as his muscular body slowly returned to flesh color from transparent. Liang Jincheng anxiously knelt in front of him, supporting his back with one hand and gently patting it, while also pressing his head into his own chest to block his view of the invisible man beneath him. “Are you hurt?” he asked.

Ji Cha shook his head, “No.”

He turned his head to look at Liang Jincheng and murmured, “I didn’t expect there to be other ability users…” and there were two of them right off the bat!

This meant that there must be more ability users outside. Ji Cha remembered that the elite force led by Liang Jincheng during the apocalypse was famous for its strong combat ability. Could it be that this force was composed of various ability users?

“Forget about that for now.” Liang Jincheng pulled Ji Cha up and onto the bed, then restrained himself and kissed Ji Cha on the forehead. “I’ll deal with them.”

Two people with special abilities rely on their ability to turn invisible and climb walls to team up and commit petty theft, such as tying up the homeowner to steal food, or simply stealing some items.

Today, during the daytime while the military personnel were communicating with Ji Cha, they quietly let the invisible person slip in through the front door, as expected, there were extremely rich resources here. At night, the two worked together to prepare to steal some food and then hide in another corner of the base to live.

The two who had never failed before were frightened by Liang Jincheng’s methods just now, until he lifted them up with one hand each and jumped down from the second floor. Only then did the two scream and beg for mercy.

“Hey, hey, stop!”

“It hurts, it hurts!”

Ji Cha was startled when he saw Liang Jincheng jump out of the window with people and hurriedly rushed over to the window to check. Fortunately, Liang Jincheng landed steadily and walked all the way outside the factory area, letting Zhang Hang downstairs open the door for him, and then disappeared into the night.

Knowing Liang Jincheng’s strength, Ji Cha knew there was nothing to worry about, but he couldn’t control his emotions and walked back and forth in the courtyard outside the factory building. After he got tired, he simply slept on the sofa in the living room on the first floor.

Ji Cha thought he couldn’t sleep, but he became drowsy and fell into the strange dream he had last time.

Working on the farm, he was suddenly called out by Liang Jincheng, who showed excitement at the sight of him, but in just a moment, Liang Jincheng’s expression returned to normal. He frowned and asked the person next to him harshly, “Who put him here on purpose?”

The person behind him was speechless but still had to explain, “This, this, we…”

Liang Jincheng then turned back, gave Ji Cha a disgusted look, and walked away quickly.

Ji Cha stood there holding a small hoe, feeling confused except for the sound of his growling stomach.

What just happened?

Little did he know, even stranger things were to come. Almost half an hour after Liang Jincheng left, Ji Cha went to the restroom for two minutes, but when he came out, he was grabbed and taken to a high-rise building without anyone noticing.

Such high-rise buildings in the S City base were either for the wealthy or the privileged.


Thingyan: So, there are usually very few ability users, so Ji Cha in the previous life didn’t know???

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