Ch 32: TGCIR

Li Weilan waited until the next day. On the way, he stopped to harvest rice twice. In just a few days, he had become accustomed to the fact that the rice could be harvested every six hours, and it no longer surprised him as it did at the beginning.

Perhaps because he had already experienced it once, the waiting process this time was not as unbearable as the last time. However, the feeling of anxiety was not easy to bear. Li Weilan waited until he heard the words “Hello, Li Weilan” before he breathed a sigh of relief and let go of his worries.

She had come back.

Li Weilan checked the time: noon, 12 o’clock.

If he remembered correctly, she had appeared at this time many times before. Besides this time, sometimes she would also appear in the morning or evening.

Did this mean that her time and his time were synchronized?

When Shen Cheng woke up in the morning, her phone, which had been unable to turn on the night before, miraculously worked again. However, her phone was still stuck when she went to bed last night, so she couldn’t set an alarm. She woke up relying on her biological clock, but she was a few minutes late and didn’t have time to play the game. She only had a chance to open it during the lunch break.

Today’s daily task was refreshed, showing:

[1. Understand the main character’s thoughts 0/1

Task reward 50G]

Did Zaizai have something on his mind? Was it something he didn’t finish saying yesterday?

Shen Cheng guessed that she must have missed something important: Zaizai had something on his mind and didn’t tell me. Mother’s so sad.

In the game, Li Weilan sat on the balcony, staring at the void with a serious expression, thinking deeply.

He had changed the cute clothes that Shen Cheng had dressed him in yesterday. Shen Cheng looked at it and saw that the limited-time SpongeBob outfit had expired. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. She lightly poked the stiff and uncomfortable fabric on Zaizai’s body and let out a slight sigh.

Ah, when would they release another soft and cute outfit for Zaizai again? Ugh, damn phone, why did it have to get stuck during the limited-time outfit event!

But what was on Zaizai’s mind? What was bothering him?

Shen Cheng followed the little character’s gaze and found that he was looking towards the direction of the exchange on the screen. She thought for a moment: could it be related to his previous trip to buy food?

“Hello, Li Weilan!” whispered Shen Cheng, looking around quietly.

Li Weilan turned around in response. For some reason, Shen Cheng always felt like she saw a hint of thoughtfulness in his cute, chubby face.

Because she was at work, Shen Cheng was using a bubble dialogue mode on her phone. She looked around and realized that no one had noticed her talking to her little character. She relaxed and saw that her cub said something to her on the screen, “I don’t like the clothes from yesterday.”

Shen Cheng was taken aback. This game company was really unique. Normally, items bought with in-game currency would only increase the character’s friendliness by 1, 2, or 10 points, with the difference being whether the character liked it a lot, liked it, or just somewhat liked it; no one would say something like cub said? But if Zaizai didn’t like it, why?

She recalled the description of the clothing in the children’s gift package and finally realized the problem: the description of the SpongeBob SquarePants parent-child outfit included the words “parent-child outfit,” but her cub had to wear it alone. Of course he wouldn’t be happy.

The way the clothes were designed was wrong, which explained why Zaizai didn’t look happy when he saw them.

At this moment, a new option popped up in the game:

[Li Weilan hopes you can let him choose his own clothes in the future. Do you agree?

A. Okay, of course I’ll listen to you.

B. No way, you have to wear what I like.

C. Wear the style I like occasionally to show me, okay?

Please note: as the player has purchased the voice interaction package, this option must be read out loud to take effect.]

Ah, how embarrassing!

Shen Cheng looked at the three options and felt like her head was smoking.

She couldn’t help but regret a little bit her previous behavior of buying the voice interaction package. Although listening to cub’s clear and cold voice was very charming, having to read out the options herself made her feel like this act of spending money was a trap.

However, when she carefully considered the three options, Shen Cheng thought that it was not only the motivation of spending money, but also a kind of benefit to change clothes for her favorite cub.

She hesitated for a moment, buried her head under the table like a kitten, and whispered softly, “Can you occasionally wear the style that I like to show me?”

So embarrassing!

Looking at the options was okay, but saying this sentence and reading it out loud was really challenging her limits!

Shen Cheng had almost no experience of being so coquettish with people in real life. As she spoke, her face turned red. On the screen, the little person who heard her words seemed to be frozen for a moment, and then after a while, his handsome face turned slightly red. He looked at her through the screen and a thought bubble popped up above his head: “… Okay.”

Shen Cheng touched her face; it was so hot that it could boil an egg. She felt a little embarrassed as she crawled out from under her desk like a small, embarrassed kitten. Sister Ma at the desk next to her looked at her blushing face and asked in confusion, “Cheng Cheng, are you okay? Is everything all right?”

Shen Cheng quickly turned off her phone like a monster was hiding inside it, and said in a low and weak voice, “It’s a little hot.”

In the game, Li Weilan felt her disappear in an instant. His face, which had just turned slightly red, became a little pale.

He didn’t expect her to disappear again.

In his opinion, the childish outfit from last night was not worth mentioning compared to her efforts. If he hadn’t wanted to test the “disconnection” and the mechanism that allowed her to change his clothes instantly, he wouldn’t have said that he didn’t like this idea.

He has no right to say such words because she saved his life and gave him a favor that he may never be able to repay. Even if she just let him wear some infant clothes and entertain her family, or even if she made him run outside naked, he wouldn’t harbor any resentment towards her.

So when she shyly said, “I like it when you wear them for me occasionally,” Li Weilan didn’t know how to respond.


Does she really like it?

How much does she like it?

Amidst the slight burning sensation, a hint of sweetness slowly seeped from a place deep within Li Weilan’s heart, almost causing him to forget the other important matter he had intended to discuss with her.


Shen Cheng returned home only after setting up her stall for the night. When she looked at the time, it was already past 10:30 pm.

She was truly tired from the day’s work. For the past two days, she had been observing the flow of customers and their spending habits, summarizing which fruits had the highest turnover rate and adjusting the variety and proportion of fruits accordingly.

She wasn’t good at shouting out her prices, so she had already recorded her voice and displayed small signs with the prices written clearly. This also suited her main target customers, who preferred to just buy and leave without chatting.

However, Shen Cheng encountered a difficult situation today. She sold her fruits for 20 yuan per portion, and most young people would just pick one and leave. But then an old woman came along and bargained with her until the price was lowered to 18 yuan. Not only that, but she also spent a long time picking and choosing, wanting to move the fruits from one plate to another, only finding fault with the small portion that she had already gotten for a bargain price.

The old woman was very loud and took up around 20 minutes of business time. If it wasn’t for Sister Ma helping her out, Shen Cheng estimated that her earnings for the rest of the night would have been significantly affected.

In her life, she had to admit that she rarely dealt with such people. Usually, she would keep her distance from them – she couldn’t afford to provoke them and had to hide instead.

But since she had come out to sell her fruits and make a living, she had to learn to deal with such people. In her heart, Shen Cheng was actually quite worried: she was most afraid of conflicts with others.

After her parents passed away, she was raised by several relatives in turn. Whenever she argued or expressed her opinions for her own rights, even if it was just a few words, she would either receive a slap or be insulted for not being grateful enough… Looking back, Shen Cheng still felt a tightness in her chest.

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She sighed lightly and convinced herself not to think about the past anymore. She quickly opened the game and planned to complete the daily tasks before going to bed. She wondered if when the cub had replied “I don’t like that outfit.”

Opening the game, the daily tasks were still there, unchanged.

Well, it seems it wasn’t his concern.

Shen Cheng checked and saw that her cub was currently located in the “dilapidated old house,” probably with the same group of children from yesterday.

Li Weilan was indeed communicating with those children from yesterday. Since she had already decided to make them future residents of Noah’s base, Li Weilan would not object to her decision. However, to become a member of Noah’s base, in his opinion, one must first make a “declaration of allegiance.”

If before he was worried about the safety of these children when sending them out to run errands, with those high-tech toys, Li Weilan knew the timing was ripe.

He gave them the task of spreading the message to the base.

Tell more people with abilities about the incorrect pollution levels of the rice that the base had sent out this month.

The children’s words, even their chatter, were nothing out of the ordinary. Furthermore, they were just a few homeless children, so even if the base wanted to investigate, they wouldn’t be able to find the source.

This pond was originally still water, but throw a stone into it, and it will quickly ripple.

These children had already completed the task he had given them to spread the message outside, and now they were reporting back to him one by one.

At this moment, when Shen Cheng logged in, she only heard the children excitedly going to get food. Li Weilan let out a soft sigh.

Ah! This was today’s daily task – Zhaizhai’s concern, right?

Sure enough, a sentence suddenly floated on top of Li Weilan’s head: “It would be great if I could know the immediate reaction in the black market.”

Hey! This is easy to accomplish!

Shen Cheng grinned and rubbed her hands together.

Wouldn’t be too shameless, right? Now, isn’t it time for cub to ask me for help?


Thingyan: I always feel sad for Cheng Cheng. A young girl trying to survive all alone in this big big world (เน‘โ€ขฬ -โ€ขฬ€)

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