Chapter 42: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Because of the dream last night, Ji Cha looked at Liang Jincheng foolishly.

He stood in front of the pigsty and listened to the little piglets humming towards him for something to eat. Ji Cha dropped the pig food in his hand to the ground.

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From the corner of his eyes, he could see Liang Jincheng’s back moving about in the vicinity.

That dream was too real, and what was even weirder was that Ji Cha was very sure that the scene that appeared in it was not something he had actually experienced. He even vaguely thought that it happened after his inexplicable rebirth.

It’s like Ji Cha in that dream was never reborn, he watched a short piece of what happened to him after he left that world from God’s perspective.

It made him feel very complicated, and what made him more uncomfortable is Liang Jincheng’s attitude today.

He thought that after what happened last night, the relationship between the two would become very strange, but since Liang Jincheng came to wake him up in the morning, Ji Cha did not notice the slightest difference on him.

Liang Jincheng’s attitude seemed like the event of him forcibly kissing Ji Cha had never happened!

Ji Cha clenched the spoon in his hand and wondered suspiciously, could this be a prank?

Zhang Xing laid on the rooftop to observe the surrounding situation with the binoculars, and then he quietly locked the view on Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng.

Two people who were caught kissing only yesterday, one feeding the pigs and the other feeding the chickens, both looked very harmonious.

He scornfully laughed twice, then slowly moved the binocular to a slightly farther place, and scanned the road in the distance.

At the end of the desolate road, a burst of dust suddenly rose, and several metal heads stuck out of it. Zhang Xing rubbed his eyes hard, and then looked again. He saw three military armored vehicles and a large truck driving towards their direction in a neat convoy.

He quickly put down the binoculars and shouted downstairs, “Ji Cha, Liang Jincheng, come up and have a look! A convoy is coming!”


The pig food in Ji Cha’s hand was almost spilled, and he couldn’t care about the embarrassment and shyness. He turned his head to look at Liang Jincheng and ran upstairs quickly.

“It’s the army. I don’t know what they are doing here.” Zhang Xing stepped aside, handed him the binocular, and said with some hope, “The army has come from the city, does that mean that the problems in the city have been resolved?”

“Perhaps just the opposite.” Liang Jincheng looked at the tired soldiers, and affirmed with the last sentence, “The spread of the epidemic in the city is uncontrollable.”

Ji Cha took the binoculars and nodded, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

The arrival of the army was much earlier than he expected, and Ji Cha was of course happy with the result. The Army meant the restoration of order and the social interaction.

Zhang Xing caught a glimpse of Ji Cha’s strange expression, goosebumps came out all over his body, how could he still laugh?

Ji Cha ran downstairs and waited for someone outside to knock on the front gate.

“Is there anyone inside?” The sound of rolling wheels stopped outside the factory building. “We are the xx unit. If there are survivors inside, please speak up and tell us the number of survivors.”

“Yes!” Ji Cha looked back at the crowd, nodded slightly to them, and asked, “Are you here to save people?”

“There are survivors here, ready to record.” The voices outside stopped, and then answered Ji Cha’s question, “We hope to count the survivors in rural areas and establish a rescue base here. How many people are there? Open the door for us.”

“Open it.”

“Let them come in for a drink?”

The military had always had a very positive reputation among the people of country C. Almost everyone in the factory let down their guard after confirming that the people outside were soldiers and began to rely on them.

Ji Cha hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his hand and opened the first door inside with force.

Through the one-way glass of the second door, you could clearly see the people on the armored vehicle outside and the guns in their hands. They were undoubtedly the real soldiers of country C.

Ji Cha raised his hand to open the exterior door when it slowly opened, Liang Jincheng was a step ahead of him, “I’ll do it.”

Along the way, the soldiers saw too many family separations and changes in human nature. When they suddenly arrived here, they saw a large family living an almost normal family life in peace. Everyone was stunned.

One of the officers asked Ji Cha in disbelief after a tour, “When did you get this place?”

Ji Cha brought out the rhetoric answer that had already been prepared, “I was lucky, I watched a few TV shows before, and there was a ‘doomsday preparer’ in one episode, so I started getting this factory together.”

“You said about the rescue base just now, do you mean that the rest of the army will also come and set up camp with you?”

The other party nodded, “We basically explored the surrounding situation and found that the situation in the countryside is much better than that in the city. In the next few days, people will come to clean up the zombies one after another and establish the front and rear areas of the base.”

“Will the housing and other things be re-planned at that time? Will my place be divided then?” Ji Cha asked two important questions.

“I’m not sure about this,” the officer said, “but you are a local resident. In this case, the possibility of housing re-division is very small. In addition, there are so many wasteland outside your place, the division should be within the sphere of influence of the base.”

Ji Cha was overjoyed and said politely, “Fortunately, fortunately! Well, the time is just right, why don’t you stay here for dinner?”

In fact, he was just pretending to be polite, and it was really distressing to let dozens of people here to eat.

“No need.” The officer shook his head, “The time is tight and the task is big. We still have some places to go later, you should pay attention to your own safety.”

With such affirmation, everyone in the factory who was in a low mood because of last night’s episode all jumped up in a good mood.

“When the army comes, we won’t have to be afraid of anything, and maybe things will return to normal in a few months.”

“Yeah, it seemed to be so listening to their tone…”

The next day, several convoys came one after another. More than a dozen people came down with guns and lured out the zombies in a small village not far away to kill them in batches.

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Ji Cha hid upstairs and checked with binoculars. It was after dark when the surrounding area was almost cleaned up. The corpses were piled high up into hills.

This kind of clearing operation continued for more than ten days. When Ji Cha and the group finally ate the first wave of small greens that they had grown by themselves, the clearing troops began to gradually stationed, and all kinds of traffic rushed over from the city.


Thingyan: More people could also bring more trouble tho. We’ll see what kinda villains will come along.

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